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Chapter 345 A Play of Three women


“Master Xuanyuan, your stone refinement technique is truly impressive. I’m curious where you learnt it from.” The Sage King asked Xuanyuan, a sharp edge to his tone.


Xuanyuan didn’t take his words seriously. He knew that the Sage King must be uncomfortable, since he had already spent a trillion king cons. That much money was worth over 400,000 pounds of pure energy source. On top of that, he had already spent a trillion king coins to save his son. He had incurred massive losses.


Looking at the stones surrounding the pool, he smiled and said, “My accomplishments are all thanks to my own talent. I haven’t learnt this from anyone. While the techniques you practice are complex, due to the mixing of different styles, your technique is not very refined. As a result, your Five-Wheel Golden Pupil is amongst the weaker pupil techniques that exist. Seeing that you are one of the five experts in the capital of the Northern Dynasty, I can infer that the Northern Dynasty is not very well-versed in the art of stone refinement.”


Hearing his words, the other four earth masters had ugly expressions on their faces. Since Xuanyuan had insulted the stone refinement techniques of the Sage King, which he had learnt and perfected with them, he was also insulting the four of them.


An elder of the earth masters angrily pointed at Xuanyuan, shouting, “Don’t  get so cocky, boy. Stone refinement is a very complex art. Do you think you know everything, just because you have some modicum of talent?”


“Hmph, don’t listen to his words. He must have received some form of important inheritance, which would explain his cockiness.”


“The technique you just used, that’s the Stone Step of Acquisition am I right? I’m assuming you have somehow received the inheritance of the Emperor of Acquisitions.” The Sage King slowly grinned, as he revealed this piece of information.


“What’s more, the technique you used to detonate the stones is Attunement, a secret skill of the Emperor of Acquisitions. You used that in conjunction with Fragmentation by Attunement in order to attack me, aren’t I right?”


The Sage King had a sharp mind. While he may not have seen the Emperor of Acquisition with his own eyes, he was able to link Xuanyuan’s techniques to the records that were passed down. Hearing this, the other four masters were shocked as they realised it as well.


“What? Xuanyuan has received the inheritance of the Emperor of Acquisitions?!” The imperial master of the Northern Dynasty was also visibly shocked.

“It’s very likely. The Sage King is right. Xuanyua’s methods are very similar to those attributed to the Emperor of Acquisitions.” The Tai Bao confirmed his suspicions. 


“That boy is extremely fortunate. It’s no wonder that he has such exemplary talent. He has inherited the skills of the Emperor of Acquisitions himself. It’s no wonder that his accomplishments in stone refinement are so advanced despite his age.” The deputy-leader of the Sang Gong nodded and agreed with the leader of the Sang Gong.


Coldly glaring at Xuanyuan, the Sage King said, “Do you dare deny my words? DOn’t try and hide it.”


Bursting out in laughter, Xuanyuan said, “You’re right. You are worthy of your title of being called the Sage King, you managed to see through my techniques. That’s right, I received the inheritance of the Emperor of Acquisitions, so what?”


Xuanyuan knew that the truth of his stone refinement technique would come out sooner or later, and he wasn’t bothered. After all, Jiang Yitian had plotted against him solely for the Book of Acquisitions in his possession. Although he hadn’t tried to actively broadcast the fact that he had received the inheritance of the Emperor of Acquisitions, he couldn’t cover it for too long. The Emperor was a famous person, and his techniques were easily noticeable to the right people. Furthermore, as long as Tianji existed, there were no secrets that he could hide.


Cheng Yang and Cheng Xu looked at each other.


“Looks like brother’s gambling house is going to shut down. I’ve read up on the Emperor of Acquisitions. He once managed to make the saintess of the Tian Yue Sect his servant girl for a whole year.” Cheng Xu laughed boisterously.


“That’s not necessarily true. While he may face a short term loss, he could always mine a new set of source stones and reinvigorate Cheng Men.” Cheng Yang seriously said. He had finally understood the gravity of the situation.


“Haha, what if Xuanyuan decides to stay here forever? What if he never leaves? If I were him, I’d never leave, until Cheng Men was forced to shut down. Haha, what can I say. Elder Brother chose the worst person to provoke. It would have been fine if he had provoked anyone else, but he managed to provoke the one who inherited the teachings of the Emperor of Acquisitions.”


“Then Cheng Men will end up shutting down.” Cheng Yang shrugged his eyes and smiled. Seeing this, the royals were shocked. How could the two of them speak so casually about such things? It would have been understandable if they were against Cheng Yin, but the two of them supported Cheng Yin. How could they speak so dismissively?


Yin Zhenluo was surprised. She didn’t expect Xuanyuan to experience such a myriad of adventures after she had left him. It was no wonder that he was so proficient in stone refinement.

The Saint of the Xuanwu Sect was extremely envious. He roared internally, “Looks like he has received the inheritance of the Emperor of Acquisition. I must kill him and plunder it from him.”


The Saintess of the Bingleng Sect looked at Xuanyuan, her eyes sharp and cold. In a cold tone, she asked him, “Master Xuanyuan, how would you like to accompany me to the Bingleng Sect for a visit?”


“Did you just hear that? Xuanyuan was just invited by the Saintess of the Bingleng Sect.”


“Everyone knows that the Saintess is not one to talk to people. She usually turns a blinks eye to everyone, but she actively asked Xuanyuan to visit her sect.”


“What star is the kid born under. Frst, the princess of the Mo clan came all the way to find a cure for hiim. Then Yin Zhenluo arrived for the same reason. Now even the Saintess of the Bingleng Sect has invited him. Ahhh, how I wish I were in his place.”


“You can keep dreaming…”


When he heard this, the Saint of the Xuanwu Sect changed his expression. He didn’t expect Xuanyuan to get invited to the Bingleng Sect. In retrospect, it was no surprise. Everyone would want such a powerful stone master on their side.


The Lady of the Nine Heavens smiled as she asked Xuanyuan, her voice clear and melodious. “Master Xuanyuan, I would like you to visit the Heaven pavilion to talk as well.”


“What?! Even the Lady of the Nine Heavens asked Xuanyuan to visit.”


“Isn’t she the Saintess of the Northern Dynasty?”


“Many people wish for a single opportunity to meet the Saintess during their whole lives. Xuanyuan is so fortunate.”


“Both the Saintess of the Bingleng Sect and the Lady of the Nine Heavens asked Xuanyuan to visit them.”


Seeing this, Yin Zhenluo felt a pang of jealousy. Looking at Xuanyuan, she said, “Don’t go.”


“Yin Zhenuo just told Xuanyuan not to go.”


“She’s jealous. There’s no doubt about it, Yin Zhenluo likes Xuanyuan. Otherwise, why would she ask him not to go.”


“Three women are all fighting over one man. How envious…”


“Isn’t Yin Zhenluo Xuanyuan’s master? How can they…”


“That’s immoral.”




“Since ancient times, love has prospered between masters and their apprentices. Why is it so immoral?”


The Saintess of the Bingleng Sect and the Lady of the Nine Heavens both looked at Yin Zhenluo. Sparks flew between their eyes.


Stupefied, Xuanyuan slowly laughed. “Let’s talk about that later. Every second counts for me. Right now, my priority is to rid myself of the Heart-Devouring Bug.”


“That’s right, Master Xuanyuan. I may have a way to treat it. Miss Yin, do you wish for your apprentice to die? Aren’t you his master?”


Yin Zhenluo turned pale, she couldn’t refute her words. The Saintess smiled, “We may have a way to treat him. While it may not have a high chance of success, there’s no harm in trying. Xuanyuan, what do you say?”


“If that’s the case, I must tell you to go, Xuanyuan.” Yin Zhenluo painfully said. At that moment, she realised that Xuanyuan wasn’t like before. She could no longer tell him what to do and what not to do.


“Let’s discuss this later.” Xuanyuan was facing the Sage King; he didn’t want to get too distracted. Xuanyuan formed a formula in his hands and integrated it with a source stone.


Sensing the feedback, his expression turned into one of shock. The Sage King was carefully observing Xuanyuan. Seeing this, he immediately launched a golden hand to grab the source stone that Xuanyuan was inspecting. Xuanyuan tried to defend against this by forming a golden net.


“How shameless!”


“Haha, what’s wrong. Stone refinement is the art of understanding stones, while gambling is the art of reading people’s minds. Someone who doesn’t even know this doesn;’ deserve to call themselves a stone master.” The Sage King was carefully looking at Xuanyuan’s choice, and the stone he had chosen had the highest chance to win. Even the Sage King had his eyes on this stone for a while. However, he couldn’t make the stone explode like the ones before.


Xuanyuan’s net was torn apart as the golden hand grabbed the source stone out of his hands.


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