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Chapter 268 Admiration

Chapter 268 Admiration


Nu Xian Mountain was surrounded by clouds.

The whole Nu Xian Mountain was golden. It was full of the strong fighting spirit of the golden system, so it looked like an angry fighting immortal. Golden fighting spirit came out of it, which penetrated the clouds around it one by one. The whole Nu Xian Mountain gave out a strong killing intent.

The ferocious animals in the area of Nu Xian Mountain would be affected by the golden fighting spirit of Nu Xian Mountain, so it gradually became a forbidden area for many people.

   At first glance, Nu Xian Mountain was surrounded by countless golden swords.

   From the depths of Nu Xian mountain, a sound rang out.


   A life jade card was blown to pieces.

“What!” A voice came, penetrating the space: “Nu Feng is dead? Hurry up, look into this! Dig it out. We should find the killer! He was killed within Taibai Trading? Nonsense. Nobody dares to kill people in Taibai Trading. Go to Taibai Trading and figure it out.”

 “Yes, master.”

There were many strong people in Nu Xian Mountain. Nu Feng was one of the most ill-tempered disciples, but he had the best potential, and he cultivated the fastest. Now he was killed for no reason. It was no wonder that Nu Xian was outraged.

“Master, the Heavenly White Xian from Taibai Trading has arrived.”

Just at the moment Nu Xian started to get angry, the Heavenly White Xian showed up immediately.

In the sky of the Nu Xian Mountain, an old man stepped onto the white cloud at his feet. The fighting spirit from Nu Xian Mountain could not do any harm to the white cloud at his feet.

   After a while, a valiant man showed up. He looked like he was made of pure gold. He was the master of Nu Xian Mountain. He stared at everyone with sharp eyes, making them feel as if they were being penetrated by swords. Many started to tremble.

“I didn’t expect the Heavenly White Xian to come here in person. What’s the matter?” Nu Xian tried his best to control his anger.

“Ha ha, Nu Xian, I’m here to solve your problems.”  the Heavenly White Xian looked relaxed; it seemed that the death of Nu Feng made no difference to him. Flicking his sleeves, he summoned an apparition that depicted the entire incident. 

“That’s the circumstances surrounding Nu Feng’s death. It’s all up to you how to solve it.”

Nu Xian looked serious. He asked the Heavenly White Xian, “Why didn’t you save him? That way, I would owe you a favor.”

“It’s not about whether I wanted to save him or not, it’s about whether I was capable of saving him.” theHeavenly White Xian sighed,

“I’m sorry about Nu Feng’s death. I just hope that you can calmly handle this issue. Don’t be impulsive. Xuanyuan still has the last promise of the Nightmare Ghost. Don’t bring any untoward harm to the Nu family.”

Nu Xian shivered. After a while, he said, “Thanks for the reminder. I will keep that in mind.”

“Well, I’ve done what I have to, so now it’s time for me to go.” Saying this, the Heavenly White Xian left.

Nu Xian looked terrifying, full of killing intent. A golden light broke through the clouds and raced through the sky.

“Xuanyuan; it’s Xuanyuan again. He’s just detestable.” His eyes let out a sharp light that seemed to pierce everything. However, when he thought of the last promise that Xuanyuan held, Nu Xian felt powerless.

   Even the huge groups like the Hai Family could only accept their bad luck. The Nu Family couldn’t withstand an attack of that scale. If they seeked revenge, it may end up wiping the entire clan.

“Master, what should we do now?” A man bowed. This man looked extraordinarily brave. Unlike Nu Xian, he did not spread killing spirit all over; he hid it instead, and looked serious.

“I don’t know. It’s Xuanyuan. What do you think I should do Nu Tian?” Nu Xian turned to Nu Tian, one of his smartest and most-promising disciples.

 “Master, isn’t there the once-in-a-decade battle of The List of Dragons in a few days? Nu Feng has already died, we can’t bring him back to life. Xuanyuan will surely return to The Fighting Dragon Sect. As long as he attends the battle, he will definitely die.”

   Nu Xian smiled, once again looking elegant. Killing intent was evident in his eyes.

“Even though Xuanyuan has the last promise of the Nightmare Ghost, so what? He’s lucky he is protected by the Nightmare Ghost for now, but it won’t last forever. If he really wanted to protect him, he would have accepted him as an apprentice. We could force others to make him use up the third promise, but by that time, won’t it be too easy to kill him? Even if we don’t kill him, he can only survive for a few years, suffering from the biting pain of the Heart Devouring Bug, before he dies miserably.”

“Well, you’re right. Nu Feng is too careless. I’ve reminded him many times to not be careless when fighting his enemies, but he could never control himself. His strength was improving too fast, and it made him arrogant. Throughout history, several geniuses have fallen due to their hubris. Nu Tian, you are among the few people that I expect much of. Don’t let me down. The death of Nu Feng should have taught you this.” Nu Xian sighed and left.

“I’ve learned from you, master. After you, please.” A strange smile showed up on Nu Tian’s face. He said secretly in his heart, “I just said a few words! How could you have been so impulsive? You really went to Taibai Trading and provoked Xuanyuan? I’ve reminded you so many times not to be impulsive, and to not provoke Xuanyuan, as you were definitely no match for him, but you didn’t listen to me! Because of your foolishness, you were killed. It’s a pity that you were killed by a pig and died in such an ugly way after inheriting so many great magic arts from master.”

   No one knew that it was Nu Tian who pushed Nu Feng to provoke Xuanyuan. 


   Xuanyuan stepped off Youxue, causing many of the inner disciples to worship him.

   Since Xuanyuan had killed Xingyun, liberating the bullied internal disciples, they had become respectful to Xuanyuan.

   After Xuanyuan left the Fighting Dragon Sect, he had been chased around endlessly, though he eventually killed his pursuers, which made them believe that Xuanyuan was extremely powerful. There was a kind of inexplicable worship arising from their heart. Xuanyuan’s battle with the Hai Family in Dong Zhou Royal City also caused them to respect him.

   Now, Xuanyuan returned from his journey with a dragon at his feet, respected by all the inner disciples. Xuanyuan had won their admiration.

   Xuanyuan had become the legend of the Fighting Dragons Inner Hall.

   No one could reach his level.

“Dear Brother Xuanyuan!” Xuanyuan saw numerous disciples bowing to him in the Fighting Dragons Inner Hall.

   The scene was extremely memorable.

   Xuanyuan was touched. Unexpectedly, he had received admiration from countless people. He could feel that these people truly respected him in their hearts.

   Xuanyuan kept silent, standing quietly in the sky; the Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe covering his body billowing in the air. He seemed to be as powerful as the heavens.

   Many female disciples began to whisper.

“Oh, it’s Brother Xuanyuan. He is very brave.”

“Yes, he is very attractive. I wonder if he is in love with someone!”

“Brother Xuanyuan is so powerful. I’d like to be his servant, just as long as I could stay with him.”

“I heard that Brother Xuanyuan only has a few years left.”

“What? Really?”

“It’s true. It is said that his heart has been bitten by the Heart Devouring Bug when he saved the master of the Yin Family. For now, it has been sealed and restrained, but it can only last for four years.”

“How could this be? Brother Xuanyuan is so magnanimous. The Yin family has always been at odds with the Fighting Dragon Sect, but he still cured the master. No one could be as gracious as Xuanyuan.”

   Xuanyuan was quiet for a moment, then nodded and slowly said, “How are you all?” Xuanyuan arched his hand and saluted. He heard the sound of laughter coming from the crowd.

   Xuanyuan looked up and saw Bu Jingsha, the inner leader of the sect, coming. The man laughed,

“Ha, brother Xuanyuan, I didn’t expect you to achieve so much in such a short time. It’s really awe-inspiring.”

“How are you, Brother Bu?” Xuanyuan arched his hand and smiled.

   Bu Jingsha waved and said with a smile, “Brother Xuanyuan, you are too modest. This is a hundred trillion merit points. It’s a reward from the Fighting Dragon Sect. Please take it. And with your current accomplishments, you are qualified to become a true disciple of the fighting Dragon Sect. Please come in.”

   When Bu Jingsha finished speaking, 100 trillion merit points were added to Xuanyuan’s medal. Xuanyuan he said nothing, instead just nodding with a smile He followed Bu Jingsha

“Thank you, Brother Bu”

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