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Chapter 280 Huawu Xians



The Fighting Dragons Sect.

The Fighting Dragons Hall.

   The so-called Fighting Dragons Hall was the place where many high-level decision makers of the Fighting Dragon Sect for usual discussion.

   At the moment, there were more than ten people sitting in the Fighting Dragon Hall. Except for Bu Jingsha, all the others were figures in the realm of xian class fighter. Their strength was extraordinary.

   Respectively, they were Master of Test, Master of Transformation, Master of Godly Penalty, Master of Medicine, Master of Refining, Master of Coin, Master of Terrain, Master of Talisman, Master of Measurement and Master of Execution. There were also the deputy head of the Fighting Dragons Sect and the figures of the Master group. Everyone in the Master group had a great right.

   The atmosphere was dull.

   Master of Godly Penalty, who showed a great strict with his eyebrows, was surrounded by the majesty of the supreme penalty. The two long eyebrows were like thunders. He began.

“Let’s talk about how to deal with Xuanyuan. Today, he is messing up on the Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment Stage. Although we can’t say he kill a large number of people, he is also furious. If we don’t do anything, I’m afraid it’s hard to convince the public. Since then, I’m afraid we will lose the hearts of people. Master of Measurement, why didn’t you stop him when you were there?”

“This is a game between apprentices. Let’s not take part in it too much. I think Xuanyuan is very good. He is honest and integrated. He’ll never bear bad things. He is just a bit fond of killing, which is nothing. I don’t think he will do anything bad to us.” Master of Measurement said. Surprisingly he’s the elder who sold the energy resources to Xuanyuan.

“Does he? Look, today he killed Huo Tao and Xuancha. He seriously injured Huolie. Tomorrow he will kill more people to establish his prestige. In the long run, how do we look like?” Master of Refining, who was wholly surrounded by Fire Qi, was furious at Xuanyuan’s behaviors!

“However, Huo Tao and Huolie brothers were not good at nature. Their realm in their whole life can only stop in the emperor class fighter. Xuanyuan is the one who masters the seven-colored light, let alone he has the five elements. Such a person is very rare. Someone must be his stepping stones. As for Xuancha, he has been fueling the anger and spreading tumors towards Xuanyuan in apprentices. He deserves it. I don’t think Xuanyuan has done anything wrong, instead, he makes an example.” Master of Coin was a young man with black hair, a jaded face, red lips and white teeth. He sat in a powerful posture, but his voice was very dry and old.

“But he only has four years to live. If he doesn’t have the shackles of the heart devouring bug, he is allowed to do so. After all, to cultivate an emperor class fighter, we always have to sacrifice. But he has only four years of life, sooner or later, he will die. Can’t we just let he kill innocent like this? Even if those people offend him, they can’t be killed in his will! This is a place with laws and regulations.” Master of Medicine was surrounded by all kinds of medicine aura, which spread out and had the effect of healing people. Ordinary people can live for more decades by sitting next to him and taking a few breaths. Such a greatness is coldly rebuking to Xuanyuan’s behavior.

“Strength is law and discipline. I think Xuanyuan is right. He doesn’t like other people’s bullying. There’s nothing wrong with his actions. Huo Tao and Huolie brothers started this. I don’t think you need to take it so seriously. What we should do now is to arrange the fight for the Lists of Dragons several days later.” Master of Terrain gave people a very steady feeling. From his whole body, it seemed to fit in with the whole world. His voice was gentle, and his face was warm and kind.

“Bullshit, even if it’s an apprentice who has committed a crime, there’s a law enforcement team to deal with it. He doesn’t have to fight. If he acts like this, ignoring the law enforcement team, we will be shameful! Huo Tao and Huolie should only dare to hit people instead of kill people because of us. If Xuanyuan dares to ignore the law enforcement team, what will the other apprentices think of our law enforcement team in the future. It’s impossible not to deal with him!” Master of Execution was full of rage. Obviously, he was in such a great anger. Xuanyuan did this in the public. In this way, the law enforcement team did shame.

   Bu Jingsha felt his anger, said.

“Master of Execution, it’s better to leave this matter to law enforcement team leader Fung Lie. After this fight, we will punish him. In this way, we teach Xuanyuan something and restore the authority of law enforcement team. What do you think? Everyone knows that under the guidance of your Master, Fung Lie is upright and will never engage in malpractice for personal gain. Even if Xuanyuan was promoted by him, he was punished to go to Chi Moutain for three months last time.” Bu Jingsha laughed gently. What he said was with good reasons, softening the Master of Execution.

“Well, that’s a good idea. Do you have any objection?” Master of Execution immediately agreed with Bu Jingsha.

“Well, that’s all right. Xuanyuan went to the Fighting Dragons Reward and Punishment Stage to switch for the energy source. He must be to break through himself and prepare for the fight for the Lists of Dragons. Now it’s not the right time to deal with him. I’m looking forward to Xuanyuan’s brilliant performance in the fight.” Master of Talisman smiled.

“In that case, let’s make an announcement. What do you think about dealing with the matter after the battle? Huawu Xians.” Master of Test looked to the void, obviously someone was listening to their deliberation!

“Hum, is it too cheap for Xuanyuan? One rank Emperor Realm Fighters and the peak of grandmaster, both are a generation of young elite apprentices. Xuanyuan is so overbearing, tyranny and lawlessness. I’ve heard about it for a long time. Yitian often says good things about Xuanyuan in front of me, saying that he’s just young and vigorous. I didn’t expect that he would dare to be so bold that he would not ignore Yitian in public and embarrass him. I will never let him live a better life, Master of Godly Penalty, if someone dares to kill the apprentices of the same sect, what’s the crime in accordance with the law and discipline of our Sect?” From the void, a powerful voice came out, full of supremacy. This was the master of Jiang Yitian, the Huawu Xians. He had a profound power and a great position in the Sect. This time, it was his idea to call so many Masters to discuss the Xuanyuan issue, and even brought the existence of a Master group to listen to it.

“Kill him!” Master of Godly Penalty only said two words, surrounded by the aura of killing.

“That’s it. Kill him.” Huawu Xians sneered. “What do you think? Master Ruyi? “

“Hum! It’s time to kill.” The Master group brought by the Huawu Xians had a very great right, which was the second only to the Lord of the Sect and the Supreme Master. Master Ruyi grunted coldly.

   As soon as this statement came out, many Masters were dignified and looked at each other. The dry hair of Master of Transformation trembled a few times, his dying body slowly stood up. The wrinkled old face showed a smile and said to them.

“As we all know, Huawu Xians was such a powerful existence, and Master Ruyi killed several demons in the realm of xian class fighter. When it comes to kill Xuanyuan, I was the first one to agree. But before that, we should kill one person first. If this person is alive, Xuanyuan can’t be eliminated!”

“Well, I’ll kill the person first. Who is it? Come on.” Huawu Xians sneered with a voice of invincibility.

   Master of Transformation smiled harmlessly.

“The Nightmare Ghost! Lord Huawu Xians and Master Ruyi, you two have boundless powers. I invite you to enter the nightmare swamp to kill him. I will give you the Locked Xians Sword on me. I hope you can kill the Nightmare Ghost to win the secret of eternal life and make great contributions to our Sect. I have tens of thousands of trillion points of merit. All of them are for you. Thank you for your great achievements.”

   In a word, immediately muted both of them.

“Go ahead, kill the Nightmare Ghost first, and then we will kill Xuanyuan. Otherwise, we can’t handle the arrival of him. We can’t bear what happens then.” Master of Transformation laughed and let everyone in the room stayed still.

“Don’t always take him out. I don’t believe that it’s just a Xuanyuan, and he dares to do such rebellious things?” Huawu Xians shouted.

“Interesting, he dares not. Half of the Hai family has been destroyed by him. Although he used the power of the Nightmare Ghost, it was out of his will. The capital of the Eastern Dynasty and the royal family of Yin, there is no one to guard it. No one dare to come out and fight with the nightmare ghost. But you dare. I have nothing to say, just ask you to kill the nightmare ghost. We will kill Xuanyuan then.” Master of Transformation left his sleeve and sat down again.

“You.” Master Ruyi was very angry, but he couldn’t speak out. It’s impossible for just both of them to shake the nightmare ghost.

“Well, don’t mention it. The Lord has been personally searching for a way to crack the heart devouring bug. It’s impossible to kill Xuanyuan. Listen to Bu Jingsha, we will deal with it after the battle. If there’s no objection, it’s up to us.” The deputy head was a beautiful woman. She was the wife of the head of the Fighting Dragons Sect, who was the most beautiful woman in the world and the last generation’s Lady Saint of Fighting Dragons. She was extremely good at handling affairs.

   At one command, no one had any more objection. Huawu Xians and Master Ruyi snorted coldly and walked away.

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