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Chapter 273 Hand to Hand Combat

Chapter 273 Hand to Hand Combat



Huang Yuechan’s expression suddenly darkened. Utilising her Heavenly Phoenix Steps, she rushed Xuanyuan. Her hands seemed to resemble the wings of a phoenix as she attacked.


Xuanyuan suddenly felt faint, under the impression he was trapped in an illusion. Taking advantage of the sudden moment of weakness that Xuanyuan showed, Huang Yuechan intensified her attacks.


His heart thumping, Xuanyuan summoned the Five Elements Roulette, fusing it with his giant arms. The strong Qi from the five elements smashed through Huang Yuechan’s attack, but she had already managed to close the gap between them.


Her dainty hands hit Xuanyuan with force belying their appearance. However, Xuanyuan took no damage as his Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe neutralised the attack. Xuanyuan realised that his defense wouldn’t hold out forever, so he gathered his wits and launched a counterattack using the Five Elements Roulette. Huang Yuechan didn’t step back, instead condensing the golden elixir inside her to defend herself. She was exuding a strong Phoenix Qi, and used it to attack the Five Element Roulette.


“Beautiful Phoenix I already told you, you can no longer escape from me.” Xuanyuan wasn’t worried about the Phoenix Qi since he could use the Gold of the Dark Phoenix to assimilate the Qi into himself.


Saying that, Xuanyuan immediately attacked Huang Yuechan, breaking through the defensive power of her dress. Huang Yuechan realised that the Gold of the Dark Phoenix that Xuanyuan possessed was especially skilled at breaking any sort of technique. However, she still managed to escape from Xuanyuan’s grasp, flexibly rolling away. She putted and said, “Husband dearest, I already apologised, and said that I’ve realised my mistake. Can you still not let me go?”


“I really don’t want to let you go, my beautiful wife. You played with fire, and you should have been prepared to get burnt.” Xuanyuan laughed, and once again lunged at Huang Yuechan.


A phoenix goddess appeared behind Huang Yuechan, surrounded by a rain of feathers. Each feather looked razor-sharp, and attacked Xuanyuan at her behest.


Xuanyuan wasn’t phased in the least. The Five Elements Emperor appeared behind, wielding the Five Elements ROulette. It easily broke through the barrage of feathers. However, Xuanyuan couldn’t move forward, he was pushed back by the seemingly never-ending stream of feathers.


While Huang Yuechan was able to keep Xuanyuan at bay for now, her Qi was being drained rapidly. In contrast, Xuanyuan seemed to have an infinite supply of Qi. In reality, he kept devouring all the Qi around him in order to sustain his attacks. Normally, people could only absorb Qi that was suited to themselves, but thanks to the nature of his body, Xuanyuan didn’t have this limitation.


“I give, I give. Husband, you’re bullying me with all the high ranked treasures you possess. Why don’t you abandon those treasures, and attack me with solely the strength of your body. Do you not dare to fight me without the help of your treasures? I’ll show you the difference  between us!” Huang Yuechan wrinkled her nose and fiercely challenged Xuanyuan.


“As you wish. I have no qualms fighting solely based on our individual strengths. However, if you lose this battle, I don’t want you to complain.” Xuanyuan removed his treasures, storing them safely in his ring. All he had on was a simple shirt and a pleated skirt. Looking at Huang Yuechan, he said, “Now, your turn. Remove all your treasures, since you wanted to have a fight using just our strengths.”


“How crude of you, husband dearest. If I take off my armour, I’ll be left naked. I swear I won’t utilise my treasures. Do me this favour, as a gentleman.”


Xuanyuan chuckled, “Well, I’ll take your word. Don’t go breaking it once you start losing.”


As soon as Xuanyuan finished speaking, he rushed Huang Yuechan. She immediately managed to block his attack, and her hand came slicing towards his neck. Xuanyuan turned his back to receive the blow. The sound that came from the impact dind;t sound like the collision of two bones. 


“I didn’t expect you to have a strong physical body atop your impressive Qi reserves.” Surprised at the resiliency of his body, Huang Yuechan took several steps back. 


Xuanyuan laughed, “I don’t just train my inner body, I also make sure to strengthen the outer body as well.” Xuanyuan continued to attack, but Huang Yuechan didn’t step back. Instead, she kept pressing forward, her bosom gleaming with the sweat of exertion. Seeing the scenery in front of him, Xuanyuan was momentarily distracted. Capitalising on the opportunity, Huang yuechan immediately kicked at the space between his legs. Surprised, Xuanyuan immediately shut his legs, protecting himself. 


“How scary. You want to make your husband a eunuch? I can’t satisfy you ever again then.” Xuanyuan was used to hearing coarse language thanks to all the beggars he grew up amongst, but Huang Yuechan was never exposed to such an environment. She grew up a sheltered maiden, and she couldn’t help but blush.


“How crass!” Without giving Xuanyuan time to react, she immediately scratched at his chest. While it caused no wounds, Xuanyuan felt a sharp sting, akin to a bite. 


Xuanyuan allowed Huang Yuechan to continue attacking him. He simply pinned her to the floor.


“If I were not crass, you wouldn’t be attracted to me.”


As she was being pinned, Huang Yuechan tried to strike Xuanyuan’s crotch with her knees. Anticipating the attack, he simply blocked her attack with ease, and completely pinned her down. He slowly removed her dress, and devoured the sight of her naked body. 


Huang Yuechan screamed, “Get off! Please!” Huang Yuechan was shocked. She didn’t expect to even lose in a contest of pure strength.


“As I said earlier, I won’t let you go. I think it’s time for your punishment now…” Xuanyuan laughed excitedly. He wrapped his hands around her slender waist, pulled her closer, and slowly kissed those tantalisingly red lips of hers. Surprised by the sudden action, Huang Yuechan didn’t resist, but instead pulled him into her. Xuanyuan didn’t expect his kiss, which started off as a joke, to become serious. 


Suddenly Xuanyuan felt a sharp pain on his lips. He slowly felt as if he was becoming numb, dropping to the floor, unable to move. Looking up at Huang Yuechan, he saw her teeth gleaming.


“You bit me! You have poison coated on your teeth?!” However, the dragon’s blood in him started purifying the poison, bit by bit. 


Her face red, Huang Yuechan said, “You thought it would be that easy to have your way with me? You underestimated me.” Her heaving body, flushed with excitement, aroused Xuanyuan.


Mounting him, like a victorious general mounting her horse, she slowly dragged her fingers down his chest. Lightly chuckling, she said, “Now that I have you trapped underneath me, I wonder what I should do with you?”.


Resplendent in the candle-light, her body gleamed. Xuanyuan tried to buy some time. The  poison wasn’t deadly, it just depleted him of all strength. With time, his dragon blood would cleanse it.

“My beautiful Phoenix, what do you wish to do with me. As your husband, I don’t fear whatever you wish to do to me.”


“Hmm…Should I cut you open like this? Maybe play with you like a guqin, before killing you?” Hey nails, sharp as swords, gleamed in the light.


Nervously chuckling, Xuanyuan replied, “If you don’t wish to remain alone for the rest of your life, I’d suggest steering clear of those ideas. I care for my life however, why don’t you tell me what you want me to do?” WHilst talking, Xuanyuan continued to cleanse his blood.


Ecstatic at his submission, Huang Yuechan replied, “Lick my toes then.” 


Not refusing her, Xuanyuan instead deflected, saying, “Allow me some time to consider it. Why don’t we take a nice, long shower in the meantime? I’m exhausted after our long fight.” He didn’t intend to suck on her toes, no matter how fragrant they smelled.


“If you do not do my bidding, I may have to find other ways to coerce you.” Softly whispering in Xuanyuan’s ears, her hands slowly surrounded his privates.


By now, the entirety of the poison had been purged. Xuanyuan immediately flipped Huang Yuechan under him. Surprised at his sudden recovery, she could do nothing but remain pinned under him.


“You really are scary. Looks like I have to now punish you.” Xuanu\yuan declared triumphantly, ensuring that she was completely pinned underneath him.

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