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Chapter 256 The Scary Ghost Fairy

   Xuanyuan was fearless. He coldly looked at the countless strong men of Hai.

“Thats the guy who entered the Hai’s house that day, and set off a big fire. I can’t forget his appearance. This time, I will make him experience a fate worse than death,” one of the Hai’s Xian class fighters growled. Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan sent himself to the door. Now that he was here, he couldn’t leave.

“Yin’s niece, what do you gain by doing this? Can you bear to see your father die like this?” another Hai’s Xian class fighter strong man hissed.

“Well, today I’ll show you the power of our Hai’s. If you think such a wild boy can save your father, then you’re making a big mistake.”

  A Xian class fighter of Hai took a step out. He radiated a killing intent.

“Little bastard, you dare do such a thing? I will make it so you can neither live nor die. “

  “Xuanyuan truly angered Hai’s family this time. It’s a great shame.” Yin Zhenluo’s behavior made them feel angrier.

   Yin Zhenluo stood in front of Xuanyuan and said calmly,

 “If you want to fight, I shall accompany you. “

   Xuanyuan pulled Yin Zhenluo behind him and said softly,

“There’s no reason for me to hide behind my beautiful master. Don’t worry. I’m absolutely sure.”

   Xuanyuan looked at the powerful men of Hai. He scoffed,

“This is a joke. You want to kill me yourselves? Today, I’ll let some people of the Hai die to let you know that I, Xuanyuan, am not made of mud.”

   Xuanyuan looked coldly at the 800 Heavenly Dragon Guard, who were in the realm of Fighting Emperors, and rebuked coolly,

“Get out of my way.”

  It could be seen that the 800 Heavenly Dragon Guard were directly sent away. They retreated one by one and dared not move forward any more. Though Xuanyuan had Fighting Dragons Immortal Wood, they could not even resist the blood of the ancient Green Dragon.

  Xuanyuan took out the “Nightmare Ghost Charm”, and communicated with it in his mind:

“Nightmare Ghost Fairy, lend me your strength. I’ll launch a full-scale assault.”

It laughed. “Boy, you are so heartless. You’ve got it figured out. If I do it, it will be bloody.” The voice of  the “Nightmare Ghost Fairy” came from the “Nightmare Ghost Charm”.

“I’m sure. If I can’t be satisfied with this dramatic vengeance, then what’s the point of being alive? I haven’t such a gentleman’s mind that I will wait ten years for my revenge. They dare to force my beautiful master, so they all must die,” Xuanyuan said grimly.

The “Nightmare Ghost Fairy” laughed. “Good. Well said. What a happy enmity”. Suddenly, a strange force flowed into Xuanyuan’s body from the “Nightmare Ghost Charm”.

   Everyone watched Xuanyuan close his eyes and stand in the air. Haiya saw that Xuanyuan was surrounded by the Hai’s Xian class fighter and Fighting Emperor at the moment. He could not help but show a proud and indignant appearance.

“Boy, even now do you still want to put on this act?”

“Go to hell.” One of the present Hai’s Fighting Emperors immediately began to fight. This one was a seven Fighting Emperor. 

  Xuanyuan opened his eyes. Suddenly the whole world seemed to be in purgatory. Countless ghosts howled and roared.

  Xuanyuan was like a ghost stepping out of hell. He was full of fighting spirit.

  The Pig Head Emperor chuckled in a low, gloating voice,

“To crown an angry beauty, this guy has used the power of the “Nightmare Ghost Charm.”

“Dead pig, don’t waste it,” said Xuanyuan. He turned his hand and slapped the seventh-ranked Fighting Emperor of the Hai family. The plasma burst out immediately. After he heard all of the Emperor’s bones break, Xuanyuan grabbed his genitals, took them out, and threw them to the Pig Head Emperor. The Pig Head Emperor swallowed them very happily.


“Haha, it’s not bad.” The Pig Head Emperor laughed, waving his arms.


   Haiya was shocked:


“How did he suddenly become so scary?”


  Just then, Xuanyuan looked at Haiya. Haiya suddenly had an impulse to pee. Almost instantaneously, Haiya launched an immortal fighting charm.


   He broke into space and fled into the depth of the Hai Family.


   Xuanyuan didn’t have any fancy moves but to press one finger into the void, from which a mass of plasma burst out. A wail from Haiya followed.


“Xuanyuan, just wait and see.”


   The Xian class fighters and the Fighting Emperors who had run out in a rage were scared stiff. Xuanyuan took a step saying,


“So what? Don’t you want to kill me? You can kill me if you are able!”


“You burglar! don’t be so arrogant!” Six Xian class fighters of the Hai family took action together. Xuanyuan’s hands were sealed, and gray and white talismans rose into the sky suddenly. They gathered into a huge dragon of ghosts and immortals, which opened its mouth wide and swallowed six Xian class fighters directly. A moment later, six Xian class fighters had their eyes ?with no float, only leaving some bodies full of the rich essence of life. The Pig Head Emperor swallowed all the bodies with great delight after Xuanyuan threw them to him.

“Listen, you., Thethe Hai family should have never ever played a trick on my master, an absolute beauty. If you, the whole Hai family, had the ability to cure her father, then it would be alright. But you all know that she can’t be redeemed, because the die is cast. How can you think of such shameful things? To keep you alive is to indulge the scourge. Today I’ll let you experience the power of the Body of Five Elements.”


“64000 Sword of Immortals Killing.” Suddenly, a huge “Five Element Immortal Emperor turned into a colorful Phoenix behind Xuanyuan.

  The power of “the Spiritual Beings of Five Elements” exerted by the “Nightmare Ghost Fairy” was awesome, which was much stronger than Xuanyuan.

  64000 Five Colored Swords  of Immortal Killing rose up to the sky. Xuanyuan pointed gently at the Hai Family. The Hai Family immediately tensed up.

   The 64000 five colors swords bombarded the taboos of the Hai Family. The taboos were broken gradually. Countless people of the Hai Family in the taboos couldn’t resist this force and were killed directly.

“Hmm. I’ll see if you can bear this blow,” Xuanyuan said, indifferent. The “Five Elements Immortal Emperor” turned into a King Kong Ming king who had a five colors divine light. He slammed his gargantuan hand into the ground.. Above his five fingers, the five element spirit burst out a boundless power.

“King Kong Marble Mountains.” 

A huge “King Kong Marble Mountains” containing five elements of spirit smashed hard against  the Hai Family’s taboos, and suddenly broke. 

A hundred miles around crushed into ruins. It’s unknown how many people died.

Yin Zhenluo looked shocked.

“How could it be? How could Xuanyuan  become so powerful in just a few years? Such power can be comparable to the characters of the old emperor generation.”

   The huge essence of life was captured and devoured up by the Pig Head Emperor. The number of emperor class fighters, imperial fighters, and Xian class fighters who perished was unknown. They all died under the “King Kong Marble Mountains”. They never had a chance.

“Please show your mercy, senior ‘Nightmare Ghost Fairy’. My family is unfortunate. My descendants are unfilial. I am deeply ashamed to have done such shameless things. Please simmer down, senior ‘Nightmare Ghost Fairy.’ An old voice came from the depths of the Hai family, and an old man saluted Xuanyuan respectfully.

  As soon as the words came out, everyone was shocked.

In the deep memory of everyone, the “Nightmare Ghost Fairy” made all remember Xuanyuan’s three promises when he got the “Nightmare Ghost Fairy”. Those who chased and killed Xuanyuan died cleanly and inexplicably. It seemed that there really was such a thing. Everyone was frightened.

   Yin Tianshang’s face changed greatly; he didn’t expect Xuanyuan could have such great power.

“You speak contrary to your thoughts. Damn it.” Xuanyuan sneered. He hit the old man of the Hai family with a palm. The old man hurriedly spat out a scepter in his mouth. Suddenly, a vast blue ocean surged and blocked Xuanyuan’s palm.

“Not bad. You have a bit of strength. See if you can handle my move.”

“Stupa of six ways and Fire Lotus of five elements.”


The “Immortal Emperor of five elements” ran behind him,and the fierceness and power of spiritual beings of five elements gathered together and turned into a Five Colors Fire Lotus. It hit the vast blue ocean.

   Colors Lotus hit the blue ocean and burst quickly. Five colored pillars rose up into the sky. It was a terrible flame that exploded and swept across the sky. The whole blue ocean had completely evaporated.

   In the eyes of countless people, the scepter of the Hai family’s old man who was blown away wholly by the terrible power melted quickly. The old man spit blood continuously and was burnt all over which made him look very embarrassed. Just at this moment, an air of Emperor Dragon swept through the distance.

“Senior ‘Nightmare Ghost Fairy,’ please be merciful.” The old uncle Huang in the Dong Zhou royal family couldn’t help but appear.

   If the Hai family was really exterminated, the Dong Zhou royal family would take a severe hit.

   From the direction of Yin’s family, several old breathes also came out:

“Zhenluo. Let Xuanyuan stop. His killing spree was for you. Although the Hai family deceived us, we are ministers of the same Dynasty, and we should also think of the Dong Zhou royal family.”

   Yin Zhenluo looked at Xuanyuan and said calmly,

“Xuanyuan. Stop it.”

   Xuanyuan nodded and said sneeringly,

“Today, for the sake of my beautiful master, I will let you off the hook.”

   Xuanyuan looked at the old man in the Hai family who looked at him bitterly.

“You want to die. Do you really think I dare not kill you with so many people?”

  Xuanyuan turned his hand. From the sky, a large gray print with a size of a hundred suddenly appeared. The faces of the Dong Zhou royal family and the old people of the Yin family changed greatly.

“Ghosts Covering Sky Seal.”

  With their voice, the large gray print fell straight down. The old man was blown to pieces immediately.

   His soul was sucked cleanly. The essence of life also became a mass and was sucked by the Pig Head Emperor. 

  Countless people gasped, seeing the one hundred miles land of the Hai family destroyed. The whole place was in chaos, and none knew how many people were killed or injured. Everyone’s hearts were chilly. They looked at Xuanyuan, who had left deep memories in their hearts.

  With a big wave of his sleeves, Xuanyuan said to several elders of the Yin family:

“Let’s go.”


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