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Chapter 416 Sword Furnace

                      The hinterland of Yuzhou was at the center of the world.    While outside forces surged, Mu Yi and Chong Jiayi arrived at Nanyang Prefecture. Accessible from all directions, the Nanyang Prefecture was something of a throughway. [...]

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Chapter 414 Shi Qingyu

        The sudden footsteps sounded a little abrupt, even strange.   Just now everyone had left, so what did the sound of these footsteps mean?    A figure appeared quietly in the open space where everyone had been. It was covered [...]

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Chapter 412 Unexpected

        "Da, da, da!"    With the sound of footsteps, someone came in again. Mu Yi looked up. In fact, he had already determined from the sound of footsteps that the person who had arrived was not Qiu Yuetong, but [...]

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