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Chapter 255 Terracide Breaking Out in Skyfall

Chapter 255 Terracide Breaking Out in Skyfall


“Thank you, Master Jiang. This gift is truly priceless. I will make sure to return the favour in the future.” Yin Zhenluo took Guxing’s fur.

Haiya laughed. “Thank you, Master Jiang. I’ve heard that Jiang Yitian, the number one disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect, is gentle, polite, knowledgeable, and kind. He is also recognized as the future leader of the Fighting Dragons Sect. It’s a pity that I didn’t get the chance to get acquainted with you in Linglong Sect. Today, however, I am pleased to finally interact with you. I’m pleased to find the rumours don’t do you justice.” He glared at Fung Lie with disdain.

Fung Lie grinned at Jiang Yitian coldly, “Dear elder brother Jiang, when the three-year period arrives, if young brother Xuanyuan doesn’t come back, I shall take his place in his battle against you. I heard that you have received the inheritance of a mysterious immortal. I would like to experience it firsthand. I hope you will not let me down.”

  Saying that, Fung Lie left. Fung Xian sighed and said nothing more. Jiang Yitian frowned. But he soon smiled at the crowd, “I apologise for the interruption of the wedding ceremony. Let’s proceed.”

   Jiang Yitian moved back, looking at the retreating back of Fung Lie. His heart sunk as he thought, “The rumours that he has no fear, and does whatever he wants seem to be true. He was always a man of action, not words, as evidenced by his actions today. It appears that I will have to fight him to the death in a year’s time…”

   Jiang Yitian started to think. How would he deal with Fung Lie? Despite receiving the inheritance of the xian, Jiang Yitian was not looking forward to the fight.

   People knew that Fung Lie was the reincarnation of the ‘Jidao Heavenly Wind’. If he unlocked his full potential, and released the full power of the ‘Heavenly Wind’, even he would be hard pressed to fight it..

 The Gold of Dark Phoenix ranked 17th on the List of Gold produced by the Linglong Sect, was already immensely strong. It couldn’t be restrained for long, taking the efforts of the Xians of the Five Elements. the ‘Jidao Heavenly Wind’, which ranked 10th in the List of Wind, would be far more powerful, especially since it had reincarnated into a human body..

Haiya laughed again. “Ignore them. Come here, and lead the way for Master Jiang. He is our honored guest.” Haiya ordered. A powerful fighter bowed to Jiang Yitian, and led him to Hai Family.

   The events that just transpired passed quickly, but the effect was imprinted on the hearts of everyone present.

   People knew that as long as the xian took action, the whole empire of the Eastern Dynasty would suffer a devastating blow. At the very least, over a million casualties would be there.

“Yin Zhenluo. Get in the car.” Haiya smiled at Yin Zhenluo.

   Yin Zhenluo looked at the direction of the Land of Darkness”. She murmured in her heart, “Xuanyuan, regardless whether you obtain the Source energy of the Dragon’s Heart or not, I hope you return safely.”

   Yin Zhenluo knew that her father would not survive for long without Xuanyuan successfully returning with the source. This was his last chance.

   Yin Zhenluo climbed into the golden wedding car. Haiya dismounted and got into the car as well.

   The entire wedding procession returned home.

   The interior of the wedding car was soft and lavish, covered with the fur of all sorts of fierce beasts. . Yin Zhenluo sat with her knees crossed, and closed her eyes.

   Haiya looked at Yin Zhenluo’s delicate makeup, and her breathtaking appearance; she was flawless. She was incomparable to all the others Haiya had seen. Just looking at her made Haiya lose his mind. He was just about to touch Yin Zhenluo’s shoulder with one hand when she suddenly said, “Don’t touch me.” 

Yin Zhenluo exuded an earth-shattering energy, causing the inner wall of the car to crack. It cut Haiya’s hand, causing it to start bleeding.

“Yin Zhenluo. You’ve gotten so much stronger during all those years you were away…” Haiya tried to defuse the situation.

“Enough talk. If you can’t save my father, you can’t touch a single hair on my body.” Yin Zhenluo said. She never wanted to marry Haiya, but to save her father, she would do anything, including sacrificing herself.

“Haha, don’t worry, we will cure your father.” Internally, Haiya thought to himself, “You bitch. After we get married, I will make sure you have no freedom whatsoever.”

   In the sky, the portal gate created by several talismans appeared quietly. Xuanyuan, Qian Doudou, Youxue, and the pig-headed emperor floated in the sky, watching the long procession returning to the mansion of the Hai Family

Xuanyuan said coldly. “Let’s go now.”

“Wait a minute, boy. Why are you in such a hurry? Don’t you want to marry Yin Zhenluo? The best way to do that is to make Haiya lose face. The best time to start is when the wedding procession reaches the gate of the Hai Family’s mansion. Let’s drag him down to the depths of hell.” The pig laughed.

   Xuanyuan calmed, nodded and said:

“Okay, I’ll trust you to take the lead this time.”

   Inside the wedding car, Haiya was anxious to arrive at the Hai residence. Once Yin Zhenluo passed the walls, she would no longer have any power over her fate. Her fate would be sealed no matter what. He was confident that, with time, he could break Yin Zhenluo’s spirit and make her submit to him.

   The wedding procession continued to move along at a steady pace, surrounded by music. Countless people cheered them as they went by. The people hired by the Hai family began to sprinkle red flowers all over the road, drawing the attention of all the women.

“Yin Zhenluo and Haiya really are a perfect match for each other. What a beautiful couple.”

“Yes, they really are well matched. A lot of people would envy their relationship.”

“If only I could get married like this…”

   Countless people cheered, either sincerely, or to flatter the couple and cater to the atmosphere.

  Haiya was extremely pleased with the situation.

“Zhenluo, do you see? Even the commoners say we are well matched. Why are you so unhappy?”

   Yin Zhenluo kept her eyes closed, and ignored him. Even the onlookers started feeling cold.

   Haiya’s mouth twitched. Yin Zhenluo’s indifference made him feel extremely uncomfortable. But Yin Zhenluo was very strong, and he couldn’t subdue her by force; he could only bear it silently.

“Hmm. Yin Zhenluo, no matter how arrogant you are, you are going to marry into our Hai family. When you enter the Hai family, you will no longer be able to control your life. The elders of the family will expect you to give birth to a child with the Heavenly Dragon Body. After what’s done is done, I don’t believe you will have it in you to kill your own child.”

   The royal guard at the entrance welcomed them. “Welcome home. The guests are seated, and are ready for the seven day feast to start.”

   Haiya rejoiced internally. Cheers spread throughout the area.

   All of a sudden, there was a bright light in the sky.

  No one expected this to occur. The wedding car was smashed, and Yin Zhenluo and Haiya were left outside.

   Yin Zhenluo opened her eyes and looked up at the sky. Her beautiful eyes trembled, tears forming. Xuanyuan was standing there, completely equipped with all his treasures.

   Youxue held Dragon Ridge sword, preparing to fight.

“Who dares invade here? How dare you?!” shouted one of the Hai family’s xians. He immediately faced Xuanyuan. Qian Doudou smiled. Her Hun Tian Bell tinkled, disorienting the xian of the Hai family, causing him to retreat.

   Everybody was quiet. 

“My beautiful master, I have returned.” Xuanyuan’s voice, while not loud, still resonated throughout the area.

   Yin Zhenluo flew up, ignoring the looks of everyone. She stared at Xuanyuan, her former cold expression melting into a pure smile. The look of pure joy enraged the members of the Hai family.

   Yin Zhenluo hugged Xuanyuan. She said softly, “Thank you for coming back. Let’s go home.”


   There was an uproar among the people present.

“What’s the matter? Who is this man?”

“Who else can be? It must be Xuanyuan.”

“That’s right. It’s Xuanyuan. Look at the pig beside him. It’s said that the pig is extremely powerful, and especially good at space manipulation.”

“It turns out that Xuanyuan is not dead. I knew it, Xuanyuan is not that weak! The Hai Family must be embarrassed, losing face now.”

“Did you see it? Miss Yin didn’t even smile at Haiya, but she laughed when she saw Xuanyuan. I think Yin Zhenluo is in love with Xuanyuan.”

“But she is his mentor, and he is her student. How can they fall in love? And the strength of Xuanyuan now seems to be only in the grandmaster realm. How can Yin Zhenluo admire someone so much weaker than her?”

“Who can say? It’s a miracle. Regardless whether you believe or not, I believe that it is true.”

   Yin Zhenluo held Xuanyuan’s hand and was about to leave. Haiya’s face turned red with rage. He pointed at Yin Zhenluo, yelling, “Zhenluo! What do you think you are doing?! Think carefully.”   Yin Zhenluo was about to answer, but Xuanyuan cut in before she could.

“I’d like to ask you, what do you think you are doing, Haiya? I told you a long time ago, don’t you dare cast your filthy eyes towards my master.”

   At this time, Yin Tianshang appeared. He was very tall and imposing, decked out in his dragon scale battle armor. He gave off an aura that seemed ready to fight. Looking at his battle-hardened yet graceful face, anyone would realise that he was a veteran of  several battles.

“Xuanyuan, you are my younger sister’s apprentice. I have been merciful on multiple occasions. Now you dare to go this far! I cannot spare you this time.”

   Since it concerned General Lin’s life, Yin Tianshang couldn’t just let it go. While he couldn’t fault Yin Zhenlou, he could direct his anger towards Xuanyuan.

“Heavenly Dragon Guard, capture Xuanyuan.”

The Heavenly Dragon Guard, composed of warriors of the emperor realm, rose up in the air. Xuanyuan sneered.

“Know your place, and kneel before me!”

   Xuanyuan released a strong dragon Qi. The emperor realm warriors of the Yin clan felt their blood submitting to the superior dragon aura emanating from Xuanyuan, and they all collapsed and knelt in front of Xuanyuan.

   Yin Tianshang was shocked. That Qi had made even his blood tremble. What was that energy, making even his Heavenly Dragon Blood tremble?

“How audacious! You dare to make trouble in front of the Hai mansion? Go to hell.” Suddenly, countless emperor and xian class fighters rushed Xuanyuan.

The ground shook, and the sky split in front of the force.

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