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Chapter 254 All Immortals Came

   The imperial capital of the East State

  On both sides of the broad road, countless people stood watching the wedding car from the Hai Family to Yin’s House.

   The wedding car, from the shell to the wheel, was made of gold. It was carved with exquisite patterns. The dragon and phoenix were intertwined, which was magnificent.

  The car was pulled by the Kirin Horses with eight heads. The Hai Family owned the imperial mansion in charge of supervising the royal family in the East State. Naturally, they owned the right to pull the car with the Kirin Horses with eight heads.

Although the Kirin Horses with eight heads were no better than the twelve heads of the old emperor at the past time, it was enough to demonstrate the supreme demeanor of the family. The Kirin horse was full of power, with each step slow but dignified. Invisibly, it showed a feeling of imperial inspection.

  Surrounding this golden wedding car, there were ninety-nine royal guards with flags, and ninety-nine beautiful women playing all kinds of musical instruments. Music flowed.

   Haiya was riding a dragon scale horse, and swaggering all the streets. He looked proud of himself.

“Congratulations, Mr. Haiya, you are going to have such a beautiful wife,” said some people in the crowd.

“Good! Thank you so much! This time, we will have a big feast in my house for seven days. I hope you can come and have a glass of wine…”

   Haiya sneered in his heart:

“Yin Zhenluo, you are mine now. Xuanyuan–– two years ago, in the war, all the xian class fighters of the Hai family were killed, except for the old emperor, who was seriously injured, and luckily came back, though he still perished several days later. All the other forces that were left were the old master of the Linglong Sect, and several generations of saints. Other powerful people like the old master of The Fighting Dragons Sect, the Lightning King, the Summon Souls Evil were also seriously injured and died, as did you.


“Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan. Why did you have to die? How I want you to come to see my wedding. Don’t you love your master, Yin Zhenluo? It’s such a pity that she will marry me. I don’t know how you would feel if you were to see us in person. Would you feel pain? Weakness? That would be amazing!”

   Haiya was very happy. Two years ago, Xuanyuan dared to enter the house of the Hai Family and start a fire. None but Haiya knew that it was Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan’s voice. He would never forget it. Nobody expected Xuanyuan to be bold enough to enter the house of the Hai Family and set off this fire, which made many powerful members of  the Hai Family very angry.

   The wedding car team was very long. The pace was peaceful. It seemed like a parade pulling out a long dragon. They slowly arrived at the gate of General Yin’s military mansion.

   Yin’s house, which was fabulously energetic, was surrounded by a killing atmosphere. 

   The two words on Yin’s mansion seemed to have been written by someone powerful, with an incredible art style. It gave people a sense of terror, just like one would experience when fighting thousands of troops

“Haiya of the Hai Family has arrived to pick up the bride,” a royal guard said.

   The gate of Yin’s family slowly opened. It rumbled like thunder. Two lines of waitresses walked out slowly, spreading a bright red carpet on the ground.

   Colorful petals fell from the sky, attracting numerous colorful butterflies. The fragrance of flowers was hovered in the sky, which was fascinating.

   A woman was wearing red makeup and a phoenix crown. A pair of golden wings on the phoenix crown quivered. Under the phoenix crown, her two willow eyebrows were long and thin, her bright eyes shined, her red lips were charming, and her beauty was breathtaking. The only defect of the woman was her cold face, giving a feeling of aloofness and pride.

   There was a sharp feeling in this woman’s breath. Countless petals in the sky were invisibly torn apart by this breath. It made many people feel cold.

“Please get in the car.”

   The bright red carpet had been rolled up to the golden wedding car. Yin Zhenluo took a step onto the red carpet. Step by step, she slowly walked out.

   Just then, a strong wind rolled up from the sky. A man stepping on the air hissed:

“Stop. The Yin family won’t allow the marriage until you repay the debt of our Fighting Dragons Sect”

   This man was none other than Fung Lie. In the past two years, he had made great progress that left everyone astonished. In just two years, his potential broke out more quickly, from the original realm of Fighting Huang to the present sixth grade of fighting emperor.

   It’s said that he once killed a fighting emperor of the sixth grade, which frightened many people.

   Yin Zhenluo raised her head and looked at him. She calmly said:

“Why, Fung Lie?”

“Hmm. The immortal of five elements from our Fighting Dragons Sect was invited by Yin Qianxun here, for the purpose of purifying something. But two years passed, and he disappeared. You owe us an explanation.” Fung Lie spat, no more angry than Yin Zhenluo.


   Fung Lie didn’t even look at Haiya. It was like Haiya was slapped in front of the crowd. It was extremely awkward. He looked at Fung Lie, and coldly said:

“Fung Lie. Today is my big day. Could you delay your matter until later? Just take me seriously.”

   Fung Lie looked at Haiya, laughed.

“Who do you think you are? That’s quite amusing. Just go away, Bastard. Two years ago, you spread rumors of my brother Xuanyuan. I haven’t settled that with you yet. Go away.”

   Fung Lie was overbearing. Haiya was livid, and hissed:

“Fung Lie, you are asking for punishment. Elders, I’m sorry to trouble you. Please make an example of this Fung Lie.”

   Several powerful xian class fighters rolled towards Fung Lie. Fung Lie turned around, but there was no fear in his face. A very horrible atmosphere surrounded the area, making it hard for countless people to breathe.

“The Feng immortal.” The faces of these xian class fighters were solemn.

“Boys. Don’t you think you are being presumptuous?” said one of them coldly

“I didn’t mean to be an enemy. As long as the Yin family gave out the immortal of five elements, we would leave. Otherwise, we would fight.” The Feng immortal, with white hair, stepped on the air, with his eyes closed. It gave people a sense of lightness. When their voices fell, hundreds of horrible immortal fighting breaths hovered and surrounded them, interweaving in the sky. Immortal light burst. The momentum was amazing.

   The face of the Hai xian class fighters suddenly became very concerned. One of them scolded:

“What a great show. Hundreds of immortals are in front of us. Do you mean to start a war with us?”

“I have already said that as long as the Yin family hands him over, we will leave,” The Feng immortal said once again.

   Haiya looked at Yin Zhenluo. Beside Yin Zhenluo, there were two men standing. One was Yin Tianshang, who had reached the strength of a seventh grade Fighting Emperor. He was only one step away from the realm of Dou Xian. The other was Yin Qianxun.

“Elders of Fighting Dragons Sect, please rest assured that who he wants is refining a treasure for my father. It has not yet been refined at the moment. He musn’t be disturbed. If you don’t believe me, please ask Mr. Fung Lie to give this paper to the Fung immortal. Then you will know whether it is true or not.”


   Yin Qianxun stepped forward and handed a piece of paper to Fung Lie. Fung Lie took the paper and looked at it. His brow wrinkled. Then he handed it to the Feng immortal, who saw it and paused. He said:

“Okay. In that case, we shall give you six months. If the wanted doesn’t come out by then, don’t blame me for my rudeness. Fung Lie, let’s go.”

   Fung Lie’s face changed, and he said:


   A thought was introduced into the mind of Fung Lie:

“I know you have other intentions. You want to stop Yin Zhenluo from marrying Haiya. But if Xuanyuan doesn’t show up, then we will only cause the wrath of the whole East State royal family. As powerful as we are, we can’t fight against the whole East state Dynasty. Let’s go. We’re done here. Xuanyuan didn’t show up. It’s meaningless.”

   Fung Lie slightly squinted, and coldly looked at Haiya, who smiled.

“Okay. Now the matter of Yin’s family is over. Haiya, you spread rumors about my younger brother Xuanyuan before, saying that he got the treasure of immortality. He was hunted by countless people. Now, this account should be considered. Fight with me. If you win, this matter will be exposed. If you lose, you will be lucky to be alive.”

   Haiya’s face turned green. He had never been afraid of Fung Lie before, but Fung Lie’s strength had improved a lot, let alone that he had the treasure of armor ranked in the top 10 on the Dou Feng List. Even if he had several kinds of fighting water, that would not be enough.

“Boy. Don’t overdo this. It’s been so long. Xuanyuan came into our house and set off a fire that burned our garden. It has been figured out. You’re making a mess here. You just want to cause trouble.” Haiya said angrily.

   As Fung Lie prepared a response, he suddenly heard a gentle voice:

“If you go on like this, you will lose your reputation. Today is the wedding day of Haiya’s son and Miss Yin. Even if you have any grudges, you should let them go first. Let’s talk about it later. Otherwise, people will say that we are bullying someone.”

   Fung Lie saw around, and it turned out to be Jiang Yitian. Jiang Yitian’s words not only increased the prestige of the Fighting Dragons Sect, but also conformed to the thoughts of most people in the Yin family and Hai Family, though Fung Lie disagreed with him. It can be called killing three birds with one stone.

   Jiang Yitian was in a robe. He had a kind face and spoke soft words. He looked at Fung Lie with his long and thin eyes. Then he looked at Yin Zhenluo and Haiya. He smiled:

“To this new couple, I wish you a happy marriage. My brother Xuanyuan is very kind and righteous, and he misses Yin Zhenluo very much. This gift I give to Miss Yin is for brother Xuanyuan. Although it is cheap, it is representative of our blessing.”

   A gift box fell from the sky. Yin Zhenluo reached it and opened. It was a beautiful wolf skin. Something occurred to Yin Zhenluo. She trembled, and her red lips quavered.

“Lone star…”

   In an instant, Yin Zhenluo looked up and coldly stared at Jiang Yitian in the sky.

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