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Chapter 277 An Arrow


  All people drew a deep breath. The disciples who cultivated the Gold Qi felt that their fighting spirit was oppressed badly, and were very painful.

the Gold of Dark Phoenix”

Suddenly a Dragon fighting reward and punishment envoy screamed, Huolie’s mind collapsed, and escaped immediately, Xuanyuan laughed, locked his thigh, buckled the bowstring and loosened it suddenly!

   The golden arrows turned into golden phoenix. It broke the leg of Huolie quickly. Huolie swung his waist and ran to avoid the arrow, but it was too late.

  All people found that Huolie was protected by prohibition from his magic weapon when he run, and all of a sudden, the prohibition was broken by the arrow, his thigh broken as well. The Gold of Dark Phoenix was natural enemy of prohibition.

  Huolie lost balance and fell to the ground, couldn’t help rolling his body covered with blood.

“Well, that’s the left leg, now the right.”Xuanyuan smiled with innocence. Once again he buckled up the bowstring, aimed at the right leg.

   Everyone felt cold, Xuanyuan was a killer.

   It’s audacious to kill people in full view. Well, given that Xuanyuan dare to kill powerful people of Hai Family in their territory, Dong Zhou Emperor City, it was not a big deal for Xuanyuan to kill several enemies in his own territory Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment Stage.

Huolie howled and exclaimed.

“Brother Xuanyuan, I know I was wrong. Don’t kill me!”

   Liu Xiangxiang snorted coldly.

“How dare you call me brother Xuanyuan? Given your poor strength? “

“Dear Elder martial brother Xuanyuan, please let me go. It’s all my fault! I beg you.” Huolie changed the address immediately. The ground was all bloodstained. A pool of blood spread rapidly from the wound on its thigh.

  Huolie, Level one emperor fighter, with strength of seven thousand dragons, had no match for Xuanyuan. He howled miserably.

   The real disciples who ever admired Huolie, now became contemptuous to him.

 “Go to hell.” The bowstring in Xuanyuan’s hand quivered, and “Bang”, all felt extreme sharp pain and gasped. 

   The sharp arrow gathered by the golden fighting spirit, transformed into the shape of golden phoenix and shot to Huolie.

   The fire yelled fiercely. He was going to lose one leg again in one second, he felt scared. Just at that moment, a powerful force rushed to smash the golden arrow.

“Younger martial brother Xuanyuan, hold on please” Everyone looked up and saw Jiang Yitian slowly descended from the sky, with gentle voice and smile, which made people feel very comfortable.

“Ha ha, it’s elder martial brother Jiang Yitian. Dare you be so arrogant”

“Ha ha, elder martial brother Jiang is here. Xuanyuan has no match for him at all. I’m afraid that Xuanyuan will suffer.”

Huolie was scared to death just now, but he felt relieved and surprised now.

“Thank you, elder martial brother Jiang, for saving me.”

   Jiang Yitian nodded his head, the light of his hand flashed into Huolie’s broken leg, stopped it bleeding immediately, and then he turned to Xuanyuan, chuckled.

“I didn’t expect that just two years’ time, your strength has progressed so fast. I’m very pleased!”

“One year later, I will not let you down. I will cut off your head directly to sacrifice the spirit of the lone star in the sky.”Xuanyuan has no gratitude for Jiang Yitian’s gentleness. He knew that Jiang Yitian was a real hypocrite with deep thoughts.

   Xuanyuan was not afraid of Jiang Yitian.

“You are bold Xuanyuan, why don’t you kneel to Bro. Jiang. ” “Brother Jiang, this son was arrogant. He dared to shoot and kill Huo Tao in full view. He should be punished for his crime. This beast, XuanYuan dared to kill my brother. I must tear you into pieces, destroy your soul and spirit.”

Huolie was extremely vicious. He was humiliated two years ago. Today, he lost his face again, which made him furious. Xuanyuan had to kill him. Now Jiang showed up, Huolie knew that the situation changed, and that Xuanyuan could not kill him anymore. So he looked at Xuanyuan with pride

“You, rubbish, beast, are you capable to kill me now in front of Bro. Jiang? Dare you to fight now? Show me what you have now “

 Only Xuanyuan’s death could vent his hatred.

“I’m Xuanyuan, do no harm to kind people. My parents passed away. I stepped into the path of cultivation to fight with the sky, fight with the earth, and I never kneel to the sky, neither the earth. I didn’t kneel to master of the Land of Darkness, not to mention Jiang Yitian? You think that he could protect you? You are wrong.”

   Xuanyuan laughed and looked at Huolie’s complacent face, sneered,

“If I use the promise from Nightmare Ghost, I could even shoot the master, let alone Jiang Yitian, what do you say? “

   Xuanyuan was surrounded by a murderous spirit. Behind Xuanyuan, the Emperor of Five Elements started to roll and gallop in the sky with great deterrent. 

All were amazed. 

“Xuanyuan is so arrogant to say those words, he said he could even kill master, bullshit.”

“He’s even more domineering than what’s said. I’ve never seen such domineering person before, with nothing to fear”

“No wonder, he has the capability, and surely he has no fear.”

Huolie’s face turned pale. Even Jiang Yitian frowned and paused for a moment. Jiang Yitian said slightly.

“Younger martial brother Xuanyuan is still so impulsive, but I believe that you are not the kind of person only seeking for momentary gratification without any concerning.”

  When Jiang Yitian talked, behind Xuanyuan, five color imperial light bursting from Emperor of Five Elements, rushed to the sky, and the power of the five elements had been ready.

Five color fighting Qi and sharp arrow gathered and formed gradually in Xuanyuan’ hand, which was fierce and powerful.

   Jiang Yitian frowned and said.

“Brother Xuanyuan, why must you do this? Please be merciful. “

   Xuanyuan laughed,

“Stop talking nonsense. I have my ow rule for the world and myself. Whoever harmed me, I will fight back and punish him.”

   As soon as the voice fell, the bowstring in Xuanyuan’s hand loosened.


The whole space could not help shaking up, the five color arrow broke out with brilliant light soaring to the sky, the divine light was shining, and the power of the five elements was working.

   Xuanyuan gathered five fighting Qi with the five elements in his body. The sharp arrow from the Five Elements Bowstring, increased its power by several times. Unique magic weapon couldn’t be underestimated?

   Jiang Yitian still did not dodge. A bronze mirror suddenly showed up in front of him, on which the simple light flowed, and hit the arrow. When the mirror collided with arrow, 


The arrow was smashed, while the bronze mirror was intact and motionless.

The simple light worked nimbly to protect Huolie, and he signed with relief and laughed at Xuanyuan,

“How dare you, a thief? We will kill you definitely. You had committed the crime to offense the senior bro, you should be sentenced to death, otherwise, we can’t manifest the rule of the Sect.

  With instigation of Huolie, many true disciples of Jiang Yitian in Sect shouted at Xuanyuan impolitely. 

“Kill Xuanyuan. He is so rebellious that he should be punished.”

“Huolie is right. He’s too arrogant, we should kill him!”

“Elder martial brother Jiang Yitian is too kind. Just now, he was kind enough to talk to him, unexpectedly, Xuanyuan didn’t appreciate and dared to fight against brother Jiang. Damn it!” a real disciple, who was also Emperor Fighter, was not weak in strength, and was Jiang Yitian’s confidant, incited people.

  After a while, a group of real disciples threatening to kill Xuanyuan formed, more and more disciples joined in, the killing call on Dragon fighting reward and punishment stage shocked the sky.

   Xuanyuan was not afraid at all. He glanced at the real disciple of Level one emperor fighter, locked him, smiled coldly, and once again pulled up the bow and pointed it at Huolie, said,

“Well, I don’t think you can protect him this time.”

 Xuanyuan was surrounded by five color talismans, supported by five elements, and the power spread.

   Everyone knew that this was the power of Xuanyuan’s five elements.

   Jiang Yitian operated the bronze mirror and said with grace.

“Younger martial brother Xuanyuan, how about this, I’ll accept the fighting of another arrow, and if you can’t kill Huolie, let him go. How about that?”

“Elder martial brother Jiang, pardon makes offenders. He is arrogant. Only by killing him can we manifest the rule in Sect!” that Jiang Yitian’s confidant, angrily said.

   Surely, by his instigation, many true disciples agreed with him. Of course, part of the crowd kept silent.

   Because they knew they were unlikely to kill Xuanyuan.

“That’s right, elder martial brother Jiang, we must kill Xuanyuan so as to keep the discipline in order!” an emperor fighter from Nu Xian Mountain also tried to stir up the trouble. 


Apparently, they wanted to force Xuanyuan to use up last promise of Nightmare Ghost.

The crowd were in mood unconsciously. Xuanyuan was suddenly in the teeth of the storm.

   Xuanyuan didn’t pay any attention to these shouts. Looking at Jiang Yitian, he nodded and said with smile.

“Well, Jiang Yitian, if you can block the power of my arrow, I will let him go. If you can’t, what will you do?”

“Then he’s unfortunate. I can’t help with it.” Jiang Yitian said softly.

“Ha ha, okay, remember your words. Watch out and take care.”Xuanyuan grabs the five elements bow. The power of the five elements from Xuanyuan run again. Xuanyuan seemed to be the heart of five color whirlpool. An Emperor of Five Elements showed up behind him as powerful as the heaven.

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