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PMG2 160

Chapter 160: Qualified to Kill You? Edited by RED The chief stared at Lin Feng in icy fury, his eyes flat. Yet he didn’t dare act recklessly, because he could sense Lin Feng’s demon Qi. Lin Feng looked back at the [...]

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PMG2 159

Chapter 159: The Death of the Yao Clan’s Leader Edited by RED Yao Yu Long was on his knees on the ground. He looked extremely worried and his face was ghastly pale as he stared imploringly at Lin Feng. Lin Feng [...]

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HC 65

Chapter 65: Spirit Protector     Clouds appeared in the sky and covered the moon. It was pitch-black. It was impossible to see one’s own fingers anymore. Mu Yi warned Nian Nuer and turned on the copper lamp again.     The ghosts shrieked horribly [...]

2019-02-17T20:12:42+00:00 February 19th, 2019|Heavenly Curse|0 Comments

PMG2 158

Chapter 158: Humiliated By a Father and His Son Edited by RED “Miss, please have a seat.” The old man smiled broadly and waved at Huo Wu. The old man then sat down on the main chair. There were only three [...]

2019-02-17T20:24:42+00:00 February 18th, 2019|Peerless Martial God 2|6 Comments

PMG2 157

Chapter 157: Shameless Yao Clan Edited by RED   Lin Feng walked into the city. This kind of city didn’t have walls because there were too many influential groups. They couldn’t come to an agreement regarding such community projects, so they didn’t [...]

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