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Chapter 272 Holding a Phoenix


   Inside the hall.

   The ground was covered with exquisite and soft animal skin carpets. Looking at these beautiful and soft animal skins, the softest part of Xuanyuan’s heart tingled for a moment. He radiated a killing intent.

   On these exquisite animal skin carpets, there was the Xian’s Table with four stools around it. This set of furniture was called the Dragon Bones Xians Table. It was made of keel.

   In addition, there were only some murals of a beautiful Phoenix Tree hanging on the wall. They were so lifelike that made people feel as if they were under the Phoenix Tree, bathed in the rain of Phoenix Flowers. 

   The woman felt that there was a trace of murderous air in Xuanyuan’s eyes, so she giggled without any fear and smiled as if nothing had happened

“How come you want to kill me? You truly have no tenderness toward women. No wonder they say that you’re a murderous man who will be avenged.”

   Xuanyuan was stunned for a moment. He turned to look at the woman in front of him. The thin neon clothes on her could hardly cover her body, and her delicate rabbit-like breast decorated with two pink little grapes was\ partly visible, which made Xuanyuan feel like he had a nosebleed.

“Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my room? !” Xuanyuan touched his scalp, and reached out to the door sanctimoniously.

“Me? Ok, I should introduce myself. I’m the future candidate for the Lady Saint of Fighting Dragon. Do you understand that?” Her delicate and charming face, full of charm, approached Xuanyuan. He felt her hot breath on his neck, and his body quivered. He hurriedly took three steps back.

“Xuanyuan, you are so timid. Don’t worry. I won’t eat you.”

   The woman’s laughter was like the murmur of the stream, and her smile was gorgeous. It was not easy to be selected as the future Lady Saint of Fighting Dragon.

   Xuanyuan wasn’t very good. He watched the woman move slightly as she lay on the Xians Table, taking a panoramic view of her perfect posture, as if she was an Avalokitesvara lying on the lotus. The beauty between her legs loomed, which made Xuanyuan’s blood rush up, and his whole body was full of burning blood.

“Don’t seduce me, or you will be responsible for the consequences.” Xuanyuan looked away from her and laughed.

“Little girl, little boy, you guys continue! We won’t disturb you.”

   The pig left directly with Youxue, and he closed the gate of the palace to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside.

   Xuanyuan was angry. The dead pig was so bad. He didn’t even help him at this time.

“Cluck…” The woman smiled happily. She looked at Xuanyuan and said, “Don’t you understand what I said just now? It’s natural for the future saint and lady saint of the Fighting Dragon Sect to live together. In other words, you are my future husband. Do you understand? “

   Xuanyuan’s eyes danced wildly, the corners of his mouth twitched. He felt it was unbelievable:

“How could I have been chosen as the Saint of the Fighting Dragon of the future? How could I not have known?”

“Who knows? So as your wife in the future, it’s normal to seduce you. I didn’t expect you to be so funny, but it’s also fun. You said I should be responsible for consequences. What are the consequences? I’m eager to know! I’m looking forward to that! Let me try what the consequences are like! “The woman smiled with her eyes flowing, soul stirring, her voice was an infinite charm, which made people’s desire burning, the men couldn’t bear it.

   Xuanyuan looked at the woman and calmed down. He thought about the possibility of this event. After a quarter of an hour of silence, Xuanyuan opened his eyes and his mind was clear.

“The Fighting Dragons Sect purposely arranged like this, because they want to make me the Saint of the Fighting Dragon. If I can break through the shackles of the Heart Devouring Bug, I will naturally soar all the way up, which only does good to the Fighting Dragons Sect. If I can’t break through, the death will come, and the Fighting Dragons Sect will also get what I left behind. Now they arrange like this, presumably for this?”

   Xuanyuan was so clever that he could see through the mystery at once, but the woman in front of him was really attractive.

“Well, since you want to know, why don’t I let you know? The consequence is very serious! “Xuanyuan suddenly smiled and said to the woman.” You said you are my future wife, so what’s your name? How can I not even know the name of my future wife? “

   The woman looked lethargic, red lips slightly open, she chuckled:

“Huang Yuechan!”

   Xuanyuan nodded and flew up, grabbing Huang Yuechan’s chest directly with one hand:

“Good name. I don’t know if this figure is good or not, let me taste it first?”

   Huang Yuechan didn’t expect Xuanyuan to give full play to her “animal” desire. Her face changed. She turned around and floated out. Suddenly she thought of something and smiled again.

“Oh, my husband, why are you in such a hurry? You and I just know each other. You want to bully me. I won’t follow you. “

“You have no choice. You have to follow me.” Xuanyuan was full of laughter. He stepped on ‘the Wind Boots’ on his feet. His figure was like a dream, and his speed was dazzling.

   Huang Yuechan’s cultivation realm was higher than Xuanyuan, and her speed was also amazing. Her body was elegant and extremely flexible, just like a Phoenix, can’t catch or touch. She kept away from Xuanyuan’s wolf claws and laughed even more happily:

“Oh, I didn’t expect my little husband to be really in a hurry. What should I do?” Huang Yuechan gently lifted up her dress. The scenery was looming inside. On her thigh, the skin was bright and lustrous. The color was attractive and beautiful. She sent out a feminine fragrance, which made people infatuated.

“Husband, do you want me?”

“Ha ha, of course, it’s good. Your skill is very good. Is it the legendary Heavenly Phoenix Steps?” Xuanyuan asked with a smile.

“I don‘t know. You have a wide range of knowledge. You are right! It’s Heavenly Phoenix Steps. You want to catch me, but you can‘t do it with your footwork!” Huang Yuechan smiled. It was very moving. Xuanyuan was hot and dry all over. If he caught the woman, he must gain some advantages from her as she should flirt with him.

   But again, Huang Yuechan’s footwork was really mysterious. It was very difficult to catch her.

   At that time, Xuanyuan took six pure energy sources from the Fighting Ring, each of which weighed one hundred jins. Xuanyuan began to carve markings on it with the force of Five Elements.

“Ah, it’s said that your disposition is amazing. Do you want to lay out the disposition to catch me?” Huang Yuechan looked at Xuanyuan sitting on the ground with his knees crossed. He was actually depicting markings. Each marking was extremely mysterious. She couldn’t see them all.

“Although it’s only the imperial class terrain, it’s enough to catch you.” Xuanyuan’s strength had reached a certain level now. It didn’t take much time to lay down the imperial class terrain. It took less than an hour to see six pure energy sources, and they are all depicted completely immediately.

   After all this, Xuanyuan flexed his fingers, six pure energy sources directly integrated into this space. There was an air of caution on Huang Yuechan’s face.

“Do you know what the dispositions called?” Xuanyuan finished the dispositionand asked Huang Yuechan enigmatically with a smile.

“Oh? Little husband, please say as much as you can. I know little about disposition.” Huang Yuechan’s eyebrows were low. Her soft and thin neon clothes slid down slightly. The half naked peaks on her chest appeared. The deep gully was suffocating.

   Xuanyuan forced himself to settle down for a moment, and smiled happily:

“The original name of this disposition does not sound good. It’s called Taking Bird Disposition, which makes all birds unable to escape. Now I’ll change its name to Holding Phoenix Disposition. Then I’ll be intimate with the Phoenix beauty later!”

   When Xuanyuan’s voice faded, Huang Yuchan suddenly felt that she was shackled by a mysterious force from four directions, and she wanted to escape through the air.

“Phoenix Beauty, it’s too late for you to escape now.” Xuanyuan laughed, his magic hands immediately probed towards Huang Yuechan.

   Huang Yuechan was angry and anxious. She knew it was terrible, so she screamed:

“Little husband, you’re playing a trick. You’re actually delaying the time and setting up the disposition stealthily!”

“It’s called brave and resourceful. Don’t worry. I’ll love you and love you deeply later!” Xuanyuan looked like a perverted man.

   Huang Yuechan’s clothes let out colorful lights, burst into the air and hit Xuanyuan. On Xuanyuan’s big hand the force of Five Elements was running, turning lights into pieces in a flash.

   Huang Yuechan’s jade palm and Xuanyuan’s iron fist hit each other. Bang, the terrible fighting spirit rippled. Xuanyuan had the force of Five Elements and Five Elements fighting spirit, they circulate and mutually generated. How powerful is it? The quality of fighting spirit was much better than that of Huang Yuechan. Although Huang Yuechan’s cultivation power was much higher than Xuanyuan’s, she felt it was difficult to resist.

“Phoenix Beauty, don’t resist any more. If I catch you later, I will spank you.” Xuanyuan laughed happily. She dared to tease herself like that just now. If he didn’t tease her back. Isn’t it a big loss? Xuanyuan did not hesitate to pounce towards her, appearing very erotic.

   Huang Yuechan took back her jade palm. Her body was as nimble as a fish, passing by Xuanyuan. She didn’t smile as bright as before. Her silver teeth were slightly biting her red lips. Looking at Xuanyuan, she thought:

“I didn’t expect Xuanyuan to be so powerful. I did belittle him. No wonder he could kill so many strong men who pursued him. If I regard him as the ordinary strong man at the peak of a grandmaster, it’s a big mistake. Now the circumference of five meters has been blocked by Holding Phoenix Disposition. What should I do?”

   After a pause, Huang Yuechan’s delicate and charming face showed a pitiful air, which made everyone feel pitiful.

“Little husband, I know I was wrong. Would you forgive me? I won’t do this again! “

“Well, before that, let me spank you, and treat you according to the family rules. Then I could remit you as innocent.” Xuanyuan laughed and pounced at Huang Yuechan again.


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