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Chapter 256 The Scary Ghost Fairy

Chapter 256 The Scary Ghost Fairy


  Even when faced by the daunting force in front of him,  Xuanyuan remained fearless. He coldly looked at the experts of the Hai clan.

“Thats the guy who entered the Hai household that day, and set off a big fire. I will never forget his appearance. This time, I will make him experience a fate worse than death!” exclaimed one of the Hai’s Xian class fighters. Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan himself had appeared at their doorsteps. Now that he was here, his fate was sealed.

“Daughter of the Yin clan, what do you gain by doing this? Are you willing to give up on your father’s life?” hissed another one of the Hai’s Xians.

“Well then, today I’ll show you the power of the Hai clan. If you think an unknown boy such as him can save your father, you’re making a grave mistake.”

  A Xian class fighter of Hai took a step out, exuding a strong killing intent.

“Bastard, you dare? I will make you regret being born.”

  “Xuanyuan has finally pushed the Hai family too far.” In addition, Yin Zhenluo’s behavior added flame to the fire.

   Yin Zhenluo stood alongside Xuanyuan and calmly stated,

 “If you want to fight, I shall accompany you.”

   Xuanyuan pulled Yin Zhenluo behind him and said softly, “There’s no reason for me to hide behind my beautiful master. Don’t worry. I’m confident in my strength.”

   Xuanyuan looked at the experts of the Hai clan and scoffed.

“This is a joke. You want to kill me yourselves? Looks like today I have to spill some Hai blood in order to get it into your thick skulls. I, Xuanyuan, am not a pushover.”

   Xuanyuan looked coldly at the Heavenly Dragon Guard, who were in the emperor realm, and calmly commanded, “Get out of my way.”

  Instantly, the mere force of those words incapacitated the entire Heavenly Dragon Guard. They were rendered immobile. None of them could stand up against the blood of the ancient Green Dragon.

  Xuanyuan took out the “Nightmare Ghost Charm”, and communicated with it in his mind, “Nightmare Ghost, lend me your strength. I’ll launch a full-scale assault.”

It laughed. “Boy, you are so heartless. Are you certain you’ve got it all figured out? If I do it, the aftermath will be bloody.”

“I’m sure. If I can’t kill my enemies in a dominating fashion, then what’s the point of being alive? I am not so kind to wait a long while to achieve my revenge. They dared to harass my master, they must pay with their lives.” replied Xuanyuan grimly.

The Nightmare Ghost laughed. “Good. You are determined, I admire it. Your enmity towards them is clearly deep-rooted”. A strange force flowed into Xuanyuan’s body from the Nightmare Ghost Charm.

   Everyone watched Xuanyuan close his eyes and float in the air. Haiya saw that Xuanyuan was overwhelmed by the Hai clan’s fighters. He could not help but be confident, and smirked at Xuanyuan.

“Boy, you are still putting on a brave face? How foolish”

“Go to hell.” One of the emperors immediately began to fight. He was an expert at the peak of the emperor realm. 

  Xuanyuan opened his eyes. Suddenly the whole world seemed to grow dark, and several ghosts appeared, roaring through the air.

  Xuanyuan looked like the King of Ghosts, stepping out of the underworld.

  The pig-headed emperor chuckled in a low voice, “To avenge an angry beauty, this guy used the power of the Nightmare Ghost Charm.”

“Useless pig, don’t waste your breath. I have decided to make a show of it,” said Xuanyuan. He turned his hand and slapped the expert who rushed him. His blood immediately burst out, and everyone heard the crack of the bones. Xuanyuan proceeded to grab his genitals, tore them out, and threw them to the pig-headed emperor, who swallowed it happily.


“Haha, it’s not bad.” The pig-headed emperor laughed.


   Haiya was shocked at the sight before him.


“How did he suddenly become so scary?”


  When Xuanyuan met Haiya’s eyes, Haiya suddenly felt like pissing his pants. Immediately, Haiya used an immortal charm.


   He created a portal and fled into the depths of the Hai Family household.


   Xuanyuan didn’t do anything fancy, but just pressed a single finger into the space. Blood suddenly burst out, followed by a wail from Haiya.


“Xuanyuan, just wait and see.”


   The Xian and emperor class fighters who had rushed out in a rage were scared stiff. Xuanyuan took a step, declaring, “What happened? Didn’t you want to kill me? Try it if you dare!”


“You trespasser! Don’t act so haughty!” Six Xian class fighters of the Hai family took action together. Xuanyuan started forming hand seals, causing white talismans to rise into the sky suddenly. They formed a huge ghostly dragon, which opened its mouth wide and swallowed the six Xian class fighters directly. A moment later, six Xian class fighters had their eyes rolled back, having died to the technique. Xuanyuan tossed the bodies rich with life essence to the pig-headed emperor, who happily devoured them.


“Listen up. The Hai family should never have tried to deceive my master. If you, the Hai family, had the ability to cure her father, then I would not have said anything. But you know there;s nothing you can do to help General Yin, yet you seek to bind my master to your family and tie her down?! How despicable? To let you leave alive is akin to leaving rats running around. Today, you shall feel my wrath.”


“Sixty Four Thousand Deicide Swords.” Suddenly, a huge colorful Phoenix appeared behind Xuanyuan.

  The combined power of the Five Element Roulette and the Nightmare Ghost was truly awe-inspiring, much stronger than the force only Xuanyuan could exert.

  The sky was filled with 64,000 swords, all pointing towards the Hai Family. Xuanyuan swung his hands towards the Hai Family. The Hai Family immediately tensed up.

   The swords bombarded the protective barriers erected by the Hai Family, but the barriers couldn’t hold out forever under the force of the swords. Several members of the Hai Family were instantly killed by the storm of swords raining upon them.

“Hmph. Looks like a few of you survived. Let’s see if you can survive this next attack.” said Xanyuan indifferently. The Five Elements Roulette transformed into a gigantic Emperor of the Five Elements. The figure slammed his gargantuan hand into the ground, releasing the power of the five elements.

“Five Element Emperor Mountain.” 

A huge mountain, containing the energy of the five elements crushed into the Hai family’s household, crushing everything around for a hundred miles around crushed into ruins. Nobody knew how many people died as a result of that attack.

Yin Zhenluo looked shocked.

“How could it be? How did Xuanyuan become so powerful in just a few years? Such power is comparable to the emperors of old”

   The large amount of life essence was immediately devoured by the pig-headed emperor. All the fighters from the Hai family were crushed beyond recognition, unable to even demonstrate their strength.

“Please show your mercy, Master Nightmare Ghost. My family is unfortunate. My descendants show no respect to the elders. I am deeply ashamed to have done such shameless things. Please spare us, great elder!” An old voice came from the depths of the Hai family, and an old man bowed to Xuanyuan respectfully.

 Hearing the words, everyone was shocked.

They remembered the rumours that Xuanyuan had received three promises from the Nightmare Ghost. Those who chased and killed Xuanyuan had all died inexplicably. It seemed that the rumours were really true. Everyone was terrified.

   Yin Tianshang’s demeanour changed rapidly; he didn’t expect Xuanyuan to possess such strength.

“Your words don’t reflect your innermost thoughts.” Xuanyuan sneered. He hit the old man of the Hai family with a palm. The old man hurriedly spat out a scepter in his mouth. Suddenly, a vast blue ocean surged and blocked Xuanyuan’s palm.

“Not bad. You are definitely strong. Let’s see if you can stop my attack.”

“Stupa of six paths!” 

“Fire Lotus of the Five Elements!”

The two powers collided with each other with a bang.

The Emperor of the Five Elements appeared, forming a Fire Lotus to attack the rising blue ocean. As a result of the attack, five-colored pillars of fire rose up into the sky, completely evaporating the blue ocean.

   In front of everyone, the scepter of the Elder was blown away. The old man kept coughing up blood, and was burnt all over. It was truly a shameful sight, a great elder being defeated by a practitioner in the emperor realm. 

“Elder Nightmare Ghost please be merciful.” The old uncle Huang from the Dong Zhou royal family tried to appeal to the Nightmare Ghost.

   If the Hai family was really exterminated, the Dong Zhou royal family would take a severe hit.

   From the direction of Yin’s family, several old xians also came out:

“Zhenluo. Please tell Xuanyuan to stop, he’s eliminating the Hai family for you. Although the Hai family deceived us, we are still ministers of the same Dynasty. We need to consider the position of the Dong Zhou royal family.”

   Yin Zhenluo looked at Xuanyuan and said calmly, “Xuanyuan. It’s alright, you can stop now.”

   Xuanyuan nodded, and sneered

“Today, for the sake of my beautiful master, I will let you off the hook.”

   Xuanyuan looked at the old man in the Hai family who looked at him bitterly.

“You really want to die huh. Do you really think I would not dare dare to kill you in front of all these people?”

  Xuanyuan swung his hand. From the sky, a large gray symbol appeared. The faces of the Dong Zhou royal family and the old people of the Yin family changed greatly.

“Seal of the Ghost-covered Skies.”

  At Xuanyuan’s command, the large gray symbol fell straight down. The old man was blown to pieces immediately.

   The pig-headed emperor immediately sucked both the soul and the life essence of the old man and devoured it. 

  The spectators all gasped, seeing the entirety of the Hai estate in ruins. Nobody knew how many people were killed or injured. Everyone’s hearts were in fear. They looked at Xuanyuan, who made a deep impression on their hearts

  With a big wave of his sleeves, Xuanyuan said to several elders of the Yin family:

“Let’s go.”

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