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Chapter 259 Spirits and Souls

    Yin Qianxun took Xuanyuan to a stone house made out of huge stones, and left.

   Xuanyuan was in the stone house. It had a simple layout; there was nothing more than a stone table, four stone chairs, a stone bed, and a stone shelf with rolls of bamboo slips. 

The pig laughed. “This stone house is not bad. It’s isolated from the outside world, it’s safe, and it is very strong. Even if a sixth-rank xian class fighter were to attack this stone house, it would take a long time to break it.” 

“Huh? It turns out that it’s the legendary stone of the Heavenly Dragon. The stone of the Heavenly Dragon is the place where the Heavenly Dragon lives. The sun and the moon infected the Heavenly Dragon’s breath, and integrated into the Dragon scales that it has shed for many years. However, the Yin family inherits from the blood of the Heavenly Dragon family. It’s not surprising that there are such good stones, but there are not a lot.” This stone art book that Xuanyuan had inherited recorded all kinds of strange stones between heaven and earth, which was why Xuanyuan knew this.

“It seems that the Yin family wants to calm you down, but it’s also true that the Yin family leader is very important to them. One generation of family leaders can’t be replaced easily, as it is easy to anger a family. Important members of the family kill each other, and fight for the position of family leader. Such things are very common.” The pig laid on the ground lazily. He had been hanging out for a while, and wanted to rest for a bit. Youxue stood beside the stone gate like a tree. 

   Xuanyuan sat on the stone bed, knees crossed, and began to think back to what he had done today.

“I can only use this method to frighten those who want to hurt me. I know that this method may not be effective, but nobody dares oppose it. I hope that this method can resist those people for a while. I know that when I step into the realm of imperial fighter and refine the dragon elixir, then I will be strong enough to fight the whole world. Nobody could defeat me by then,” Xuanyuan said to himself in secret.

“If you think so, you are wrong. Even though you are right about when you enter the realm of imperial fighter, you still will not be able to kill them all. You cannot imagine how strong the power of the imperial fighter is. However, as long as the Devouring Emperor and I help you, ordinary xian class fighters can’t defeat you, but it will not be easy for us to kill them as well,” the voice of Greed spoke.

“Hey, hey, don’t worry about it. I will not underestimate it. I have enough confidence to deal with them. And when I break through the realm of imperial fighter, I think there will be a great change too. We will be certain to win.” Xuanyuan was very confident. Greed wanted to shake Xuanyuan’s faith, but Xuanyuan didn’t flinch at all.

“It seems that you are really growing up. In the past, if I said something, I could easily shake your faith and make you cautious. Now it seems that you have grown up, and can think and act independently,” Greed laughed and said:

“Well, now it’s time to introduce you to the world of xian class fighters, and let you know how mysterious xian class fighters are.

“People cultivate the body, immortals cultivate the soul, and to become immortal, people should break through the elixir. They cultivate seven spirits first, followed by three souls. First level xian class fighters cultivate brave spirit. Second level cultivate pure spirit, third level flow spirit, fourth level power spirit, and fifth level breathing spirit. These are what your five masters have achieved. Sixth level should cultivate intelligence spirit. Seventh level heaven; breaking spirit. Eighth level, life spirit, and ninth grade, earth spirit.”

   Xuanyuan frowns:

“And the last soul? What is it? “

“That’s the spirit of heaven. If someone reaches the realm of heaven spirit, he is not an immortal anymore.” The greed smiled unfathomably.

“What is he then?” Xuanyuan roared.

“Then he is a godly fighter. Since ancient times, only some masters have been speculated to have broken through the realm of godly fighters. In human life, people fight with people, with the earth, and with the heavens. If they cultivate the spirit of the heavens, it means that they are qualified to fight with them. As strong as the Devouring Emperor is, he hasn’t broken through the realm of godly fighters!” Greed continued laughing:

“After reincarnation, they will inherit all their own memories, but they are incomplete; they will not have their full memories. That’s why some xian class fighters have no memory after reincarnation, as they didn’t cultivate three souls and seven spirits to perfection. The memory of a person’s whole life is in three souls and seven spirits. If you lose your souls, you will lose everything. Do you understand? “

   Xuanyuan nodded. He didn’t want to go deep into the cultivation of the realm of xian class fighters. After all, he was just a man who hasn’t broken through the realm of Emperor Fighters.

“Each time you reincarnate, the consumption of three souls and seven spirits is huge, so it can only be carried out three times at most, before the soul is also exhausted.”  Greed sighed.

   Xuanyuan didn’t say anything, instead closing his eyes. The content flowing in his mind was profound and mysterious. Xuanyuan often relied on it to win battles and escape even if he had little chance, and he would also take advantage of the terrain. For Xuanyuan, the best way to meditate is to read.

   Seven days passed quickly. In these seven days, ?the Yin family seemed to act as a huge running up machine. Various preparations made countless people feel nervous. Everyone’s nerves were stretched to their tightest state. The Heavenly Dragon Guard and Dragons Department were all mobilized, and all the elite soldiers of the Yin family were on full alert.

   However, Xuanyuan knew nothing about all this. He was immersed in the endless mysteries of the sky, of the earth, of people, and of the heavens.

   Suddenly, as Xuanyuan was meditating, he heard a loud knock and shouting coming from outside his door. It was Yin Qianxun.

“Dear Xuanyuan!”

   Xuanyuan opened the stone gate and looked at Yin Qianxun with a dignified face.

“This time, my father’s life is in your hands.”

“I can only say I will do my best.” Xuanyuan didn’t have full confidence to win, because he hadn’t encountered such a thing in the past. Obviously, even Xuanyuan could feel the atmosphere was abnormal when he saw Yin Qianxun’s expression. When Xuanyuan opened the stone gate, he felt that the Yin family were very violent, which made people feel frightened, as if a huge war would break out at any time.

“Do whatever you want to do. No one will blame you, even if you fail.” Yin Qianxun knew that he shouldn’t stress the pressure on Xuanyuan. He tried to relax the atmosphere, so smiled and looked at Xuanyuan freely.

“Well, don’t worry, he is the father of the beauty master. I will do my best to lead the way!” Xuanyuan closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and let go of everything.

“Good!” Yin Qianxun saw Xuanyuan put down all of his burdens, and couldn’t help but admire him: “My sister loves the right person! Such a strong mind couldn’t be possessed by an ordinary person.”

“Whoof, if your miserable father died, then please calm your family down. There is nobody who could deal with this kind of thing, let alone Xuanyuan. If it wasn’t for my help, your father would have no hope of survival,“ the pig shouted heartlessly.

“Don’t worry, Emperor. I won’t let anyone hurt Xuanyuan. The elders of the family, as well as the supreme elder, know the seriousness of this matter.” Although the words said by the pig were frank and not very polite, Yin Qianxun was not angry at all, because it was the pig who gave his father hope of survival.

“Dead pig, shut up.” Xuanyuan knew that the pig head emperor was trying to help, but Yin Qianxun was still a child, and those words could upset him.

“Hum.” The pig got Xuanyuan’s point. This time, he didn’t argue with Xuanyuan. He turned to the side and didn’t speak.

   The Yin family was very simple.

   They were not as complicated as the Hai family; for example, the Hai family liked to build flower gardens and pavilions, while everything was mainly practical in the Yin family, focusing on defense, attack, and killing. The field was wide, and the layout of each house formed a fighting array, enabling both offense and defense. It contained killing potential, which frightened Xuanyuan. The pig nodded repeatedly:

“Well, it’s not bad. Your Yin family is competent to some degree. It’s not surprising that the prohibition can be implemented at such a level. There’s also few lost prohibitions. It seems that it’s the prohibition of the Heaven Dragon family. Good. Attack and defense cross, that prohibition…”

   The pig spoke loudly, showing off his knowledge and accomplishment in prohibition.

   Some secret xian class fighters of the Yin family were amazed.

“This pig is not simple. Even ninth level xian class fighters cannot perceive secret prohibition, but he did.”

“And each time, he could escape the prohibition place. Horrible. It seems that the rumor is true, and we have no idea what the pig’s full capabilities are.”

“Is it a beast that follows the Nightmare Ghost? But I haven’t heard that the Nightmare Ghost has a beast like the pig?”

“Who knows? I hope this time Xuanyuan can save our leader…”

   Under the guidance of Yin Qianxun, a group of people came to a hall, which was very wide and surrounded by the spirit of killing. There was a plaque on the door of the hall.

   Yin Tuxian was Yin Zhenluo’s father. This was where he lives. Xuanyuan felt the existence of tyrants sweeping around him.

“Xuanyuan, please come in.” Upon hearing Yin Qianxun’s voice, Xuanyuan nodded and stepped up.

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