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Chapter 271 Phoenix Flowers

Chapter 271 Phoenix Flowers


   Xuanyuan had just stepped out of the Techniques Transforming Palace, when suddenly the memory of the technique appeared in his mind.

   Xuanyuan was so awestruck at the killing formation of the five elements. In order to reach that level, one needed to cultivate their five elements’ Qi to the highest level, combine all the elements together instantaneously, and then deploy the force simultaneously, something Xuanyuan wasn’t capable of at the moment.

   Xuanyuan glared at the ig, and said, “Why don’t you try and restrain yourself? Do you want to expose us?”

“You know nothing, boy?” The pig just brushed off what Xuanyuan said. Xuanyuan could just stand there speechless.

“From now on, you should really learn your limits.” Xuanyuan shrugged. He was lucky he managed to get the technique without arousing suspicion.

“Hmph! You don’t sense the powerful presence eyeing us greedily, do you boy? If we show any sign of weakness, they’ll take that as a sign to kill you. We have several trump cards at our disposal, we don’t need to act restrained.” said the pig arrogantly.

“You mean there is a great Xian class fighter observing us? Why can’t I detect him?” Xuanyuan was shocked.

“HAHAHA! If you, a mere emperor realm fighter, could sense him, how could he be called a Xian class fighter?” laughed the pig mockingly.

“He is right. Fortunately, I’ve regained the strength of a seventh rank Emperor realm fighter, which allows me to hide my aura. Otherwise, I would have been detected.” Greed suddenly spoke up.

“It seems that there are still many people who hate you and covet your treasures, but there are also people who have your back. Surely, that has something to do with your masters.”

“Forget it. I don’t know how many days I have left before the fight for the List of Dragons. I am going back to my room to practice.” Xuanyuan didn’t want to argue any longer. He picked up the Dragon Apprentice Medallion, which allowed him access to his room.

“Brother Xuanyuan? You came out so soon?” A voice rang out from behind Xuanyuan. He turned around to see Bu Jingsha.

“Brother Bu!” Xuanyuan nodded.

“Ha ha, I just signed you up to join the List of Dragons. The fight starts in seven days, at the Dragon Fighting Astronomy Tower. Please be ready!” Bu Jingsha smiled; obviously, he was looking forward to Xuanyuan’s performance.

“Thank you. How about you?” Xuanyuan asked with a smile.

“Well, I’m the head of the Dragon Fighting Inner Gate Hall. At most, I will merely spectate the matches. It’s too much of a hassle to compete. If I die, the elders will have to find someone else to replace my position. Furthermore, I’m happy with my current position.” Bu Jingsha spoke casually, but it was true. He was good at managing the school, as such he didn’t feel the need to compete in a competition of strength.

“Xuanyuan, you’d better hurry back to practice. I won’t disturb you. There are still a lot of things I need to deal with.”

“Alright, watch your step, brother.” Xuanyuan looked at Bu Jingsha striding away. It was obvious that there were strict rules in the Fighting Dragons Sect. One couldn’t fly here unless they have reached the realm of a Xian class fighter.

“He’s talented as well.” The pig couldn’t help muttering.

“Oh? I seldom hear you praise others.” Xuanyuan followed the directions that were contained in the Dragon Apprentice Order and walked towards his residence. “Is it because he stroked your pride by calling you Emperor?”

“You don’t understand, boy. That man is far-sighted, and a deep thinker. Furthermore, he is skilled in both internal and external cultivation; he is certainly no less powerful than Jiang Yitian. If he can exploit the opportunities ahead of him, he will naturally rise in power without any difficulties. If he can’t, he will fall behind. It is as simple as that.” The pig said a few unfathomable words, and then shut up.

   Xuanyuan’s attention was piqued by his comment of capitalising on opportunities, and he ruminated on that thought as he walked.

Along the way, Xuanyuan saw the platform of life and death, the platform of heavenly torture, the Dragon Fighting Reward and punishment stage, and so on. There were many palaces, all of them near each other. The entirety of the Fighting Dragons Sects was clearly situated in the corpse of a dragon; every part of the Sect was made out of the body of a dragon.

   Many people saw Xuanyuan, and began to whisper amongst themselves.

“Who is that man walking? Is he a new apprentice? I’ve never seen him before.”

“Must be. Look at the guard behind him; the aura from him shows that he’s an emperor class fighter. Which great family does he come from?”

“Wait, do you see the pig following him? Could that be Xuanyuan?”

“Yes, that is Xuanyuan. Two years ago, I saw the battle between him and Xingyun. I didn’t expect that after two years, he would become so strong. How inspiring.”

“He got promoted to a true disciple recently. Do you think he will rank high in the List of the Dragons?”

“It will be hard for him. He’s just at the peak of the grandmaster realm. It’s all but impossible for him to rank high in the list.”

“That’s right. There are many apprentices of Xian Mountain. Most of them are xians, compared to them he is weak.”

“Well, that’s right. The gap in realms is hard to make up with just pure strength.”

   Xuanyuan ignored their gossip, and instead kept walking towards his room.

   After walking through winding corridors, and passing several palaces, there were fewer and fewer apprentices around them. Some powerful apprentices looked at Xuanyuan and curiously asked, “Where is he going? Does he live there?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just let him go. If he trespasses somewhere he isn’t supposed to be, the elders will punish him.”

   Xuanyuan suddenly was faced by an ancient palace. The palace was simply antique and thick, without any decorations, which was unusual. The scenery around the palace was beautiful. A bunch of phoenix trees were growing around the palace. There were many phoenix flowers in full bloom, emanating an intoxicating fragrance. The phoenix flowers fell with the wind, one by one. The wind blew and rolled up the falling phoenix flowers, creating the illusion that they were real flying Phoenixes.

   Xuanyuan felt that no other palace was as unique as this one.

“Interesting, it is indeed a phoenix tree. This phoenix tree is a mythical tree. It grows once every thousand years, takes a thousand years to bloom, and takes another thousand years to bear fruit. The Phoenix fruit is nothing but a dream for most people. Look at this phoenix tree; it will soon bear fruit.” The pig drooled. He wanted to devour all the phoenix trees. His eyes shone with greed. 

“Damn pig, don’t even think about it,” Xuanyuan angrily scolded. The pig shrugged and said, “Boy, you underestimate me. I’m no fool. If I want to devour the tree, I’ll wait for it to bear fruit first. The Phoenix fruit is the most nourishing part of the tree. Furthermore, the fruit can be used to regrow the tree. I’m not so heartless as to devour every last fruit.”

Looking at the palace in front of him, Xuanyuan could tell that the material was not made of dragon stones, but was formed by melting the scales and keels of dragons. It gave off a trong dragon Qi. Living in the palace for a long time would infuse people with dragon Qi themselves, making them far stronger than others. They could even potentially go beyond the nine realms.

   Xuanyuan felt the palace responding to his Dragon Apprentice Medallion, so he opened the palace gate.


   The palace gate was extremely heavy. It opened inwards, creating a loud thunder-like rumbling. As Xuanyuan entered, he heard a loud shriek. Upon following the sound, he found a half-naked woman. She was apparently taking a bath, judging by the bath bucket next to her. Atop the water, several phoenix flower petals floated. The water looked extremely clear and refreshing.

   The woman was stunning; her body was smooth and thin. Her legs seemed to stretch, forming a perfect vision. Her perfect breasts were pale, with drops of water. Her eyes were piercing, a crystal blue colour. Her lips were as red and luscious as the freshest apples, and her long wet hair was lustrous, framing her body perfectly.

“You bastard! What are you doing here?!”

   Xuanyuan’s heart leaped into his mouth as he hurriedly tried to explain, “Girl, don’t get me wrong. I thought this was my room. It was an accident.”

   Xuanyuan watched as the woman put on her clothes quickly, and caught a glimpse of her half-naked body.

“Who are you?” The woman’s dress was extremely thin, and she stood barefoot on the palace floor as she moved slightly. She gave off a bottomless aura.

   Xuanyuan suddenly blushed. He looked around the place wildly, and his mouth twitched. He hurriedly handed over his Dragon Apprentice Medallion, and said, “This is really my room! Are you in the wrong room, girl?”

   The woman took over the Dragon Apprentice Medallion. Sure enough, the medallion indicated that this palace was his!

“Are you the future Saint of the Fighting Dragon?” The woman looked at Xuanyuan, a frightened look on her face. She saw Xuanyuan’s top rank heaven class instruments, and noticed that behind him were a pig that had a body that looked like a cross between a cow and a dog body, and a Heavenly Dragon Guard in the realm of emperor class fighter. She immediately reflected. Her red lips parted, and she said in surprise, “Are you Xuanyuan?”

“What?” Xuanyuan didn’t respond for a while. He curiously replied, “What do you mean by the Fighting Dragon? I’m Xuanyuan, that’s right, but I’m not the Saint of the Fighting Dragon.”

   Looking at Xuanyuan’s curious face, the woman charmingly smiled. As she approached Xuanyuan, her eyes fixed upon Xuanyuan’s, her pretty fingers slowly grazed Xuanyuan’s neck. She gave off a tantalising, refreshing fragrance from her body. Xuanyuan started to breathe heavily.

“Well… interesting little man, you will live with me in the future. Do you not want to?” The woman was bewitching, every part of her seemed to have been made to make people succumb to her charms.

“Huh?” Xuanyuan’s heart leaped wildly. He suddenly said “What, am I going to live with you? A man and a woman can not live together in the same room.”

  Amusingly, the woman’s waist and legs shook with laughter. Her voice was sweet as the sounds of nature, and her red lips separated as she asked softly:

“So, what are you going to do next?”

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