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Chapter 278 Power was the rule


Power was the rule

“Hum, Xuanyuan is really arrogant. Even though he is strong enough, elder martial brother Jiang is even stronger than him. He dares to fanfaronade, I really think elder martial brother Jiang shouldn’t make the promise and accept the challenge.”

“He’s been too arrogant. He thinks that if he is powerful so that he could be arrogant. Elder martial brother Jiang must give him a lesson so that he can understand that there is no limit of cultivation.”

“Let him understand that there are always people stronger. He should never have narrow view and treat himself as invincible in the world. “

“Elder martial brother Jiang, if you kill Xuanyuan, you can’t let him hurt other disciples in Sect anymore. His death will be regretted.” The emperor fighting continued to stir up trouble.

“Right, right!”

“This kind of person can’t live in the world!”

“It’s time to kill him!”

   The crowd became excited and the call for killing Xuanyuan continued. Liu Xiangxiang, Chen Jinxian and Zhao Manfeng all changed their faces. However, they were still standing beside Xuanyuan from the very beginning. Although they were quiet, their action alone proved that they would definitely support Xuanyuan anytime.

   The pig, as big as a cow beside Xuanyuan said nothing. He yawned lazily and glimpsed at the crowd. Seemed that he was waiting for a big show.

   Jiang Yitian was good at observing, which he was doing carefully right now.

   The progress of Xuanyuan’s strength threaten Jiang Yitian. Xuanyuan had many helpful adventures in these two years.

   Five elements, nightmare ghost had made him envy madly, but he will not explode the mood on his face, unlike Huolie. He bore it in his heart and plotted against Xuanyuan secretly.

   Even that disciples who instigated just now was arranged subtly on purpose. The goal was to arouse hatred of the disciples to Xuanyuan.

   He wanted to defeat Xuanyuan from his mind.

   Xuanyuan easily saw through Jiang Yitian’s idea at once, but now these people supported Jiang Yitian, mainly because Jiang Yitian was still stronger than himself.

  One day if Xuanyuan was stronger than Jiang Yitian, they would turn to support him. This was the reason why Xuanyuan despised those people.

   The call would help anything? Showed your capability.

   Xuanyuan has possessed the ability that no matter what happened, his mind kept unmoved, and always not shaken by this fade force. Jiang Yitian’s heart sank when he found that all these did not influence Xuanyuan.

“He was determined, as brilliant as Fenglie, or even smarter than Fenglie, I will definitely kill you.”

The five elements Emperor looked like huge invisible vortex. The power of Five elements run together. The gold, water, wood, fire and earth linked together one by one and formed Five Elements Arrow. This arrow gathered the power of Gold of Dark Phoenix that could cut through all the forbidden vanguards, vast dragon subduing power of the Dragon-Taming Wood, boundless waves of Water of Heaven, the flames of all evil breath of Fire of the Red Lotus, and the immobility and firmness of The Vajrapani Earth. 

   Countless people under realm of Emperor Fighter were hard to breathe under the pressure of such a powerful power. They all felt extremely uncomfortable. Many people were forced to transform into fierce beasts, dragon, snake, tiger, leopard, lion, eagle or other unknown beasts. Fierce and powerful.

   Xuanyuan aimed at Huolie, and stepped out and got ready to shoot. The carved bow was stretched like full moon. The five elements moved violently. The bow vibrated violently, so as the Five Elements divine light. Shortly, the fighting Qi in Xuanyuan’s body was sucked into the bow and make it lighting. 

   Huolie was so scared that he shivered all over. He didn’t expect that Xuanyuan was that powerful. He had no chance to defeat him if they fought.

   Xuanyuan laughed,

“Take my arrow!”

   As soon as the fingers loosened, “Bang”, the invisible sound waves were rippling, as if the heaven and the earth were shaking because of the arrow.


   The strength of this five element arrow was far beyond Jiang Yitian’s expectation.

   Jiang Yitian’s brows were locked, and his fighting spirit was rolling and entering the ancient bronze mirror. And then the mirror emitted soft glow.

   The mirror with soft glow gave people a sense of simplicity and vastness, as if it was an extremely old existence, and nothing could break it.

   When Jiang Yitian was ready to resist the arrow again with antique bronze mirror, he saw the five elements arrow, had changed its routine. 

Just at that moment the arrow changed the track, the five color arrow rushed to Jiang Yitian’s disciple, an emperor fighter.

   The disciple’s face turned pale. In an instant, his fighting spirit was running, but it was too late.

   The five elements arrow broke through the crowd and directly shoot into elixir field. The five element could reinforce each other, but also restraint each other. When they restrained each other, it will turn into a terrorist power and explode. The body of disciple was torn open, and exploded explodes into the blood plasma all over the ground, and the golden elixir was broken. He was dead.

   One arrow killed emperor fighter all of a sudden.

   Jiang Yitian’s face changed a lot and said angrily.

“Brother Xuanyuan, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, remember your words, If you can’t stop my arrow, he could only blame the fortune. I saw the man instigated other disciples to kill me, so I wanted to kill him. It’s so simple. Why, elder martial brother Jiang, do you want to break your promise?”

   Xuanyuan laughed. Just now, although he was aiming at the fire, his mind focused on that emperor Fighter. Immediately, Xuanyuan put up the bow and looked at the crowd. The true disciples around the blood pool were scared to death.

   Just now, they felt as if the arrow was going to reap their lives. They were so scared that they were all weak. They planned to call loudly for killing Xuanyuan. Now they were all silent. No one dared to say anything in front of the strength, unless they wanted to die.

   Jiang Yitian could protect one, but not all. That fighter was the best example.

“He didn’t harm you, why do you kill him? ?” Jiang Yitian was furious, obviously Xuanyuan was provoking him.

“No reason, in the Dragon fighting Sect, power was the rule. Powerful person could kill anyone, and those whom don’t want to be killed, should make his own strength stronger. This is the eternal truth. I just want some people to get this point. Huolie is rubbish. You can take him away. Elder martial brother Jiang. You can protect him for a while, but you can’t protect him for a lifetime.”

   Xuanyuan smiled. He was very happy. Both Huolie and the emperor fighter were Jiang Yitian’s confidants. He couldn’t Huolie today. It was the same to kill the other. What he did would hit Jiang Yitian anyway. His goal was achieved.

“Senior brother Xuanyuan, it’s not good to be with strong killing spirit” A person said and came out of the crowd. It’s XiaoTian.

   Xuanyuan looked at Xiaotian and knew that he was same with Jiang Yitian. He had a deep mind. He often killed people trickily, or stealthily. XuanYuan knew well about his hypocrisy.

“Oh, it’s bro. Xiaotian. It seems that in the past two years, younger martial brother Xiao hasn’t made any progress. It’s important that you never rush to the fore every time. You should understand that. Otherwise, you may even can’t figure out why you are killed.” Xuanyuan sneered and left. His face turned pale.

   Looking at Xiaotian and Jiang Yitian, the pig sneered.

“When you face with absolute power, any trick is useless. We should understand this truth.”

  JiangYitian couldn’t blame the death on Xuanyuan as it was his own promise. The crowd were listening to what Xuanyuan said. Those people shouted just now were all scared to be silent. They dared not say anything.

 Jiang didn’t expect this occasion. It’s big shame. From now on, no one dared to challenge Xuanyuan again by witnessing the strong power, which disappointed Jiang. 

   Jiang Yitian had no choice but to take Huolie away.

  The emperor fighter died in vain. Xuanyuan sucked the Heaven weapon from the dead fighter as well as the fighting ring, and handed them to Zhao Manfeng, and said to Chen Jinchou and Liu Xiangxiang.

“You may share it. These are brother Jiang Yitian’s compensation for you. He will not be blamed for the matter, but it’s his fault for not disciplining his dog. “

Hearing this, Jiang Yitian, who had risen to the sky with Huolie, became furious and left immediately.

“Xuanyuan, I will let you die miserably. Let’s wait and see”

   Chen Jinxian , Liu Xiangxiang and Zhao manfeng nodded and said in unison.

“Thank you, senior brother Xuanyuan!”

   Xuanyuan nodded and said.

“Go back, and have a good rest. I’ll go back soon after changing something. See you at Dragon list fighting. “

“Noted” Chen Jinxian, Liu Xiangxiang and Zhao Manfeng all retreated and other true disciples started to whisper,

“Xuanyuan’s means are so overbearing, he’s a killing evil.”

“So what, that’s because he is powerful”

“It’s unfair to say that. Haven’t you seen that Xuanyuan is very kind to Chen Jinxian, Liu Xiangxiang and Zhao manfeng? If they hadn’t been bullied just now, Xuanyuan wouldn’t have done it.”

“You are right. Huolie should be blamed for the conflict. He shouldn’t bully them, otherwise, Xuanyuan won’t do this”

“In fact, elder martial brother Xuanyuan is not domineering at all, he even smiled to me when I saluted to him once.” A disciple said.

“Why he didn’t smile to me?”

“Maybe it’s because you are male…”

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