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Chapter 263 Rumors

Chapter 263 Rumors


Xuanyuan left quickly.

Yin Qianxun was the first one to realize what had happened.

“What? How can you do this?” Yin Qianxun angrily looked at Yin Zhenluo and growled, “Sister, I am very disappointed in you. Even though Xuanyuan is your disciple, he risked his life to save our father. Now he left, and he will be surrounded by numerous enemies. Where is he going to run to anyway? Once he returns to the Fighting Dragons Sect, he will have to face Jiang Yitian. The elders of the Fighting Dragons Sect might also not welcome him because of his affiliation with us.” 

“You don’t know what you’re saying, so stop talking.” Yin Tianshang cut in, since he was extremely fond of Yin Zhenluo. 

“Why should I stop? How can you be so selfish, disregarding others’ lives? Since Xuanyuan saved our father, he is one of the greatest benefactors of our Yin family. I can ignore the fact that you sent someone to kill Xuanyuan before. But now, in order to save our father, he sealed the heart-devouring bug into his own heart. How can our second sister let him go, and not keep him here? What’s wrong with what I’m saying? How can you take her side on this? If this is how the Yin Family repays the kindness they receive, I’m leaving.” Yin Qianxun tossed his sleeve, and chased after Xuanyuan.

Yin Tuxian frowned, but did not stop Yin Qianxun. He looked at Yin Zhenluo and sighed.

“Qianxun is just like this. He always acts willfully and impulsively. Well, I guess he’ll just have to learn things the hard way.”  

Yin Zhenluo didn’t say anything in response. Yin Qianxun was upright and honourable by nature, and was not as sneaky as his eldest brother, Yin Tianshang. That’s why she preferred Yin Qianxun. 

Yin Tianshang loved her, but sometimes he would go too far; his blind self-righteousness often made Yin Zhenluo feel very uncomfortable. 

Xuanyuan was the best example. “He  used the second promise of the Nightmare Ghost to try and seal the bug, but even the Nightmare Ghost could only seal it for a few more years. I am filled with self-remorse and shame thinking about what happened to Xuanyuan. I feel restless thinking of the pain he must be experiencing day and night. What would I do if he dies because of the bug?” Yin Tuxian wore a gloomy expression on his face. He waved and said, “You all leave. I need some quiet. As for Xuanyuan, if we, the Yin family, meet him, and he needs anything, then you must help him with all of your strength.”

“As you command!” This time, the elders of the Yin family agreed very happily. As long as Yin Tuxian was okay, their goal would be achieved. The matter of Xuanyuan’s life or death didn’t matter to them, they weren’t impacted in any way.   

It had occurred to them that Xuanyuan was very young, dazzling, and qualified. Some of them even thought that Xuanyuan would be a good match for Yin Zhenluo. If the two were to end up together, the Yin family would have another rare talent. But once they heard that Xuanyuan had the bug sealed into his heart, they completely dismissed this idea. Xuanyuan was a walking corpse.   

Toward Xuanyuan, their attitudes ranged from apathy and disdain, to sympathy and guilt.   

Once the elders of the Yin family all left, Yin Zhenluo saluted Yin Tuxian and said,  “Father, since you have recovered, I will take my leave.” 

Yin Tuxian frowned, “Where are you going?” 

“I’m going to find a way to get rid of the bug.” Yin Zhenluo was extremely firm, and she walked to the gate of the lobby. 

“Little sister, just give up. Since we discovered what was ailing the master, we have spent a lot of resources on trying to find a way to drive it out. Even with all our resources, we couldn’t find anyone who could deal with it. You’ve already had several brushes with death in Beizhou. Now else can you go to find a cure?” Although Yin Tianshang felt sorry for Xuanyuan, there was no reason to let his little sister risk her life for him. 

“Elder brother, let me go. I’m an adult. I am free to do what I want. I’m no longer a little child.” Yun Tianshang’s words made her feel powerless.

Hearing Yin Zhenluo’s words, Yin Tianshang was a little lost. These kinds of words were quite similar to what Xuanyuan said. He paused for a moment. Yin Tianshang then smiled bitterly, “Well, if you want to do it, then do it.”   

Yin Zhenluo nodded and left the Yin mansion.  

Soon, the news of Yin Tuxian being cured, and the fate that had befallen Xuanyuan spread to the Hai family. 

“What? Did Xuanyuan really cure Yin Tuxian?” 

“It’s absolutely true. Xuanyuan used a method that sealed the heart-devouring bug into his own heart. While this saved Yin Tuxian’s life, Xuanyuan’s lifespan has drastically been reduced.” 

One of the elders laughed bitterly. “Are you serious? Xuanyuan really is terrifying. He has managed to seal five different Fighting Elements using his Body of the Five Elements, while also having a strength of 9500 dragons when he’s just at the peak of the grandmaster realm. If he had not encountered such misfortune, he would have been an emperor by now. We’re lucky that he sealed the bug and reduced his own lifespan.”

“Now that Xuanyuan has left the Yin household, shall we send someone to kill him?” 

The elder laughed again. “No need. What better way to die than to be tortured and killed by the heart-devouring bug? The Fighting Dragons Sect might still attach great importance to Xuanyuan as well. If we were to make a rash move, then we would only suffer more losses. Doesn’t Jiang Yitian still have a fight scheduled with Xuanyuan in a year? Let them kill each other!” 

“Honoured guest, you really are smart. Xuanyuan dared to use the power of the Nightmare Ghost to seriously hurt Hai Ya, and brought heavy losses to the Hai family. I want to kill him myself to make him pay for his actions. 

“Don’t worry, we have already deployed people to treat Hai Ya. Although he’s seriously injured, he has been treated with immortal medicine. He will recover completely. There’s nothing more we can do. Let’s just sit back and let the events unfold.”

“Wait a minute. Yin Tuxian is very wise, he wouldn’t let information like this slip outside carelessly? Do you think it is a trap?” 

“You mean that Yin Tuxian leaked this information, so that we will leave Xuanyuan alone?”


“You make a valid point. Please confirm whether he really is dying. We shall decide our actions once we figure out the truth.”   

One day later.

“There are seven stars in the East, and the heart-eating bug is surrounded by black and ghostly miasma. It’s cloudy out. There are angry dragons consuming the heart, and Xuanyuan only has four years and three months left to live. There’s no falsehood in this matter.” 

“Ha ha, that’s true. It seems that Yin Tuxian doesn’t attach much importance to Xuanyuan. Otherwise, he would have kept him in the Yin family estate, and let Zhenluo marry him. I suppose it’s because of his imminent death. What’s the use of someone who doesn’t have much time to live, no matter how brilliant or talented they may be? ” 

“Well, this resolves our issues. I’m afraid that Xuanyuan won’t be taken seriously after the Fighting Dragons Sect hears the news.” 

“Ha ha, it must be so. If we just wait, he will eventually run around, like a lost dog. Once he’s dead, the five Fighting Elements will once again scatter, and then we’ll have our chance.” 

“Do you think the Fighting Dragons Sect will use their powers to put Xuanyuan under house arrest, wait until he dies, and collect the five elements?” 

“Hmm, don’t worry. Remember that the five elements are invisible. When Xuanyuan dies, they will be scattered between the heavens and the earth instantly. They can’t obtain it unless they trap Xuanyuan in a place devoid of all elements. Did you see it that day? The five elements converged into the shape of an Immortal Emperor. Obviously, he has managed to meld the five elements together.”

“Respected guest, you really do think of everything!”   

By now, the news of Xuanyuan sealing the heart-devouring bug into his own heart had spread far and wide; everyone in Dongzhou knew about it.

“I didn’t expect such a rising star to crash so hard. The ancients really didn’t deceive me. As the ancient sages said, it truly was a miracle for Xuanyuan to refine the five Fighting Elements using his Body of Five Elements. It’s said that he has the strength of 9500 dragons when he’s at the peak of the grandmaster realm. If he survives this calamity, the world will have another great emperor.”


“Since ancient times, people like Xuanyuan have not been rare, but a large number of them died at a young age. Looks like even Xuanyuan is unlucky.” 

“It appears that he was cheated by the Yin family. While the family head of the Yin clan survived, Xuanyuan is now fighting for his life. The Yin family realised that he would die shortly, so they didn’t keep him in their estate. Otherwise, with the level of talent that Xuanyuan has demonstrated, everyone would fight to have him!” 

“It’s true. How pitiful. He is merely a pawn to the Yin family, one they have now tossed away. Where do you think he will go now?” 

“I think he will go back to the Fighting Dragons Sect. He still has his fight with Jiang Yitian.” 

“How unfortunate. He doesn’t deserve this kind of cruel death. He was so brave and domineering in front of the Hai family that day. If he were to die then, he would have died with honor. I don’t think anyone would dare offend him now.” 

“Why? He’s going to die, how can he still be arrogant and proud?” 

“It’s said that he still has the one last promise from the Nightmare Ghost. If anyone dares to hurt him, he will use his last promise to annihilate them completely. I don’t think any family would want to isk that, especially since he will die without them doing anything.”  

Upon hearing this, many people immediately fell into silence, especially those who once wanted to kill Xuanyuan. they prayed that Xuanyuan would not come after them and annhilate them in a suicide attack. They just wanted to wait for Xuanyuan’s  life to run its course. The Hai family really was unfortunate. No one would dare risk the lives of their clan just to help the Hai family achieve their revenge.

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