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Chapter 254 All Immortals Came

Chapter 254 All Immortals Came


  In the imperial capital of the Eastern Dynasty, countless people stood on the sides of the road, watching the wedding car proceed from the Hai family’s household to the Yin household.

   The wedding car was completely made of gold, all the way from the chassis to the wheel. The car was decorated with intricate engravings resembling an intertwined dragon and phoenix.

  The car was pulled by the eight-headed Kirin Horses. The Hai Family was responsible for managing the estate that supervised the imperial mansion of the Eastern Dynasty. As such, they were allowed the right to use the eight-headed Kirin Horses as they pleased.


While the eight-headed Kirin Horses were not as grand as the 12-headed Kirin horses of old, it was enough to demonstrate the status of the Hai family. The Kirin Horses exuded an aura of majesty, each step filled with dignity, filling onlookers with a feeling of imperial dominance and awe.


  Surrounding the golden wedding car, ninety-nine royal guards marched with flags, while ninety-nine beautiful women played all kinds of musical instruments. Music flowed through the streets.

   Haiya was riding a dragon scale horse, looking extremely proud of himself.

“Congratulations, Master Haiya, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful wife.” said some people in the crowd.

“Thank you so much! For this occasion, we are having a massive feast in the Hai Family household for seven days. I hope you can come and enjoy at least a glass of wine…”

   Haiya sneered internally, “Yin Zhenluo, you are mine now. Xuanyuan–– two years ago, in the war, all the xian class fighters of the Hai family were killed, except for the old emperor, who was seriously injured. Even he perished several days later due to his wounds. The only forces who survived were the old master of the Linglong Sect, and several generations of saints. Other powerful people such as the old master of The Fighting Dragons Sect, the Lightning King, the Soul Demon were also killed. 


“Xuanyuan, Xuanyuan. Why did you have to die? I wanted to see the look on your face when you would see me marrying your dear master. Don’t you love your master, Yin Zhenluo? It’s such a pity that she will marry me. I still don’t know what your expression would look like. Would you feel pain? Weakness? That truly would be the greatest pleasure!”

   Haiya was ecstatic. Two years ago, Xuanyuan dared to enter the house of the Hai Family burna section down. Nobody expected Xuanyuan to be bold enough to enter the house of the Hai Family and set off this fire. This incited several powerful members of the Hai Family.

   The procession was extremely long, and proceeded at a slow pace. Eventually, they arrived at the gate of General Yin’s military mansion.

  The Yin household gave off a dangerous vibe.   The two inscriptions on the Yin mansion seemed to have been written by someone powerful. It gave off an imposing aura, similar to that exuded by a massive, deadly army

“Haiya of the Hai Family has arrived to pick up the bride.” the royal guard announced.

   The main gate of the Yin household slowly rumbled open. Two lines of waitresses walked out slowly, spreading a bright red carpet on the ground.

   Colorful petals fell from the sky, attracting a myriad of beautiful butterflies. The air was filled with the fragrance of flowers, adding to the beautiful atmosphere.

   A woman was wearing red makeup and a phoenix crown. A pair of golden wings on the phoenix crown quivered. Under the phoenix crown, her eyes gleamed, framed by her willowy eyebrows, her bright eyes shined. Her lips, red as blood, were mesmerising to look at. Seeing such .Her face alone, cold and aloof, stood in stark contrast with her attire. Looking at her, everyone present had their breath taken away.

   Yin Zhenluo exhaled sharply, creating a rift in the falling petals. The emotion behind the breath chilled the people to the bone.

“Please get in the car.”

   The bright red carpet had been rolled up to the golden wedding car. Yin Zhenluo took a step onto the red carpet. Step by step, she slowly walked towards the car.

   Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew. A man lightly stepped onto the ground.

“Stop. The Yin family won’t allow the marriage until you repay the debt you owe to the Fighting Dragons Sect.”

   This man was none other than Fung Lie. In the past two years, he had made great progress, astounding everyone around him. In just a mere two years, he rose to the sixth level of the emperor realm.

   It was rumoured that he had even killed an expert at the sixth level of the emperor realm, which frightened many people.

   Yin Zhenluo raised her head and looked at him. She calmly said, “What do you mean, Fung Lie?”

“Hmm? The 5 Xians of the elements from our Fighting Dragons Sect were invited by Yin Qianxun here, for the purpose of purifying something. Two years have passed by, and we still haven’t heard anything from them. You owe us an explanation.” Fung Lie replied, as calm as Yin Zhenluo.


   Fung Lie didn’t even look at Haiya. It was a slap to Haiya’s face in front of the crowd. He looked at Fung Lie, and coldly said, “Fung Lie. Today is my big day. Could you give me the respect I deserve and delay your matter until later?”

   Fung Lie looked at Haiya and laughed.

“How amusing. Who do you think you are? Two years ago, you spread rumors of my brother Xuanyuan. Get out of my sight before I settle my matters with you, you bastard.”

   Fung Lie showed absolutely no regard for Haiya, causing him to feel infuriated

“Fung Lie, you are asking to be punished. Elders, I’m sorry to trouble you, but please make an example out of him.”

   Several powerful xian class fighters rushed towards Fung Lie. Fung Lie turned around, not a speck of fear to be seen on his face. A chilling energy spread through the atmosphere, suffocating everyone present.

“The Xians of the Feng clan.” The faces of these xian class fighters were solemn.

“Boys. Don’t you think you are being presumptuous?” said one of them coldly

“I don’t mean to start a fight. As long as the Yin family releases the 5 Xians of our sect, we will leave. However, if you refuse, you leave us no choice but to fight.” The Feng clan xian said. His voice, while light, still exuded great power. At his words, several powerful xian class fighters appeared. The energy exerted by the force was terrifying.

   The Xians of the Hai family looked concerned. One of them reprimanded them.

“What is the meaning of this? Are you planning on starting a war here?!”

“I have already said it once. As long as the Yin family hands them over, we will leave.” repeated the Feng xian.

   Haiya looked at Yin Zhenluo. Beside Yin Zhenluo stood two men. One was Yin Tianshang, who had reached the peak of the emperor realm. He was only one step away from the Xian realm. The other was Yin Qianxun.

Yin Qianxun addressed the xians, “Elders of Fighting Dragons Sect, please rest assured that the ones you are seeking are refining treasure for my father. The process is still ongoing, and they cannot be disturbed at the moment. If you don’t believe me, please ask Master Fung Lie to show this paper to the xian of the Fung clan. It explains everything.”


   Yin Qianxun stepped forward and handed a piece of paper to Fung Lie. Fung Lie took the paper and looked at it. His brow wrinkled. Then he handed it to the xian of the Feng clan. Reading the paper, he said, “Okay. In that case, we shall give you six months. If the xians don’t come out by then, don’t blame me for my rudeness. Fung Lie, let’s go.”

   Fung Lie seemed discontent and protested, “But…”

   The xian spoke to Fung Lie telepathically.

“I know you have other intentions. You want to stop Yin Zhenluo from marrying Haiya. But if Xuanyuan doesn’t show up, then we will only incur the wrath of the royal family of the Eastern Dynasty. As powerful as we are, we can’t fight against the entirety of the Eastern Dynasty. Let’s go. We’re done here. Xuanyuan didn’t show up, we can’t do anything.”

   Fung Lie coldly glared at Haiya, who smiled.

“Now that the issue with the Yin family has been resolved, I still need to settle my issues with you. Haiya, you spread rumors that my younger brother, Xuanyuan, received the immortality skill, with the aim of making others hunt him down. I seek revenge against you for this transgression. Fight me now. If you win, I shall drop the matter and apologise to you. However, if you lose, you will be lucky to escape with your life.”

   Haiya’s face turned green with fear. Back in the day he didn’t fear Fung Lie. Now, however, it was a different story. Fung Lie’s strength had increased drastically, even excluding the armour he had. It was one of the top ten ranked treasures. Even if he had multiple fighting waters, he still wouldn’t be able to fight Fung Lie.

“Don’t push your luck, Fung Lie. It was a long time ago. In addition, Xuanyuan came into our house and burnt our garden down. You just want to cause chaos on this day.” Haiya was putting on a brave face as he replied angrily.

   As Fung Lie was about to reply, he suddenly heard a gentle voice.

“If you go on like this, you will lose your reputation. Today is the wedding day of Haiya and Miss Yin. Even if you have any grudges, you should let them proceed with the ceremony. There’s time later to discuss issues. Otherwise, people will say that we are bullying someone.”

   Fung Lie saw around to see who it was. It turned out to be Jiang Yitian. Jiang Yitian’s words not only gave face to the Fighting Dragons Sect, but also aligned with the thoughts of the Yin family and Hai Family. He had defused the situation extremely well, killing three birds with a single stone.

   He then looked at Yin Zhenluo and Haiya. He smiled, “To the new couple, I wish you a happy marriage. My brother Xuanyuan is extremely honourable, and he misses Yin Zhenluo very much. I present this gift on behalf of brother Xuanyuan. Although it may be inexpensive, it is significant to us.”

   A gift box fell in front of Yin Zhenluo. She reached for it and opened it. It was a beautiful wolf skin. Something occurred to Yin Zhenluo. She trembled, and her red lips quavered.


   Yin Zhenluo said nothing, but looked up and coldly stared at Jiang Yitian.

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