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Chapter 265 Let’s Get Married!


   The news of Xuanyuan’s return to “Fighting Dragon City” spread as fast as a plague.

   This time, what Xuanyuan did in the Eastern Dynasty had made everyone happy.

   The Hai family was in charge of the surveillance department and supervised the whole Eastern Dynasty. They were very powerful. If it weren’t for Xuanyuan, their secretly cultivated force in the Eastern Dynasty would not have been destroyed by the five major families and the eight caves people, and the Hai family would be stronger than ever.

It was well-known that the Fighting Dragon Sect had always been incompatible with the Eastern Dynasty, but on the surface, the two had maintained a good relationship.

   However, when it came to competing for interests, the Fighting Dragon Sect would not hesitate to show their fangs. With the power of Nightmare Ghost, Xuanyuan nearly destroyed half of the Hai family, causing the Hai family great loss. The whole Hai family didn’t have strength to fight back. The royal family of Eastern Dynasty and the Yin family could only persuade them to call a truce. That made the master of the Fighting Dragon Sect and his senior cadres very happy, for Xuanyuan’s fight with the Hai family on behalf of the Fighting Dragon Sect.

“Xuanyuan, what a rising star! Very good! Very good! He tarnished the reputation of the Eastern Dynasty and caused the Hai family great loss!”

“Only because of the power of Nightmare Ghost Fairy. He would have already been killed if he was all on his own.”

“Let’s see you try it then. At least he can use the power of Nightmare Ghost. What can you do? “

“In any case, Xuanyuan has made a big difference for us.”

   There were conflicts between the cultivators in the Eastern Dynasty and the Fighting Dragon Sect, for the rise and fall of the two groups had a bearing on the honor of these cultivators. If the Eastern Dynasty fell into decline, a cultivator from there would feel ashamed, for others might look down on him, thinking that cultivators from such a powerless place must also be powerless.

“Haha! That’s right. It’s all thanks to Xuanyuan! Look at these arrogant cultivators from the Eastern Dynasty!”

   Comments and discussions kept going in the Fighting Dragon Sect.

   Xuanyuan didn’t care what they said, and he went into Taibai Trading.

   Youxue turned into a human being, and stood motionless like a statue. He guarded the entrance of the corridor leading to the Agalwood House. Many people who passed by the entrance of the corridor couldn’t help but feel awed when they saw Youxue. For them, the aura of an emperor class fighter was too strong.


   Surrounded by the smell of Agalwood, Xuanyuan calmly sat down in an armchair, facing Bai Youniang.

   Bai Youniang was excited. Her fingertips slightly quivered, and her voice trembled.

“You are finally back! In the past two years, the master of the Fighting Dragon Sect, the head of the Eastern Dynasty, the Highest Lightning Yao Emperor and the Soul Devouring Mo have all fallen. I thought you would not come out as soon as you entered. I was so worried about you!”

“Here I am now! I came to see you after coming back from the capital of the Eastern Dynasty.” Xuanyuan smiled slightly.

“Of course I know that! I’m so very happy!” Bai Youniang smiled sweetly. Her chest was fuller than when he had last seen her. The faint scent that exuded from her was enchanting. Looking at Xuanyuan’s free and easy face, Bai Youniang felt a bit downcast. But soon, she turned confident again and asked:

“Xuanyuan, shall we get married?”

“What?” Xuanyuan was stupefied, unable to respond.

   Bai Youniang stood up and walked to Xuanyuan. She sat on his knee, put her hands around Xuanyuan’s neck, and said in a sweet voice:

“I said, shall we get married?”

“…” Xuanyuan almost fainted. Xuanyuan could feel Bai Youniang’s breasts on him, and her short breath, and he could see that her face had turned red. Obviously, it had taken a lot of courage to propose to him.

“We haven’t seen each other for two years, and it seems like you’ve developed a sense of humor. I’m too young to get married.”

“If we get married, it would be justified for me to leave the Eastern Dynasty with you and travel to the North, the West, the South, and even the Mo Land and the Yao Land to find a way to dispel the Heart Devouring Bug. My father is the president of Taibai Trading in the East, so I believe that his social network can help us find it out. ” Bai Youniang was beaming.

   Xuanyuan felt warm and moved. Obviously, Bai Youniang had already known about this, but she had still put forward such a proposal. However, he thought that it would be selfish to accept that.

“Thank you, Youniang, but I can’t accept. It would just be unfair to you. If we can’t find a cure, what should I do?”

“It doesn’t matter if we can’t find it. We can start over. When we are looking for it, I will help you cultivate so that you can break through the Fighting Xian Realm and reincarnate. as long you can live well in the future, nothing else matters.” Bai Youniang smiled gently.

“The future life… It takes too long. Meanwhile, my constitution is special and rare. I won’t give it up. Thank you for all you have done for me, Youniang. You spent 50 billion king coins on Tianji to speculate on the possible existence of Fighting Earth, right?” Xuanyuan asked with a smile.

   Bai Youniang was surprised and nodded. Obviously, she did not know why Xuanyuan would know.

“You must be the one who proposed to kill the Hai family when I was getting chased.?. I don’t know who else is willing to help me with that ability except you.”

   Bai Niang nodded again and said:

“I’m useless. If I can, I won’t let you be hunted down.”

   Bai Youniang pressed her face against Xuanyuan’s chest.

“You have done so much for me. I can’t possibly repay you. Please don’t talk about getting married. It can only hurt you in the long run. I’ve been used to being alone for a long time. Now, I’m going to make a breakthrough on my own without any issues. Besides, I can’t do this to you, Youniang. Do you understand?” Xuanyuan said softly, gently holding Bai Youniang. She felt extremely warm.

“I understand.” Bai Youniang’s eyes were welling up with tears, and she held Xuanyuan tighter. After a long silence, Bai Youniang suddenly said:

“I’ll wait for you.”

   Xuanyuan felt tight in his heart, and smiled bitterly:

“What are you doing, lady Youniang? The world’s full of good men, and many of them are pursuing you. What’s so good about me? “

   Bai Youniang sniffed, let go of Xuanyuan, and jokingly said:

“You don’t understand.”

  Xuanyuan did not know how to reply. Outside the Agalwood House, the Pig shook his head and sighed:

“It’s really sad. This kid doesn’t know the sadness of us bachelors. I used to be a king surrounded by thousands of concubines, but right now, I am merely a lonely bachelor. What a sad story! We should pick up any woman we like. It’s fine to have some confidantes for one who wishes to be an emperor. “

“Xuanyuan’s mind has not settled down. Rejecting Youniang is the best decision for him. He is different from many people in this world.” Greed talked with the Pig.



   Bai Youniang came to the seventh floor of Treasure Tower with Xuanyuan, the Pig, and Youxue.

   The floor was still round, but it was smaller. There were many holes in the walls, which contained pieces of top rank heaven class instruments.

   She knew that in the past two years, Xuanyuan had made a great breakthrough when it came to his strength. Although she was now an imperial fighter, Xuanyuan’s Qi was still much more vast than hers. Now Xuanyuan’s Qi could support the operation of the top rank heaven class instruments. However, controlling a xian class instrument was still too difficult for him.

The armor was no longer suitable for Xuanyuan. On the day when the Heart Devouring Bug suddenly attacked Xuanyuan, the armor did not automatically protect him. Even if it had responded, it still might not have been able to resist the Heart Devouring Bug.

   The gifts Bai Youniang gave to Xuanyuan were always the best.

   The seventh floor of Treasure Tower had been cleared, leaving only Xuanyuan, the Pig, Youxue, and Bai Youniang. 

  Bai Youniang walked over to a robe with the aura of the Dragon Race and said softly:

“This is the Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe, which was made of the sinews and scales of dragons, and was refined with various kinds of heaven materials and earth treasures, before being struck by lightning. It is a robe that could be ranked as xian class.”

The Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe was a top rank heaven class instrument that bred the spirit of the weapon. It was likely to be ranked as xian class. The robe had the ability to wrap any enemy in it. It could send the Heavenly Dragon to kill the enemies, and it was very good at protecting its user.

   Xuanyuan nodded and said with a smile:

“That’s it.”

   Bai Youniang put away the Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe herself, and went to a deep pit. She took out a dragon crown. On top it was a lifelike green dragon shrouded in Dragon Qi. Bai Youniang said:

“It is the Dragon Emperor Raining Helmet, a top rank heaven class instrument that can be ranked as xian class. It was carved from the horn of a rain dragon with the inheritance of a green dragon, and then forged with thirty-six kinds of heaven and earth treasures such as Rain Healing Crystals for 18 years, before it was struck by lightning three times so as to breed the spirit of instruments and have the ability to release a strong protective force and large-scale rain fog for group healing. It is the best instrument you could bring with you to fight in the battlefield…”

   Obviously, Bai Youniang had already considered its strategic benefits. Xuanyuan was very satisfied with the instrument she chose. 

“The Xian’s Arch of Five Elements was forged with the essence of heaven and earth received by the rare Five Element Elf for thirty-six years. With only one more step, it can enter the xian class. It is not as good as the Heavenly Souls Arch at damaging souls, but its force is amazing. What’s more, as long as there is Qi of Five Elements between the heavens and the earth, the arrow that shoots out is able to track the enemy until they are shot and killed. Its one weakness is that it consumes a lot of Qi.”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s suitable enough for me!” Xuanyuan smiled slightly. Bai Youniang was understanding him more and more.

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