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Chapter 266 Preparedness


“The Five Elements Jade is a collection of gold, wood, water, fire, earth sky,and jade. It’s been refined by a highly skilled person for thirty-three years. In addition, it has been set to correspond to the five elements’ prohibitions. If urged, it can cover the field of the five elements. It is the best choice for you. “

“Well, in terms of the quality of the top rank heaven class instruments, this Five Elements Jade is quite good,” the pig commented.

 Xuanyuan himself was very satisfied with this Five Elements Jade.

“The Wind Boots are unique artifacts, which were made of wind dragon skin and refined by blood day and night for 28 years. They have been gifted with supreme prohibitions, and have survived from the thunder disaster, and formed a shadow. They are also treasures that can be regarded as Xian class instruments. They are incredibly useful for defense, and they are the best instruments for escaping.” The five pieces of equipment carefully selected by Bai Youniang for Xuanyuan were extraordinary, and every one of them won Xuanyuan’s heart.

“Ha ha! Boy, if you want to get married, then she is the best choice.” The pig laughed recklessly, Bai Youniang blushed when she heard this.

 Xuanyuan rolled his eyes at the pig, pretending to hear nothing. “How much?” Xuanyuan asked Bai Youniang.

“No, you don’t have to pay me. They can be seen as gifts; the only payment I will take is the promise that you will live a good life and get rid of the Heart Devouring Bug. Otherwise, I won’t spare you,” Bai Youniang said with a smile. She looked at the pig with admiration, which satisfied him. However, the pig decided not to annoy Xuanyuan, considering how he felt.

Xuanyuan shook his head:

“I don’t like the feeling of unearned gifts; they have always made me uncomfortable. Even beggars need to walk and beg; please tell me your price.”

Bai Youniang looked at Xuanyuan:

“Is it so difficult for you to accept a little bit of my heart? How can you compare it to begging?”

“It has nothing to do with your heart. You have done enough for me. No matter the relationship between husband and wife or between friends, they both should pay instead of just taking all the time. Do you understand?” Xuanyuan said.

“Give me 100 billion king coins then.” Bai Youniang shrugged her shoulders.

“Are you doubting my intelligence? On that day, a top rank heaven class instrument, which was going to enter the rank of xian class instruments, was auctioned off for 300 billion king coins. Whether a top rank heaven class instrument can enter into the rank of xian class instrument or not makes a big difference. The difference in price is tremendous. Although the auction will have the effect of raising the price, it is impossible that these instruments are only worth 100 billion king coins.” Xuanyuan looked at Bai Youniang, and then took out a trillion king coins from his ring. He couldn’t help but say:

“Here are a trillion king coins. Take them.”

It surprised Bai Youniang. When did Xuanyuan have so much money? Even ordinary xian class fighters didn’t have as much money as him.

“Haha! Did you not expect this?” Xuanyuan said with a self-satisfied smile, “I plundered all the money from those people who chased me and tried to kill me, so you don’t have to feel pity for me.”

“But…” Bai Youniang still wanted to refuse his money.

“If you still think I’m your friend, take the money. Money is of no great use to me, but it must be of great use to you. Work hard. I think I will need a lot of help from you on the road of cultivation in the future. I’m striving to cultivate to change my fate. You need to keep up with me, so that you can offer me help.” Xuanyuan interrupted Bai Youniang’s refusal with an irresistible tone. Hearing Xuanyuan’s insistence, Bai Youniang didn’t say anything more, because she knew Xuanyuan’s disposition.

“Well, since you say so, I will accept your money. I will follow what you said, and I will not lose my way.” Bai Youniang smiled beautifully. As a businesswoman who grew up in a business family, Bai Youniang understood this truth. Yan Ziyun was the best example. She absolutely didn’t want to follow in Yan Ziyun’s footsteps. As long as she could make the transaction amount of Taibai Trading in the Fighting Dragon City vigorously, she would get better rewards and inheritance.

Xuanyuan took off his instruments one by one, threw them into his ring, and then replaced them with this set of instruments specially selected by Bai Youniang for him. Wearing those instruments, he felt extremely comfortable. As expected, the top rank heaven class instruments were special.

Xuanyuan estimated that even if he met ordinary three rank Emperor Realm Fighters, he would have nothing to fear.

“Xuanyuan, where are you going to go next?” Bai Youniang asked, as she put away her coins.

“First of all, I will go back and kill the aristocratic families of the Fighting Dragon Sect who want to kill me, and I will kill the disciples of the caves one by one. A real man needs to take revenge. All their elders found me in trouble in the Land of Darkness on that day. If I were not so brave and intelligent, I would have already died by their hands. Anyway, I’m barefoot, so I’m not afraid of those who wear shoes, am I?” Xuanyuan smiled maliciously.

“Oh, when will you learn to be a bit more introverted? Now the name of Xuanyuan is famous in the Land of the East. Everyone knows your name; now you are even more famous than the Eastern Dynasty. The former lord of the Fighting Dragons Sect and the heroic Emperor of the Eastern Dynasty both lost their lives in the Land of Darkness, but you come out safely. This has made countless people boast about your fame.” Bai Youniang laughed and teased Xuanyuan.

“Why not let them say whatever they want to say?” Xuanyuan smiled.

“Hey, there’s no such thing as a wind coming from a hollow cave.” Bai Youniang obviously agreed with those who praised Xuanyuan. At least in her mind, Xuanyuan was as powerful as they described.

“Ha! It was just luck, Youniang. I want to buy some more medicine and elixir, and talismans as well.” Xuanyuan thought that since he spent one trillion on the five top rank heaven class instruments, he would like to buy some talismans and medicine and elixir.

“All right.” Bai Youniang also knew that Xuanyuan always did what he said, and since he said that he would kill the disciples of the Fighting Dragon Sect who chased him and tried to kill him, of course he would carry it out. Medicine and elixir, as well as talismans, were of great use in this duel of life and death.

Bai Youniang led Xuanyuan to the Medicine and Elixir Building. When they entered the building, countless people stared at them.

A few years ago, if people saw Xuanyuan and Bai Youniang standing together, they would think that Xuanyuan was a toad, and wanted to eat swan meat. But this year, when Xuanyuan stood beside Bai Youniang, maybe those who adored Bai Youniang were not convinced, but no one dared to speak outright. Some even shouted on the spot:

“Mr. Xuanyuan and Miss Bai are really a match created by nature. They match each other perfectly.”

All of the flattery made Bai Youniang blush. She smiled charmingly and led Xuanyuan straight to the seventh floor of the Medicine and Elixir Building.

The setting of the seventh floor of the Medicine and Elixir Building was the same as that of the Treasure Tower.

“What medicine do you need?” Bai Youniang had just recovered from the flattery.

Xuanyuan didn’t think too much of it, but he knew that Bai Youniang must have a good understanding of the medicine and elixir in the building. As long as he said what he needed, Bai Youniang would naturally give it to him.

“I want a medicine that can instantly stimulate my Qi and blood and increase my strength.” Xuanyuan answered.

Bai Youniang’s facial expression changed. She was startled:

“What do you want this kind of medicine and elixir for? Its effectiveness is on the basis of costing one’s own life span. You have no idea that tremendous people want to exchange countless treasures for a longer life. What do you want to do with this kind of medicine and elixir?”

“It’s hard to say. I only have four years left at most. It will be my greatest fortune to get rid of the Heart Devouring Bug. I cannot ask for anything else. It’s not good to be too greedy. I want this kind of medicine and elixir to maximize my potential and give the enemy a heavy blow at a critical time,” Xuanyuan said with a smile.

“Well, this is the Crazy Emperor Evil Elixir, an emperor class and elixir. You must be extremely careful when you take it,” Bai Youniang said heavily.

“What?” Xuanyuan saw Bai Youniang take it out of her clothes. Obviously, Bai Youniang had also made the same preparation for herself.

“This kind of elixir raises one’s accomplishments sharply at the cost of burning one’s blood. Generally, 70% of the people who take this elixir will die, 10% will have their accomplishments to be completely wasted, 10% will be seriously injured, and the other 10% are very lucky, and will not be seriously harmed; they will only lose a lot of blood, and have their lifespan shortened. It entirely depends on their habits,” said Bai Youniang.

“Well, I got it.” After he accepted the Crazy Emperor Evil Elixir, Xuanyuan said: ” Didn’t you also prepare one Crazy Emperor Evil Elixir for yourself?”

“This kind of elixir can only be taken once in one’s life at most. If you take it a second time, you will surely die. I prepared it just to prepare myself,” Bai Youniang said.

“Well, I know. Don’t worry. I won’t use it unless I have no other choice. I used to get this kind of elixir from the kingly fighter of the Yin Family who chased me, but I threw it away later because the class is too low to make me improve my strength sharply.” Xuanyuan spoke casually, as he didn’t want to worry Bai Youniang. He asked:

“Are there any medicines and elixir that can restore Qi quickly? I have a great capacity for Qi in my body now. The grandmaster and imperial fighter elixirs can’t satisfy me at all. “

“Well…” Bai Youniang gently walked over to a curved wall. She took out a bottle of elixir and said: “There are thirty-six Emperor Elixirs in it, which is enough to make a seven rank Emperor Realm Fighter restore his Qi. If you want more, you can take another bottle.”

“Then give me one more bottle!” Xuanyuan calculated that he still had 700 billion king coins in his pocket, and it would be better to prepare himself.

Bai Youniang took two bottles of the Emperor Elixir and gave them to Xuanyuan.

“Give me one more pill of the Emperor Class Fighter Elixir. I don’t need other stuff because Xuanyuan had a one Nirvana Rebirth Elixir. He,, planned to buy all  the medicines and elixir he needed at oncee  to make himself well prepared.

Bai Youniang knew that Xuanyuan was bound to leave after he finished his work in the Fighting Dragon Sect to prepare him to break through the realm of emperor class fighter in the future. She took the Emperor Class Fighter Elixir and gave it to Xuanyuan.

“Well, the preparation of medicine and elixir is almost done. Let’s go to the Class Talismans Tower and have a look,” Xuanyuan said.

“All right.” Bai Youniang nodded like a young wife and  happily led Xuanyuan in the direction of the Class Talismans Tower.

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