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Chapter 276 Physical Power!


Seeing Xuanyuan left, Huang Yuechan bit her lips, and she felt a little happy

“Well, I don’t believe that I can’t get you. “

Xuanyuan didn’t look back, seeing the pig standing under the phoenix tree, holding its head up in depression, watching the phoenix flowers blooming and falling, and flying all over the sky, sighing.

And Youxue stood by quietly.


“What’s the matter? When did you learn to be sentimental? “Xuanyuan looked at the pig and asked with a smile.

“Ah!” the pig looked at Xuanyuan, as if it was saying that Xuanyuan could never feel his sorrow and loneliness.

“I’m leaving if you don’t want to say, you can sigh here.” Xuanyuan shrugged, when he started to turn around and leave, the pig jumped up as if it was injected chicken blood.

“You’re not a man. You did nothing in front of such a beautiful lady. You disappointed me. You truly disappointed me.”

The pig beat his chest and kicked his feet like its parents were dead. It was always so crazy.

Xuanyuan was speechless.

“That’s all you think about all day, you dead pig. Forget it. Don’t talk about it.”

Xuanyuan immediately turned around and left. The pig hurriedly followed him and said to Xuanyuan.

“Boy, don’t you know the woman’s physical power? The Body of Heavenly Phoenix! Ah, how powerful would it be if a Body of Heavenly Phoenix and All Creations could be delivered? Have you ever heard of the nirvana of the Phoenix?“

Xuanyuan frowned and said.

“What is the nirvana of the Phoenix?”

“How ignorant and short-sighted you are! You are too stupid. The nirvana of the Phoenix is also called Nine Lives of the Heavenly Phoenix. The Heavenly Phoenix has nine lives in all. Every time when it nirvanas and reborns after death, its strength will skyrocket. Do you understand that? For example, now that she has the power of one dragon, once dead, at least owns the power of two dragons, twice dead, at least four, three times dead, at least eight, and so on… ” The Pig’s eyes congested, murmured, obviously it was looking forward to the Body of Heavenly Phoenix and All Creations.

“Shhh -“

Xuanyuan took a breath and looked at the pig in surprise.

“Is the Body of the Heavenly Phoenix so abnormal?”

“Of course, physical power has its advantages. You are not the only one who’s allowed to have a special physical power. For example, the Divine Body of the Eastern Land can mobilize the power of heaven and earth of the Eastern Land as long as it is on the Eastern Land. It’s extremely terrifying. The higher its strength is, the greater the power of heaven and earth of the Eastern Land can be mobilized! ” The pig despised Xuanyuan.

“How is it possible? Is it invincible in the Land of the East? ” Xuanyuan was surprised.

“The first generation of the Divine Body of the Eastern Land is called the Divine Emperor of the Eastern Dynasty. Every generation of the Divine Body of the Eastern Land has boundless divine power. Therefore, if you are not well built, you’d better not provoke the Divine Body of the Eastern Land!” the pig said.

Xuanyuan nodded, he got it.

Along the way, Xuanyuan and the pig walked side by side. People looked at Xuanyuan with surprise when they saw Xuanyuan come out of the palace.

“The pig is as tall and big as a bull!”

“Shh, don’t you want to die? This man is Xuanyuan! The man who slaughtered in the imperial capital of the Eastern Land! This pig is not simple, it is said that it came from the Nightmare Swamp.”

“What, should it be him?”

“It’s true, didn’t you see him come out from the Phoenix Palace? Obviously, he is likely to become the next Saint of the Fighting Dragon.”

“Really? How is it possible that he is just in the realm of grandmaster? How can Huang Yuechan accept him? “

“No matter she accepts Xuanyuan or not, this is her only choice. Xuanyuan made such a great contribution to the loss of the Hai Family and the royal family of the Eastern Dynasty in the Land of the East. It’s an indisputable fact that the Fighting Dragon Sect has won tremendous fame because of him. The elders of the Fighting Dragon Sect have their own arrangements!”

“That victory due to the power of the Nightmare Ghost. What’s the contribution of Xuanyuan?”

“Are you kidding me? Can you make the Nightmare Ghost your thug?”


Listen to countless people talking and gossiping, Xuanyuan didn’t care. Many people came forward and bowed to Xuanyuan.

“It’s so nice to see you, Master Xuanyuan!”

Xuanyuan smiled and nodded. He didn’t say much, and went straight to the Reward and Punishment Stage

The Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment Stage stood in the Fighting Dragon Sect, and it was magnificent with an area of 100 Li. On the four ten thousand meters tall dragon pillars, the blood of the dragon is mottled, which seemed to suppress some kind of strong existence. An old and heavy stone lock connected the four ten thousand meters tall dragon pillars.

A xian carved of mottled and heavy boulders, holding a punishment axe and a treasure chest, stood in the center of the Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment Stage, it looked awards and punishments would be carried out by him rigorously.

Xuanyuan looked at the people on the stage, there were not a few people. It was known that he List of Dragons would begin a few days, and all the people were exchanging things with their merit points, in order to defeat more people in the fight.

Luckily, the Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment Stage was big enough and not crowded at all. Hence, Xuanyuan’s stepping on the stage didn’t attract many people’s attention.

Xuanyuan found there were eight Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment envoys on the stage of Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment. The strength of each envoy was in the realm of seven rank Emperor Realm Fighters!

When Xuanyuan stepped on the Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment Stage, suddenly there was a sound of chiding in a near distance.

“Get out of my way, fat man.”

“Whereby?” The fat man’s voice came out. Xuanyuan frowned and turned his head. It was Zhao Manfeng. Zhao Manfeng was not fat at all now. Since Zhao Manfeng stepped into the realm of kingly fighter and began to exercise his spleen, his body became very strong, and his shape has greatly improved.

“Hum, it’s lucky for you to enter in the realm of grandmaster with your qualification. What else do you dream of? That’s funny! Do you want to fight for the List of Dragons? You can’t even afford a lower rank xian class instrument with your small amount of merit points. Can you be a little self-conscious? Do you really think you can be arrogant when Xuanyuan comes back? He just relies on the power of the Nightmare Ghost. To kill him is as easy as to kill a dog with his true strength. Do you want him to protect you? “

The speaker is Huo Tao. The one who stood beside Huo Tao was Huolie, whose strength had stepped into the realm of emperor class fighters. When Huolie thought of Xuanyuan, he was full of anger. He never forgot the humiliation in the Linglong Sect that day. Zhao Manfeng was Xuanyuan’s helper, and he would not let him go.

“How dare you such a piece of shit be so rude to us? You should be punished!” Huolie raised his hand to Zhao Manfeng and attacked him. Zhao Manfeng had no strength to resist, so he was hit and flew out, spitting blood continuously. Obviously, he was severely hurt. Xuanyuan frowned. Only one person hurried to protect Zhao manfeng and shouted at Huolie coldly.

“Master Huolie, if you don’t have the law and discipline of the Fighting Dragon Sect, how can you hit others at will!”

It was Chen Jinchou that protected Zhao Manfeng.

Chen Jinchou was surrounded by the spirit of the emperor. Obviously, Chen Jinchou had broken into the realm of imperial fighters during these two years.

“Hey hey, Master Chen, you have a good qualification. But if you want to resist Master Huolie, I’m afraid you are still far away from him. As a man, you’d better take care of yourself first.” Huo Tao said fiercely.

“Ha ha, young Master Chen, you won’t be so naive after staying in the Fighting Dragon Sect for so long? In the Fighting Dragon Sect, strength is law and discipline! Today I will let you understand this eternal truth. “

Huolie burst into laughter and shook his hands and the tremendous Qi of fire hit Chen Jinchou, roaring. Chen Jinchou flew out directly. Chen Jinchou didn’t expect that as a senior apprentice, Huolie would suddenly attack him. His tricks were broken instantly. His chest was injured, he spewed a lot of blood. Liu Xiangxiang hurried to fetch Chen Jinchou, and looked angrily at the Huolie.


“Little bitch! You’re looking for trouble!” Huo Tao was satisfied with this situation since he had planned this for a long time. Chen Jinchou had locked him up and fought against him for many times. He had endured him for a long time.

Although Huo Tao didn’t enter the realm of imperial fighters at the moment, he also refined his blood to the full circle, he was at the peak realm of grandmasters, the power of thousands of dragons is tremendous, he hit Liu Xiangxiang, who just stepped into the realm of grandmasters.

As soon as Liu Xiangxiang’s face changed, Chen Jinchou’s countenance was pale. Although it didn’t hurt too much, Huolie stood beside Huo Tao, if he made a move, Huolie would help Huo Tao surely. At that time, Liu Xiangxiang will be involved in the trouble. When Chen Jincou struggled fiercely in her heart, a force of terror came with unparalleled edge in the world!

Everyone was afraid. There was a strong tingling on their skin. A roar of phoenix came out. The golden light destroyed the body of Huo Tao in front of the whole audience. Every inch of the body was damaged, the plasma splashed, the viscera were strangled into pieces, falling on the ground. Everyone became terrified for this scene.

Huolie was so shocked that he looked at the direction of the golden light. Xuanyuan was holding a long arch of five colors, which was exactly the Xians Arch of Five Elements.

“Xuanyuan, you dare to kill a chief disciple on the Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment Stage. Do you still have the law and discipline of the Fighting Dragon Sect in your mind? Huolie was so fierce that he shivered all over, but his heart was also extremely afraid of Xuanyuan. He was so shocked by Xuanyuan that his heart was under shadow when he saw Xuanyuan.

“Hahaha, it’s funny. You said it was the law and discipline when you attacked others. And it is also the law and discipline when I kill him. The power is the law and discipline of the Fighting Dragon Sect. Huolie, it seemed that it wasn’t enough to beat you in the Linglong Sect two years ago. Today, I’ll make an example of you and let people know it’s better not to bully the weak.”

Xuanyuan’s fingers buckle up the arch string, and the breath of The Gold of Dark Phoenix on Xuanyuan’s body rolled and swung. A tremendous sharp edge rose to the sky, turning into a golden sharp arrow Qi. The power was swallowing, and each swallow made a huge spark on the ground!


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