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Chapter 276 Physical Power!

Chapter 276 Physical Power!



Seeing Xuanyuan leave, all flustered, Huang Yuechan bit her lips, happy at the reaction she managed to elicit.

“Looks like I still have a shot.”


Xuanyuan continued to walk, not looking back. As he neared the main entrance, he saw the pig and Youxue. The pig was gazing at the Phoenix tree, an air of depression around him. “Ahh…”


“What’s the matter? I never knew you could get so sentimental.” Xuanyuan smiled as he addressed the pig.


“Ah…” the pig looked at Xuanyuan. His eyes seemed to say that Xuanyuan would never understand his sorrow.


“Well then, if you just want to sigh, I’m going to leave you behind. Bye.” Xuanyuan shrugged. Hearing this, the pig shot up.


“YOU. Are you even a man?. She threw herself at you, yet you did nothing. Does your thing even work? Hmph, you disappoint me.” The pig started rolling around, banging his chest with his limbs.


“You lecherous pig, is that all you think about? Ugh, I’m just going to ignore you.” Xuanyuan turned and continued walking, the pig hurriedly chasing after him. The pig then asked him.


“Boy, do you not understand her physique? Ah, how powerful would be a child that possessed a mix of the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix and the Body of All Creation. Have you ever heard of the ‘nirvana of the Phoenix’?”


Frowingin, Xuanyuan said, “The nirvana of the Phoenix? What’s that?”


“I knew it. You don’t even recognise the treasure in front of your eyes. It’s also called the Nine Lives of the Heavenly Phoenix. The Phoenix has nine lives in all. Each time it dies, it reincarnates with at least twice the power it possessed in its previous life.” The pig started grumbling, clearly he was looking forward to the child born with the traits of both the Body of All Creation and the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix.


Xuanyuan sharply inhaled and asked him, “Is the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix truly so abnormal in its traits?”


The pig laughed, “Did you really think you were the only one with a unique body type? Sorry to disappoint you, each region has its own unique body type. Each of them can be considered to be ridiculously overpowered. For example, the Divine Body of the Eastern Dynasty can control the power of the heavens and the earth, so long as it remains on the territory of the Eastern Dynasty. The more skilled the owner, the greater the power that can be drawn out!”


“That’s ridiculous! Do you mean to say that as long as they are in the land of the eaastern Dynasty, they are nigh-invincible?!” Xuanyuan was shocked at the revelation.


“The first ever owner of the Divine Body was known as the Divine Emperor of the Eastern Dynasty.. Each generation since then has exhibited a potential equal to the first generation. As such, unless you’re confident in your strength, you should avoid provoking them.” The pig warned Xuanyuan. When he saw him nod his understanding, he was satisfied.


The pig and Xuanyuan were walking side-by-side to the location of the tournament. Along the way, they drew several curious looks.


“Are you sure that is even a pig? It’s as big as a bull!”


“Shhhh, do you want to die? That’s Xuanyuan, the scourge of the Eastern Dynasty. That pig next to him is a mysterious beast, rumoured to possess great power. People say it followed him out of the Nightmare Swamp.”


“What? Is that really him?”


“Of course it is. Didn’t you see him come out from the Palace of the Phoenix? Looks like he is the candidate for the next Saint of the Fighting Dragon Sect.”


“Impossible. He is just an expert in the grandmaster realm. There’s no way Huang Yuechan would accept him.”


“She doesn’t have a choice in the matter. As long as Xuanyuan is the next Saint of the Fighting Dragon Sect, she has to marry him. He has greatly contributed to the success of the Fighting Dragons Sect thanks to his actions in the Eastern Dynasty. Obviously the elders want to retain him.”


“His accomplishments are solely due to the power of the Nightmare Ghost, he played no part.”


“You fool. Do you think you can make the Nightmare Ghost listen to your commands? Clearly he is hiding something.”




Ignoring the gossip surrounding him, Xuanyuan kept walking. People started surrounding Xuanyuan, bowing to him.


“Young master Xuanyuan, it is a pleasure to meet you!”


Xuanyuan didn’t reply, instead just smiling and nodding, continuing to walk to the Stage of Reward and Punishment.


The Stage of Reward and Punishment was truly magnificent. It encompassed an area of 5 kilometres. On the corners stood four dragon pillars each 10,000 metres tall. The pillars seemed to be restraining some sort of force, and the pillars were all connected by a giant lock.


In the middle stood a large stone statue, an axe in his left hand, a chest in his right. He symbolised the punishments and the rewards people would receive.


Looking at the stage, Xuanyuan saw a large number of people. This was not surprising; after all, the competition was going to start in a few days. It looked like they had come to exchange their merit points to prepare for their fights.


Luckily, despite the sheer number of people, it wasn’t crowded thanks to the size of the stage.


Xuanyuan noticed eight officials  on the stage, each of them at the seventh rank of the Emperor realm! As he stepped onto the stage, he heard a loud voice.


“Get out of my way, fatso.”


“Huh?” The person being addressed was Zhao Manfeng. He was no longer obese; after refining his spleen, he had improved both his strength and his figure. 


“You’re lucky to have broken through to the grandmaster realm with your poor talent. You still dare to dream of higher things? Consider yourself lucky, don’t even think that you can fight in the tournament. You can’t even afford a single lower-rank xian class instrument. Know your place. Did you think that since Xuanyuan has returned, you can act up? He’s nothing but talk, relying on the power of the Nightmare Ghost. If you removed it, I could easily crush him. And you expect someone like that to protect you? What a joke!”


The one abusing Zhao Manfeng was Huo Tao. Next to him stood Huolie, who had broken through to the emperor realm. Just thinking of Xuanyuan made his blood boil. He couldn’t forget the humiliation he faced that day at the Linglong sect. Looking at Zhao Manfeng thought, “This fat-fuck was one of Xuanyuan’s friends, wasn’t he? I’ll take my anger out on him!”


“How dare someone so worthless be rude to us?! I’ll teach you your place!” Huolie mercilessly attacked him, and there was nothing Zhao Manfeng could do to defend himself. He flew back, coughing blood profusely. Seeing this, Xuanyuan frowned.


Only one person rushed to his aid, glaring at Huolie.


“Master Huolie, he is an elder of the sect. You can’t just attack him, it’s against the laws.” Chen Jinchou defended Zhao Manfeng. In the last few years, he had managed to break through the emperor realm as well. 


“Hey hey, Master Chen, you certainly do possess talent. But if you think you can fight Master Huolie, you’re mistaken, it’s still far too early for you to even dream of that.” Huo Tao glared at Chen Jinchou fiercely.


“Haha, young master Chen, are you still so naive? Here, the only law is the law of strength. The strong are always right! Looks like I have to teach  you this truth.”


Huolie burst into laughter, immediately attacking Chen Jinchou with his fire Qi. Surprised by the sudden attack, his defense crumbled and he flew back, bleeding from his mouth. Liu Xiangxiang rushed to help him to his feet, and glared at Huolie. “How despicable, suddenly attacking.”


“You little piece of shit! Shut your mouth!” Huo Tao roared. He had planned this exact scenario for a long time, wanting to take revenge on Chen Jinchou. He had fought against him many times in the past, and always defeated him.


While Huo Tao hadn’t broken through the emperor realm yet, he still had reached the peak of the grandmaster realm. He attacked Liu Xiangxiang, who had just entered the grandmaster realm. Seeing this, Chen Jinchou paled. He couldn’t do anything, his hands were tied. If he joined the fight, Huolie would definitely get involved as well, which would mean sure death for Liu Xiangxiang. 


While wrestling with this dilemma, a strong Qi roared through the atmosphere. Suddenly, a phoenix soared and hit Huo Tao, destroying his body inside-out. His blood vessels were ruptured, his viscera were hanging out, and every inch of his skin had been ripped apart. Seeing the shocking sight, everyone suddenly fell silent, fear spreading through their hearts.


Shocked, Huolie looked at the direction from where the attack came.In the distance, Xuanyuan stood, the Five Elements Roulette behind him.


“You dare to kill a core disciple of the sect, on the Stage of Rewards of Punishment?! Do you not have any regard for the rules of the sect!” Huolie put on a brave face, however his heart trembled with fear.


“How funny! Just a moment ago, you said the only law here is the ‘law of strength’. Now you want to hide behind the rules of the sect? Pitiful. Looks like you still haven’t learnt your lesson, even after the humiliation you faced at my hands at the Linglong sect. I’ll have to make an example of you, just so that everyone knows not to bully those weaker than them.”


Utilising the Five Elements Roulette, Xuanyuan channeled the breath of the Gold of the Dark Phoenix. A giant golden arrow, its Qi as sharp as a sword, formed in the air. The power contained within the arrow was palpable, creating golden sparks!

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