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Chapter 275 Fate

Chapter 275 Fate



After he was safely behind closed doors, Xuanyuan lamented.


“How could I not have capitalised on a chance of a lifetime! Who am I, Liu Xiahui? She was beautiful beyond belief and willing, and I just walked away. Why didn’t I just give in to my lust?”


“Hahaha” Greed laughed at Xuanyuan’s reaction.


“You find my misery funny?” Xuanyuan tried to calm the raging fire he felt, not wanting to accidentally attack Huang Yuechan.


“In all my years, I’ve never seen a fight as… intriguing as that one.” Greed couldn’t hold back his laughter.


“Try not to die of laughter, old man. Maybe next time something like this happens, I should block it such that you can’t see it.”


“Haha, boy, if you suppress me, how would you figure out the secret techniques they use. You wouldn’t have known of her Heavenly Phoenix Steps if not for me. If you didn’t manage to capitalise on that characteristic using the disposition, you wouldn’t have been able to restrain her as easily. Given, she took you lightly and didn’t unleash the full force of all her treasures.


“You have a point. Her strength surprised me. While I knew she was of a higher realm than me, I didn’t expect her physical strength to be as strong as it was. While maybe not as strong as me physically, she made up the difference with her speed. If I hadn’t already refined the Five Fighting Elements, I don’t think I could have beaten her easily.” Xuanyuan respected the strength of Huang Yuechan; clearly the future Saintess deserved her title.


“Well, there’s no need to be surprised. After all, the girl possesses a special physique as well, the Boy of the Heavenly Phoenix. She still hasn’t matured. Her body type only reveals its true power once the owner breaks through to the xian realm.” Greed had completely understood the special constitution of Huang Yuecham after watching their fight.


“The Body of the heavenly Phoenix? What’s so special about that?”


“The Heavenly Phoenix was a xian class beast of old, one of the very few that could keep pace with a dragon. However, after an earth-shaking war, the Phoenix race disappeared, reappearing later as the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix. Due to its rarity, it was never listed on the list of xian class beasts. Even the body type is exrewmwlt rare. It makes sense that she was selected to be the future Saintess of the Fighting Dragons Sect.” Greed sighed and continued, “I didn’t expect the inheritor of the Dragon elixir to meet the owner of the Heavenly Phoenix Body.”


“Why? Was there some deep-seated resentment between the two?’


“No, on the contrary, the two of them fell in love with each other. To help the Dragon establish itself as the highest ranked xian class beast, the Phoenix fought several xian class beasts fiercely. SShe succeeded, and the Dragon managed to rank first, but she was severely injured in the process. She disappeared one day, and no one could figure out where she had gone.”


“Even though the Phoenix loved the Dragon, the Dragon still let her go?”


“No one is sure, the circumstances are complicated. However the fact remains that it’s solely due to the actions of the Phoenix that the Dragon achieved his position as 37th on the list of beasts, just under the divine beasts. Without her assistance, he would have been equally matched with the beasts under him.”


Xuanyuan was curious, since this was the first time Greed talked about the list of beasts. 


“You mean to say the top 36 beasts are all divine class beasts?


“Yes. There’s an immeasurable gap between divine class and xian class beasts, despite the difference of a single realm. No one has ever managed to subdue a divine class beast. Save for the Great Emperor and the Great Sage, the number of people who can refine a Divine Beast Elixir into themselves are almost zero. Many people assume that the majority of divine class beatss have ascended to a higher world, along with the Great Emperor and the Great Sage, leaving behind a small number of divine class beasts.” Greed explained the entire situation slowly and carefully.


“What about the pig? What ranking is he?”


“The Devouring King huh? He’s a special existence, born of the Body of All Creations. He isn’t supposed to exist. However, his power rivals those of divine class beasts. During the great war, the pig alone faced 20 xian class beasts and 3 emperor class fighters. Even under those dire circumstances, he managed to escape with his life, despite being defeated. His strength can easily be gleaned from that one incident.”


“What about you, Greed? How many emperor realm fighters have you killed?”


“I never played an active role in fights. I was merely supporting the Devouring Emperor. I was one with him, and I just played an auxiliary role, while he killed all his enemies. Now let’s change the topic. You are yet to refine the Dragon Elixir right. I expect there to be a reaction between  you and Huang Yuechan in the future.”


“Why do you say that?” Xuanyuan doubted Greed’s claims.


“Do you think the Dragon within is just going to lay dormant when he senses the Heavenly Phoenix? Currently, the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix is still dormant, and you still haven’t refined the Elixir. Once the both of you awaken, the romance between the Phoenix and the Dragon will once again rock the world!” Greed fell silent after declaring that.


Xuanyuan frowned, remaining silent. He proceeded to start meditating on the dragon body. He felt all the dragon Qi rushing into his body.


“Ha, I didn’t expect the dragon bed to be so potent. It nourishes the practitioner with Dragon Qi. It’s almost impossible that one can;t improve themselves while meditating here!”


Xuanyuan continued to refine the dragon Qi into himself. He lost track of time passing. When he finally finished refining as much dragon Qi as he could, he awoke, feeling completely refreshed.


“Well then, let’s prepare ourselves for the List of Dragons.” Xuanyuan thought to himself, as he dressed up. He wasn’t prepared for the sight that awaited him as he opened the door.


Huang Yuechan stood outside, wearing a royal purple Phoenix robe, embroidered with a Phoenix twirling around the entire dress, and her long black hair was tied into a bun. She looked distinguished, elegant, and ull of mature beauty, completely at odds with her previous look.


Upon seeing Xuanyuan emerge, she walked towards him, her body waving mesmerizingly, her hair swaying as she walked. 


“Husband dearest, did you manage to have a pleasant rest?” Her voice was as sweet as honey, and her smile was resplendent. 

“…” Xuanyuan was speechless. Was he actually intoxicated by her, unable to respond whenever he saw her?


Trying to regain his senses, he shouted. “Don’t call me husband!”


Huang Yuechan looked at him, her lips trembling, a pitiful expression on her face. “Are you going to abandon me now that you’ve had your fun with me?” Her words pierced through Xuanyuan.


Sighing, he told her, “…I’m going now.” He didn’t want to say much, it just kept getting more and more muddled.


“Husband, let me accompany you to the arena.” Huang Yuechan clasped Xuanyuan’s hands in her own. Her hands were warm and dainty, making Xuanyuan blush. He quickly broke his hands out of her grasp and said, “I think it’s better if I go by myself.”


Saying that, he immediately activated his boots and rushed to the exit. However, Huang Yuechan had managed to catch up to him, standing by the gate.


“How cold of you, I just want to be with you.”


“What exactly do you think you’re doing, Huang Yuechan?”


“I just want us to be together for the rest of our lives.” Huang Yuechan smiled mischievously.


“Can we please discuss this later? I need to buy items to prepare for the tournament. Or do you want me to die, just because you couldn’t let me go?” Xuanyuan was exasperated.


“That’s why I want to accompany you. I can be of great assistance to you.” She pleaded with upturned eyes. Seeing her expression, nobody could be mad at her.


“Well, what if I don’t want you to come along with me?” Xuanyuan tried to get her to leave him alone.


“Well then, kiss me. Kiss me, and I shall wait for you at our home.” Huang Yuechan closed her eyes, and slightly inclined her neck upwards, her rid lips seemingly beckoning Xuanyuan. His heart twinged as he saw her face.


“Well, what is a kiss? If I can get her to stay inside, and avoid spreading rumours, that’s good.” Xuanyuan lowered his head towards her, and their lips slowly met. Huang Yuechan wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling them closer together, while slowly intertwining their tongues. Just when Xuanyuan completely got into the mood, she broke the kiss, her red lips still slightly pursed.


“Well then, husband. I guess you must leave now. I will await your return.” Her eyes gleamed as her voice rang, fresh as spring.


Xuanyuan was still affected by their kiss, he couldn’t help but be a bit disconcerted. He thought she was a demon, seducing his mind and entangling his heart.


“Haha. I already told you, this is your fate. You haven’t even refined the dragon’s elixir, yet you are indescribably attracted to her. Once you do refine it, however…” Greed suddenly cut himself off.


“Well, what will happen once I refine the Dragon Elixir?” Xuanyuan asked impatiently. 


“Hahaha, I can’t tell you now. You’ll just have to wait and find out.” Exasperated, Xuanyuan sighed, “Old man, you always keep me guessing…”

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