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Chapter 260 Treating

Chapter 260 Treatment


   What happens will happen. Xuanyuan knew that Yin Mansion was surrounded by deadly energy. If he was lucky enough to cure him, he would be safe; otherwise, he would have to fight his way out.

  At the moment Xuanyuan stepped into the threshold of the Xian’s Massacre Hall, he suddenly felt a sharp killing spirit. A cold voice called out, “Are you going to let this callow boy treat our master? What nonsense. All of you are playing with our master’s life.”

   Xuanyuan looked at the speaker. He had a square face, bushy eyebrows, and big eyes. He was clearly very powerful and experienced in battle. He was ready to fight, judging by the strong killing intent he let out.

“Elder! There is no turning back. We can only trust that Xuanyuan can heal our father.” Yin Qianxun immediately spoke.

“I believe Xuanyuan can cure Dad.” Yin Zhenluo was very calm, sitting in a chair.

“Bullshit. He has to defeat me first!” A great draconic energy rolled towards Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan frowned. Even though he didn’t know what the man’s actual level was, his strength seemed to be similar to that of an actual dragon.


  Yin Qianxun’s face suddenly turned serious. She was about to make a move, but Xuanyuan stepped in front of her. His skin lit up with the markings of the dragon king, and the blood of the ancient dragons started resonating.

“Fine then, let’s fight.”

   Xuanyuan took a step forward. It felt as if he was the master of all dragons, with the strength of the heavens at his behest. A single punch made the man feel as if he was about to explode, and his blood was shaking violently.

The elder attacked Xuanyuan, and Xuanyuan met his attack with an attack of his own.   

   The elder was blwon back by the attack; in contrast Xuanyuan stood still like a mountain. He slammed into a column in Xian’s Massacre Hall and spat out blood.

“How can it be? He’s just at the peak of the grandmaster realm. Impossible!”

   Suddenly an old man said in a deep voice, “Grandmaster List, ranked first, Xuanyuan, with the strength of two thousand six hundred dragons, the body of five elements, having refined all five elemental spirits: The Gold of Dark Phoenix, The Dragon-Taming Wood, The Water of Heaven, The Fire of the Red Lotus, and The Vajrapani Earth.” As soon as the old man said this, everyone’s faces suddenly changed.

“Amazing! With the Body of Five Elements, Xuanyuan has refined five separate fighting elements.” An old man looked at Xuanyuan with surprise.

   Xuanyuan possessed five different fighting elements. This fact was known only to a select few. Xuanyuan immediately looked at the old man and chuckled, “How did you know?”

“Consider it a trade secret. Bai Youniang once spent billions of King coins to calculate the whereabouts of The Vajrapani Earth for you. In that case, even I could spend that much to look into the man treating our master, right?” The old man smiled.

“That’s right.” Xuanyuan was once again touched by Bai Youniang’s actions. She had made such a sacrifice for him, and never mentioned it. Xuanyuan tried to calm his thoughts, and looked at the man. He was dignified and steady, and gave off a deep strength, which made people feel they could never beat him

He started telling a story, the story of a brave general, a story detailing the loss of many lives. That man was the leader of the Yin family, Yin Tuxian.

   The elder who lost to Xuanyuan dared not to act presumptuous any more, lest Xuanyuan’s blood would cause him to tremble again. Only with the Dragon-Taming Wood could the Yin family be restrained. It could be said that Xuanyuan was the natural enemy of the Yin clan, but Xuanyuan also had the energy of ancient dragons emanating from, which confused them.

“Even so, the life of our leader is very important. How can we trust in such a green kid? Xuanyuan, you will have to convince us of your ability to cure our master. If you can’t convince us, I’m sorry but you will not be allowed to cure our master.” one of the elders of the Yin family said slowly and seriously.

“So what do you intend to do?” Yin Zhenluo looked at the elder of the Yin family.

“If Xuanyuan is found unworthy of testing our master, we plan on using the order of the emperor to collaborate with the Hai family and the whole Dongzhou royal family in order to treat our master together.” the elder emphasised.

“Well, be as it may. If you want me to, then I shall convince you.” Xuanyuan looked at the elder of Yin’s family, and took out the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart from within his ring.

As soon as the source was revealed, the blood of everyone present started trembling. The head of the Yin family, Yin Tuxian, changed his expression, gripped at his breast, and said softly, “I can feel something move inside me.”

   Yin Zhenluo was very surprised, saying, “It seems that the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart is truly effective!”

   They couldn’t help but bow down in front of the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart. Several emotions flashed across the faces of everyone present; fear, greed, envy, and wonder.

   They knew that it was the blood essence that came from refining a part of the heart of an ancient dragon all day day and night, condensing the energy for countless years.

“Is the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart enough to convince you?”, replied Xuanyuan slowly.

“Hmm, maybe the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart can cure the master’s disease. However, what if the master is severely injured upon the extraction of the Heart Devouring Bug. How safe is it to remove the bug? If his heart gets damaged, our master could die, or have his cultivation level greatly reduced.”

Another elder of the Yin family was still not convinced. It was hard for him to believe that a person who hadn’t even broken through to the Emperor realm could obtain the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart.

“Do you really want me to save your master? Do you need me to show the full extent of my powers? Perhaps even call the Nightmare Ghost? You could try your luck in a battle against him. How about that?” Xuanyuan was getting annoyed and angry.

   As expected, upon hearing Xuanyuan’s words, everyone fell silent. The pig rolled his eyes and said, “How shameless of you! Xuanyuan did all this for your master, and he didn’t even ask for anything in return. He risked his life to enter the Black Dragon Mountain, and almost died several times. He managed to get the source, and even used one of the three precious promises of the Nightmare Ghost. And you still have the audacity to question his motives and strength? Truly, good guys finish last!”

“If even the Nightmare Ghost cannot save your master, nothing can save him save for the ancient sages. Only they can save him then, since the Heart Devouring Bug is something they are familiar with.”

   The words of the pig obviously infuriated many people, but they had no choice.

“Well, the pig is right. Life and death depend on one’s fate. I trust Xuanyuan. Everyone other than Zhenluo, Xuanyuan and the pig, get out!” Yin Tuxian yelled.

   None of them could oppose the family head, not even the elders. They had to trust Xuanyuan could use the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart, and maybe even use one of the promises to save the master. Although they were not happy about it, they had to admit that Xuanyuan possessed the power to help the family head.

“But master!” Another elder of Yin’s family wanted to say something, but Yin Tuxian’s expression stopped him.

“We obey!” They all bowed down and walked out. Yin Qianxun patted Xuanyuan on his shoulder and said, “Xuanyuan, now it’s your turn. No matter what happens, no one will blame you.”

   After that, Yin Qianxun also retreated. He could kill people, but he could offer no help in the matter of curing people. He would just be a hindrance.

 After everyone left, the gates to the hall closed, and Xuanyuan felt a strong array seal and protect the entrance.

   The killing intent and Qi of the elders of the Yin Family reassured Xuanyuan of the safety of the hall.

   The Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart released a brilliant light, and started absorbing some of the Qi in the Xian’s Massacre Hall.

   The Qi in Xian’s Massacre Hall had been enriched with the energy of the Heavenly Dragon. It was of great help to those like Yin Tuxian and Yin Zhenluo, who  descended from the Heavenly Dragon.

“Xuanyuan, trust me. No one will blame you or seek revenge. Please proceed.” Yin Zhenluo smiled, clad in a snow white dress. Xuanyuan looked at Yin Zhenluo like they were still in front of the tree house, all those years ago. back then , Yin Zhenluo used to often smile.

“Xuanyuan, just do it,” Yin Tuxian said with conviction.

“The full force of the five elements is going to hit your heart. I’m afraid you won’t be able to withstand the pain. Bpy, knock him out first.” the pig said suddenly.

   Xuanyuan almost flinched. Yin Tuxian waved and said, “I’ve been bearing the pain for all these years. I can withstand the pain, you don’t need to knock me out.”

“Well, you’re the one who made the call, don’t back out later.” The pig rolled his eyes, but he could understand the motivations behind General Yin’s actions. The head of the Yin Family couldn’t afford to lose face, being knocked out just because to avoid the pain. If he did that, people would laugh at him.

   Yin Zhenluo also couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She had a bad feeling about the pig.

“Please swallow the Five Internal Organs Talisman, and sit on the ground with your knees crossed, so that I can cure you easily.” Xuanyuan reached for the talisman.

   Yin Tuxian immediately swallowed the Five Internal Organs Talisman, which started gleaming. At that moment, a mysterious force composed of the five elements started to work in his body, and his spirit immediately began to writhe. Yin Tuxian closed his eyes, sat on the ground with his knees crossed, and said to Xuanyuan:

“Xuanyuan, let’s do it. Stop doubting yourself.”

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