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Chapter 278 Power was the rule

Chapter 278 Power was the rule



“Hmph. Xuanyuan is really arrogant. While he may be strong, Elder brother Jiang is far stronger than him. Yet, he still dares to act so audacious. Elder brother Jiang really shouldn’t have let him off so easily.”


“His strength makes him too arrogant. Does he think he’s strong enough to beat anyone that opposes him?”


“He needs to be taught that there are always people stronger than him. He should learn that he is not as invincible as he thinks he is.”


“Elder disciple Jiang, if you kill Xuanyuan now, he won’t be able to harm the other disciples of the sect. His death won’t be missed.” Jiang Yitian’s confidant continued to stir the crowd up.




“Someone so cruel must not be allowed to live!”


The crowd, thirsty for blood, continued to clamour for Xuanyuan’s death. Liu Xiangxiang, Chen Jinxian, and Zhan Manfeng all looked anxious. However, they still stood beside Xuanyuan, showing their loyalty to him.


The pig yawned nonchalantly, looking as if he was waiting for a good show to amuse him.


Jiang Yitian said nothing, simply observing Xuanyuan. He was cautious of Xuanyuan’s growth, and envious of the treasures he possessed. The last two years were really fortunate for him.


Thinking about the Five Fighting Elements and the power of the Nightmare Ghost that Xuanyuan commanded made him burn with jealousy, but unlike Holie, he didn’t show it on his face, instead choosing to secretly plot Xuanyuan’s demise.


He didn’t simply want to kill Xuanyuan, he wanted to crush both his reputation and his life.


Xuanyuan immediately saw through Jiang Yitian’s plan, but there was nothing he could do. All these people supported Jiang Yitian because they saw him as stronger than Xuanyuan. If, one day, Xuanyuan turned out to be stronger than Jiang Yitian, these people would immediately jump ship. They were truly the worst kind of people, two-faced bastards, licking the feet of those in power. In order to establish himself, he had no other option than to annihilate his enemies.


Jiang Yitian looked at Xuanyuan. Seeing that he was unaffected despite all the calls for his deaths, his heart sank.


“Look at his determination! He’s not swayed in the slightest, as imposing as Fenglie, maybe even more so. I definitely must kill him while I can.”


Xuanyuan just continued to gather his energy. The Five Elements Emperor seemed like an endless vortex, continuously devouring and assimilating the power of the five elements to form the Five Elements Arrow. The arrow was further strengthened by the individual characteristics of the fighting elements.


Everyone under the emperor realm found it hard to breathe under the pressure generated. The force emanating from Xuanyuan was far too powerful for them to withstand.


Xuanyuan aimed at Huolie, straightened his back, and pulled the bowstring taut. Pulling the bow as far back as it would go, Xuanyuan shot the arrow, completely infusing it with all the Qi in his body.


Seeing the mass of power heading for him, Huolie shivered in fear. He realised that if he fought Xuanyuan, he would instantly be annihilated. 


Laughing, Xuanyuan exclaimed, “Now. Jiang Yitian, show me whether you can actually block my arrow!”


Jiang Yitian summoned his bronze mirror, his eyebrows furrowed. He didn’t expect the arrow to be so powerful. He infused his fighting spirit into the mirror, making it emit a light glow. People felt as if the mirror was an ancient existence, vast and endless, as if nothing could ever break it. Just as the arrow was about to hit the mirror, it suddenly changed its path, rushing at Jiang Yitian’s confidant. His face paled when he saw the arrow rushing towards him. He instantly tried to strengthen his defense, but it was futile. The five elements could enhance each other, but it could also be used to restrain each other. When this happened, the power would continue to build up, finally exploding. This was the power that hit the disciple. His body immediately burst open, instantly killing him.


The sight of a single arrow instantly killing an emperor realm fighter shocked everyone.


Jiang Yitian’s expression immediately changed. Furious, he shouted “Brother Xuanyuan, what do you think you’re doing?”


“What do you mean? Remember, you said that if you couldn’t stop my arrow, you could do nothing to save him. He instigated everyone else, clamouring for my death. For that, I wanted to kill him. Do you wish to renegade on your word?”


Laughing, Xuanyuan just held his bow. Seeing this, all the other true disciples clamouring for his death felt their blood chill. They felt as if they uttered another word, the arrow would reap their lives as well.


Jiang Yitian could protect one person, but he couldn’t protect. What just happened served to enforce that fact.


“He didn’t harm you! Why would you kill him?” Furious that Xuanyuan was provoking him, Jiang Yitian shouted.

“There was no reason in particular. I could have let him go, despite his remarks. But, the strength is the law here. The strong can kill the weak anyone they want, isn’t that right? I just wanted to drive this fact into someone here. Now, Elder brother Jiang, you can take Huolie away. I’ll spare his life for now. But you can’t protect him forever. Sooner or later, I will kill him, bear in mind.”


Xuanyuan was extremely happy with today’s outcome. While he couldn’t kill Huolie, he managed to kill another one of Jiang Yitian’s confidants. It still dealt a blow to him.


“Senior brother Xuanyuan, it’s not good to go around killing everyone.” A voice rang out. Out from the crowd stepped Xiao Tian. 


Xuanyuan looked at him. He could sense that Jiang yitian and Xiao Tian were cut from the same cloth.


“Oh, hello brother Xiao Tian. How surprising, you don’t seem to have progressed over the last few years. I hope you remember it’s not wise to rush into battle headfirst everytime. You could die without ever realising what killed you.” Xiang smirked at him, making Xiao Tian pale with fear.


The pig sneered at Jiang Yitian and Xiao Tian. 


“You see, little boy? When faced with absolute strength, tricks are ineffective. Remember that.”


Jiang Yitian couldn’t refute Xuanyuan’s claim. He did promise that what happened if he failed to protect them was beyond his control. Looking at the crowd, his heart sank even more. The very same people who were clamouring for Xuanyuan’s death were now silent. No one would dare to challenge Xuanyuan, now that he demonstrated his strength. Jiang Yitian just walked away, Huolie in tow.


Xuanyuan looted the emperor realm fighter he just killed, and passed the loot to the three of them, saying, “Consider this brother Jiang’s compensation to you. Don’t worry, he won’t blame you. After all, it was his fault for not taming his dog.”


Hearing this, Jiang Yitian grew all the more furious. He swore in his heart, “Xuanyuan, wait till our fight. I will make sure that you die a pitiful death.”


Chen Jinxian , Liu Xiangxiang and Zhao Manfeng nodded and said in unison, “Thank you, senior brother Xuanyuan!”


Xuanyuan nodded and said, “Go back, and have a good rest. I still need to do something. I will see all of you at the tournament.”


The other disciples all started murmuring, discussing the events that just transpired.


“Xuanyuan is far too heartless. It seems as if he will kill any and all of his enemies.”


“So what? He has the strength to back his words, it’s truly admirable.”


“It’s unfair to say that he’s heartless. Do you see how he treated those three? If it were not for them being bullied, Xuanyuan would not have interfered.”


“You’re right. It’s all Huolie’s fault. He shamelessly bullied those weaker than him, and received his just desserts!”


“In fact, I feel Brother Xuanyuan is not at all terrifying. He smiled at me when I greeted him!”


“Haah?! Why did he ignore me then…”


“Maybe it’s because you’re a guy, haha.” 

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