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Chapter 280 Huawu Xians

Chapter 280 Huawu Xian


The so-called Fighting Dragons Hall was the place where the elders responsible for the decisions of the sect meet to discuss future and current events.


At the moment, there were slightly over ten people in here. Except for Bu Jingsha, all the others were experts in the xian realm. Their strength was extraordinary.


   Respectively, they were the Master of Test, the Master of Transformation, the Master of Divine Intervention, the Master of Medicine, the Master of Refining, the Master of Coin, the Master of Terrain, the Master of Talismans, the Master of Measurement, and the Master of Execution. Alongside these figures, the deputy head of the Fighting Dragons Sect and several members of the Master group were also present. Everyone in the Master group also had a right to vote in the matters.


The atmosphere was tense. The Master of Divine Intervention gave off an aura of majesty and justice, displeasure evident on his face judging by the way his eyebrows arched. He began the meeting saying, “Let’s discuss how to deal with the matter of Xuanyuan. He wreaked havoc on the Stage of Reward and Punishment. While he did not kill a lot of people, people are still discontent. If we don’t do anything, the sect will lose faith in our judgement. Master of Measurement, you were at the scene, weren’t you? Why didn’t you stop him?”


“This is an issue between disciples. I don’t think we should involve ourselves too much in this matter. Personally, I’m of the opinion that Xuanyuan is a just person. He is honest and devout to those close to him. I just think he is a bit rash, and prone to killing his enemies. I don’t think he harbours ill intent towards us.” Completely on Xuanyuan’s side, the Master of Measurement, who turned out to be the same old man who sold Xuanyuan the energy sources, defended his actions.


“Are you sure about that? Today, he killed Huo Tao and Xuancha. He even severely injured Huolie. He will keep killing his enemies in order to establish his reputation. In the long run, this will make us look like incompetent fools!” The Master of Refining, surrounded by fire Qi, was furious at Xuanyuan’s actions.


“On the other hand, both the Huo brothers have bad temperaments. In addition, their limit is that of an emperor realm fighter. Xuanyuan is the one who released the seven-coloured light, in addition he has also refined the five fighting elements. A person with so much natural talent is rare. For such a talent to bloom, he needs stepping stones in his life. Regarding Xuancha, he incited the crowd to go against Xuanyuan, clamouring for his death. He deserves his fate. Personally, I’m of the opinion that Xuanyuan has done nothing wrong.” A young man, with black hair and a jaded face spoke, his voice sounding old and dry in contrast to his appearance. He exuded great power. 


“Master of Coin, you forget that he only has four years to live. If he didn’t have the shackles of the Heart-Devouring Bug, I would have still considered letting the matter go. But why must we let a walking corpse kill off several of our disciples? Even if they offend him, he can’t just kill them. The sect has laws and regulations governing such actions.”


The Master of Medicine spoke up, obviously unhappy with Xuanyuan’s actions. He gave off a medicinal aura that could make normal people live for decades beyond their natural lifespan by just sitting there for a few minutes.


“You forget, strength is the law. I think Xuanyuan was in the right. He didn’t approve of their bullying, so he took action. It was Huo Tao and Huolie who started the fight. I think we should just move on to more serious matters, such as how to arrange the fights for the List of Dragons.” The Master of Terrain spoke gently. He seemed to fit in naturally with the rest of the world, his face exuding a sense of warmth.


“Bullshit! Even if a fellow apprentice has committed a crime, we have a law enforcement team to deal with such things. He doesn’t need to take matters into his own hands. He ridicules the entire existence of the law enforcement teams if he continues to go on like this. Even Huo Tao and Huolie merely injured their targets. If Xuanyuan continues to do what he wants, what will the other disciples think of our law enforcement team? We can’t just ignore this matter!” The Master of Execution roared in rage, furious with the humiliation Xuanyuan brought upon the law enforcement team.


Sensing his anger, Bu Jingsha spoke softly, “Master of Execution, I think it’s best to leave this situation to Fung Lie. Even if he has been helped in the past by Xuanyuan, he is a fair person. He won’t let those experiences get in the way of implementing justice. How about we punish him after the test? In that way, we can both restore the honour of the law enforcement team and educate Xuanyuan.” Seeing the sense in his words, the Master of Execution was appeased.


“Hmph, you make valid points. Does anyone else have any objections?”


“I approve. Xuanyuan went to exchange his merit points for energy sources, he must be preparing to break into the next realm. This isn’t the right time, we would interrupt his practice. I’m excited to see his performance in the upcoming battles for the List of Dragons.” Even the Master of Talisman supported Xuanyuan.


“In that case, let’s take a vote. What do you think about dealing with this matter after the tournament, Huawu Xian?” TheMaster of Test addressed the shadows. Clearly, someone was sitting there as well.


“Hmph, don’t you think Xuanyuan is getting off too easily? He did kill an emperor realm fighter and a disciple at the peak of the grandmaster realm. They were both a part of our future generation of elite disciples. Xuanyuan went too far. This is not the first time I’ve heard of this. Jiang Yitian frequently dismisses this, saying that it’s a consequence of his youth. I didn’t expect him to even refuse to give Yitian any face in public, going as far as to embarrass him. I’m not going to let him live a peaceful life. Master of Divine Intervention, what is the punishment for someone who kills their fellow disciples?” A voice filled with power spoke from the shadows, He was the Huawu Xian, Jiang Yitian’s master. It was his idea to gather all the Masters to discuss the Xuanyuan issue.


Hearing the Huawu Xian, the Master of Divine Intervention simply said one word. 




Smiling, Huawu Xian said, “That’s right. Death! Don’t you agree, Master Ruyi?”


Master Ruyi was the leader of the Master group, who possessed the highest say in matters, after the Lord of the Sect and the Supreme Master. Coldly grunting, he said, “That’s right, I say we kill him.”


Hearing this statement, the other masters shared a look. Suddenly, a feeble old man stood up. He looked as if he was on the brink of death. He was the Master of Transformation. Smiling lightly, he said, “As we all know Huawu Xian is an extremely powerful being, and Maser Ruyi has killed several xian class demons. When it comes to the matter, I’ll be the first to support them. However, before we even think about it, we need to get rid of a single person. As long as this person exists, we can’t even think of touching him.”


“Go on. Who is this mysterious guardian of his? I will annihilate him.” Huawu Xian sneered, extremely confident in his strength.


Smiling harmlessly, the Master of Transformation said, “The Nightmare Ghost! Lord Huawu Xian and Master Ruyi, the both of you have unimaginable strength. Surely you can enter the Nightmare Swamp and kill the Nightmare Ghost. I’ll even give you my Locked Xian Sword. You could even learn the secrets of immortality, and bring great honour to our sect. I’ll give you all the thousands of trillion merit points I possess. I thank you for your dedication to our sect.”


Just that statement shut the both of them up.


“Go on, kill the Nightmare Ghost. Then we can easily get rid of Xuanyuan. Otherwise, there’s no way we can stand against his power in case we try to kill Xuanyuan.” The Master of Transformation laughed, the room silent as a morgue.


“Stop always bringing up the Nightmare Ghost. Xuanyuan is a mere disciple, yet he dares to go against the laws of the sect?” Furious and unable to refute the Master of Transformation’s claim, Huawu Xian roared.


“What do you mean by ‘he dares to’? He’s already annihilated half the Hai Family, in their own territory. Granted, it was the power of the nightmare Ghost that facilitated it, but it was Xuanyuan who wielded that power. No one dared to fight against the Nightmare Ghost, not even the royal family of the Easter Dynasty or the Yin Family. But you do, I’m very impressed. I have nothing more to add. If you can kill the Nightmare Ghost, we shall immediately kill Xuanyuan.” Saying this, the Master of Transformation sat back down.


“You…” Master Ruyi was furious, but he couldn’t refute what the Master of Transformation said. Neither could just the two of them even pose a threat to the Nightmare Ghost.


“Well, no point worrying about what can’t be done. At this moment, the Lord is personally seeking a way to rid Xuanyuan of the Heart-Devouring Bug. Let’s follow Bu Jingsha’s lead and deal with it after the battle. Are there any more objections?” The deputy head spoke up, seeing that the situation was all but resolved. She was the previous Saintess of the Fighting Dragons Sect, the wife of the head of the Fighting Dragon’s Sect, and the most beautiful woman in the world. Aside from her beauty, she was also extremely adept at handling affairs.


At her words, no one else raised an objection. Both Huawu Xian and Master Ruyi snorted and walked out.

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