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Chapter 261 The Heart Devouring Bug

Chapter 261 The Heart Devouring Bug


   The heart devouring bug had been provoked.

   Xuanyuan sat on the ground with his legs crossed. The ground was built of the stones of the heavenly dragon, so it had a unique scent.

   The Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart was levitating over Xuanyuan’s chest. A strong dragon energy hanging around the whole Xian’s Massacre Hall kept the interior damp.

   Xuanyuan closed his eyes, and the emperor of five elements behind his back, his fingertips emitting a five-colored light. Xuanyuan gently touched Yin Tuxian’s chest, and his power of the five elements penetrated Yin Tuxian’s body, into his heart.

Immediately, a shadow of the Five Elements Emperor appeared in front of Yin Tuxian as well, and then combined with the energy emitted by Xuanyuan. Gathering the power of five elements, Xuanyuan finally formed the pattern.

   Xuanyuan saw a scaly creature, like a miniature dragon, eating away at Yin Tuxian’s heart. Yin Tuxian’s heart had almost completely been chewed up, and the creature was eating up a steady stream of his life force. As it saw Xuanyuan invade its territory, the scaly little dragon showed an attitude of defiance.

“Little creature, how dare you be so arrogant!”

   Xuanyuan didn’t say another word. He gathered his hands to form a five element roulette, and attacked the heart devouring bug.

The heart devouring bug was so arrogant that it didn’t even avoid it; instead, it took the attack head on.

A large flash exposed its body. Fear shone in its eyes.

   Xuanyuan looked at it and said, “Do you dare to come out and fight with me? Only cowards hide inside another’s body.”

The heart devouring bug had a proud demeanour. It headed towards Xuanyuan again. The killing intent emanating was palpable.

  Fighting inside the heart was a pain. Fortunately, Yin Tuxian had taken the Five Xian Defense Spiritual Talisman before. Otherwise, his heart would not have been able to bear the stress.

   The killing intent hovered around Yin Tuxian’s heart, but a colourful curtain of light prevented as much damage to the heart as it could.

   Xuanyuan kept punching the heart-devouring bug mercilessly.

  Big sparks burst out from time to time, but every time the heart devouring bug wanted to devour Xuanyuan, it felt an impending sense of doom.

 Because of the force of the five elements, Xuanyuan’s power was so fierce that it couldn’t be consumed at all.

“It seems that I have to use yet more power.” Xuanyuan immediately activated the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart, and combined it with the five element energy in order to simultaneously heal Yin Tuxian’s heart and attack the heart-devouring bug.

When the energy penetrated Yin Tuxian’s heart, the heart devouring bug immediately became frantic, and started skittling.

   At the same time, the Five Element Emperor summoned a ray of fire using the Fire of the Red Lotus. The heat from the flames further scared the heart-devouring bug.

   The fire of the red lotus gradually filled Yin Tuxian’s heart. In immense pain, Yin Tuxian held on as the fire spread from his heart throughout his body.

“I told him that it would be better to get knocked out than try and bear the pain. Is his pride that important to him?” The pig looked at Yin Tuxian’s face, grimaced in pain. Obviously, he was barely holding on.

   Yin Zhenluo was also very worried.

  Xuanyuan, transformed into the Five Elements Emperor, was standing in the midst of the flames without being affected by what was happening. operating the Five Elements Roulette with both hands, he started attacking the heart-devouring bug without break. In such a narrow place, it couldn’t even avoid the attacks, and was slowly getting beat down.

   However, the heart devouring bug was able to withstand the deadly attacks all this while, further emphasising the strength of the bug.

The heart devouring bug looked at Xuanyuan, and bared its tusks as its eyes shone with a fierce light.

“What are you looking at? You are doomed to die here today.” Xuanyuan’s eyes were full of contempt and disdain.

“You are lucky it is just a larva. A fully grown one is terrifying. Even the ancient sages would not be able to resist it. Destroy it quickly. Otherwise, once it grows up, the damage done by the bug is going to be unimaginable. Normally, this sort of ancient beast would not be alive today. How did it appear here, now of all times?” Greed’s voice rang in Xuanyuan’s mind.

  Suddenly, the eyes of the heart-devouring bug flashed a sly light.  It immediately rushed out from the heart, moving towards Xuanyuan.

“No! The bug is trying to kill you!” Greed suddenly roared out.

   But it was too late. A cold light came out of Yin Tuxian’s body, and a big bloody hole formed in his chest. Blood started flowing out, but soon, the talisman gathered light in his heart, slowly healing the hole and chest wound. The five xian defense spiritual talisman acted as both a talisman and an elixir.

   The talisman continued to heal Yin Tuxian. he opened his eyes, his face drenched in sweat, and saw a giant hole in Xuanyuan’s heart. Yin Tuxian felt extremely guilty. He knew that the heart devouring bug had fled into Xuanyuan’s heart.

   The pig-headed emperor screamed: “Fuck! How cunning. It sensed the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart. It even got through the traps I set up. Damn it!”

   Xuanyuan’s heart, being refined by the fire of the red lotus, was perpetually alight with the flames, constantly burning.

The heart devouring bug was surprised to see that Xuanyuan had refined the fire of the red lotus into his heart. At this time, the shadows of the pig-headed emperor and Greed appeared, glaring at the bug.

“Emperor Greed, let’s seal it together. Otherwise this bug will cause us trouble in the future.” The pig-headed emperor sounded determined. The heart devouring bug contained high quality life essence. If he could devour it, he could immediately recover a large portion of his strength.

“That’s our only option now. We should be more careful in the future.” As soon as Greed said that, a never-ending darkness flowed out of him. At the same time, Xuanyuan’s Body of All Creation also started to glow. The black light flowed out from Xuanyuan’s body, as if it meant to devour everything in the world.

“Hidden Technique: Forbidden Heavenly Talisman of All Creation.”

   Countless black talismans appeared and wrapped around the body of the heart-devouring bug in an instant, completely suppressing it in the depths of Xuanyuan’s heart.

The heart devouring bug kept struggling. A sharp pain in Xuanyuan’s heart made him cough out blood profusely, and his heart couldn’t bear the strain for much longer.

   The pig said coldly, “It’s not working. If this goes on, the boy will die. We can’t seal this bug with just our power. Let the Nightmare Ghost come out and help us seal it!”

   Greed’s face had also become extremely dignified. With his soul, Xuanyuan immediately communicated with the Nightmare Ghost. Suddenly, the Nightmare Ghost’s voice rang out.

“This is interesting, boy. I didn’t expect to be called out so soon”

   Xuanyuan almost fainted from the pain, “Elder, please stop wasting time. I need you to enter my heart and seal the entity inside it.”

   All of a sudden, a force entered Xuanyuan’s heart. Xuanyuan felt warm, and the searing pain inside of him started to fade away.

“Ah, it’s this creature. You are truly reckless, kid. You dared to seal this thing in your heart. Well, this bug is very powerful, it can even eat away at the seals that restrict it. With my current strength, I can only seal it for five years at most. If you can’t think of a way to solve it in the next five years, you will die.”

   As soon as the Nightmare Ghost finished speaking, a great force came out from him, combining with the power of Greed and the pig-headed emperor, sharply improving their strength.

“Seal it with your power and the power of the Body of All Creation.”

   The pig-headed emperor and Greed, whose strength suddenly skyrocketed in a flash, kept on fighting. Endless black light came from Xuanyuan’s body, and filled the entirety of the Xian’s Massacre Hall.

   The mysterious black pattern ran to form a chainlike seal, covering Xuanyuan’s heart, and sealed it layer by layer.

   Gathering even more force, they suppressed the heart-devouring bug. Xuanyuan’s face was pale, and his whole body emanated black light.

   Yin Zhenluo’s face suddenly changed. She was about to interrupt them, when she was stopped by Yin Tuxian.

“Don’t go! The Nightmare Ghost is in his heart, helping to seal the bug!”

“Did the bug rush into his body?” Yin Zhenluo became pale. Even though it occurred in front of her eyes, she still couldn’t believe it.

“If I knew it would turn out like this, I would not have let Xuanyuan cure me. He is still so young, so talented. Once he grows up, he would far surpass me…” Yin Tuxian was tormented with guilt.

“Xuanyuan…” Yin Zhenluo trembled unconsciously, and sat down powerlessly. She bit her lips, looking at Xuanyuan worriedly.

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