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Chapter 274 Jealousy

Chapter 274 Jealousy



Xuanyuan sat atop Huang Yuechan, their positions reversed. They were tied together intimately, their naked bodies suggestively positioned.


Shocked at Xuanyuan’s sudden recovery, she could do nothing but sputter.


“H-How?! You were poisoned by the Poisoned Dragon Grass. There’s no way you could have recovered so fast, you don’t even have the antidote! How can you be sitting there as if nothing happened to you? Despite Xuanyuan pinning her down, Huang Yuechang made no attempt to resist, completely stunned by the sight in front of her.


“The Poisoned Dragon Grass, huh. That’s nothing compared to the toxins within the Nightmare Swamp. The Nightmare Ghost…” Xuanyuan suddenly cut off his words, smiling mysteriously.


“What? The Nightmare Ghost what? Tell me more!” Huang Yuechan’s curiosity was piqued, but Xuanyuan just laughed and said, “I think not.”


Xuanyuan went to touch her breasts, but Huang Yuechan made no attempt to stop him. Her entire body flushed red, enticing Xuanyuan all the more. Suddenly, she burst up, her fingers like knives aimed at Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan easily stopped her attack with his own hand, their fingers clashing. If it weren’t for his body type, he would not have been able to resist the attack, considering the strength difference between them.


While he was physically stronger than her, his cultivation was far lower than hers. The only reason he could dominate her like this was due to the fact that he kept absorbing part of her power.


The two of them kept fighting, entwined with each other, vying for dominance. However, everytime she tried to overpower him, she failed. Eventually she tired herself out, and gave up, lying under him.


“Fine, do whatever you want to me.: She murmured in a low voice.


“I’ll take you up on that offer!” Xuanyuan flipped her over, and spanked her snow-white bottom. Her fair skin turned red instantly, his handprint clearly visible. 


Shocked, Huang Yuechan exclaimed, “Ouch! You dare to spank me? I won’t forgive you.”


“It’s too early to think of forgiving me, I’m nowhere near done with you. If I don’t pay you back, you may take me for a fool.” Xuanyuan smiled, a sly grin on his face, as he continued to spank her.


After spanking her 18 times, Xuanyuan finally stopped, feeling a bit guilty looking at her. Both her face and her buttocks were red, tears streaking down her face. Utterly humiliated, she was angry at her ordeal.


Suddenly, she saw a bite mark on Xuanyuan’s arm. She asked, “Do you already have someone in your heart?”


Stunned, Xuanyuan couldn’t respond immediately. He couldn’t understand what prompted her to ask such a question.

“What makes you say that?”


“That bite mark on your hand, who gave it to you? Was it Yin Zhenluo, your master? Perhaps it was Bai Youniang of Taibai Trading? Or was it the young princess of the Mo clan, Shiguan?”


Remembering his last encounter with the enigmatic Mo princess, Xuanyuan lightly chuckled. He reminisced about his experiences with Shiguan, a light smile on his face. Seeing his expression, Huang Yuechan guessed who it was.


Pouting, she said, “Did you not have your fill of humiliating me? Am I not a match for any of them?”


“Haha, you seem to want me to do something to you.” Saying that, Xuanyuan stood up and dressed himself, once again adorning his treasures.


“You’re a coward. I’m lying here willing, yet you walk away from me.” The humiliation of Xuanyuan just walking away from her naked body far surpassed her humiliation at being pinned down. 


“I don’t want to force you, you’re still a virgin. Besides, I already know the reason for your being here. It’s to ensure that I value the Fighting Dragons Sect, and pass on my treasures once my death seems imminent. Worry not, if I am to die, I will pass on my Fighting Elements on to my masters. They have treated me well, it’s the least I can do to repay them.”


“You realised?”


“Haha, it’s as plain as day. The intentions of the elders are so transparent. While I don’t like being manipulated, I already planned on passing on my treasures in case of my death. I don’t want to violate you unnecessarily. I don’t mind being considered a brute by everyone else, as long as I don’t betray my own convictions.” Looking at Huang Yuechan still lying on the ground, naked, he told her, “Why don’t you dress up. While you are truly beautiful, you shouldn’t sell yourself like this. Women need to treasure themselves. On that matter, maybe we shouldn’t live together as well. If this goes on, one day I may no longer be able to restrain myself.”


Upon hearing Xuanyuan’s words, Huang Yuechan smiled enticingly. Turning her body seductively, she told him, “You took my clothes off me. Don’t you have the responsibility to dress me again?”


Thinking that she must be exhausted after the battle, Xuanyuan didn’t think much of her request. He picked the dress up and went towards her. Seeing her up close, Xuanyuan was once again filled with lust. As he helped her dress up, she suddenly attacked him again.


However, this time instead of hurting him, she went in for a kiss. Her tongue pushed into his mouth, twirling. Surprised at her initiative, Xuanyuan reciprocated. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and she clutched onto him as she continued to kiss him.


As soon as Xuanyuan got into the mood, she suddenly broke the kiss. Looking at him, jealousy evident in her eyes, she said, “Remember this. You are mine, just as I am yours. No one can dare try and steal you from me, be it Yin Zhenluo, Bai Youniang, or Shiguan. I’ll make sure your heart is enraptured by me.”


Speechless at her jealous outburst, Xuanyuan couldn’t respond


Huang Yuechan felt conflicted. While she didn’t enjoy being forcefully pinned down, the feeling that Xuanyuan could easily ignore her and walk away was even more humiliating. 


Long ago, Huang Yuechan was already chosen to be the future Lady Saint of the Fighting Dragons Sect. She had no choice as to who her future husband would be, and she had resigned herself to that fact. Her first encounter with Xuanyuan was when he rose like a comet through the sect. He then challenged Jiang Yitian for the sake of his pet wolf, while also challenging Xingyun and killing him. She kept hearing about his numerous exploits, booth inside and outside the sect, slowly becoming infatuated with him. When the elders told her that the future Saint of the Fighting Dragons Sect was Xuanyuan, her heart leapt with happiness. He was the one she had admired and loved for so long, and now she would be married to him. When they told her that he had only four years left to live, and how they planned on ensuring that they would reap the benefits in case he died, she was shocked. Why did the elders want to squeeze all they could out of him, going as far as to use her?


So when Xuanyuan first entered the palace, she didn’t mean for the situation to escalate to this extent. She only wanted to tease him a little. When she saw his expression as he reminisced about the bite mark, she felt jealous beyond all belief.


She didn’t want to be the chain that tied him down to the Fighting Dragons Sect; rather she wanted to be the person who would make him smile as warmly as when he gazed at the bite mark.


Unaware of the thoughts running through her head, Xuanyuan told her, “I don’t know what you’re thinking. I plan on leaving the treasures I deem worthwhile to the sect, while those treasures that I think they don’t deserve, I’ll hide them away. Now that you know my plan, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself. Furthermore, I’m confident I won’t die in the next four years, and that I will find a way to refine the Heart-Devouring Bug.” It took all of Xuanyuan’s willpower to tear his eyes away from her. While he desperately wanted to lay with her, his convictions wouldn’t let him.


Huang Yuechan simply said, “I want to know who’s bite mark it was.” Her slow movements, and graceful appearance was completely at odds with her previous seductive aura.


“It was Shiguan”


“Shiguan, huh… I won’t let myself be beat by her. I’m coming for your heart.”


“Sigh, do whatever you want. Don’t disturb me however, I need to practice before the competition of the List of Dragons.” Saying that, Xuanyuan walked into a small side room, and closed the door. Huang Yuechan just stood there, a sly smile on her face, her thoughts indecipherable.

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