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Chapter 262 An Order Within Five Years?


“Five years?” Xuanyuan’s heart sank. Did he really only have five years?

   Just now, at the moment when the power of the heart devouring bug broke out, Xuanyuan felt like his heart was about to explode. The pain caused by the tearing made Xuanyuan break out in a cold sweat.

   Although Xuanyuan refined the fire of the red lotus, the power of the heart was extremely powerful, but it still couldn’t make Xuanyuan comparable to Yin Tuxian’s heart. If it wasn’t for the gathering of the five elements just then, it would have broken his heart.

“Yes, this is my limit. The bug is very powerful. I said five years, but in fact, it will probably only take around for years, because some seals and prohibitions, as long as it has eaten them, are useless to it. You’re the body of all creation. There’s nothing that can’t be transported in the world for you, except the bug. Aside from the ancient sages or the ancient emperor, there is no one who can stop it. Even in my heyday, I could only seal it, which would extend the seal time, but I still could not kill it at all.” The Nightmare Ghost sighed.

“Is there no other way?” Xuanyuan’s face was pale. He didn’t want to die.

“Of course, when you master the power of the fire of the red lotus, you can control it and refine it gradually. Fortunately, it’s just a larva. If you were an adult, you wouldn’t be able to kill it until you mastered the top ten fighting fires. For you, this bug is a blessing as well as a curse. Whether you live or die depends on the speed of your growth.” The nightmare ghost looked at the pig and the old man Tan, nodded, and said:

“The immortal beats of all creations and the shadow of supreme Tao will be handed over to you now, Xuanyuan, and I will teach you another technique, named…”

“Wait, i-i-is it the great technique created by the devouring body of five elements? How could you have it?” The pig was shocked, and looked at the Nightmare Ghost.

“Well, I just have a remnant, which can only teach you how to integrate the five elements, but there is no other combination of killing skills. If you can still get the fighting fire and swallow it, you can speed up the progress of refining the bug.” The Nightmare Ghost laughed and easily lifted his hands, passing the technique into Xuanyuan’s body.

   The pig twitched a few times and said:

“This is one of the good things about the five elements. This kind of technique is already supreme. It exists for the devouring body of five elements. But for Xuanyuan, maybe he can do it.”

“What is the constitution of the devouring body of five elements?” Xuanyuan was curious.

   As the pig put on his seal, he said:

“The body of five elements can only run the qi of five elements and operate the fighting part, while the devouring body of five elements can swallow all five elements for its user. However, such a body couldn’t handle both functions like the latter does, so it has to be very cautious. It’s worse, but it still can’t be belittled.”

   Xuanyuan understood.

“The method I used to remove the hidden Tianji covering your body was intended to use the body of five elements to distract others, preventing them from thinking about the devouring body of five elements. But you will be safer this time.” The pig laughed weirdly.

   Xuanyuan frowned and said:


“The Devouring Emperor means to say that you are treating Yin Zhenluo’s father today, but in turn are harming yourself. Since the bug is in your heart, the seal can only last a few years. Even if you are famed, you will surely die. Some people will not spend their time dealing with you. The years of cultivation are endless, and they will live tens of years, if not hundreds of years. Just a few years, for them, is too short. It’s better to see you slowly devoured by the bug than to kill you with their own hands. People are vicious. It’s that simple,” the old man Tan explained.

“…” Xuanyuan was silent, and said to himself, “Well, I can only break through the realm by myself to save myself. Nightmare Ghost, thank you for helping me again.”

The Nightmare Ghost chuckled, “It’s nothing. I’ve made two promises for you, so you only have one left.” The great power of the nightmare ghost entered into the body of old man Tan and the pig. They started to operate the seal and strengthened it thirty-three times in a row, which completely suppressed the heart devouring bug.

“If you don’t have the confidence to refine it, you can bully it now and urge the fire of the red lotus to torture this poor creature. Sooner or later, you will die.” The Nightmare Ghost laughed again. “I have to leave. If you need something, please call me!”

The laugh of the nightmare ghost gradually faded away.

   The black light coming from Xuanyuan’s body gradually spread. Xuanyuan’s face was pale. He looked at Yin Tuxian and Zhen Luo Yin, and sighed.

“Well, good work.”

   As soon as his voice fell, blood dripped out of Xuanyuan’s mouth. Yin Zhenluo felt hurt, but she didn’t know what to say. Inexplicable feelings grew and spread in Yin Zhenluo’s heart.

“Xuanyuan, I’ll take you all over the world of fighting Qi. There must be some extraordinary doctors who will surely find a way to remove the bug.”

   Xuanyuan shook his head:

“That’s unnecessary. The Nightmare Ghost has sealed the bug for me. He said that only I can save myself by refining the bug with the fire of the red lotus, and his seal can only last for five years.”

“It’s true that the nightmare ghost is well-known. He can seal you for five years from miles away. The 18 elites of the Yin family can only seal for less than three years…” Yin Tuxian smiled bitterly and looked at Xuanyuan.

“Brother Xuanyuan, if I knew it would hurt you, I would not have let you treat me.”

   Xuanyuan waved and resolutely said:

“You don’t have to blame yourself. If it wasn’t for the beautiful master who taught me the techniques, I would be nobody today. I’m afraid that General Yin has been suffering from the bug for two years, and his accomplishments have been greatly reduced. These are nine drops of ancient dragon’s blood, which I hope will help General Yin.”

   Xuanyuan immediately took out nine drops of ancient dragon’s blood from the jade bottle. Each drop of blood was the size of a green bean. Each one was full and crystally clear, and contained the supreme dragon power. They boiled with vitality.

“It’s real!” Yin Tuxian was delighted. If he could refine the nine drops of the ancient dragon’s blood, it would help him recover his strength.

“It’s precious, Xuanyuan.”

   Xuanyuan shook his head. His face was ruddy, and his whole body was energetic. 

“It’s not very useful to me. I have changed my whole blood by refining the ancient dragon’s blood. I know that it’s very effective. Please accept it. It’s my gift.”

   Xuanyuan poured nine drops of ancient dragon’s blood onto Yin Tuxian’s body. Yin Tuxian dared not reject it. Little by little, he gradually refined them. He only saw Yin Tuxian’s face gradually recover, and his whole body became more powerful.

   Yin Zhenluo looked at Xuanyuan curiously:

“Was it worth it?”

   Xuanyuan was stupefied for a moment. He smiled:

“Why not?”

“On that day, I only taught you a few things, and then I left. In fact, if I didn’t think you were a wreck, maybe I would have taught you more.” Yin Zhenluo told him what was in her heart.

“We originally agreed that it would be only a month. You can give me the Heavenly Pearl after you leave. You can leave the Yin’s technique in my mind, and set up the holy light of heavenly dragon to protect my future safety. It’s a great favor for me. How can I dare to ask for anything? And you were forced to marry. You were upset and confused on that day. It’s only natural that you should want to go around and relax. That’s enough for me.” Xuanyuan stood up and chuckled.

   Yin Zhenluo’s heart shook. She walked to Xuanyuan, hugged him gently, and said softly:

“Xuanyuan, since you have arrived at Yin’s house, please don’t leave me again. As I said, I will accompany you all over the world of fighting qi, seeking for a miracle doctor to treat you while practicing our power. The world is so vast that there are countless unbelievable talents. There must be someone who can deal with the bug.”

   Xuanyuan’s heart beat faster, and the pace of his breathing also increased:

“Forget it, beautiful master. You are of great significance to the Yin family. You can’t be easily involved. A year from now, I will have a fight with Jiang Yitian. I cannot neglect it. I’ve been used to being alone since I was a child. I’ll definitely avenge Guxin. You don’t have to worry about me. I’ve made arrangements for myself.”

“Master. Master… ” Yin Zhenluo murmured, “Maybe he really just thought I was his master!”

   Yin Zhenluo let Xuanyuan go. For as long as she had known Xuanyuan, she had seen in him a firm will. What he said must be practiced when he said it, so she didn’t want to say anything superfluous. She said it slowly:

“In any case, the door of the Yin family will always open for you. As long as it’s something you want, and it is something I can do, I will get it for you.”

“Thank you very much, beautiful master.”Xuanyuan looked out and said, “Now that the matter has been solved, I should go!”

   With a wave of Yin Tuxian’s hand, the gate of Xian’s Massacre Hall opened. Suddenly, dozens of elders of the Yin family rushed in and asked.

“What’s the matter, my lord?”

“The Hai family is so hateful that they even publicize your condition to the world. Now there are many strong enemies around the Yin family who are plotting against us.”

“Now the whole dynasty of the East State has been in full swing.”

“The bug in my body has been dispelled and introduced into Xuanyuan’s heart. I’m not in great trouble, but Xuanyuan…” Yin Tuxian felt guilty.

“Farewell, gentlemen,” Xuanyuan said, and then left with the pig, followed by Youxue.

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