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Chapter 269 Techniques Transforming Palace

Chapter 269 Techniques Transforming Palace


  Xuanyuan mounted You Xue and flew towards The Fighting Dragon Sect with Bu Jing Sha.

“Xuanyuan, you really made it. I knew that you were not an ordinary person as soon as I saw you. Now, you have proved this. Although you are only in the realm of the Fighting Dragon, you have surpassed a lot of imperial fighters. When you step into the realm of imperial fighter, I’m afraid there will be few matches for you among the Emperor fighters.” Bu Jingsha praised Xuanyuan frankly and generously, without any intention of flattery. Xuanyuan was indeed a rare talent, the likes of which he had never seen before.

“Brother Bu, you also improved very quickly. Though you were busy with matters of the Fighting Dragon Inner Hall, it only took you two years to step into the realm of a level six fighting emperor. It is extraordinary. You are among the most amazing cultivators I have ever seen.” Xuanyuan also admired Bu Jingsha. Bu Jingsha surely knew that he could only live for four more years, but he still treated Xuanyuan as he usually did, which made Xuanyuan glad.

“Ha ha, it’s because I used my merit points to practice in the Time Void. It took me more than ten years there to reach my current level.” Bu Jingsha waved his hand and said with a smile “After a few days, there will be a competition among the real disciples in the Fighting Dragon Sect. Many people have prepared for this day for many years, as it is the only opportunity to get on the Dragon List.

“Huh? I guess that those who are in the dragon list are of immeasurable cultivation right now? It won’t be easy for the young generation to surpass those people.” Xuanyuan couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ha, those elder brothers who are now on the Dragon List do not continue to participate once they get on the list; they either hang out to improve their cultivation, or they get promoted to be an Elder in the Sect. You will meet many acquaintances if you enter the Fighting Dragon Sect.” Bu Jingsha smiled.

“Oh? Are Chen Jinchou, Liu Xiangxiang, and Fang Yuxiao all in the Sect now?” Xuanyuan asked.

“More than that, even Zhao Manfeng, the former evaluation elder of the inner hall, entered the realm of grandmasters and became a true disciple. He seems to have broken through the shackles of his own mind. The experience he accumulated over the years has made him improve realms at a very fast speed. Although he is not at the top, he is not too bad. Brother Xuanyuan, you made me understand an important truth.” Bu Jingsha smiled with comfort and joy.

“Oh? Why?” Xuanyuan asked.

“One’s qualifications are not important; neither are the potential and the starting point. What matters is whether one’s will is unshakable and firm. One’s destiny can be changed. I believe that five years from now, you will be even more brilliant, and become the mainstay of the Fighting Dragon Sect in the future.” Bu Jingsha patted Xuanyuan on the shoulder, with his eyes full of admiration.

  Regardless of whether Bu wanted to sway Xuanyuan, or whether he was being sincere, the pig felt comfortable about it. 

“Whoof, you are right. You are perceptive and smart.” The Pig looked proud.

“You must be the legendary pig, right?” Bu Jingsha said.

   The pig barked, “Whoof, don’t address me as pig. Call me the emperor.”

   Bu bowed to the pig and saluted, “Respected Emperor.”

“Mm-hmm, you are very smart.” The pig nodded.

  Bu laughed, and said to Xuanyuan:

“Brother Xuanyuan, do you want to take part in the fight for the Dragon List?”

“Sure, I will definitely take part in it. Those families tried to kill me that day in the Land of Darkness. Now it’s time to fight back. I won’t lose the chance to kill their well-trained apprentices, and pay them back for their kindness.”

“Many people die in the competition of the Dragon List every year. If you take part in the competition, it will be very dangerous. Xuanyuan, you have to think twice about this. You could kill them, and they might even kill you.”

   Xuanyuan laughed. It seemed that he wasn’t bothered if others came to know of his plans. Xuanyuan also knew that some people would take this opportunity to kill him. Who would be the winner? It depended on their capability. Xuanyuan also wanted to take this opportunity to break through his limits.

“Ha, then I’m looking forward to the day when you shine.” Bu Jingsha was shocked, but soon became happy. That’s how Xunayuan was; natural and unrestrained.


   Xuanyuan raised his head. He looked straight at the sky and said proudly, “Let’s wait and see”

“Good.” Before they knew it, they arrived at the Fighting Dragons Sect.

The Sect was a fairy house suspended in the sky. It was very vast, majestic, and powerful, with white fog surrounding it, clouds floating, and countless white cranes flying above the sect. It had a very auspicious atmosphere. 

The door opened. Eight true disciples stood in front of the door. Everyone was of the grandmaster realm.

   When they saw Bu Jingsha and Xuanyuan, they bowed.

“Respected Brother Bu!”

   Bu Jingsha nodded. He pointed to Xuanyuan and said with smile:

“Well, I’m afraid you’re all very familiar with him.”

   Youxue transformed back into his human form. Beside Youxue, the pig, who was the same size as a cow, was white and tender; he always showed his perfect figure pridefully.

“Is he Xuanyuan?” one of the true disciples asked in surprise.

“That’s right. From today, he is one of the true disciples.”

“Respected Brother Xuanyuan!” The eight true disciples guarding the front gate bowed to Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan’s name and accomplishments were very well-known. The fact that Xuanyuan dared to challenge Xingyun alone was enough to make them worship Xuanyuan. 

“Please, don’t bow to me” Xuanyuan smiled. He looked back to the Central Xian Sect which was surrounded by the mountains of immortals They looked grandiose.

“Come with me, Xuanyuan!” Bu took a step. Xuanyuan suddenly came back to his senses. The eight disciples bowed to him again, “Take care Brother Bu, and Brother Xuanyuan.”

“Xuanyuan, you have now entered the Sect. Look at your Fighting Dragon Inner Medallion.” Bu Jingsha smiled at Xuanyuan.

   Xuanyuan took out the Medallion, and put it in front of his chest. He was surprised, “It became a True Fighting Dragon Medallion.”

“Well, that’s right. Next, I’ll take you to the Coaching Elder. Since you have become a true disciple, he will pass on the supreme skill of the sect to you. The level of the skill will be dependent on your own potential.” explained Bu Jingsha.

“Um.” Although Xuanyuan cultivated the techniques of the Devouring Emperor, the Sect had a rich foundation. Their techniques, while may be inferior to the technique he already practiced, would definitely be of the highest level. He was looking forward to it after all. He believed that with his constitution and strength, he would definitely receive the highest level technique.

The pavilions, the attics, and even the corridor floors, were all made of dragon scales. 

Is there such hatred between the Sect and the Dragons?” Xuanyuan thought.

“Dragon stone; it’s very luxurious. It’s said that dragon stone comes from the homeland of the dragons. It was nurtured by the energy of the dragons, and integrated with their blood. After thousands of years of precipitation, the dragon stone gradually formed.”

   Xuanyuan walked onto the floor. Although this place was not surrounded by fairy mist like the Linglong Sect, the atmosphere was filled with different Qi, all combining in a harmonious medley.

“Huh? This is the earth dragon scale! Unbelievable! It was made into a barrier for the corridor.”

“Hahaha, the Dragon scales are extremely strong. This way, the corridor will not easily be damaged.”

 Many things surprised Xuanyuan on his way. There were 72 blessing prohibitions united together, which surprised Xuanyuan.

“Style of Spring wind and rain, Earth and Spring, Spirit Concentration, and Gentle wind curing….” 

Xuanyuan mumbled to himself.

“It’s true that you are very proficient in the feng shui, and the reading of landscape and prohibitions, just as the rumours say.” Bu Jingsha looked at Xuanyuan, and was surprised that Xuanyuan could point out the layout of the Sect one by one. Xuanyuan really was a rare talent.

“I am no expert.”Xuanyuan said modestly.

   They walked through the palaces and corridors, and finally came to the Techniques Transforming Palace.

“Brother Xuanyuan, this is it. The Coaching Elder is always impartial in his judgement. It’s all up to you, your potential will determine how high level a technique you can inherit.” Bu Jingsha bowed and left.

“Thank you, Brother Bu.” Xuanyuan nodded, and looked at the words of Techniques Transforming Palace written on top. They were mysterious, as if each word contained supreme power, and all kinds of magical forces gathered together in these words. They looked unpredictable and all-inclusive.

   Xuanyuan closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and entered the Sect.

   As soon as Xuanyuan stepped into the Palace, he felt like he was falling into an ice cave or an endless abyss. His whole body was cold and covered by a vast spirit, which made most people deterred and depressed. Xuanyuan was determined and fearless, thus it did not bother him in the least. He kept extremely calm, and prepared himself to fight.

“Who is it? Jiang Yitian?” The fighting spirit of five elements in Xuanyuan’s body moved and rolled around, and the Five Elements Emperor appeared behind Xuanyuan.

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