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Chapter 279 Preparation

Chapter 279 Preparation




“Boy, you finally understand. Only power can never betray you. If you’re strong, no one will find fault with you.” Greed laughed, satisfied with Xuanyuan’s performance today.


“Crush everyone who challenges you, until you reach a point where no one would dare challenge you. That’s the way a Great Emperor should be.”


“He’s right, y’know? This is how you dissuade any who desire to harm you.”


The pig hadn’t interrupted the fight before because he wanted to see how Xuanyuan would deal with it. Xuanyuan’s actions were unexpected, but a pleasant surprise.


“However, going overboard is not good. I need to keep that in mind. Flaunting my strength is not everything. While I may have nothing to lose, seeing that my heart is hosting the Heart-Decouring Bug, I can’t go too far. Since I have the power and the secrets of the Nightmare Ghost, the sect heads are lenient towards me. But if I go too far, they may not be able to overlook my actions.”

While contemplating these thoughts, Xuanyuan smiled at all those who greeted him.


Xuanyuan approached an official and asked him, “I want energy sources of the five elements”


“Of course. Which elements exactly are you seeking?” The official was an old, white haired man. He clearly had held the position for a long time, and he gave off a sense of dignity.


“Energy sources of gold, wood, fire, water, and earth elements.” Knowing that the Red Lotus temple had been attacked several times for its treasures, Xuanyuan expected that it would possess an energy source of fire.


The old man smiled at Xuanyuan and said hoarsely, “Brother Xuanyuan, looks like you do possess the Fire of the red Lotus from the Red Lotus Temple.”


Shocked, Xuanyuan said, “How did you realise? I even set up a disposition to maintain the same temperature as before.”


Happy with Xuanyuan’s admission, the old man nodded and smiled, saying, “The energy source of fire from the temple can only be refined by the Fire of the Red Lotus. Over the years, several elders have entered the temples, gathering a multitude of treasures. As a result, we have numerous energy sources of fire. How many do you want?”


Xuanyuan approved of the straightforward conversation they had. Without hesitating, he said, “Elder, I don’t know the values of a pound of energy sources. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me the prices for a pound of each energy source.”


“A single pound of energy source is valued at 5 billion merit points.” 


Taking a deep breath, Xuanyuan tried to calm down. Fortunately, he had a hundred trillion merit points. Otherwise, he would have to pay an arm and leg to buy the energy sources he needed.


“Please give me 200 pounds of each energy source.”


“Very well.” The old man took out 200 pounds of the respective energy sources and handed it to Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan transferred 5 trillion merit points to the stone statue that held the axe and the chest.


Transferring the goods to his ring, Xuanyuan bowed to the old man, and left.


“Thank you for your help!”


As soon as Xuanyuan left, everyone started muttering.


“How unexpected, he has so many merit points.”


“Five trillion merit points?! Did you see what he spent so much money on?”


“It appeared to be energy sources of the five elements. It appears that he needs them to practice. Looks like the cultivation of special body types really drains one’s resources.”


“You’re right. Normal practitioners won’t have to spend that much just to break through to the Emperor realm.”


“However, it seems that people with special physiques find it difficult to break through realms. But, when they do manage to do so, their strength soars exponentially. Looks like Xuanyuan is determined to win the competition this time.”


“The winner of the tournament receives several rewards. If he wins, it will definitely be worth the investment.”


“I used to think that Xuanyuan never stood a chance. After seeing his strength today, I now believe that as long as he breaks through to the Emperor realm, he can definitely enter the List of Dragons.”


“Hmph, even if he breaks through to the Emperor realm, he won’t be able to enter the List of Dragons, there are many fighters far stronger than him. No matter his strength, you think he can defeat the disciples at the seventh rank of the Emperor realm?”


“Well, no point guessing. We can see what happens.”


Xuanyuan wasn’t interested in what they said, but he was interested in the way they discussed him. Even though they were talking behind his back, none of them dared to badmouth him. Xuanyuan was very satisfied with the outcome.


During the fight for the List of Dragons, he would similarly shut the others up.


Strength is the sole justice. Only the strong have any say in matters. Those remained the truths of the world.


Back at the Palace of the Phoenix, both the pig and Youxue were reserved. They didn’t want to intrude on Xuanyuan and Huang Yuechan’s private time. They stood outside acting as guards.


As soon as Xuanyuan entered, Huang Yuechan’s eyes lit up, and she rushed towards him, an otherworldly smile on her face.


“Husband dearest, your performance was so domineering.” Her eyes looked up at him, drowning him in an endless pool of lust. 


Xuanyuan shook himself out of his reverie and thought to himself, “Does this woman have a brain tumour, or is she actually completely infatuated with me?”


“Can you please act normal?”


Pouting, Huang Yuechan said, “What’s not normal about my actions. I was very concerned about my husband, and I’m happy that he’s finally come back home. Can I not express my happiness?”


Losing track of his thoughts for a moment, Xuanyuan just stood there. He shook his head, saying, “Let go of me, I have other things to attend to. I’m not free right now.”


“Fine then, but you have to kiss me before you go.” Huang Yuechan tilted her head upwards slightly, her eyes closed.


Xuanyuan sighed, contemplating his choices. If he didn’t listen to her, they would end up fighting. Huang Yuechan was not an easy opponent, and it would take around a day to settle the fight, wasting too much precious time.


Deciding it was best to appease her, Xuanyuan bent down to kiss her lips. Huang Yuechan pulled away at the last moment, her lips pursed, and said sadly, “Do you really not like kissing me?”


Blinking in surprise, Xuanyuan laughed. “What makes you say that?”


“Well, you don’t look happy when you are kissing me. I’d like it if you smiled as you kissed me.”


Exasperated, Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. She was really far too demanding, first wanting him to kiss her, and now needing him to smile when he did so.


“I don’t have time for you right now.” Xuanyuan started to move away, when he suddenly felt her release energy. While he could beat her when they both had no treasures, he wasn’t confident he could beat her with all her treasures equipped. Furthermore, he didn’t even have the Holding Phoenix Disposition to restrain her.


Smiling painfully, he asked her, “My dear, what do you want me to do?”


“Nothing too difficult, husband dearest. I just want you to kiss me, a smile gracing those lips of years. Is it really that difficult? After all, we are going to be spending the rest of our lives together.” She looked at him innocently, her eyes pure and clear, as she slowly put her delicate arms around his waist, pulling him closer.


Xuanyuan had no choice but to smile and bend down to kiss her, softly on the corner of her mouth. “Is that enough for you?”


“Thank you. I shall not disturb you know.” Satisfied, Huang Yuechan skipped away, a certain lilt in her steps.


Xuanyuan was still disoriented. he thought to himself, “She really is a temptress.”


He returned to the side hall and sat on his bed. Greed’s voice rang in his head, “Finding it difficult, huh? Well, that’s just how marriage is? There’s nothing you can do to avoid your fate. After all, the two of you are inexplicably linked. Don’t worry, she’s not faking her love for you.”


“That’s high praise coming from you. Didn’t you say that women can’t be trusted? You don’t even trust Master Zhenluo and Bai Youniang, both of whom have done so much for me, but over the course of just a day, you trust Huang Yuechan?”


“Haha, those are two different things. Although the both of them will help you as much as they can, but they would never be as devoted to you as her. She would even give her life to save you, if push came to shove. So, I don’t trust them.”


“You’re exaggerating. Nevermind that now, I want to carve some markings. While I may not be as strong as some of the other participants, I can use dispositions and the terrain to my advantage. With those, my chance of making it on the List of Dragons is much higher.”


Xuanyuan took out the energy source of gold and began to refine it. While someone weaker would have been injured by the power emanating from the energy source, Xuanyuan absorbed as naturally as breathing, using it to carve markings one by one.

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