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Chapter 258 Misunderstanding


“Congealing!” Five Voices burst together!

When the power of the five elements spread, innumerable people in the Yin Family were shocked to see their direction. They were very excited, as the success of the mission all rested on this moment.

In the sky, the power of the five elements and the five colors glowed and revolved violently. The five xians’ clothes billowed, and their hands sealed, hitting the sky, forcing the five colors to gather together.

The five xians all bit their fingertips, dripping one drop of their blood, and integrated them into the five colors in the sky.


 They shouted together. The five colors and the five drops of blood blended, and finally began to condense into a piece of class talisman with five colors circulating!

 At the moment when this class talisman was completed, the five xians’ bodies shook, and a huge door suddenly appeared above their heads.

 The sky was full of fairy light, and the strengths of the five xians skyrocketed in front of the public.

“Well, it seems that it was also a huge test for the five xians to refine the Five Xian Defense Spiritual Talisman. It inspired them to break through the realm.”

“It seems that they have entered the realm of five circle fighting xians.”

The ranks of the xian class fighters were divided into nine circles. When the strength entered the realm of xian class fighters, it couldn’t be described by the power of dragons, because the power of xians was immeasurable and powerful.

 It was very difficult to break through the realm of xian class fighters every time. It required a lot of cultivation, as well as an instant insight into the realm.

“Congratulations for your upgrade,” A xian class fighter of the Yin Family praised them.

“Thank you! Because of the refining of the Five Xian Defense Spiritual Talisman, we developed a better understanding of ourselves. Today, we have also broken out of our own shackles. Thank you, Yin Family.” The Xian of Water laughed, and he pointed to the refined Five Xian Defense Spiritual Talisman. It fell directly into Yin Tianshang’s hands.

“Ah, Xuanyuan, my apprentice, I knew you would come back from the Land of Darkness. Oh, well enough, you brought us a daughter-in-law. Tut, that’s right. What a great couple! No doubt you are my apprentice. What great taste in women you have!”

The eyes of the Xian of Gold shone brightly, and he looked at the gorgeous Yin Zhenluo, who was dressed in red, standing beside Xuanyuan with a phoenix crown on her head. When he saw the couple, he couldn’t be happier. His body slightly trembled and immediately flashed to the front of Yin Zhenluo and Xuanyuan, and he began to look at Xuanyuan, nodding, murmuring and smiling strangely all the time, which made Xuanyuan have goosebumps all over his body.

“Well, compared with Zhixuan of the Linglong Sect, they have their own beauty. It’s not bad. Are you waiting here for us so that you can get married in front of us? It’s so filial.”

“Xian of Gold, you finally told a big truth. Xuanyuan is filial. He didn’t get married until we arrived. His wife is so charming. He’s so much better than I was at his age.” The Xian of Fire also came in front of Xuanyuan, wearing a bright smile. He patted Xuanyuan on his shoulder, and said earnestly:

“Xuanyuan, you’ve really grown up. Two years have passed, and you have become even more outstanding. It’s good to be a man. It’s time for you to get married. I used to think you and Mochou would make a good couple, but since you like this girl, what can I do?”

The Xian of Wood came to Yin Zhenluo, with a warm face, like a kind elder, and asked in a harmonious voice:

“Which family are you from, little girl? Let me tell you, Xuanyuan is very popular among young girls. Shiguan, the little princess of the Mo Land, is also interested in him. You have no idea. We have done a lot for him, helping him select the best girl.”

“Xian of Wood, it’s more than you’ve mentioned. Fang Yun’s little niece, Fang Yuyou, has fought many times for Xuanyuan,” The Xian of Earth said.

“Watch what you talk about in front of a little girl, but it is true that Bai Youniang of Taibai Trading is also very fond of our Xuanyuan, isn’t it? Our apprentice is not simple, and I don’t know which family this little girl belongs to…” The Xian of Water cut in.

When the five xians were discussing the issue of which girl was best, Xuanyuan felt embarrassed. It turns out that the five xians had a gamble on which girl they thought was best for Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan was speechless:

“Shit, these five old men are making fun of me! It’s gone too far!”

“I never knew that Xuanxuan was a playboy.” At this time, Qian Duoduo opened her mouth, and the five xians quickly looked at Qian Duoduo.


“Stupid, that is to say, Xuanyuan.”

“Oh, I see. It’s so intimate. Who are you, girl?”

“There’s no doubt that she must be Xuanyuan’s servant girl.”

“Tut Tut, look at her body. It’s very gorgeous and zaftig!”

“Fuck!” Xuanyuan shouted angrily, “Old men, are you finished? Is everything not like how you’ve imagined?”

The Xian of Gold chuckled, looked at Yin Zhenluo, and sniffed at the other four xians.

“You four old men, how can you be so outrageous? How can you speak like this in front of our daughter-in-law?”

The xian class fighters of the Yin Family, who were sweating badly, heard the Xian of Gold’s words. At this time, Yin Qianxun said:

“The Five Xians, she is my sister.”

“What, the Heavenly Dragon Body?”

“No way, no way, it’s love between Sifu and apprentices.”

“It doesn’t matter. Didn’t she just teach Xuanyuan for a few days? Since ancient times, love between Sifu and apprentices has been common, and there is nothing to worry about. Didn’t Princess Gaoyang teach me her techniques? But in the end, we fell in love. Hongyun of the Linglong Sect also taught me some techniques; she was my Sifu, but also my friend. As a man you have to be flexible. How can you be so rigid?”

“Well, it makes sense…”

Hearing this, the class fighters of the Yin Family also became gossipy, and one of them said:

“What? The scandal of Princess Gaoyang’s pregnancy before marriage truly had some inside story, didn’t it?”

The Xian of Gold screamed:

“What? How is the child now?”

“I don’t know, but this matter was soon covered up. No one mentioned it again. No one expected that you had an affair with Princess Gaoyang.”

Yin Zhenluo was also a little dizzy. She looked at Xuanyuan and said with a fake smile:

“I didn’t expect you to be so promising. Not bad.”

“Ah, my beautiful Sifu, they were just making stuff up!” Xuanyuan shrugged helplessly, looked at the Five Xians, and said: “Five Xians, can you stop for a moment? It’s more important to save people.”

The Xian of Gold’s dashing eyebrows peaked out, and he said:

“Why’s it so important to save people? Don’t you just want to get married in front of us after waiting for such a long time? Come here, get married first, and then we shall talk about other things. We are a family now, so saving people is not a problem. The red makeup and Phoenix crown are all dressed up; haven’t you just been waiting for this day? Don’t tell me that you are shy at this important moment. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, there will always be a first time. The Xian of Gold will decide for you. When you finish the first time, you won’t be shy next time. “

Xuanyuan looked embarrassed and explained powerlessly:

“Five xians, you really misunderstood. Things went like this…”

Xuanyuan told them the whole story. The Five Xians reacted strangely. They paused without saying anything. The Xian of Fire said:

“Well, in this case, it’s inconvenient for us to disturb you. Let’s go back to the Fighting Dragons Sect first and talk about some issues later.”

“Xuanyuan, you have to deal with the following things.” The Xian of Gold whispered to Xuanyuan, “You’ve already robbed the bride. Don’t give up for nothing. Love between Sifu and an apprentice is not a big deal. I support you.”

The Xians of Gold of Wood, Water and Earth greeted the Xian class fighters of the Yin Family, and then they left directly. This time, the Fighting Dragon Sect sent out a hundred xian class fighters, which was a big deal. Naturally, they had to go back to the Fighting Dragon Sect as soon as possible to explain things clearly.

   After seeing off the five old men, Xuanyuan was relieved, and said to Qian Duoduo:

“Don’t think wrong of me. I am innocent, but the Five Xians are not ordinary people. What they have said is just a joke. Don’t take it too seriously.”

“To explain is to disguise, foolish Xuanyuan.” Qian Duoduo turned her head and she was obviously angry. “Well, I don’t want to talk to you. I’m leaving.”

As soon as Qian Duoduo spoke, she turned into a golden light, and left. Her speed was amazing. Yin Zhenluo was stunned and said:

“Is she the girl you like? Go and get her back. My father is not in a hurry at this moment. If she leaves, I’m afraid you won’t find her again. “

“Don’t worry about her; she is just like this, and our relationship is not like what you have imagined. We are only ordinary friends.” Xuanyuan’s shoulders sagged, and he felt powerless. The Five Xians were really so unreliable. What they said made it impossible for him to find Qian Duoduo.

“All right.” Yin Zhenluo smiled and said, “Go have a good rest first. Let’s inform my father and ask him to make the preparations.”

Yin Qianxun rolled his eyes and said:

“What are you laughing at, sister?”

Yin Zhenluo punched Yin Qianxun, and slowly fell towards Yin’s mansion, saying:

“Brother, please inform our father, and I’ll get my clothes changed. Little brother, take Xuanyuan and others to rest.”

“It’s killing me.” Yin Qianxun’s eyes were filled with tears. Yin Zhenluo was so cruel, and she hurt him badly. He immediately looked at Xuanyuan and said:

“Xuanyuan, come with me.”

Xuanyuan nodded, and followed Yin Qianxun into Yin’s house, followed by Youxue. The pig muttered:

“Why does this boy always have good luck with women? Qian Duoduo was really angry.”

In the distance, Qian Duoduo’s eyes were red. She stood in the sky like a castaway. Looking back, she murmured to herself:

“Xuanyuan you bastard, foolish Xuanyuan, how dare you not chase after me? I’ll ignore you for the rest of my life.”

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