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Position: Fearless leader

Age: Somewhere between birth and death

Sex: I have a headache, do it yourself

Location: Behind you

Real Location: Take a look at the Angel on your left shoulder, that one isn’t me.

Languages Spoken: Human, Dog, Cat, Elephant & Fox (The fox says nothing of interest, ever)

About Me: Welcome to my page… I need to update my role here…


Position: I manage all the staff, keeping them happy and in fine working condition. Occasionally I take over managing sites and patreons too!

Languages Spoken: English and enough Spanish to embarrass myself.

Favorite Animal: I have a particular fondness for kittens, but who doesn’t seeing how we only live to serve them?

About Me: I’m currently in medical school, so I’m pretty busy xD Also, I probably have more school debt than any of our readers make in a year :.(


Tech Person: Fixes site and adds new features.



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