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Chapter 781: I Agree!

  Edited by RED “Remember, you have only three days!” stated the man icily, and he stopped looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was panicking. He left the room absent-minded. All the disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan looked at him [...]

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Chapter 777: Plan!

  Edited by RED “Brother Jing, you went a bit too far,” Lin Feng said, smiling neutrally. Jing Wu Hen had provoked Chen Guang Yu without knowing whether he and Lin Feng were friends or not. Jing Wu Hen was satisfied [...]

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Chapter 776: Skepticism!

  Edited by RED “It’s a combination of the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill and the Imperial Imprint Formula!” shouted Lin Feng proudly. A blood-red light arrow emerged from his third eye, and golden imprints shot out from his hands. They [...]

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