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Chapter 9 Ye Wei

Ye Kong was very shocked to find the book, even more shocked than he had been when he arrived in Cangnan. He couldn't imagine how the book had gotten into his mind. If he could get more books, that meant he [...]

2021-02-23T22:04:44+00:00 September 18th, 2020|The Mad Cultivator|0 Comments

Looking for HC Proofreaders

Good day to everyone! This is Odd, currently looking to hire some proofreaders! I am in great need for some for HC and am looking for a few for new novels not yet seen! Please contact titsenioreditor@gmail.com if you are interested [...]

2020-02-24T19:28:12+00:00 February 24th, 2020|Announcements|0 Comments
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