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Chapter 274 Jealousy


Xuanyuan sat on Huang Yuechan’s body, the scene was extremely beautiful, and they wore nothing and their posture looked so close and vague.

Huang Yuechan was shocked and he looked at Xuanyuan like who was like a dead dog a few minutes before, but now he was brimming with energy, she said like she saw a ghost. 

“How can it be possible? How can it be possible? It was the Poisoned Dragon Grass. You haven’t got an antidote. How can detoxify the Poisoned Dragon Grass? “

Xuanyuan pressed Huang Yuechan’s body, but she didn’t resist. She was surprised why Xuanyuan could detoxify the Poisoned Dragon Grass.

“You should understand that the Poisoned Dragon Grass was a piece of cake to me. In the Nightmare Swamp, I’ve seen all kinds of horrible and fierce tricks and poisons, the Nightmare Ghost ……” Xuanyuan’s said mysteriously. But he stopped in the middle of his words, smiling.

“I don’t want to say more, but you should understand.”

Huang Yuechan was very angry at Xuanyuan since he didn’t finish what he had said.

“Tell me more about it!”

“No, I won’t tell you!” Xuanyuan laughed, and immediately touched the holy peaks of Huang Yuechan. Huang Yuechan didn’t resist, letting Xuanyuan touch the holy place of her body.

Her whole body became pink and it looked so gorgeous, Xuanyuan touched for a few times, and felt very comfortable. At that time, Huang Yuechan suddenly burst up, and her palms and fingers stabbed Xuanyuan like knives and swords.

Xuanyuan blocked her attack vertically and horizontally. The two people’s finger bones collided with each other, making a sonorous sound. If Xuanyuan wasn’t the Body of All Creations, who could transform the great power that Huang Yuechan attacked, it would be impossible for him to resist Huang Yuechan, because her strength was already above that of a royal dragon.

Xuanyuan’s physical fitness is much better than that of Huang Yuechan, while his strength was less, but due to the Body of All Creations, he could reduce part of her strength and stay stronger than her, which led to the current situation.

“You dare to be so rude to me.” Huang Yuechan was so angry that her teeth were itchy. She cut the veins on Xuanyuan’s arm directly and wanted to make Xuanyuan lose his strength.

But how would Xuanyuan underestimate after he had kill a number of people over the years? He resisted her by turning his hand.

Their hands collided with each other. If it wasn’t for Xuanyuan, who was the Body of All Creations, he couldn’t resist the fierce power of Huang Yuechan. Xuanyuan took a great advantage in physical fitness. They fought like glue. It was unknow how long they fought with each other. There was only continuous sound of fighting. Huang Yuechan was always pressed under Xuanyuan’s body, she was short of breath, and her face blushed charmingly.

Though Huang Yuechan was an emperor class fighter. After fighting for such a long time, she was exhausted. She gave up and lay herself on the soft animal skin carpet. She said in a low spirit.

“Whatever you want.”

“Ha ha, that’s what you said.” Xuanyuan turned Huang Yuechan’s body over and beat the soft and plump buttock.


Huang Yuechan shocked and exclaimed with shame and anger.

“Xuanyuan, I can’t finish with you!”

“It’s better not to finish.” Xuanyuan laughed, and beat the soft buttock with the other hand, which left red handprint on it.

There was only the sound of beating buttock and the scream of Huang Yue Chan.

“I’ve already said that I would punish you with my domestic disciplines, since you dare to offense me and I will let you see my strength. Or you will regard me as a coward!” Xuanyuan was pleased.

After 18 beatings on her buttock, Xuanyuan stopped finally. Seeing Huang Yuechan’s face full of tears of grievance and humiliation, Xuanyuan felt a little guilty.

Huang Yuechan’s tears blurred her eyes, and she looked at Xuanyuan on her body. She was so ashamed and angry for what Xuanyuan had done to her but she couldn’t resist.

Unexpectedly, she saw a row of teeth marks on Xuanyuan’s arm. Huang Yuechan’s was surprised and said.

“Do you already have someone in your heart?”

Xuanyuan stunned for a moment, and did not understand why Huang Yuechan asked this question.

“How do you say that?”

“The tooth mark on your hand was left by a woman. Who did it? Your beautiful master Yin Zhenluo? Or Bai Youniang of the Taibai Trading? Or the little princess Shiguan of the Mo Land?” Huang Yuechan asked slowly.

Xuanyuan looked at the tooth mark on his arm, remembered what happened to him and Shiguan on the island that day, now when he thought about it, he had an endless aftertaste, he smiled warmly but didn’t answer her question. Huang Yuechan looked at Xuanyuan’s face, and she knew the answer. Se laughed wildly.

“Why, am I not a patch on them? Why did you humiliate me in this way? “

“Do you really want me to do something to you?” Xuanyuan looked at her in short of interest. He released her body, stood up, took out a new white brocade from his ring, put it on his body, and then put on the Dragon Emperor Raining Helmet, the Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe and the Wind Boots one by one, he became the former Xuanyuan with an imposing appearance.

“You’re worse than a beast. I was ready to let you trample on my body. But you didn’t touch me and treated me like that. You suck!” Huang Yuechan was naked, lying on the soft animal skin motionless, looking straight at the ceiling. This was the biggest humiliation she had ever suffered.

“No need. You are still a virgin. The Fighting Dragons Sect arranged this play to keep me so that they can keep the treasures I got from the Night Ghost after my death. Bu when my time limit is approaching, if that comes, I will leave the Five Elements to the Five Xians. They treated me so well that I will not treat them badly.” Xuanyuan looked at the astonished girl.

“You know that?”

“Haha, it can be easily seen, since I have seen through the idea of the upper level of the Fighting Dragons Sect, I will do it. Naturally, there is no need to take you as a victim. I don’t mind of being regarded as worse than a beast. At least I haven’t violated my own heart. Women need to be carefully taken care of, not sacrificed or played with, no matter heart or body.” Xuanyuan chuckled and dressed up. Looking at the naked Huang Yuechan, his dashing eyebrow picked up and said softly.

“Why don’t get up? Although your body is beautiful, you don’t need to seduce me like this, do you? It’s very miserable to live in a room with you and look at your body every day. I’m afraid that I can’t help doing something to you one day. “

Huang Yuechan listened to Xuanyuan’s words. Her eyes and eyebrows were all raised. Her smile was like flowers, her eyes were like silk, and she was so charming. After a few twists and turns of her enchanting body, she lazily pointed to her phoenix dress that had been taken off by Xuanyuan, and said.

“You took off this dress from me, and naturally you have to put it on for me, eh?”

Xuanyuan shrugged his shoulder, thinking that Huang Yuechan was so tired after fighting with him for so long, and couldn’t move at all, so he picked up the phoenix dress on the ground, went to Huang Yuechan and held her delicate body. Her skin was as delicate and tender as her hands, which made him feel extremely comfortable. Xuanyuan’s heart moved. When Xuanyuan was helping Huang Yuechan dress up, Huang Yuechan once again attacked Xuanyuan.

Her beautiful arms encircled Xuanyuan’s neck. This time, Huang Yuechan took the initiative to attack Xuanyuan. Her red lips kissed Xuanyuan. Her was new at kissing but her tongue was flexible. Xuanyuan was shocked. Did she want to do it again?

Huang Yuechan hooked Xuanyuan’s waist with a pair of slender legs, which almost made him nosebleed.

Huang Yuechan hugged and kissed Xuanyuan tightly. Xuanyuan responded to her slowly.

Just as they were about to enter the state, Huang Yuechan stopped, looked at Xuanyuan viciously and said.

“I’m the future Lady Saint of the Fighting Dragon, and you’re the future Saint of the Fighting Dragon, you’re mine, no one can rob you from me, I don’t believe that Yin Zhenluo, Shiguan, Bai Youniang are better than I?”

Xuanyuan almost fainted. Women, how jealous they are.

Huang Yuechan felt that Xuanyuan even didn’t want to touch her, that was despising and looking down upon her, which was more painful than force her.

As early as Huang Yuechan received the order to become the future Lady Saint of the Fighting Dragon, her heart had already been prepared. No matter who would be the future Saint of the Fighting Dragon, she could not change anything. When she knew that the future Saint of the Fighting Dragon was Xuanyuan, her heart was shocked and happy. What surprised her was that Xuanyuan had only four years of life span. Why did the Fighting Dragons Sect arrange all these? Was it necessary to squeeze out the final value of Xuanyuan? What she liked was Xuanyuan’s behaviors. What he had done pleased him, she liked him very much, and he was also the person who attracted her for a long time.

Two years ago, when Xuanyuan rose like a comet, she heard a lot of rumors about Xuanyuan in the Fighting Dragons Sect.

How few people would dare to challenge Jiang Yitian in three years like Xuanyuan, who dared to fight with Jiang Yitian just for a wild wolf?

Then, he challenged Xingyun and killed him as an apprentice, which made her very fond of Xuanyuan.

Then that was what Xuanyuan did outside the Fighting Dragons Sect. It all passed back one by one. She was excited for what he had done and her heart was full of expectation.

So, in the beginning, Xuanyuan broke into the door, she just wanted to tease Xuanyuan, but she didn’t expect things to evolve like this.

When she saw Xuanyuan’s expression when he was looking at the tooth mark on his arm, it made her extremely angry and jealous. What made her angry was that Xuanyuan didn’t care about her. What made her jealous was for the girl who could make Xuanyuan have such an expression?

Why could I only seduce Xuanyuan and became the victim of keeping Xuanyuan in the Fighting Dragons Sect, rather than the one who made him smile warmly?

She couldn’t stand it. The one who caught all her attention should despise her so much.

“Whatever, I don’t know what you think in your mind. The upper level of the Fighting Dragons Sect is in vain. I will give them what should be given while they can never get what shouldn’t be given. Moreover, although I have only a few years to live, I believe that I can break through the shackles given to me by the Heart Devouring Bug, so you don’t have to sacrifice yourself for this. It’s not worth it, do you understand?” Xuanyuan shook his head and forced his heart to be touched by her. He had to admit that Huang Yuechan was very charming, which made him unable to reject, but he could not change his original idea for a woman.

“I want to know whose tooth mark it is?” Huang Yuechan’s movements were very slow, her manners were dignified and gentle, she dressed herself impeccably, her voice was pure, and she changed her appearance.

“Shiguan.” Xuanyuan felt that everything could be said to people.

“I won’t be beaten by her.” Huang Yuechan said with a smile.

“In a few days, I will enter into the rivalry for the List of Dragons. I’m not in the mood to play these games with you. Don’t disturb me.”

Xuanyuan went to a side hall where no one lived in the main hall with this, and closed the door. Huang Yuechan smiled grimly. No one knew what the woman was thinking.

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