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Chapter 259 Spirits and Souls

Chapter 259 Spirits and Souls


    Yin Qianxun took Xuanyuan to a stone house made out of huge stones and left once he was settled in.

   Xuanyuan looked around the stone house. It had a simple layout; there was nothing more than a stone table, four stone chairs, a stone bed, and a stone shelf with rolls of bamboo slips. 

The pig laughed. “This stone house is not bad. It’s isolated from the outside world, it’s safe, and it is very strong. Even if a sixth-rank xian class fighter were to attack this stone house, it would take a long time to break it.” 

“Huh? It turns out that it’s made of the legendary stone of the Heavenly Dragon. The stones of the Heavenly Dragon are actually the scales of the Heavenly Dragon. The energy of the sun and the moon combined with the Heavenly Dragon’s breath and have melded with the Dragon scales that have been shed. However, the Yin family descended from the bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon. It’s not surprising that they have the stones, but they don’t have a lot.” The Book of Acquisition that Xuanyuan had inherited recorded all kinds of strange stones throughout the world. This was the only reason why Xuanyuan knew this.

“It seems that the Yin family wants to appease you, but the Yin family leader is also very important to them. The position of the family leader can’t be replaced easily. People within the family fight to the death for the position. This is the case for all families, not just the Yin Family.” The pig-headed emperor laid on the ground lazily. He had been active for a while, and now wanted to rest.” Youxue stood guard beside the stone gate. 

   Xuanyuan sat on the stone bed, knees crossed, and began to think back to what he had done today.

“I can only use this method to temporarily frighten those who want to kill me. I know that this method will not last forever but for now, nobody would dare to oppose me. I just hope I can resist them until I break through to the Imperial realm, when I can start refining the dragon elixir. Once I do that, no one can oppose me. I will be strong enough to fight the whole world.” Xuanyuan thought to himself.

“If you think so, you are overestimating your abilities. While you will definitely grow massively stronger once you break through, you still won’t be able to kill all your enemies. You do not understand the strength of the Xian class. However, as long as the Devouring King and I help you, ordinary xian class fighters can’t defeat you, but it’s not gonna be easy.” Greed told Xuanyuan.

“Hey, hey, don’t worry. I will not underestimate them. Although, I’m confident that I can fit them. Plus, once I break through to the Imperial realm, I feel like there will be a great change in my body.I’m confident in our chances of victory.”  Greed wanted to shake Xuanyuan’s confidence, but Xuanyuan didn’t flinch at all.

“It seems that you are really growing up. In the past, I could easily shake your faith and make you cautious. Now it seems that you have grown up, and can think and act independently.” Greed laughed. He continued, “Well, now it’s time to introduce you to the world of xian class fighters, and let you know how exactly the body of a xian class fighter works.”

“The lower realms train the body, while xians cultivate the soul, and to become immortal, people need to break through several realms. They cultivate seven spirits first, followed by three souls. First level xian class fighters cultivate the spirit of bravery, the second level cultivates the spirit of purity, the third level cultivates the spirit of the flow, the fourth level cultivates the spirit of power, and the fifth level cultivates the spirit of breath. That’s how far your masters have progressed. Beyond this, sixth level experts cultivate the spirit of wisdom, seventh level experts cultivate the spirit of destruction. Finally, eight level specialists cultivate the soul of life, and ninth level experts cultivate the soul of the earth.”

   Xuanyuan frowned and said, “And the last soul? What is it? “

“That’s the soul of heaven. If someone reaches this level, they are no longer an immortal cultivator.” The greed smiled unfathomably.

“What do they become then?” Xuanyuan asked, excited.

“Then they become sages. Since ancient times, only a select few masters have been speculated to have broken through to the level of a Sage. Humans fight against other humans, the earth, and finally heaven itself. As strong as the Devouring Emperor was, even he hadn’t broken through to the realm of the Sage!” Greed continued laughing:

“Xians, upon reincarnation, inherit all their past memories. Sometimes they are incomplete. This occurs when the practitioner did not completely cultivate the 7 spirits and the three souls. The entire memory of a person’s life is contained within these. If you lose your soul, you lose everything that you are. Do you understand? “

   Xuanyuan nodded. He didn’t want to go deep into the cultivation of the realm of xian class fighters. After all, he still hadn’t broken through to the Emperor realm.

“Each time you reincarnate, the stress on the three souls and seven spirits is massive. As such, one can only reincarnate thrice, before your soul is completely exhausted.” Greed sighed.

   Xuanyuan didn’t say anything, instead closing his eyes. The book in his mind contained a lot of important information. Xuanyuan often relied on it to win battles and escape even if he had little chance, and it also taught him to read the terrain surrounding him. For Xuanyuan, the best way to meditate was to read the book.

   Seven days passed quickly. In these seven days, the Yin family functioned like a well-oiled machine. The preparations made everyone nervous. Everybody’s nerves were on high-alert, tense at the upcoming endeavour. The Heavenly Dragon Guard were all mobilized, and all the elite soldiers of the Yin family were on full alert.

   However, Xuanyuan knew nothing of what was happening outside. He was immersed in the endless mysteries of the sky, of the earth, of people, and of the heavens.

   Suddenly, as Xuanyuan was meditating, he heard a loud knock and someone shouting outside his door. It was Yin Qianxun.

“Brother Xuanyuan!”

   Xuanyuan opened the stone gate and looked at Yin Qianxun, a dignified look on his  face.

“My father’s life is now in your hands. I hope you can save him.”

“I can only say I try my best.” Xuanyuan didn’t have full confidence in his abilities as he hadn’t faced a Heart Devouring Bug in the past. Xuanyuan felt the tension in Yin Quanxun’s body language. When Xuanyuan opened the stone gate, he felt  the same tension in the air, with the entire Yin family on full alert, watching his every move.

“Brother Xuanyuan, please do what you can. No one will blame you even if you fail.” Yin Qianxun knew that he shouldn’t stress Xuanyuan any further.

“I will try my best. He is the father of my master after all, I’m heavily indebted to her/ I will do everything in my power to cure your father!” Xuanyuan closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and relaxed.

“I thank you sincerely!” Yin Qianxun saw that Xuanyuan had relaxed his expression, and couldn’t help but admire him

“My sister chose the right person! Such strong willpower couldn’t be possessed by any ordinary person.”

“Whoof, if your father died, then please make sure your family doesn’t seek revenge. Nobody could ever heal your father, not even Xuanyuan, if it weren’t for my assistance.” the pig shouted heartlessly.

“Don’t worry, Emperor. I won’t let anyone hurt Xuanyuan. The elders of the family as well as the supreme elder know the seriousness of this matter.” Although the words said by the pig were coarse and rude, Yin Qianxun was not angry at all. He knew he had the pig to thank for the hope for his father’s survival.

“Useless pig, please stop.” Xuanyuan knew that the pig head emperor was trying to help him, but Yin Qianxun was still a child and those words could hurt him.

“Hmph.” The pig understood Xuanyuan’s thoughts. This time, he didn’t argue with Xuanyuan. He simply turned to the side and didn’t speak.

   The Yin family was very practical.

   Their territory was not as complicated as the Hai family; for example, the Hai family liked to build flower gardens and pavilions. The Yin family preferred a more tactical layout, focusing on defending their estate, and attacking and killing any invaders. The field was wide, and the layout of each house formed a fighting array, enabling both offense and defense. The energy contained within those arrays scared even Xuanyuan. The pig nodded repeatedly, “Well, it’s not bad. Your Yin family is at least competent. The level of your arrays are fairly high, while also containing some long-lost techniques. It appears to be a secret of the Heaven Dragon family. Impressive, a single array capable of defending and counter-attacking simultaneously.”

   The pig spoke loudly, demonstrating his knowledge  and proficiency of arrays and techniques. The Yin family was amazed.

“Looks like there is more than what meets the eye to this pig. Even ninth level xian class fighters cannot perceive our hidden arrays, but he did.”

“It even appears that he could easily escape from our arrays. Looks like the rumours surrounding the pig are not exaggerated, maybe we don’t even know the limits of his abilities.”

“Is it a beast that follows the Nightmare Ghost? I’ve never heard of the Nightmare Ghost having a pig as a pet?”

“Who knows? However, I pray that Xuanyuan can save our leader…”

   Under the lead of Yin Qianxun, the group of people came to a wide hall. There was strong energy permeating the air.

   Lying inside was Yin Tuxian, Yin Zhenluo’s father. Xuanyuan could feel the domineering aura within the room.

“Xuanyuan, please come in.” Upon hearing Yin Qianxun’s voice, Xuanyuan nodded and stepped up.

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