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Chapter 355 All to Die!


(Editor’s Note: It appears that Xuanyuan is actually in the Imperial Realm. It wasn’t very clear in the translated raws, and I wasn’t sure until now. From here on out, I’ll be changing Xuanyuan’s level to the imperial realm, which is one realm lower than the Emperor realm.)


The silver Qi intertwined to form a huge dragon claw. It had an oppressive power, able to destroy anything it wished to destroy. The rest of the dragon slowly came into being, and tried to grab Xuanyuan’s head. The wind ripped as the claws tore towards Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan smiled coldly as dragon marking slowly formed on his body. Grabbing the Xians Arc of Five Elements, he channeled the power of the ancient dragon and the five elements. He infused the power of the Dragon Taming Wood into the bow.


With the energy of the Dragon Taming Wood forming the body of the arrow, the remaining elements converged to form a destructive arrow. With a resounding crash, the arrow flew to meet the dragon claw.


Those under the xian realm found it hard to breathe as the forces collided.


The dragon claw couldn’t resist the force of the arrow, and was torn in half. Yuan Tianlong stood unphased, his silver battle armour gleaming. His strength far surpassed Hua Wushang, and Xuanyuan realised that his best chance to attack him was when he wasn’t prepared.


The arrow locked onto Yuan Tianlong after ripping through the silver dragon and rushed towards him.


Yuan Tianlong raised his eyebrows, slightly surprised that Xuanyuan could switch targets so quickly. He drew his Silver Dragon Sword, a top rank heaven class instrument. Infusing his Qi into the sword, he slashed at the arrow.


“Death to all those who oppose me!”


Xuanyuan drew his bow back once more, and shouted, “Are you sure you want to oppose me?”


Yuan Tianlong frowned. Xuanyuan was truly talented, able to exert such power when he was just in the imperial realm. He had to take this chance to destroy Xuanyuan before he matured any further.

However, as a peak emperor realm fighter, it was of no glory to beat someone so much lower than him. But the fact that Xuanyuan had declared that the Nightmare Ghost would not help him beat someone at the emperor realm made Yuan Tianlong ecstatic. This was an opportunity to plunder Xuanyuan of all his treasures.

“Hmph, as a human you dare to protect the Mo clan? You’ve been bewitched by her beauty, and I’m afraid nothing can save you from your sin. Today, for the sake of the human race, I shall kill you!” He raised his sword, filled with Qi. He looked like a righteous warrior, ready to cut down all evil. People were terrified as they saw his sword spirit rising to the skies.


“Die! Sky-Splitting Silver Dragon!”


A dragon appeared from behind him, and combined with him. The two of them rushed towards Xuanyuan, the combined force extremely powerful.


Xuanyuan felt suffocated, he knew that with his current strength there was no way to defend against the attack.


“There’s no way he can resist Yuan Tianlong’s attack. Xuanyuan is going to die!”


“After all, it’s the gap between a seventh rank emperor realm fighter, and an imperial realm fighter. Alas, an unequal contest brings no glory to the victor.”


“While it may be disgraceful, Yuan Tianlong covets Xuanyuan’s treasures. As long as he can plunder him of all his riches, it’ll be worth the damage to his reputation.”


The silent spectators sighed, they all thought that Xuanyuan would be severely injured even if he managed to survive the attack. But he had no one else to blame but his own reckless comments.


However, Xuanyuan didn’t hesitate in the slightest. He took out five pieces of energy sources, namely the gold, fire, water. wood, and earth energy sources. Several mysterious markings were carved on the energy sources, and a mysterious power rose.


Just when Yuan Tianlong was about to kill Xuanyuan, the five pieces combined to form a massive disposition.


“The Disposition of the Five Elements Emperor!”


The terrifying energy of the five elements surged and swept across the sky. The Sage King, who was hiding, was shocked.


“An emperor rank disposition?! On top of that, he has achieved the unity between man and disposition!”


Xuanyuan integrated himself with the disposition, his strength surging immensely. He was one with the disposition.

All five earth masters were shocked.


“I didn’t expect him to be able to achieve the unity of man and disposition. If he matures any further, his power will be terrifying.”


“It’s a good thing that his life is going to be extinguished by the Heart-Devouring Bug in a few years.”


Xuanyuan enjoyed the feeling of boundless strength flowing through his body. As he raised his hand and formed the Five Elements Roulette, it hummed with power. With each passing second, it’s power grew.


Xuanyuan faced Yuan Tianlong headfirst, attacking him with the Five Elements Roulette.


When the two of them clashed, the skies split with the Qi released, and a blinding flash of light made it impossible to see what was happening. Some of the weaker people present died as a result of the Qi explosion.


Exerting all his strength, Yuan Tianlong managed to resist Xuanyuan’s attack. He looked at Xuanyuan, who’s strength continued to grow. Shocked, he said “The unity of man and disposition?! I never expected that.”


“That’s right. Now, even if you want to run, there’s no escape for you. Maybe in your next life, you’ll learn not to be so greedy. Some things are not meant for you.”


While Yuan Tianlong’s strength may be greater than Hua Wushang’s, his instruments paled in comparison to those that Hua Wushang wielded. Hua Wushang even had something like the Xian Fighting Charm and his semi-xian class instrument at his disposal. Yuan Tianlong possessed nothing of the sort. If he did, he would not want to wantonly plunder Xuanyuan.


“You boast shamelessly!” Yuan Tianlong roared.


Sneering, Xuanyuan drew his bow yet again. Drawing on the power of the disposition, he formed an arrow, far more powerful than all the others he had made thus far. The Qi roiled viciously on the arrow, and the arrow condensed into a five colour dragon.


“Let’s see if you can survive this attack!”


Xuanyuan shot 18 arrows in succession, each of them containing the power of the disposition. As he shot the 18th arrow, the disposition finally disintegrated. Xuanyuan had used up all the power of the disposition, and most of the Qi within his body.

Senising the terrifying force rushing towards him, Yuan Tianlong paled. He turned and flew rapidly, but there was no way he could outspeed the five-colour dragon that was chasing him. Furthermore, the arrow had the ability to home in on its target.


The silver armour cracked after the 6th arrow struck him. The silver armour was a terrifying piece of equipment. Once integrated with Yuan Tianlong, it’s strength would multiply drastically, but Xuanyuan was still able to pierce through the armour.


By the time the twelfth arrow struck him, Yuan Tianlong’s armour could no longer withstand the impact, and it shattered.


Yuan Tianlong was in an extremely bad spot. He spat out blood, and his hair was in disarray. He was shocked by Xuanyuan’s strength.


Roaring, he summoned a phoenix in his right hand, and a silver dragon in his left. He combined the energy of both of them to create an elaborate Dragon-Phoenix technique.


“When the dragon and the Phoenix sing together, everything will fall in front of them.” The purple elixir within his body shook violently. His blood burned, as the huge fighting Qi combined with his heavenly technique.


The dragon and phoenix intertwined together in the sky, the Yin and the Yang becoming one. The final six arrows rained down.t


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