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Chapter 264 The Eastern Dynasty


   In the sky, Youxue turned into a swimming dragon, breaking through the clouds as he travelled at a fast speed. Xuanyuan and the pig were on the dragon. They were attacked by a strong wind, but they remained unmoved. Xuanyuan’s long hair flowed behind him.

   Just like how when people drink, they know whether the water is cold or warm.

   Xuanyuan didn’t want the Yin family to help him, but if they really wanted to, they should at least be sincere. Although Yin Tuxian, Yin Zhenluo, and Yin Qianxun would help him unconditionally, what about the others?

   If they had known Xuanyuan’s situation, they would naturally think that he must die. At the beginning, they would take it for granted. But in the long run, they would naturally feel that Xuanyuan was a burden. They would tire of him, and start to despise him. To avoid being treated with disdain, it would be best for him to go away tactfully. To rely on oneself is better than to rely on others.

“Hey, boy, Why don’t you stay with the Yin family this time? It is obvious that since you saved Yin Tuxian, Zhenluo’s feelings for you have changed. Did you move her? I believe that as long as you say you want to marry her, she would accept!” The pig laughed strangely beside him.

“Why? Because I “moved” her? Come on, I don’t even know if I can refine the Heart Devouring Bug. Do you think I’m a fool? How can I not understand how my beautiful master feels? But maybe, as the Nightmare Ghost said, I will die in a few years, so staying here will only increase her sadness and guilt. It’s better that we leave at this moment. I’ll keep going, and believe in myself. This way, maybe I have a chance to live without making anyone sad.” Xuanyuan’s voice was very gentle. He knew that he only had a few years left to live. At the very beginning, Xuanyuan couldn’t calm down. He didn’t want to die. He was determined to be a great emperor.

   But life is unpredictable; what happens is not up to mere humans at all. How can anything be satisfactory? After he figured this out, Xuanyuan’s mind immediately calmed down. Instead of complaining, it would be better for him to work hard and fight desperately. At least his death can make the Heart Devouring Bug live happily.

“Ha ha! Good point.” The voice of Greed sounded from Xuanyuan’s heart.: “It seems that you have grown up a lot after experiencing this event. You finally feel that only believing in yourself is true, and that you yourself are the most important person. Don’t worry, you are the successor of the Devouring Emperor. Even if you fight to death, we won’t let you fall, because what you represent is the transmission of the Devouring Emperor’s powers. Do you understand that the legacy of the Body of All Creations needs to be continued by you?”

“No, I want to rely on my own strength to break away from the fate that others say cannot be broken.” Xuanyuan shook his head. His determination was firm. Only strength was real. Only with a faith in himself can he accomplish all this.

“Well, aren’t you ambitious! Where are you going to go now?” The pig said with a smile.

“I’ll go back to the Fighting Dragon City to see Youniang first. I didn’t expect Youniang to pay so much for me in silence. But I didn’t know anything about it, and I never went to visit her. It’s inappropriate.” Xuanyuan thought of what the elders of the Yin family said, and also of Bai Youniang’s great determination that day. He knew there was Fighting Earth in the Nightmare Daze.

“Ha ha, your limited lifespan really has made you kinder! Then go back to the Fighting Dragon City!” The pig grinned.

“Dead pig, do you want to die?” Xuanyuan showed the whites of his eyes. How could his mind be full of all these things? Xuanyuan pointed at the armor on his body.

“Now I’m about to enter the realm of imperial fighter. It’s only a step away. The armor has also been damaged. Talismans, as well as other things that suit me, are also needed. And as for the elixir; it’s always good to be prepared.”

“Hey, hey! That’s right, boy. There are so many pure energy sources in you. What do you keep them for? Hand them all over. Let me break through the realm of xian class fighters, and then I can find the whereabouts of the other eight parts. Maybe I can help you solve the problem of the Heart Devouring Bug.” The pig started to salivate., He was still thinking about the pure energy source in Xuanyuan’s ring.

   Xuanyuan showed the whites of eyes and sneered.

“I just want to keep it. I won’t give it to you, so what can you do about it?”

“Whoof!” The pig was angry: “Boy, do you want me to help you? You don’t have much time left. Do you want to waste your time on the road? One hundred thousand jins of your pure energy source; give it to me, and I’ll transport you to the Fighting Dragon City in an instant. “

   Xuanyuan thought about it carefully, nodded and said:

“Well, you win.”

   Xuanyuan immediately threw out 100000 Jin of pure energy source, and his 1.27 million jins became 1.17 million jins.

   The pig swallowed up a hundred thousand jins of the pure energy source like a stone in the sea, not stirring big waves, so there was nearly no response. This broke Xuanyuan’s heart.

   The pig was a bottomless hole.

“Boy, what are you going to do with the girl Qian Duoduo?” the pig asked suddenly.

“What can I do? I just met Qian Duoduo by chance. She’s gone. It’s not like I can go all over the world to get her back. We’re not family,.” Xuanyuan said in a flat voice.

“You are so ungrateful. The girl likes you very much. More importantly, she is very rich. She has endless wealth. Do you know what she has cultivated? Do you know what it means to have the Treasure Gathering Earth and the Xian Method of Gathering Gold? Take her with you, and it’s possible that you can find amazing treasures in heaven and earth. Maybe you can even find the insecticidal flower that can restrain the Heart Devouring Bug.” The pig finally reached his breaking point. It turned out that he had been thinking about Qian Duoduo’s Fighting Gold and Fighting Earth.

“To say the least, even if she can’t find the deity, then at least she has money. She can buy countless pure energy sources for me to devour and absorb.”

   Xuanyuan wanted to beat the pig’s smug face.

“How could you be so shameless? You think too much. Hurry up, and don’t tell me what brand you left on Qian Duoduo. If you want to find her, then you can come to her at any time.” Xuanyuan looked scornfully at the pig.

“Hey hey, you’re really smart. You guessed it. Qian Duoduo has tons of treasure. How could I not leave a mark on her? I have a feeling she will have a strange fate, although I am not quite sure. Seriously, take more money with you, boy. With her, your chance of surviving will increase a lot.”

   The pig seemed unwilling to give up. Xuanyuan raised his knife-shaped eyebrow and sweared:

“Fuck! Damn it, I’ll chop you to death if you talk any more. Let’s hurry back to the Fighting Dragon City.”

   The pig almost cried out mournfully. He scolded the boy in his heart:

“This kid is a fool. He doesn’t use Qian Duoduo, who could be such a good resource. It would be better to make use of her. This is such a big loss.”

“Maybe Xuanyuan’s personality is just like this. Qian Duoduo is straight forward, but a bit willful. But how can Xuanyuan make use of Qian Duoduo? That’s not Xuanyuan’s way.” The Greed sighed.

“Whoof!” roared the pig. Many markings ran from his body. Light shone all throughout the sky, and a golden gate was draped over them, which was directly connected to theto the the Fighting Dragons Sect.

   After Xuanyuan and his party left, many golden lotuses floated in the sky. ?Emperor Dragons that made of air flying around with loud cries..

   An old man with white hair and a beard, clad in a Dragon Robe of eight kings, appeared, along with a man wearing silver armor.

   The light shined on the man’s head, almost as if he could use the power of the Land of the East.

   He was invincible.

“Eight Emperor uncle, is that Xuanyuan?” asked the man in silver armor?

“Yes. If this boy grows to be an adult, he may rival even your strength. What’s the matter? Do you want to fight with him?” The old man smiled slowly.

“Yes. Considering my strength, I really want to fight with him. I will wait for him to break through, and then we shall have our battle!” The man’s voice was calm, but prideful. He would not allow himself to bully others. This man was the crown prince of the Land of the East: a member of the Eastern Dynasty.

“Good. That pig with him is not so simple either. It seems that he has profound knowledge of the forbidden art. I can only see a small part of the prohibitions he just put out. That right there is the prohibition connected to the Fighting Dragon City.” The old man frowned, obviously surprised that there were still strong prohibitions now.

“It doesn’t matter. There will be a day when I will fight with him. If he doesn’t win against Jiang Yitian, he will not be qualified to fight with me. Let’s go, Eight Emperor uncle,” the man in the silver armor said. He disappeared in a flash.

   The old man hissed, and then left.

   A golden door, interwoven with lights and markings, appeared in the sky of the Fighting Dragon City and Taibai Trading. The breath of a royal dragon shocked countless people. It was even more surprising to see a person standing on this dragon.

“Who are you to pull something like that off with such momentum? You even rode the dragon in the realm of the emperor class fighter!”

“It’s him!” someone said excitedly.

“Who is it?”

“You don’t know him? He is Xuanyuan. He rides on the dragon in the realm of emperor class fighter, and is accompanied by a pig. It must be him, for I’ve seen Xuanyuan myself a few years ago.  I still recognize him. It seems that he has become stronger!”

“Here comes Xuanyuan!” The news of his return spread quickly.

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