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Chapter 261 The Heart Devouring Bug

   The heart devouring bug had invaded.

   Xuanyuan sat on the ground with his legs crossed. The ground was stacked up by the stone of heavenly dragon, so it emanated a unique odor.

   The Godly Dragon source was levitating on Xuanyuan’s chest. A strong green dragon fighting spirit hanging around the whole Xian’s Massacre Hall kept the interior damp.

   Xuanyuan closed his eyes, and from his back, the emperor of five elements appeared with his fingertips emitting five-colored light, which drifted around. Xuanyuan gently touched Yin Tuxian’s heart, and his unique power of the five elements penetrated Yin Tuxian’s body, integrating into his heart.

   In an instant, a virtual shadow of the emperor of five elements appeared from Yin Tuxian’s heart, which merged into Xuanyuan’s image and followed the breath of five elements. Gathering the power of five elements and Xuanyuan’s will, the pattern was finally formed.

   Xuanyuan saw a scaly creature, like a little dragon, eating Yin Tuxian’s heart. Yin Tuxian’s heart had almost completely been chewed up, and the creature was eating up a stream of his life force. As it saw Xuanyuan come, the scaly little dragon showed an attitude of defiance.

“Poor creature, how dare you be so arrogant!”

   Xuanyuan didn’t say another word. He gathered his hands to form a five element roulette, and attacked the heart devouring bug.

The heart devouring bug was so arrogant that it didn’t even avoid it; instead, it took the attack head on, making a loud bang.

A big spark over its body exposed its tusk. Fear shone in its eyes.

   Xuanyuan looked at it and said:

“Dare you come out to fight with me? Only cowards will hide in somebody else’s body.”

The heart devouring bug had a proud face, with fierce and brave features. It headed towards Xuanyuan again. The killing odor emanating from it spread around.

  Fighting inside the heart was a pain. Fortunately, Yin Tuxian had taken the Five Xian Defense Spiritual Talisman before. Otherwise, his heart would not have been able to bear the hit.

   The killing sense hovered around Yin Tuxian’s heart, where a colorful light curtain was created to protect the heart from being damaged as much as possible.

   Xuanyuan punched the heart devouring bug mercilessly, hundreds of times in a row.

  Big sparks burst out from time to time, but every time the heart devouring bug wanted to swallow Xuanyuan, it felt uncomfortable.

 Because of the gathering of five elements, Xuanyuan’s power was so fierce that it couldn’t be swallowed at all.

“It seems that you are forcing me.” Xuanyuan immediately activated the Godly Dragon Source, with which the unique breath could get through the five elements and integrate into Yin Tuxian’s heart. On the one hand, it could nourish Yin Tuxian’s heart, though it could also attract the heart devouring bug.

   When the breath penetrated Yin Tuxian’s heart, the heart devouring bug immediately became extremely shocked and ecstatic.

   At this time, the emperor of five elements was emanating a hot ray of the fire of the red lotus, which spread away.

   This hot breath frightened the heart devouring bug.

   The fire of the red lotus gradually filled Yin Tuxian’s heart. With great pain, it spread from the heart to his whole body.

“I told him that it would be better to faint. Why would he bear the pain?” The pig looked at Yin Tuxian’s trembling face, as he shivered, sweat, and bit his teeth. Obviously, he was just barely holding on.

   Yin Zhenluo was also very worried.

  Xuanyuan, transforming into the emperor of five elements, was in the fire without being affected by what was happening. He was more powerful than ever. With both hands operating the five elements roulette, he beat the heart devouring bug without pause. It couldn’t even avoid the attack in such a small place, as it was burned by the fire of the red lotus, and beaten by Xuanyuan in the meantime.

   However, the heart devouring bug was able to withstand such a terrible blow, which could imagine how powerful it was.

The heart devouring bug looked at Xuanyuan, and opened its ferocious tusks as its eyes shone with a fierce light.

“What are you looking at? You are doomed to die here today.” Xuanyuan’s eyes were full of contempt and disdain.

“It is a larva. A fully grown one is terrifying. Even the ancient sages would not be able to resist it. Destroy it quickly. Otherwise, when it grows up, we won’t know how many people are going to be killed by it. Normally. this kind of thing that existed in the time of the ancient sages wouldn’t reappear. How can it appear in the Xuanjin land of the North State? Is it?” The voice of the old man Tan rang in Xuanyuan’s mind.

   At this time, the eyes of the heart devouring bug flashed a sly light. A ferocious scale protruded from its body, and it immediately rushed out from the heart.

“No! The bug is trying to kill you!” The old man Tan suddenly roared out.

   But it was too late. A cold light came out of Yin Tuxian’s body, and a big bloody hole formed in his chest. Gurgling blood flowed out, but very soon, the five xian defense spiritual talisman turned into the five-colored light and gathered in his heart, slowly healing the hole and chest wound. The five xian defense spiritual talisman was both a talisman and an elixir.

   The great healing power continued to work. Yin Tuxian sweat, opened his eyes, and saw a big hole in Xuanyuan’s heart. Yin Tuxian felt awful. He knew that the heart devouring bug had fled into Xuanyuan’s heart.

   The pig screamed: “Fuck! It is too cunning. The Godly Dragon Source is in front of its face. It’s not fooled. I’ve set up so many tricks to seal it. Damn it!”

   Xuanyuan’s heart, integrating with the fire of the red lotus, was always like a fire lotus, burning constantly, fierce and awesome.

The heart devouring bug somehow found out that Xuanyuan had tempered the fire of the red lotus into his heart. At this time, a shadow of a pig head and a dog body alike appeared in Xuanyuan’s heart, and an old man outlined with a black light looked at this heart devouring bug coldly.

“Emperor Tan, let’s seal it together. This boy will cause us trouble,” The pig lamented. The heart devouring bug contained supreme essence. If it could be swallowed up, it would be very beneficial for the pig and could help him recover a lot of his strength.

“It’s the only way now. We should be more careful in the future.” As soon as the old man Tan’s voice fell, an infinite black light broke out from him and the pig, while the Xuanyuan’s body of all creation also flashed. The black light came out from Xuanyuan’s body, as if to devour, seal, and dazzle all things in the world.

“Devour the prohibited sky talisman of all creation.”

   Countless black talismans turned around and wrapped around the body of the heart devouring bug in an instant, completely suppressing it in the bottom of Xuanyuan’s heart.

The heart devouring bug kept struggling. A sharp pain in Xuanyuan’s heart made him vomit a lot of blood, and his heart couldn’t bear the rush of it all.

   The pig said coldly:

“It’s not working. If it goes on like this, the boy will die. We can’t seal this bug with our power now. Let the Nightmare Ghost come out and help seal it!”

   The old man Tan’s face had also become extremely dignified. With his soul, Xuanyuan immediately communicated with the Nightmare Ghost. Suddenly, the voice of the summon rang.

“This is interesting, boy. Am I asked so soon?”

   Xuanyuan almost fainted from the pain:

“Talk less nonsense. Enter my heart and seal something for me.”

   All of a sudden, a force entered Xuanyuan’s heart. Xuanyuan only felt warm, and the tearing pain inside of him started to fade away.

“So it’s actually this kind of thing. Ah, you are more than a brave kid. You dared to seal this thing in your heart. Well, this bug is very powerful, as it can consume the power to seal and ban. With my current strength, I can only seal it for five years at most. If you can’t think of a way to solve it within five years, then you will die.”

   As soon as the words of the Nightmare Ghost fell, a great force came out from him, entering into the power of the old man Tan and the pig, which sharply improved their power.

“Seal it with your seal and the power of the body of all creation.”

   The pig and the old man Tan, whose strength suddenly skyrocketed in a flash, kept on fighting. Endless black light came from Xuanyuan’s body, and filled the whole Xian’s Massacre Hall.

   The mysterious black pattern ran to form a chainlike seal, which was integrated into Xuanyuan’s heart, and sealed it layer by layer.

   Gathering a force of repression, they suppressed the heart devouring bug that kept shouting and resisting. Xuanyuan’s face was pale, and his whole body emanated black light which drifted around.

   Yin Zhenluo’s face suddenly changed. She was about to look when she was immediately stopped by Yin Tuxian.

“Don’t go! The nightmare ghost is in his heart displaying seal!”

“Did the bug rush into his body?” Yin Zhenluo immediately felt cold. Although she had just seen it, it was still difficult for her to accept the fact.

“If I knew it would turn out like this, I would not have let Xuanyuan cure me. He is still so young, so shining, so talented. If he grows up, he would be far better than me…” Yin Tuxian was tormented.

“Xuanyuan…” Yin Zhenluo trembled unconsciously, and sat powerlessly in the master’s chair, biting her lips, looking at Xuanyuan worriedly.

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