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Chapter 253 Escorting the Bride?

Chapter 253 Escorting the Bride?


Xuanyuan looked at the pig with mixed feelings.

   The pig-headed emperor was an incarnation of greed and chaos, but there was no doubt about his loyalty to the Devouring Emperor. As the Immortal Beast of All Creations, who followed the same path as the owner of The Body of All Creations, their relationship was an extraordinary one.

   The Pig could never imagine that one day the Devouring Emperor would receive praise from his sworn enemy. Despite being alienated by the world due to his actions and his body type, the feeling of being appreciated by one of his worst enemies was almost impossible to be understood.

“I didn’t expect that the people who had received so much from the Devouring Emperor would eventually betray him, while his sworn enemy would plunge into the midst of all of his enemies in order to try and save the Devouring Emperor?! The Devouring Emperor would truly appreciate the efforts he took.” Greed’s voice rang from the bottom of Xuanyuan’s heart.

   Xuanyuan was silent and didn’t say a word. Qian Duoduo glanced at the pig-headed emperor. She sensed that he must not be a normal person.

   The atmosphere was really heavy. The pig-headed emperor paused for a moment, bared his chest again and then cried out in despair.

“Damn it! How could we just let the Medicinal Tree of the Dragon get away? We couldn’t even grab a fruit from the tree!”

   Xuanyuan was extremely annoyed, and thought, “Damn it. I shouldn’t show him any mercy; he nearly killed me. “

   Qian Doudou chuckled and said, “Piggy, consider yourself lucky to get three leaves in the first place. Let’s go. It’s time to leave.”

   Xuanyuan sighed:

“I wonder whether the fight has ended or not. If not, we are begging for death if we leave right now.”

“Boy, don’t you know how long you have been in the Black Dragon Mountain?” The pig looked at Xuanyuan with contempt.

“I don’t know either.” said Qian Doudou with a surprised look. “The flow of time seems very weird inside here. While obviously a long time has passed, it feels like only a short period has gone by.”

   The pig shook his head in disbelief and said. “We’ve been stuck here for two years. You’ve been purifying your blood for two whole years.”

   Xuanyuan was shocked, “What?! Two years? We must hurry up and leave for the Eastern Dynasty immediately.”

   Xuanyuan knew that Yin Zhenluo’s father would not be able to hold on for much longer. He didn’t want Yin Zhenluo to lose her father and feel distraught.

“Go.” The pig sighed and chanted his incantation. Seeing the bright light in the sky, Xuanyuan realised that the pig-headed emperor was indeed skilled at creating dispositions.

  Countless symbols and incantations were flowing, distorting the space while drawing on the power of the dragon mountain.

   The Black Dragon Mountain was the original body of the ancient Black Dragon, separating heaven and hell. Within the territory, all the forbidden terrain was controlled and contained by the ancient dragon.

“How amusing. The ancient dragon spread out its own willpower and energy, and controlled all the forbidden terrain for 1500 thousand miles around the mountain.” The pig was strong enough to sense the spells set on the forbidden terrain. At the same time, countless spells activated, only to stop working and disappear.

   The little white beast stood on the top of the mountain and looked towards the direction where Xuanyuan and his companion went.

   Wukong felt the power fluctuation on the dragon mountain. He started grinning, “Wow, Xuanyuan has really grown stronger. It seems that they found the Source Energy of Dragon’s Heart. I guess it’s time for me to leave.”

   Knowing that his mission had been completed, Wukong also withdrew.

   In the blink of an eye, Xuanyuan and his companions arrived in the forest outside the mountain. Suddenly, Xuanyuan remembered something, and he hurriedly asked:

“Wait. Where is Youxue?”

“Don’t worry. Youxue is still alive. He is just outside the mountain forest. It seems that those two fighting emperor cloud dragon ridges have helped him a lot. Unexpectedly, in merely two years, he has broken through to the fourth level of the emperor realm. Impressive.” Greed laughed.


“What?” Xuanyuan didn’t expect Youxue to be alive, let alone have jumped all the way to the fourth level.

“It’s not a surprise. He was selected as one of the heavenly dragon guards of the Yin family, clearly highlighting his strength and potential. The blood of the heavenly dragon runs through their veins. These people are extremely skilled in slaughter. We don’t know what he has been through, but it clearly has had a great impact on him.” Greed laughed.

“Well. Let’s go and meet with Youxue.” Xuanyuan said.

   They walked swiftly and soon came to the edge of the Land of Darkness. When they came out of here, they heard a lot of beasts screaming inside.

   Obviously, those beasts stepped into the forbidden terrain after they exited. As they left the terrain, the forbidden terrain resumed its function and destroyed itself, destroying the beasts who snuck in.

   Xuanyuan ignored the screaming. Youxue was standing outside, straight as a soldier. He seemed to be wielding a new weapon, a pair of dragon ridge swords. Seeing Xuanyuan, Youxue kneeled and greeted him, “My master.”


   Xuanyuan nodded with satisfaction and said “Get up. Well, what’s the story behind the twin swords in your hand? Are they made of those two fighting emperor cloud dragon ridges?”

“That’s right. It was the Yin family who made them, and handed them over to me.” Youxue presented the pair of fabulous holy weapons to Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan said with a smile, “That’s alright. Take them. I don’t need them. Tell me what happened in the past two years.”

“Jiang Yitian had an encounter with a great immortal. He accidentally entered the mountain mansion of a mysterious Dou Xian. He received the inheritance of the Xian, and his strength soared. In just two years, he has reached the realm of the seventh grade of emperor realm. He is only one step away from the realm of Dou Xian. Many people said that you died in the Land of  Darkness, and that it is impossible for you to fight against Jiang Yitian.


“Yin Zhenluo, Mochou, Zhi Xuan, Bai, Fang Yuyou, Fang Yun, Fung Lie and the little princess of the demon family, Shi Wan have all come here. I stopped them from going into the Land of Darkness to find you. I assured them that master was not dead, and was just practicing inside. So they left at ease.”

“What?” Xuanyuan was immediately excited. He looked at Youxue and asked quickly, “My beautiful master has been here? You mean it?”

“It’s true. She took a group of elites of the Youlong department with her. She wanted to go in and see you. I stopped her, and told her the reason. She left a message for you, master. “As soon as you come out, go to the Yin’s house”.” Youxue said.

“Well, is there anything else?” Xuanyuan continued.

“Yes. Yin Zhenluo has promised to marry Haiya. The wedding will be held in the near future.” Youxue answered.

“What?” Xuanyuan heard Youxue’s words. For a moment, he felt like he was struck by lightning; he was filled with rage. He said in a heavy voice, “How could it be? What the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know exactly.”

 Xuanyuan calmed down and continued:

“Is that all?”

“The 5 Xians have not appeared since they entered Yin’s household two years ago. It is suspected that they have been killed. The Fighting Dragon sect has given several deadlines to the Yin’s house.” Youxue said.

Xuanyuan frowned. He knew it may be a misleading rumor. It’s very difficult to prepare the Protective Talisman of Five Organs using the five elements. Even if it was the Xians refining the talisman, the process was still extremely difficult. If the General of the Yin family wanted to be saved, he had to rely on them.


“What else?”

“That’s all, master.” said Youxue

“Well, in that case, it’s not too late to rush to Yin household. How dare the Hai Family act so audaciously? They must be forcing my beautiful master to marry into their family. I’ll incinerate them all.” Xuanyuan snorted. He said to the pig-headed emperor, “Let us go to the capital of the East State.”

“Little Xuan is angry, so I will join you to have a look.” Qian Doudou stuck out her tongue.

The pig-headed emperor laughed, “There are very few things I haven’t done in my life, but it will be my first time stealing another man’s wife. I’ll join you as well.”

   The pig chanted his incantation. A mysterious light floated down.

   The imperial capital of East State:

   This was the capital of the Eastern Dynasty. It symbolized the strength of the Dynasty. Even the common soldiers patrolling on the roadside were at least in the grandmaster realm.

   Countless powerful people gathered here. The Heavenly Dragon Body was going to marry Haiya of the Hai family. The news was being spread for a long time.

   Haiya seemed to be insecure about the fact that not everyone had heard the news. He sent people to spread the news around, hoping that more people would attend his wedding.

“It’s a pity that the Heavenly Dragon Body is going to marry Haiya.”

“Why is it a pity? Talent matches beauty. You should know that Haiya has two Fighting Waters. In the past two years, his strength has made rapid progress. He has achieved the fourth level of the emperor realm. He has earned the right to marry her.”

“That’s right. Even if Yin Zhenluo doesn’t marry Haiya, do you think she’ll marry you? Ridiculous.”

“Hmm. What do you know? Is Haiya better than the one called Xuanyuan? Don’t you know that Xuanyuan brutally defeated Haiya?”

“He’s just an unknown bastard. He’s not qualified. I’m certain  he dies in the Land of Darkness.”

“I heard that he didn’t die. The heavenly dragon guard of Yin’s family, who he took in before, has been guarding at the entrance of that place. It seems that some members of Yin’s family are also supporting Xuanyuan, and forged the Dragon Ridge Sword for the guard. Clearly, this all implies that Xuanyuan is not dead.”

“Even if he is alive, what can he do? A kid with just strength can’t make a difference. You think he can compare with the Hai family, let alone Yin Zhenluo? This kid is audacious. He even wants to have a relationship with his master. He’s rather daring, and deserves to be heavily punished.”

“Shut up, it’s the wedding car. Look, they’re going to the Yin household to meet the bride.”

   All of a sudden, the people started gathering around.

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