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Ads and release rate

Hey All,


NotSane here with a little announcement to clear up a few things going on with the site, Patreon and a few other little things.



As you all have found out, we are excited to announce that we are approved for a new advertising partner. This comes at a great time, helping us stay financially afloat! Now, we are aware that the ads are throwing themselves into less than preferred locations with your readings. We will do our best to allocate better positioning for the ads, but if they inflexible we may be forced to stay this way. If this is truly troubling, we very much recommend you consider the $5 Patreon tier! It’s cheap, no ads, and you get all of the chapters each Sunday, so no wait!



Patreon/Tiered released

We have received several concerns about our chapter counts dropping so we hope to address them now. The chapter count is dependent on how much donations we receive with our Patreon. Unfortunately, we have lately been on a decline with donations and thus our release rate has declined. Now you might ask, why do we have the monetary goals set in place, some other large translating sites don’t have goals set? Larger sites receive better donations in large to run everything, including better ad-revenue or membership fees from their plethora of readers. If it helps to understand the individual costs we face that decided these goals, for every single chapter we post we pay a translator and an editor. Then we afford the website domain and someone to make things work properly. Lastly, we pay the licencing fees. Our profit, if there is any on some months, is minimal, which is why we are attempting to get more novels off the ground, however that also comes at a cost. I can understand that Patreon goals are sometimes confusing and frustrating, but I assure you we’ve given proper consideration to these goals and the costs involved to make you as happy as possible.

I understand not all of you can donate. If that is the case and you want to support us, consider reading our other novels, currently just HC but more to come. If you like them, we’d appreciate it if you can bring in more readers to enjoy the novel. Starting new novels is very taxing on our costs as they don’t receive much support or attention, so any way to bolster that is always appreciated!



There have been a few messages to us saying we are greedy, changing goals and rewards, one even said we were scamming people or my favourite which referred to us as a cash grab. So, I wanted to take the time to address this again.
If there is one thing you can always guarantee with us, it’s transparency. Ever since the site started over 4 years ago, we have always remained transparent and open with everything we do. Our Patreon has never been hidden, our rewards never changed, we never moved any goal posts. When PMG first began and other translators were raising their cost per chapter, we maintained the same price throughout the story, and we will continue to maintain our current goals/tiers.



Thank you for reading and thank you for the continued support!

Happy reading!

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