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Chapter 273 Hand to Hand Combat



Huang Yuechan’s countenance changed greatly. She walked on the Heavenly Phoenix Steps, she attacked Xuanyuan with the Heavenly Phoenix Back to Life, and her hands were seen like the wings of the phoenix.

Xuanyuan suddenly felt fainted, feeling he was in the hallucination. And Huang Yuechan attacked him again, trying to beat him out.

Xuanyuan’s heart thumped, his hands turned into two roulettes of five colors, and the Five Elements of Qi circled, which were endless and powerful, smashed the Heavenly Phoenix Back to Life into pieces. However, at this time, Huang Yuechan had already reached to Xuanyuan.

Her beautiful hands hit Xuanyuan’s chest, but only two loud bangs were heard, the Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe on Xuanyuan’s body automatically protected him by forming a trick.

The trick was shaken continuously by the constant attacks, and Xuanyuan reflected at a fast speed. He immediately hit Huang Yuechan with the Five Elements roulette. Huang Yuechan defensed herself with the golden elixir inside her body without dodging, and the Qi of phoenix rolled out and rose to the sky, surrounded by the Phoenix’s chirping and rising, and fight against the roulette. “Beauty Phoenix, I already told you that you couldn’t escape.” Xuanyuan smile that the power of the Gold of Dark Phoenix was integrated into his arms.

In an instant, Xuanyuan’s hands directly broke the trick of the Phoenix Dress of Huang Yuechan, and grasped her plump breast.

As soon as Huang Yuechan’s countenance changed, it came to her mind that the power of the Gold of Dark Phoenix broke was good at breaking all kinds of tricks. But her body was extremely flexible. As soon as she rolled back, she immediately got rid of Xuanyuan’s claws.

“Husband, I know I’m wrong. Would you like to let me go?” Huang Yuechan’s tried to be pitiful, and she was very attractive like this.

“I don’t want to let you go, beauty, you were playing with fire, and playing fire will bring you disasters. ” Xuanyuan laughed, and his claws hit Huang Yuechan’s head again.

The power of the Five Elements was boundless. There appeared a phoenix goddess behind Huang Yuechan, the goddess was surrounded by phoenix feathers. Each phoenix feather was like a sharp sword, wandering around her body and attacked Xuanyuan in succession with Huang Yuechan’s command.

Each phoenix feather had amazing lethality, which made Xuanyuan palpitate.

Xuanyuan smashed the phoenix feathers with the Five Elements Roulette in succession. The Emperor of Five Elements behind Xuanyuan broke out five color divine light, which was inviolable by all tricks, but Xuanyuan was still unable to march more under the attack of the phoenix goddess.

Although she resisted Xuanyuan, the Qi in her body was consumed badly while Xuanyuan’s Qi seemed to be boundless.

You should know that Xuanyuan was the Body of All Creatures, and his body devours Qi all the time. Especially the Qi from killing, he could inhale it into his body and turn it into his own Qi. When ordinary people inhale these violent Qi into the body, they must be seriously injured. However, Xuanyuan would not. This is the power of the Body of All Creatures.

“No more fight, no more fight.” Huang Yuechan wrinkled her nose, stopped first, and said to Xuanyuan fiercely. ” My husband, you are bullying me. If you want to fight, you can’t fight in a different way. You can fight with your body! Take off all the instruments and treasures on your body! You’ll be surprised of my strength. Dare you?”

Xuanyuan’s face was full of joy, saying.

“Naturally, I like hand to hand combat best. I will let you know the taste of hand-to-hand combat. It depends that who of us will win in the end.”

Xuanyuan took off the Dragon Emperor Raining Helmet, the Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe, the Wind Boots, and put them all into his ring. There was only a white brocade dress left on his body. He looked at Huang Yuechan and said.

“Beauty, it’s your turn now.”

Huang Yuechan blushed and said angrily.

“You are so bad, husband. If I take off, I will be naked and you will see my body! I promise I won’t use my instruments. You’re a man, you have to give in to me.”

Xuanyuan nodded thoughtfully, chuckled.

“Well, since you said so, don’t be a liar.”

As soon as the voice fell, Xuanyuan flew up and grabbed the two peaks in front of Huang Yuechan’s chest. Huang Yuechan’s physical strength was amazing. She directly blocked Xuanyuan with one hand and split Xuanyuan’s neck with one hand knife.

Xuanyuan turned back and resisted. The two bones collided violently. With a clang, they made a sound of collision.

“I can’t imagine that you not only have tremendous Qi, but also have a solid body.” Huang Yuechan retreated with a single strike. She was surprised that the Body of Five Element was really extraordinary.

“It’s not solid, it’s strong, and it’s hard.” Xuanyuan laughed for a few times and hit again. Huang Yuechan did not retreat but advanced. Her beautiful hands collided with Xuanyuan’s two claws. The scenery in front of her chest was seeable. Xuanyuan’s eyes involuntarily looked at the beautiful scenery in front of her chest, and his mind was swaying.

At this moment, Huang Yuechan attacked Xuanyuan with her legs. Xuanyuan was shocked, but his legs clamped, which made it hard for her legs to enter.

“Beauty, you’re seducing me, tut tut. It’s really bad. If you kick my husband’s treasure, you’ll be lonely forever.” Xuanyuan was a little beggar in the past. Among beggars, he had heard lots of dirty words. But Xuanyuan was young and had never done anything like this. Hearing this, Huang Yuechan could not stop blushing, she rolled her eyes to Xuanyuan.


Huang Yuechan’s hands were as nimble as snakes. With a gentle shake, they slide out of Xuanyuan’s claws and tore to Xuanyuan’s chest.

Xuanyuan was unprepared. His clothes were torn and smashed. His chest was bare and his breast was exposed. Her sharp fingers scratched on Xuanyuan’s chest. Xuanyuan felt a little pain in front of the chest, which was like a mosquito bite, but left nothing on his body.

Xuanyuan allowed Huang Yuechan to hit his body. He went toward Huang Yuechan, hugged her and immediately pressed her on the delicate and soft animal skin on the ground.

“You wouldn’t love me if I were not a hooligan.”

At the moment when Huang Yuechan was falling, she kicked Xuanyuan’s private part with her leg once again, but Xuanyuan crossed his crus and blocked her attack. Then pressed his whole body on Huang Yuechan. His evil claws directly grabbed the Phoenix Dress on Huang Yuechan’s body and took it off. Her plump, delicate and enchanting body appeared in front of Xuanyuan’s eyes.

Huang Yuechan screamed, and grabbed Xuanyuan’s clothes and tore it into pieces. However, her body was crushed by Xuanyuan’s great strength and could not get rid of it.

“Get off!” Huang Yuechan didn’t expect to lose the hand-to-hand combat to Xuanyuan either.

“No way.” Xuanyuan laughed happily.

“Hurry up!” Huang Yuechan’s face flushed, she was so charming and seducing. Her delicate body rolled like a beautiful mermaid.

“Beauty, as I said earlier, you can’t escape from my hand. You’ll see how I punish you with my rules.” Xuanyuan embraced Huang Yuechan’s slim waist, touched her skin, and then lowered his head to kiss her red lips. She was unprepared, shocked as if she was struck by lightning. She didn’t resist any more and started to respond fervidly. Her arms embraced Xuanyuan’s back. Xuanyuan’s heart was shocked, he didn’t expect to do the play seriously after starting it as a joke.

The two were intertwined like glue.

At this time, Xuanyuan only felt his lips painful, and it was because Huang Yuechan was biting him. Huang Yuechan left a small cut on his lip. Xuanyuan looked at Huang Yuechan.

Huang Yuechan’s eyes were seducing, her body was naked and her face blushed. She said to Xuanyuan, “If you want to flirt with your me, it’s not easy. I’m the boss of this game.”

Xuanyuan laughed, when he was ready to do something to Huang Yuechan, he felt numb all over his body, he shouted in his heart.

“No, she put poison on her teeth! My whole body is numb!”

The dragon’s blood in Xuanyuan’s body immediately started to work, and transported that deadly poison with the Body of All Creations bit by bit.

Xuanyuan looked at Huang Yuechan in surprise, said angrily.

“You hid poison on your teeth!”

Huang Yuechan, acted like a victorious female general, rode on Xuanyuan’s body, and her fingers gently touched Xuanyuan’s chest and chuckles.

“Of course, otherwise, I will be taken advantage by you. What should I do with you now? My little husband. “

Huang Yuechan’s eyes were charming and seducing. There was a glittering glow on her body. Several candles were lit, making Huang Yuechan’s skin bright and charming every inch.

Xuanyuan was paralyzed. This kind of virulent poison was unable to kill a person, but it could make him lose all the Qi. He was paralyzed without any strength. Xuanyuan licked the small cut on his lips and smiled at Huang Yuechan, said.

“Beauty Phoenix, what do you want to do with me? As your husband, I’m not afraid of you at all.”

Huang Yuechan’s fingers were like swords, and she pointed to Xuanyuan, said.

“My little husband, what would you do if I split you like in this way?”

Xuanyuan felt cold all over, he said with a pitiful look on his face.

” Beauty Phoenix, if you want to be lonely for the rest of your life, then you can do it.”

Huang Yuechan’s hand stretched out, holding Xuanyuan’s face, laughed, which sounded like silver bells ringing, saying.

“My little husband, it’s so interesting that you will be afraid. Don’t worry. I don’t need to split you. How about kill you like playing the musical instrument? Will it hurt badly? “

Xuanyuan was annoyed that Huang Yuechan dared to hurt his private part in this way. He revolved the dragon’s blood in his body, and quickly transported the paralyzed poison. Xuanyuan tried to drag time and laughed.

“Of course I’m afraid, Beauty Phoenix, shall we change the way? I’ll do whatever you ask me to do. “

Huang Yuechan was more joyful. She stretched out her beautiful toes to Xuanyuan’s lips, saying.

“My little husband, lick my toes then.”

“May I have some time to think about it? Why don’t we take a bath together? I’m tired of fighting for so long. ” Xuanyuan smelled Huang Yuechan’s toes. Although they were fragrant, he would not lick them. He continued to drag time.

“Little hooligan, don’t talk about it. Are you prepared to lick my toes? If not, I’ll do something to your little treasure.” Huang Yuechan’s hand went toward Xuanyuan’s private part.

At this moment, the paralytic poison in Xuanyuan’s body was completely detoxified. Only to see Xuanyuan shake his waist and directly pressed Huang Yuechan under his body, and it was too late for Huang Yuechan to do anything about it.

” Beauty Phoenix, you’re really dishonest. It seems I have to punish you, in a husband’s manner!” Xuanyuan pressed on Huang Yuechan’s body impulsively, as if he was a general who returned after triumph.


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