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New release schedule & return of sponsored chapters

Starting from Monday 23rd of November, we will be changing the release schedules of all the current novels. As some of you might know, we have been looking to add subscriptions onto the website, but this has been a bigger obstacle than expected and has caused substantial delays. This delay has caused me to be paying the staff for translation, edits etc, out of my own pocket for the last 2 months.


Due to an unexpected health issue with one of my family members, I was forced to stop working in order to help care for them. This has put me in a position where I can no longer continue subsidizing the costs of new chapters until our new subscription system is in place, which will likely be in January.


Thankfully, OddManOut has offered a solution for this. Until the new subscription system is in place, we will return to the original method of sponsoring chapters which we initially used when the site first started out. This is where the readers are able to support the translations by donating which will be put towards the release of extra chapters for that story. (You might have seen the ‘sponsored by: XXX’ on early PMG chapters)


New Release Schedule:

TMC: 3/week [Maximum 20/week with sponsored]

DTH: 3/week  [Maximum 10/week with sponsored]

HC: Paused – Update to come.


If you would like to sponsor a chapter to increase the release rate of your favourite story and help support the team with their hard work, the Paypal links can be found below. Please note that any donation will count towards the cummulative total. Please be aware that the donations sometimes take a few days to clear, so we will look to get the extra chapters translated, edited and proofread as soon as possible after that. If you have a concern, just contact Odd on our discord channel!


TMC – $50/chapter

HC – $40/chapter

DTH – $40/chapter


If you want to help out by sponsoring chapters, you can click this link or use the button added to the sidebar, please remember select the novel you want to support or leave it in a note.



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