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Chapter 270: The Remains of the Xian Method of Devouring Five Elements  

   Countless thoughts flashed in Xuanyuan’s mind, and he felt like his body was constantly falling endlessly in all directions. It was an infinite darkness, without any light.

   The pig, who stood next to Xuanyuan, coldly sighed and started to operate the markings emanating from his body:

“Little trick, how dare you provoke me like this? Go to hell!”

   Bang bang bang! There was the sound of glass breaking! Xuanyaun suddenly stopped feeling uncomfortable. He opened his eyes, and saw a glowing light.

   An old man sat on a cattail hassock. His eyes were opaque, but energetic. He smiled at the pig with a warm old face, that seemed like it could kill flies with his wrinkles.

“Interesting. I am just playing. You are a legend of trick. Long heard of you.”

   The pig looked at the old man with disdain and sneered:

“You are just playing to use the Endless Abyss technique?, but I’m afraid it’s not the same for you. Your accomplishments regarding your techniques are far behind mine. Your trick sucks. Although you are more powerful than me, I can beat it easily. Save it for someone else. If you want to do this shit with me, then you might have a chance after practicing for thousands more years. But you are not very kind. Do you use this kind of trick to frighten the newcomers? “

   Xuanyuan fearfully looked at the pig:

“Damn it. The damn pig could never tell how to act on certain occasions. We are in the Fighting Dragons Sect right now. How dare he be so arrogant? Let me be an outsider.”

   Xuanyuan looked at the harmless-looking elder. He saw him hoarsely, as the old man said to the pig:

“Haha, that’s right. It’s really a way to frighten the new disciples and let them understand that they just stepped in the way of learning. They can’t be complacent.”

“That won’t work. It seems that the Fighting Dragons Sect is nothing big.” The pig turned his eyes and laughed.

   The techniques transforming elder looked at the pig thoughtfully. He wanted to talk but stopped. He turned to Xuanyuan.

   Xuanyuan hurriedly bowed. He had to bow his heads under the eaves, so that the elder would teach him techniques. Naturally, Xuanyuan also bowed with a bright smile.

“I’ve long heard of you, lord!”

  Many of the top class heaven ranked instruments that Xuanyuan carried looked familiar to the elder. He knew that those treasures must be worthy. Just what he could see was worth at least one trillion king coins. Xuanyuan must be at the highest realm of the grandmaster realm to have amassed so much wealth!

  For the majority of those in the realm of xian class fighter, it was very good to have several top rank heaven class instruments. But Xuanyuan, who was merely a grandmaster, even owned a whole set of them. If the fighter who had initially entered the realm of xian class fighter saw it, they would be ashamed.

   It had to be said that Xuanyuan had a unique edge, in that he didn’t have to buy techniques or anything. Many people, even if they joined a school like the Fighting Dragons Sect, would have to contribute to it. Then they would exchange little by little for other higher techniques to practice before they could purchase treasures. This was a very long process. However, Xuanyuan was incredibly lucky, even though there were people chasing him everywhere due to his good fortune. It would be really ridiculous to say that he killed them but didn’t search for anything.

   Therefore, his accumulated wealth was quite amazing.

“Well, Xuanyuan, this is good of you. You are young, talented, and calm. Many apprentices are scared to death when they step into this sect. I’m very satisfied with your performance!” The elder’s hair was a little yellow and messy. His face full of wrinkles radiated warmth, calm, and harmlessness.

“Thank you for your praise!” Xuanyuan thanked him and stood quietly, waiting for the main dish. He wondered what kind of techniques this elder would pass on to him.

“We already knew about you and Yin Zhenluo. The Five Xian went to Yin’s mansion and refined the Five Xian Defense Spiritual Talisman, so his strength has also broken through. Your fault has also been erected.” The elder spoke slowly, word by word. Xuanyuan was not worried, but he was not very comfortable. He didn’t know what the elder was thinking.

“Thank you for your understanding,” Xuanyuan submissively said.

“In the Eastern Dynasty, you did a great job with the power of the Nightmare Ghost, and earned us a great reputation. But you have saved Yin Tuxian, which is your fault. However, considering that the merits are greater than the demerits, today I will pass you the ancient great technique. JThough it is just the remaining part, you can still combine the five elements of great technique and killing technique to attack powerful enemies. Because it is only a fragment, the achievements will depend on your ability to comprehend. Remember that you can’t hurry too much,” the elder said sincerely.

   The pig was very happy, but showed reluctance in his face. He said:

“You, poor old man, give him such an incomplete version instead of a complete one, and ask him to comprehend? How can he beat Jiang Yitian next year like this? Aren’t you good at techniques? Let’s fight. I know you must have a complete version. If you lose, then hand it in. How about that?”

   Seeing the greed of the pig, Xuanyuan pondered that the damn pig was really rapacious, but he also pretended to be shocked and looked at the elder.

   The elder was not angry at the pig’s provocation. Instead, he was very happy. He stared at Youxue, as if to say that Xuanyuan had brainwashed a Heavenly Dragon Guard of the Yin Family to protect himself.

“It’s true. The remains were accidentally obtained by an old lord of the Fighting Dragons Sect. For so many years, no one has paid attention to it. Only Xuanyuan is qualified to practice this great technique, so I passed it on to him. Even if you win, I still cannot get the whole one,” the elder said slowly.

“Thank you very much, elder.” Xuanyuan knew that was enough. He immediately stared at the pig and said, “If this is it, may I leave?”

   The elder nodded and smiled, so the pig and Youxue followed Xuanyuan away.

   Just after they left, the elder held his smile and said:

“What do you think?”

   The six auras of terror rippled.

“The techniques he cultivated are very complex and obscure. It’s hard to define. I think he was taught by the Nightmare Ghost. Otherwise, how could he have nine thousand and five hundred dragons of strength at the peak of grandmaster? I can’t understand!”

“That pig also gave me a profound feeling. This pig was probably brought out by him from the swamp of the Nightmare Ghost, where the terrain is horrible and seals countless techniques. He’s so bold that he dares to ignore you, so he must be powerful.”

“What are you going to do with Xuanyuan? He’s running out of his time. Shall we…”

“I passed the technique to him in the hope that he could break through his shackles. This great technique is not something that ordinary people can practice. I hope it can help him. Even if he is going to die, he should show his heights and glory before he that day, proving my trust to every disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect.” The messy yellow hair of the elder shook a few times.

“Don’t you fear that he will go away? If he is caught and sealed, everything left to him by the Nightmare Ghost will benefit others. Even the Five Elements will fall into others’ hands, which will be a very serious loss!”

“Xuanyuan is naturally proud and fearless of everything. He has the last promise of the Nightmare Ghost. This is his last chip. If you use force, he will be furious and fight against us. Who will suffer more then? If we suspect him and test him, we will only arouse his antipathy. People will do something bad when he’s in a hurry, and Xuanyuan fought in the Eastern Dynasty and slaughtered the Hai Family.” The elder scolded:

“We treated Xuanyuan nicely, and the Five Xians are takinguanyuan as his own child. As long as we treat him wholeheartedly, if he is about to die, then he will definitely pass the Five Element to the Five Xians. Can you not see that? As long as he doesn’t do anything harmful to us, it will be okay. The Nightmare Ghost is backing him. Nobody knows their relationship. It’s better to keep silent when we don’t understand.”

“I am just sharing my thoughts. Why are you so angry? Xuanyuan is indeed a rare talent, but a year from now, he and Jiang Yitian are doomed to fight for their lives. How can we choose? If Jiang Yitian wins, then that is all. He has a broad mind. He can let Xuanyuan go. However, Xuanyuan is narrow-minded and amok. Can we let him kill Jiang Yitian?”

“When this happens, I will deal with it. Now let them do it. I have a hunch that this fight for the List of Dragons will not be smooth.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Xuanyuan killed a lot of people. He was chased and wanted by various great families and caves before, who coveted the precious treasures on his body. How could he let these people go when his strength soared back?”

“They are the only ones to blame for their poor strength. Every time they fight for the List of Dragons, many elite disciples will be killed and hurt. However, there are also many elite disciples who stand out and become top geniuses. Some of them are destined to be stepping stones. Some of them are destined to have supreme glory, so we don’t have to worry about it…”

“That’s right. Do you think Xuanyuan can enter the List of Dragons this time?”

“It’s not that easy…”

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