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Chapter 269: Killing Duan Zhe Dao!

Chapter 269: Killing Duan Zhe Dao!

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“Everybody, come with me,” Su Zi said indifferently. He rolled up his sleeves and flew into the depths of the mountain range. Yue Zhi glanced at the crowd, finally nodding at Lin Feng and following Su Zi.

“Let’s go,” said Zhuge Hao Nan, tapping Lin Feng’s shoulder. Then, he flashed ahead and followed the crowd.

When Lin Feng saw that Zhuge Hao Nan looked so impatient, he smiled wryly, before glancing at Meng Qing, Tian Chi and Ruo Xie. They all nodded and smiled.

Lin Feng smiled and took out his shuttle. The four of them jumped inside and flew towards the mountain range.

“Oh, teacher, that young man is the one who cut off my arm. Please avenge me!” said Duan Zhe Dao furiously after they left. He pointed after Lin Feng, his face distorted with hatred.

The old man was grim as he asked, “He’s the one who finished second at the Top-Class Great Competition?”

“Indeed!” replied Duan Zhe Dao, grinding his teeth angrily.

When the old man heard his disciple, he looked furious. He clenched his fists as he said, “If we don’t take care of him quickly, he will become a threat for you in the future. I will kill him. That way, we’ll get rid of an unnecessary problem.”

The old man sounded ice-cold. He disappeared and chased after Lin Feng.

Duan Zhe Dao was excited. Lin Feng was going to die. Haha! His teacher was going to kill him! Having lost an arm was worth it!

Thinking about the humiliation of having lost an arm, he became furious all over again. His eyes were filled with hatred. Lin Feng had to die!


Lin Feng was driving the shuttle towards the top of Foggy Mountain. He abruptly sensed danger was lurking behind, getting closer and closer. “Oh no! Meng Qing, brothers, hurry up, let’s go!” shouted Lin Feng frantically. He took the shuttle away, then grabbed Meng Qing and flew towards the top of Foggy Mountain as quickly as he could.

Tian Chi and Ruo Xie saw Lin Feng getting farther and farther away. They had no choice but to follow as quickly as they could.

Lin Feng turned his head and saw an ice-cold looking old man. He threw a punch at him.

“Hmph! A Master who bullies young people? How terrific!” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly.

However, the old man couldn’t care less. His smile was icy as his fist approached Lin Feng. Lin Feng hastily released as much brightness strength as he could to block the attack.


Their fists collided. Lin Feng was blown away and coughed blood. His face paled.

The man was a cultivator of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, Lin Feng couldn’t compete with him!

Lin Feng stood up and held his arm. How sore! He was bleeding…

“Hmph! A piece of shit from the East who dared cut off my disciple’s arm? You’re going to die today, little piece of trash!” shouted the old man furiously. Everybody saw it, but nobody dared get involved. He was an elder from the Jewels Celestial Sect and had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Lin Feng looked embarrassed as he wiped the blood off his mouth. Was he going to die? He had just arrived in the Central Continent… He wouldn’t die content if that happened…

“Lin Feng, come here,” said someone. Lin Feng turned around and saw Tang Ye and the old man.

Lin Feng smiled at Tang Ye, but he didn’t intend to go and hide behind him. If he did, it’d mean he was scared. How could he hide behind others? Even worse, how could he escape from someone who wanted to kill him?

“Thank you very much for your kindness, Brother Tang Ye. However, I can’t hide behind you. Sorry,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Tang Ye and the short old man. Then he unsheathed two swords at the same time, the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword and Black Dragon.

“You want to kill me?! Come and see if it’s that easy!” His eyes went red in fury as he threw the swords at the old man. He followed them, raising his fists, moving extremely quickly.

The Qi of the two swords was extremely powerful. The old man frowned, and then he raised his arms to materialize a screen of protection.

However, Lin Feng just smiled evilly, and the old man had a bad premonition. The two swords’ direction changed, turning and shooting towards the quickly arriving Duan Zhe Dao!

Duan Zhe Dao was scared to death.

“Son of a bitch! I will kill you! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” shouted Duan Zhe Dao. He was holding a weapon in his only hand, and raised it to resist the two swords.

How could he block two swords with one arm, though? Suddenly, sword lights surrounded his body and blood gushed out.

The old man’s eyes bulged. Duan Zhe Dao was getting chopped into pieces. He had no Qi left.

Boom, boom, boom!…

There were multiple explosions as the pieces of Duan Zhe Dao’s corpse blew apart. Flesh splashed everywhere. It was a miserable death.

“AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! LIN FENG, YOU SON OF A BITCH! I will destroy you! I will avenge my disciple! Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!”

When the old man saw his disciple’s corpse explode into millions of pieces of bleeding flesh, he raised his fists and threw himself at Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He had killed Duan Zhe Dao, and certainly didn’t regret it.

“Haha, little boy, good! You killed another one! Awesome! I love that. Haha!” shouted someone in delight at that moment. Lin Feng knew he was out of danger when he heard that voice.

Yan Di! Who else could it be?

Lin Feng sneered at the old man mockingly. Even if he couldn’t defeat the old man, he looked at him disdainfully to infuriate him even more.

As expected, the old man was even more infuriated, and threw himself at Lin Feng again.

Boom, boom!

He raised his fists and punched Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng wasn’t injured at all. On the contrary, the old man coughed blood and was blown away, because Yan Di had suddenly appeared in front of him.

Lin Feng was astonished as he looked at Yan Di, who had golden lights flashing around him. “Yan Di, you… broke through again?”

“Hehe, indeed! I broke through to the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer! I can easily kill cultivators of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer now!”

Lin Feng gulped down. Yan Di was a real genius. This guy had even killed the Great Elder of the Evil Soul Sect with the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Now he had the strength of the sixth, and could easily kill this evil old man, who was making to escape.

However, Yan Di just sneered at him. Lin Feng knew the old man was doomed.

“You dared try to kill my little buddy. You’ve got balls. I will kill YOU, then!” shouted Yan Di. Flames of fury emerged from Yan Di’s eyes and streaked across the sky. It was the first time Lin Feng had seen him so angry.

Lin Feng was truly appreciative.

“Enough! Stop. Don’t act so arrogantly in front of us,” said an emotionless voice. Yan Di and the old man were thrown to the ground violently, ten-meter deep craters appearing under them.

“Old buddy, are you alright?” asked Lin Feng, quickly descending to the ground. He was worried for Yan Di.

“I’m alright. Killing me is not that easy,” Yan Di coughed. He came slowly out of the crater. His face was covered with mud, and he looked like a mess.

Duan Zhe Dao’s teacher also came out of the other hole, but he wasn’t as lucky as Yan Di. His vital organs were injured and his Qi was weak.

The old man rolled up his sleeves and ran away. He would be able to cause trouble to Lin Feng again in the future.

“Lin Feng, you little son of a bitch! I will never let you off!”

When Lin Feng and Yan Di heard that, they smiled. If they bumped into the old man again, they’d promptly kill him. Lin Feng was quite confident of that.

But Lin Feng was impressed because of something else. One of the Three Gods had said one sentence, and Yan Di had crashed onto the ground violently, a huge crater had even appeared.

“How strong…” Yan Di raised his head and looked at the top of the mountain in admiration. There were three silhouettes there surrounded by golden lights. They looked like dazzling suns.

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    So what with having an arm cut off? i thought at their level of cultivation their can can easily be regrown back. Hell even in PMG1 people with much lower cultivations than so called “emperors” can do so, what was these “gods” doing with a missing arm?

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      As the power scaling increases the more powerful, the Qi or ado whatever, becomes more powerful and therefore worse the injury and it requires more effort to heal it.

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    Lin Feng was astonished as he looked at Yan Di, who had golden lights flashing around him. “Yan Di, you… broke through again?”

    “Hehe, indeed! I broke through to the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer! I can easily kill cultivators of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer now!”


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