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Chapter 257 Ghosts and Immortals

Chapter 257 Ghosts and Immortals


    It seemed that Xuanyuan had gained massive power during his journey to the Land of Darkness, scaring countless people. Xuanyuan flew in the direction of the Yin family household, following some of the family’s elders.

    The old emperor uncles of the Eastern Dynasty looked at the remains of the Hai family; what had looked to be a promising wedding had turned into a massacre, with many dead or injured.

“As expected, Xuanyuan isn’t just a small fry. No wonder the emperor turned a blind eye to his actions here. Countless years have passed since the Nightmare Ghost was last heard of. No one knows how much the power of the Nightmare Ghost would have grown since then. If such an existence is provoked, then even if the Eastern Dynasty uses all of its resources, we will be crippled, leaving us open to attacks from our enemies.” One of the elders of the royal family lamented the Hai family’s poor decisions.

“Despite being one of our subjects, I can’t believe that the Hai family dared commit such shameless acts. It seems that those old men truly covet the Heavenly Dragon Body. Unexpectedly, their greed brought great disaster to the Hai family. This time, the Hai Family can do nothing but accept their poor luck. Fortunately, Xuanyuan has a good relationship with the Yin Family. Let us go to the Yin Family to see if we can befriend the Nightmare Ghost.” said another uncle.

“No, news of today’s events will inevitably spread. I’m afraid that Xuanyuan will be extremely busy in the future, and will be the center of action. The members of the Group of Immortality will surely move out. The Nightmare Ghost is their supreme symbol. It is not yet clear what’s going to happen, so let’s wait before we take action.” another uncle said.

While several imposing figures of the Eastern Dynasty talked, Jiang Yitian coughed up blood continuously. He was severely injured as a result of the previous confrontation. He internally roared, “How is it possible? You actually received three promises from the Nightmare Ghost? It seems I can’t let you live any longer. Now that you have used at least one of your three promises, I’ll let you finish using all three of them, then kill you after one year.”

When the nest breaks, all the eggs break as well. Jiang Yitian escaped only because of the mysterious inheritance. However, if the Hai Family hadn’t  invited him, he wouldn’t have faced dire straits in the first place. He had lost all of his top rank heaven class instruments, in addition to his dire energies, being forced to retreat to avoid being killed

The spectators were all commenting on the events that had transpired.

“Xuanyuan was so domineering just now. He killed whomever he desired to, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop him. The Hai family was really foolish to provoke such a fearless person.”

“Did you see that? The eight hundred imperial fighters of the Yin family’s Heavenly Dragon Guards all kneeled in front of his power. How terrifying. What is his true strength right now?”

    “That’s not even the most terrifying part. Didn’t you see that the six xians of the Hai Family were swallowed directly, and their souls were destroyed completely? There was nothing they could do to save themselves.”

    “That elder of the Hai Family was probably someone with great strength. Even he was seriously injured in his confrontation with Xuanyuan, dying the second time Xuanyuan unleashed his full strength.”

    “I feel that the pig was more terrifying. Didn’t you see it eat up all the dead people? It wasn’t even phased by its actions.”

    “To be fair, it was not all Xuanyuan’s power. He borrowed the strength of the Nightmare Ghost.”

    “In addition, those who came to the Hai family to celebrate were nobles from all around the country. Xuanyuan attacked and killed so many people–– including the guests––  indiscriminately, and thus, he will be hunted by even more people.”

    “As far as I know, only close friends of the Hai family attended the ceremony. Since Xuanyuan has already offended the Hai family, all of them would automatically become Xuanyuan’s enemy, regardless of today’s incidents. To be honest, I think Xuanyuan’s growth is frightening to all his enemies. Anyone who wants to kill Xuanyuan should seriously consider whether they can actually do it.”

    “So what? These families have existed for a long time, they all have their own means of gathering inside information. Xuanyuan cannot remain protected by the Nightmare Ghost forever. Once he loses its protection, the families can make their move.”

     As Xuanyuan followed a group of elders from the Yin Family, the huge power in his body suddenly disappeared. He heard the Nightmare Ghost speak from within the talisman, “Boy, I can’t hold on for much longer, my end is approaching. It’s better to keep me close, so I can help you out. I can only hold on for a few hours at most. The further I am from you, the less time I have. Your grasp of the time remaining has surprised me, it is truly on point. Today I’m very excited to go out causing as much damage as I can…”

    Xuanyuan couldn’t help but laugh. “Me too. Thank you, elder. I still have two promises from you, I will make sure to request them from you before you move on. Otherwise, I would have wasted their potential.”

    “Little boy, who would have thought you would be so pragmatic. I didn’t meet the wrong person after all. Call me again if you need me.” The Nightmare Talisman suddenly became dim. Xuanyuan put it back in his ring.

     The benefit he received from summoning the Nightmare Ghost this time was that he devoured the techniques of the Nightmare Ghost with his own body.

“The seal of the Soul-Destroying Immortal Ghost; this move is especially useful to destroy other people’s souls. It’s very powerful. It seemed that the Nightmare Ghost intended to pass his own techniques onto you. He knew that the Body of All Creations could develop and unleash the full potential of his techniques. Ha, you’ve earned it.” Xuanyuan heard Greed speak to him telepathically..

    “The killing power of the Seal of the Ghost-covered Skies is particularly powerful. It damages both the body and soul. Unfortunately, you can’t develop it further, but it would be very profitable for you to devour the two techniques. The power of the techniques are renowned.”

     Xuanyuan was very satisfied. He thought back to the rush he had when he wiped out his enemies. It was hard to describe, but it made Xuanyuan ecstatic. But as his momentary satisfaction faded, the feeling of powerlessness weighed upon his heart.

    “I’m afraid we’ve offended a lot of people due to our rampage. Looks like we will have more enemies in the future.”

    “Boy, are you afraid? The only thing the Body of All Creations fears is a lack of enemies to devour. No matter how many enemies come, we will swallow them one by one, and make their power our own.” The pig-headed emperor laughed. “I have reached the peak of the emperor realm. The energy from the xians of the Hai family were really quite nourishing.” There was nothing more joyful than this kind of plunder, which sharply increased his strength. The pig’s face was full of joy.

     Xuanyuan sighed, “Well, forget it. We’ll just figure it out as we go along.”

    “Xuanyuan, what you just did was extremely reckless!” Yin Zhenluo scolded. “Do you realise how many enemies you just created? You didn’t have to take things so far. As long as you go to the Yin Family with me, the xian class fighters of the Yin family will protect you, but you can’t be protected forever…”

    “It’s nothing. Some people deserve to die. You know, if it weren’t for you, I would have wiped out the entire Hai Family with the power of the Nightmare Ghost. Now that I have the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart, I hope we can extract the Heart Devouring Bug out of your father. I intend to repay you for the kindness you showed me back then.” Xuanyuan was slightly unhappy, so he interrupted Yin Zhenluo’s words; he didn’t want to be thought of as a man who would only stand behind women.

     Yin Zhenluo’s fingertips trembled, her gaze dropped, and her heart stagnated. There was an inexplicable bitterness in her heart. “Kindness?”

    “Brother Xuanyuan, you are quite domineering. Damn it! That’s exactly how men should be. I couldn’t stand the actions of the Hai family for quite a while. I just couldn’t do anything because of my position. Your actions today satisfied me, for the most part. Many of the nobles who were angry but dared to do nothing in the face of the Eastern Dynasty must have been extremely happy with your actions.” Yin Qianxun suddenly came out from the side, excited about the outcome.

    “Brother, don’t confuse the problem and the result.” Yin Zhenluo shot Yin Qianxun a look.

Yin Qianxun said, “Sister, you had no idea that I was aware of your hatred for the Hai family, did you?. Maybe you are secretly happy. Anyway, I’m extremely happy with what happened.” He bellowed.

     Yin Zhenluo was rendered speechless. Looking at Yin Qianxun, Xuanyuan also laughed

    “How goes the refining attempt of the five xians?”

    “Their attempts have already failed once. It’s been a year since their second attempt, we should hear news regarding it any time now.” replied Yin Qianxun seriously.

    “Well then, let’s wait for the news from the five xians.” Xuanyuan nodded and looked at Yin Tianshang behind him. He felt conflicted. Yin Tianshang had sent people to kill him continuously over the last few years. If he weren’t doing it for the sake of Yin Zhuenlo, Xuanyuan would have tried to kill him right then.

     Feeling Xuanyuan’s gaze, Yin Tianshang went red with shame. He felt like curling up and disappearing right then and there. Unexpectedly, a common boy he had looked down upon  had suddenly become so powerful and unpredictable.

    “Xuanyuan, I know that I sent a lot of people to kill you in the past. I completely accept full responsibility for my actions. I sincerely apologise for my behaviour, and I hope we can move on from the past. I’m indebted to you for all the efforts you have taken to save my father.” Yin Tianshang took the initiative to show his remorse to Xuanyuan.

    “Ha ha, it’s natural. If you hadn’t sent someone to kill me, I would have never gotten as strong as I am now? It’s thanks to you that I obtained the Water of Heaven, without which I could not have obtained the rest of the Fighting Elements such as the Red Lotus, the Dragon-Taming Wood, the Vajrapani Earth, and the Gold of Dark Phoenix. “

     Everyone knew that Xuanyuan had refined five different Fighting Elements, but upon hearing their names Yin Tianshang’s lips twitched. All of them were on the top 20 lists of their respective lists. Even the eyes of the elders of the Yin Family shone brightly as they admired Xuanyuan.

     Shortly, they arrived at the Yin family’s mansion. At the same time, a strong force rose from the depths of the mansion. The energy of the five elements combined and soared to the skies, forming a never-ending circle of energy.

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