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Chapter 270: The Remains of the Xian Method of Devouring Five Elements  

Chapter 270: The Remains of the Xian Method of Devouring Five Elements  


   Countless thoughts sped through Xuanyuan’s mind, while he felt like his body was falling constantly. He was surrounded by a never-ending darkness.

   The pig, next to Xuanyuan, coldy exhaled and started setting up a formation of his own

“You dare provoke me with a mediocre illusion such as this? Begone!”

  Crack! The sound of glass breaking resounded through the air. The uncomfortable feeling of falling endlessly vanished, and Xuanyuan opened his eyes to see a bright light.

   An old man sat on a cattail hassock. His eyes were opaque, but still gleamed with life. He smiled at the pig, his old, wrinkled face giving off a sense of warmth.

“How intriguing. Relax, I was just playing around. You must be the rumoured pig. I’ve heard a lot about your abilities.”

   The pig looked at the old man, and sneered, “You say you’re ‘just playing around’ when you’re using the Endless Abyss? Given, it won’t affect me, you’ll have to train for another ten thousand years. However, using it on the newcomers? That’s just spiteful. Are you trying to scare them?”

   Xuanyuan looked at the pig, slightly afraid that their identity would be exposed

“Damn it. That damn pig never knew when to keep his head down. We are in the Fighting Dragons Sect right now. How dare he go around, sticking out like a sore thumb. I don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to myself.”

   Xuanyuan looked at the harmless-looking elder, trying to judge whether he suspected anything. 

The old man replied, “Haha, that’s right. It’s just a way to frighten the new disciples, so that they understand that they have merely started on their journey of learning. Otherwise, they’d become complacent with their achievements.”

“That won’t work. It seems that there is not much to the Fighting Dragons Sect.” The pig laughed, rolling his eyes.

   The techniques transforming elder looked at the pig thoughtfully. He wanted to reply, but held himself back. Instead, he turned to Xuanyuan.

   Xuanyuan hurriedly bowed. He had to show his respect to have a chance at learning the techniques

“I’ve heard great things regarding your prowess, elder!”

  Many of the top class instruments that Xuanyuan carried looked familiar to the elder. He knew that those treasures must have been extremely expensive. From just what he could see, he estimated that it must have been worth at least one trillion king coins. Xuanyuan must be at the peak of the grandmaster realm to have amassed so much wealth!

  For the majority of those in the xian realm, it would already be considered fortunate to possess several top rank heaven class instruments. But Xuanyuan, who was merely a grandmaster, owned an entire set. Any fighter who had just entered the xian realm would be ashamed of their gear if they compared themselves to Xuanyuan..

   However, Xuanyuan did possess an advantage that others did not. He didn’t have to procure additional techniques, thanks to the teachings of Greed. Other practitioners, even if they joined a major sect such as the Fighting Dragons Sect, would still have to exchange treasures for higher ranked techniques. As such, obtaining high ranked weapons and other treasures was far more difficult for them.

Regardless, the wealth he had accumulated was nothing to scoff at.

“Well, Xuanyuan, I’m impressed with your demeanour. You are young, talented, and calm. Many apprentices are scared to death when they step into this sect.” The elder’s hair was a little yellow and messy. His face full of wrinkles radiated warmth, calm, and made everyone feel at ease.

“Thank you for your praise!” Xuanyuan thanked him and stood quietly, waiting for the main dish. He wondered what kind of techniques this elder would pass on to him.

“We already knew about you and Yin Zhenluo. The Five Elements Xians had also gone to the Yin mansion to refine the Five Xian Defense Spiritual Talisman, allowing for their strengths to also progress. As such, we have excused you of any wrongdoing.” The elder spoke slowly, word by word. Xuanyuan was not worried, but he was still not comfortable. He didn’t know what the elder was thinking.

“Thank you for your understanding,” Xuanyuan said in a reserved tone.

“In the Eastern Dynasty, you did a great job utilising the power of the Nightmare Ghost, and made our reputation far greater. But, you did save Yin Tuxian, which could be seen as treason. However, considering that the merits you’ve brought us are greater than the demerits, today I shall pass on one of the secret techniques onto you. Although it is incomplete, you can still combine the elements of the technique to attack powerful enemies. However, since it’s merely a fragment, the full power will solely depend on your abilities of comprehension. Keep in mind, you can’t rush perfection.” the elder said sincerely.

   The pig was happy on the inside, but he showed an irritated expression. 

“You cheap old man, how can you give him an incomplete technique, and then ask him to comprehend it by himself. How is he supposed to fight Jiang Yitian next year? They say you are the master of techniques, right? You must have the complete version somewhere. I challenge you to a fight. If I win, I want you to hand over the complete technique.”

   Seeing the greed of the pig, Xuanyuan sighed internally. The pig really didn’t know how to restrain himself. He pretended to be shocked and looked at the elder.

   The elder was not angry at the pig’s provocation. Instead, he was amused. He stared at Youxue, one of the Heavenly Dragon Guards that Xuanyuan had brainwashed.

“What I said is the truth. I really don’t possess the entirety of the technique. The remains of the technique were accidentally obtained by an old elder of the Fighting Dragons Sect. The technique hasn’t been paid attention for all these years, as no one knew how to make sense of it. However, Xuanyuan has an affinity towards the technique.” the elder said slowly.

“Thank you very much, elder.” Xuanyuan knew that enough was enough. He glared at the pig, and addressed the elder, “If that is all, may I take my leave?”

   The elder nodded and smiled. At his gesture, Xuanyuan walked away, the pig and Youxue following behind.

   Soon after they left, the elder had a subtle smile, and said, “What do you think?”

  Six different Qis rippled through the air, each of them equally domineering.

“The techniques he cultivated are very complex and obscure. It’s hard to ascertain their origin. I’m of the opinion that he was taught by the Nightmare Ghost. Otherwise, how could he have nine thousand and five hundred dragons of strength when he’s merely at the peak of the grandmaster realm? It’s unfathomable!”

“That pig also seems extremely knowledgeable. It was probably brought out from the swamp of the Nightmare Ghost. It is known that the terrain is extremely inhospitable, and contains several unknown seals and techniques. He’s bold enough to defy you, he definitely must have the power to back up his bravery.”

“What are you going to do with Xuanyuan? He’s running out of his time. Shall we…”

“I passed the technique to him in the hope that he could break through his shackles. This great technique is not something that normal people can practice. I hope it can help him. Even if he is going to die, he should go out in a blaze of glory, searing the strength of the disciples of the Fighting Dragons Sect into everyone’s mind.” The elder shook his messy hair a few times as he spoke.

“Don’t you fear that we will lose everything he possesses if he dies? If we capture and seal him, once he dies, we can easily obtain all the treasures he possesses, alongside the Five Fighting Elements. Otherwise, we stand the risk of the elements passing into the hands of our enemies.”

“Xuanyuan is naturally proud, and fears no one. If we use force to restrain him, we may incur his wrath. While he alone may not pose that much of a risk, do not forget. He still has the last promise bequeathed by the Nightmare Ghost. If he feels cornered, he can easily use it to wipe all of us out.  Do you remember what happened to the Hai Family of the Eastern Dynasty?”, scolded one of the other elders.

“We are treating Xuanyuan very well. Furthermore, the Five Elements Xians treat Xuanyuan as if he is their own son. As long as our relationship with him is amiable, it is very likely that Xuanyuan would pass on his fighting elements to each of the Five Elements Xians, were he to pass away. In addition, he has the Nightmare Ghost backing him. Nobody understands the full extent of their relationship. It’s best to let sleeping dogs lay.”

“I’m just sharing my own views on the topic, please don’t get so agitated. Xuanyuan is indeed a rare talent, but a year from now, he and Jiang Yitian are doomed to fight to the death. If Jiang Yitian wins, then there is no issue. We can convince him to let Xuanyuan live, he is certainly broad-minded enough to allow that. However, Xuanyuan is rash and hot-tempered. What would happen if he wins? I don’t think he would listen to us, and let Jiang Yitian live. I heard he has a personal vendetta of some sort against him. Can we just let him kill Jiang Yitian?”

“When the events come to pass, I will deal with it. Now let them have at it. I have a hunch that this upcoming battle fight for the List of Dragons will be tumultuous.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Xuanyuan has killed a lot of people. He was chased and wanted by various great families and caves before, coveting the precious treasures he possessed. Now that he has gained strength, you think he’s just going to let those families be?”

“We can’t do anything about that. They have no one to blame but their own lack of strength. Every time the competition starts, it is inevitable that many elite disciples will be killed and hurt. However, there are also many elite disciples who stand out and become top geniuses. The ones who die are just stepping stones that help polish the gems that survive. Don’t think too hard about it.”

“You’re right. Do you think Xuanyuan can enter the List of Dragons this time?”

“It’s not going to be easy…”

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