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Chapter 275 Fate



After entering the side hall of the main hall, Xuanyuan was grieved.

“Dammit, what a gorgeous woman! How can I do nothing? Am I Liu Xiahui? God, what on earth was I thinking? Just do what you want! “

“Ha ha…” Greedy laughed.

“Is it that so funny?” Xuanyuan suppressed the evil fire in his abdomen by force. He was afraid that he couldn’t help but open the door and do something to Huang Yuechan.

“Nothing, but I saw a wonderful fight just now, it was really fascinating, I’ve lived so many years, but it was really my first time to see such a distinctive fight.” The greed giggled.

Xuanyuan rolled his eyes and said.

“Be careful not to die of nosebleed, you’re such a greedy old man. I find that if this kind of thing happens in the future again, you must be suppressed.”

“Ha, if you suppressed me, how could you know she was making the Heavenly Phoenix Steps? This girl is not simple. If you hadn’t attack her by your disposition secretly at the beginning together with the reason that she didn’t bring enough instruments, you would not be able to surrender her. ” Greed laughed.

“Huh? So? I also think her body was very strong, although not as strong as me, she was extremely fast and powerful. If I didn’t take the Five Elements with me, I’m afraid it would be very difficult to resist with the Body of All Creations. ” Xuanyuan had to admit that the strength of Huang Yuechan, she could not be underestimated as the future Lady Saint of the Fighting Dragon.

“Well, this girl is also of special physique, the body of Heavenly Phoenix. When she enters the realm of xian class fighters, there will be earth shaking changes, the body of Heavenly Phoenix will start to show its physique power only in the realm of xian class fighters!” Greed was well informed, after seeing Xuanyuan fighting with Huang Yuechan for so long, naturally he could see something mysterious.

“The body of Heavenly Phoenix? What is it? ” Xuanyuan asked with a frown.

” Heavenly Phoenix is a kind of xian class beast that can keep pace with Dragon, but it is not on the list of xian class beasts. In ancient times, after an earth-shaking war, Heavenly Phoenix disappeared, and then began to derive the body of Heavenly Phoenix. It is extremely rare. No wonder this girl will be selected as the future Lady Saint of the Fighting Dragon. The Greed said with sigh. “I didn’t expect that the inheritor of the Dragon Elixir would meet the body of Heavenly Phoenix one day…”

“What? Was there any deep hatred between the Dragon and the Heavenly Phoenix? ” Xuanyuan looked at the center of the side hall, except a dragon bed made of dragon bones, there was nothing else in this hall, this was a rather simple place.

“No, on the contrary, the Dragon and the Heavenly Phoenix fell in love with each other deeply. Later, in ancient times, there was war among xian class beasts. For the Dragon, the Heavenly Phoenix made all its effort to seriously hurt some powerful xian class beasts, which made the Dragon rank the first on the list of xian class beasts, but the Heavenly Phoenix herself was seriously injured and went away, and no one knew its trail!” Greedy sighed.

“It seemed that the Heavenly Phoenix was affectionate to the Dragon, but was the Dragon willing to part with the Heavenly Phoenix?” Xuanyuan asked.

“There should be too many secrets. In fact, the Dragon ranks 37th in the list of xian class beasts. To a large extent, it’s because of the relationship between the Dragon and the Heavenly Phoenix. If there weren’t the Heavenly Phoenix, the Dragon would be equal to those under its name. They were well matched in strength.” This was the first time that Greed talked about the rank of xian class beasts, which shocked Xuanyuan’s heart.

“In the list of xian class beasts, the top 36 are all divine class beasts?” Xuanyuan asked.

“Yes, there is a tremendous gap of strength between the xian class beasts and the divine class beasts though there’s only the change of one word. But no one has ever subdued the divine class beasts. Except for the Great Emperor and the Great Sage, few people can refine the Divine Class Beast Elixir of into their body and own it. Many people say that the divine beasts have gone to a higher-level world with the Great Emperor and the Great Sage, so there are few of them in the world of Qi. “The Greedy said slowly.

“What about the pig? Is it a xian class beast or a divine beast?” Xuanyuan asked with a smile.

“The Devouring Emperor is a different creature born because of the Body of All Creatures, and it is not allowed in the world. So, it has no ranking, but it should be no less than the divine class beasts, because the Devouring Emperor has proved its strength to the world in the war between the pig and many great emperors. It fought with more than 20 xian class beasts and was surrounded by three emperor class fighters, but even under that condition, he was only defeated but not dead. You can infer from that. ” The greed laughed.

“And you? Greed? How many emperor class fighters have you killed? ” Xuanyuan seemed to enjoy listening to these stories.

“Me? I’m in one with the Devouring Emperor, the Devouring Emperor killed them and I was just playing an auxiliary role. Well, let’s change the subject, now that you’ve got the Dragon Elixir, since Huang Yuechan is the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix. I think you will have a lot of disputes in the future. “

“What?” Xuanyuan was doubtful.

“Do you really think the Dragon was made of clay? There is only one Ancient Dragon, and only Heavenly Phoenix. The Body of the Heavenly Phoenix has not been awakened, and the Dragon Elixir has not been refined in your body. At that time, you will understand that the love between the Green Dragon and the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix which hocked the world in the past. “As soon as the Greedy’s voice fell, he began to be silent.

Xuanyuan frowned and didn’t say much. When he went to the dragon bed and sat down with his knees crossed, he felt the Dragon Qi entered into his body and refined himself!

“Huh? I didn’t expect that the dragon bed would have such a wonderful effect. It can nourish human with the Dragon Qi. It won’t be possible if a person can’t improve himself quickly with this? “

Xuanyuan smelted this Dragon Qi into his body, warmed his body and pressed down the evil fire in his abdomen. It was unknown that how long it took, when Xuanyuan opened his eyes again, he felt refreshed and full of spirit.

“Well, since we are going to take part in the fight for the List of Dragons, we must get ready for that. We can’t waste 100 trillion points of merit.” Xuanyuan thought, immediately got off the dragon bed and opened the door.

Xuanyuan was stunned for what he saw.

Huang Yuechan dressed in purple Phoenix robe. On the Phoenix robe, there was embroidered with a fairy Phoenix, and her long black hair was pulled up from her head in a noble Phoenix bun. She looked noble, charming, and gorgeous. It was a great contrast with her look last night.

Seeing Huang Yuechan went toward Xuanyuan step by step, and her Phoenix topknot was shaking and trembling.

“My husband, have you had a good rest?” She smiled like a flower, and her voice was sweet and clear, like a spring hitting a jade, which made people pleased so much.

“…” Xuanyuan was speechless. Was Huang Yuechan became addictive to call him in this way? “Don’t call me husband!”

Huang Yuechan’s grievances on her face looked rather pitiable.

“Now that you have do so many things to me, are you going to abandon me?”

Xuanyuan was shocked, and Huang Yuechan acted as if she was really abandoned by a heartless man, and she was still in love with that bastard.

“…I’m going out now. ” Xuanyuan sighed. He didn’t want to say too much on this topic. The more he said, the vaguer it would become.

“Husband, let me accompany you.” Huang Yuechan picked up Xuanyuan’s hand, and her fingers were warm and tender, which made Xuanyuan embarrassed. Xuanyuan turned his wrist and got rid of Huang Yuechan’s hand.

“Thank you, Miss Huang. I’d better go out by myself.”

As soon as the voice fell, Xuanyuan’s’ Wind Boots immediately rushed to the gate of the main hall, but out of expectations, he was stopped by Huang Yuechan, who looked so fragile, and she complained.

“Husband, you are so cold-hearted.”

Xuanyuan was angry and he thought it was funny, saying.

“Let me say something, Huang Yuechan, what are you doing?”

“Husband, I want to be with you my whole life. I’m your woman!” Huang Yuechan’s eyes were charming and moving. It seemed that Xuanyuan had a kind of atmosphere, which really attracted her.

“Can we talk about it later? I’m going to buy something to get prepared for the fight for the List of Dragon. Do you really want me to be killed on the duel?” Xuanyuan said angrily.

“Therefore, I have to go with you, I can give you advice, my husband.” Huang Yuechan’s smile was like a flower, which made no one could be mad at her.

“Well, what do you want if I don’t want you to go together with me?”Xuanyuan road.

“Kiss me, and I’ll wait for you at home.” Huang Yuechan closed her beautiful eyes, and her red lips were so kissable. Xuanyuan marveled at the morbidezza of her face, he couldn’t deny that he was moved. 

“Shit, kiss it, anyway, it’s not a loss. If she goes out with me and spreads everything, my life will be ruined.” Xuanyuan went ahead regardless, he lowered his head and kissed Huang Yuechan’s red lips.

Huang Yuechan was very cooperative, holding Xuanyuan’s neck with both hands, and their flexible tongues intertwined. When Xuanyuan was about to enter the state, she let go of Huang Yuechan, leaving her mouth fragrant.

“All right? We’ve kissed.”

“Well, my dear husband, go ahead, I’ll wait for you at home.” Huang Yuechan smiled charmingly, and her eyes were like spring water.

Xuanyuan could not help shivering for a while. He thought the girl was a demon who could bring disaster to the country and the people. How could he be entangled by her.

“Ha ha, I’ve already said that this is the fate between the Heavenly Phoenix and the Dragon. You can’t get rid of it. You have already refined the dragon’s blood, although the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix hasn’t woken up yet, you still have an inexplicable attraction for her. After you refining the Dragon Elixir…” The Greed said but stopped.

“What’s the matter with refining the Dragon Elixir?”

“Hahaha, I can’t tell you now, you will understand when it happens.” The Greed stpped the story at a climax, which drove Xuanyuan could not help beating him.

“Keeping me guessing…”


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