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Chapter 279 Preparation



“Boy, that’s how it works. You finally understand what I mean. Only power is real, only power is law and discipline.” Greed laughed, who was obviously very satisfied with Xuanyuan’s performance today.

“Dominating the world, no one dares to fight. This is the posture of the great emperor. Great Emperors always do that.”

“He is right, boy, go on like this. Only in this way can you frighten those who want to do harm you.” Just now, the pig stayed still. He just wanted to see how Xuanyuan would deal with it. As a result, Xuanyuan’s practice was unexpected.

“Going extreme is not a good thing. I will keep that in mind. It’s not just about acting strong. Some things are also different from each other. Now I have nothing to lose. Anyway, my body has been inserted by the Heart Devouring Bug, and I’ve got the promise of nightmare ghost. Therefore, I can be so overbearing. I may have the secret of nightmare ghost, which the heads of the Fighting Dragons Sect bear me so much. But if I go too far, they won’t allow it.” Xuanyuan’s said. He looked at those who were smiling at him from all directions, nodded and smiled back. His elegance made people feel a great contrast.

   Xuanyuan came to a Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment official and said”I want different kind of source energy, five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Do you have one?”

“Naturally, what do you want?” It was a white-haired old man. Obviously, he had been in the position for a long time. With a square face, his eyebrows showed he was very dignified, which gave people a sense of integrity.

“The energy sources of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.”Xuanyuan blurted out, and he knew that the Red Lotuses Temple had been invaded by many tyrants of the Fighting Dragons Sect, so there must be an energy source of fire inside.

   The old man looked at Xuanyuan and hoarsely said with a smile.

“Well, brother Xuanyuan, it seems that your Fire of the Red Lotus was really achieved in the Red Lotuses Temple.

   Xuanyuan directly admitted.

“Yes, I didn’t expect to be detected. I also laid out a terrain to keep the normal temperature in there!”

   Seeing Xuanyuan’s honesty, the old man nodded and said with a smile.

“The energy source of fire can only be bred by the Fire of the Red Lotus. The ancestors of the Fighting Dragons Sect have entered the Red Lotuses Temple. Although they haven’t obtained any important treasures, they have taken out many energy sources of fire. How much do you want?”

   Xuanyuan was a little bit surprised, but the old man also said things straightly and honestly, Xuanyuan also liked this kind of conversation mode.

“I don’t know the value of a pound of energy source of fire? And what are the prices of other sources I want, please tell me respectively. “

“Well, about five billion points of merit for every pound.” The old man voiced.

   Xuanyuan took a breath to cool off. Fortunately, he had a hundred trillion merit points awarded by the Fighting Dragons Sect. Otherwise, if he wanted to buy it, he must cost an arm and a leg.

“Well, give me 200 pounds for each!”

“Good.” The old man was very straightforward, and directly took out different energy sources of five elements, each with 200 pounds.

   Xuanyuan directly took out five trillion points of merit from the Dragon Apprentice Order and turned them into five scary long dragons of merit, which were integrated into the stone statue holding the axe and treasure chest.

   Xuanyuan took over the cargos and put them into the ring. He bowed to the old man and saluted.

“Thank you!”

   As soon as the voice fell, Xuanyuan left.

“Unexpectedly, there are so many merit points!”

“Five trillion, equivalent to 500 million points of merit, do you see what did he bought?”

“It’s the energy source of five elements. It seems that he wants to practice. He’s really abnormal in practice. It’s very difficult for him to practice with such a special physique.”

“It’s too luxurious. It takes five trillion points of merit to practice at a time. I don’t know how long these can let him do that.”

“Too much. It won’t cost that mush to reach the realm of the emperor class fighter. It seems that he wants to immediately break through the realm of imperial fighter.”

“It’s said that people with such a special physique are extremely difficult to break through in every realm. Once they break through, their strength will soar again. It seems that Xuanyuan is determined to win the competition this time.”

“There will be a lot of rewards for the winner, and then everything will be worth it.”

“I didn’t think Xuanyuan has a chance at all. Today, but I see his great power and strength. I believe that as long as he breaks through the realm of imperial fighter. He really has a chance to enter the List of Dragons.”

“Hum, even if he breaks through the realm of imperial fighter, he can’t enter the List of Dragons. There are many powerful people in the world. Can he beat the apprentices of the seven rank Emperor Realm Fighters, no matter how strong he is?”

“It’s time to see it anyway. We’ll know.”

   Xuanyuan was not interested in these remarks. He went back with Youxue and the pig. As expected, he was awed by his strength by this time.

  Those people were very polite even if they discussed them behind their backs. They dared not speak in vain and sprayed shit all over their mouths. Xuanyuan was very satisfied with the effect.

   In the fight of the List of Dragons, he would shut the others up.

   Only strength was the law and discipline, only strength was the truth, which were the eternal truths.

   Back to the Phoenix Palace, the pig and Youxue were very conscious that they didn’t follow to go in. When a man and a beautiful woman were in the same room, how could they go in and interrupt them? Both of them stayed outside the Phoenix Palace and became yard guards. In an excuse of appreciating the flowers of the Phoenix and seeing the beautiful clouds of the sky.

   As soon as Xuanyuan entered the Phoenix Palace, he saw Huang Yuechan’s smiling and rushed to his arms. The little woman was flirting and her eyes were moving.

“Little husband, you were so powerful just now.”

   Xuanyuan was not satisfied with that. Did this woman have a brain tumor or she addicte to acting? Seeing that she hugged herself in a post, Xuanyuan was speechless.

“Can you be just normal?”

“My little husband, I am very normal. Just now I am so worried about you. You can even say the words like shoot the Lord. It’s so cool.” Huang Yuechan raised her head, and trembled her steps. Her eyebrows and eyes were charming. She was really attractive.

   Xuanyuan lost his mind and paused at the moment.

“I said, let me go. I have something else to do. I am not available right now.”

“Alright, kiss me!” Huang Yuechan raised her lips and smiled.

   Xuanyuan drooped his face. Huang Yuechan was stronger than him and if this woman was really determined to tangle, the Lists of Dragons would be out of the question.

   Xuanyuan lowered down his head and just wanted to kiss Huang Yuechan, but she turned away and poured up her red lips and small mouth, said sadly.

“Little husband, did kissing me make you so unhappy?”

   Xuanyuan’s mouth twitched for a few times, and he laughed.


“You look unhappy. Can you kiss me with a smile?” Huang Yuechan’s smile was like a flower, her teeth were silver white, her beautiful eyes were watery, and she was extremely intoxicating. The fragrance from her was enough to make any man crazy.

   Xuanyuan’s eyes flipped, and he was completely speechless. He even had to smile when he kissed her. She really went too far.

“There’s no time for you.” Xuanyuan was about to move. It’s not expected that Huang Yuechan triggered her fierce aura. Now she had been fully equipped with treasures, surely, she will not be afraid of Xuanyuan.

   She couldn’t win over him in a close battle, but with so many treasures and nearby there’s no Bowing Phoenix Disposition. Naturally, she had the confidence.

   Xuanyuan turned up his eyes and knew that if the fight went on, it would take at least one day and one night. He looked at Huang Yuechan and painfully said.

“My girl, what do you want to do?”

“Nothing, little husband. I just want you to smile and kiss me. Is it so difficult? We’ll be together for the rest of our lives.” Huang Yuechan smiled, a pair of jade arms were around Xuanyuan’s waist, slightly raised her head and stared at Xuanyuan.

   Xuanyuan had no choice but to show an unwilling smile, and then kissed Huang Yuechan gently on the corner of her mouth, said.

“How is it? Is that all right? “

“My dear husband, I will not be disturbed.” Huang Yuechan seemed to be satisfied and full of happiness, quickly disappeared in front of Xuanyuan in steps.

   Xuanyuan was a little bit dizzy. Huang Yuechan was really haunted.

   When he returned to his side hall, Xuanyuan closed the door and sat on his dragon bed with a voice of Greed from his mind.

“How is it? Am I right? Sometimes the marriage is just like this. The body of Heavenly Phoenix has an inseparable destiny with the heir of the black dragon. It’s already doomed. She is not pretending. She really likes you. “

“Well, don’t you mean we can’t trust woman? Master beauty and Bai Youniang, you don’t even believe both of them, but you believe in this one? “Xuanyuan said impatiently.

“Haha, that’s different. They can help you as much as they can, but they don’t do their best, or they don’t really care about you, so I don’t trust them. As for Huang Yuechan, I dare say that if you are in danger, she can die for you.” Greed laughed.

“You’re just kidding, stop. I want to depict markings. There are many powerful enemies in the fight. Although I am not that powerful, I have terrain to help. The chance to get into the Lists of Dragons should be much greater.”

   As soon as the voice fell, Xuanyuan took out the energy resource of gold, which was interwoven with the sharp Gold Qi. If the person with weaker body held this, he would be scratched and hurt himself by the breath flowing on it. However, Xuanyuan’s body easily accepted the power of five elements, which depicted the markings one by one.

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