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Chapter 281 Fighting Dragon Platform


“I didn’t expect that even the Master of the Fighting Dragons Sect would set out in person to find the Heart Devouring Bug for Xuanyuan. How can we find way out now?” In the endless darkness and void, the voice of the “Huawu Xians” arose.

“It’s mainly because of ‘the Nightmare Ghost’. Without him, Xuanyuan was not worth mentioning at all. There were so many heroes in the world, and it didn’t matter whether he was there or not. This time, I will let Wushang participate in the battle for ‘the List of Dragons’. He has reached the seven rank Emperor Realm Fighters so it would be easy for him to fight against Xuanyuan. Then I will let Wushang beat Xuanyuan in public., No one will say anything then. “‘Master Ruyi’ sneered.

“What if Xuanyuan uses the promise of “the Nightmare Ghost” to slaughter? Will Wushang’ life be in danger?” Huawu Xians’ frowned.

“It doesn’t matter, ‘the Nightmare Ghost’ is definitely not a person who makes trouble without reason. He could protect Xuanyuan’s life once at most. When Xuanyuan’s last promise with ‘the Nightmare Ghost’ is over, isn’t killing him as simple as stepping on an ant?” ‘Master Ruyi’ laughed.

“Well, that’s it. I didn’t expect that it would be so fast. Wushang has a good qualification. It’s only a few years since we’ve arrived at seven rank Emperor Realm Fighters. We old men will be surpassed by them sooner or later.”‘Huawu Xians’ laughed.

“Master Ruyi, you should protect him from injury at that time. Don’t let his life be in danger.”

“Haha, don’t worry. Wushang is your illegitimate son. Of course, I won’t let him be in danger. “The Nightmare Ghost “is a boundless character with a very long history. How would he compete with the characters with such strength as Wushang? He would just come to us if he wants. However, we are right and reasonable. Anyway, “the Nightmare Ghost” is not a crazy man.” ‘Master Ruyi’ laughed.

“Well, since that’s the case, I’m relieved. I’d like to see what Xuanyuan is capable of.”

   During these days, Xuanyuan has been painstakingly depicting the disposition. Although each is just emperor class disposition, it contains supreme ferocity.

   Since it was fighting of The List of Dragons and Xuanyuan was determined to kill, no doubt he would not be merciful. If he didn’t kill the rivals, they would kill him.

   The dragon bed under Xuanyuan’s buttocks integrated Dragon Qi into his body all the time, and turned it into Dou Qi, nourishing and hardening everything inside Xuanyuan.

   This just enabled Xuanyuan need not to take out the peerless Dou Jing in the ring to supplement the Dou Qi.

   Xuanyuan didn’t know his bullying behaviors angered such a giant as “Huawu Xians” so that he called a council of elders to punish him.

   After finishing the disposition depiction, Xuanyuan sighed with relief. Today, is already the day of fighting for the List of Dragons.

   Xuanyuan put all the heterogeneous energy sources that he had depicted the disposition into the ring. Suddenly, an extremely abundant aura rushed out from the ring.

   Xuanyuan’s heart beat, and he took out the “Bailing Energy Source”. This piece of “Bailing Energy Source” formed the image of the emperor dragon in the sky. That was a lifelike emperor dragon hovering in the sky. This was a natural work rather than a human act. It secretly contained the mystery of Dao.

   Xuanyuan was enlightened. It seems that the naturally formed emperor dragon by “Bailing Energy Source” was similar to the one taught to him by the ancient dragon. He felt that many parts in his body vibrated, which made Xuanyuan feel as if he would break through the shackles at any time.

   Xuanyuan knew that he sensed the “ rewarding point ” orifices and was only one step away from being able to make a breakthrough. Xuanyuan calmed down. Now there was no time to make a breakthrough, because the fight for “the List of Dragons” was about to start. He dared not hesitate. So he immediately opened the door and stepped in.

   Huang Yuechan’s black hair flying down, wearing a long robe like snow. She smiled like flowers, her eyebrows were like crescent moon. She was like wind, beautiful and enchanting, her jade foot was lightly put on the carpet covered with exquisite soft animal skin.

   Huang Yuechan fell beside Xuanyuan, embracing Xuanyuan’s arms with both hands, squeezing her breasts onto Xuanyuan’s arms, which made Xuanyuan feel as if he was facing an enemy, he said to himself.

“Will this woman prevent me from taking part in the fight for the Dragon list?”

   Xuanyuan was nervous. Although he was not afraid of Huang Yuechan, this woman was really not easy to deal with. If he fought with her, he couldn’t escape within two days, especially in this closed constructio., If it was the ordinary house, it was easy to break the window, but the whole Phoenix Palace was made by melting and refining dragon scales and keel. It’s difficult to break. Even if he exerted all his strength, he could not break it. Let alone if the Phoenix Palace was attacked, the protection trick will start automatically.

“What can I do? My little husband. I haven’t seen you for many days. I miss you very much. Am I wrong?” Huang Yuechan was coquetting to Xuanyuan.

   Xuanyuan had goose bumps all over his body. He didn’t feel happy at all. He didn’t believe the damn destiny.

   Huang Yuechan was so soft as if without bones, she was graceful like a peach blossom, so enchanting. She was surrounded by charming fragrance, so Xuanyuan was seduced every time.

“Say directly if you want, if not, I’ll go first. Today is the battle for “the Dragon list “. If I don’t go, I’m afraid I won’t catch up.” Huang Yuechan let go of Xuanyuan’s arm. The delicate jade arm encircled Xuanyuan’s neck and smiled softly. “little husband, don’t worry. You have already signed up. Now it isn’t time of the draw. It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I dare not disturb you these days. I miss you so much, let me kiss you first.”

   Xuanyuan just wanted to speak, but was blocked by the red lips of Huang Yuechan. her embrace was warm and fragrant, and Xuanyuan’s mind scattered.

   Xuanyuan unconsciously put his hands on Huang Yuechan’s slim, easily grasped waist, which made Huang Yuechan’s body quiver. Her unique face was even more attractive, charming, and inverted all living beings

   Xuanyuan scolded himself.

“I am such a failure…”

   Immediately Xuanyuan pusheed away Huang Yuechan and said angrily.

“If you seduce me like this, I will never come back!”

“Then I will follow you to the ends of the earth and never part with you.” Huang Yuechan wrinkled her little nose and smiled. Her crystal saliva was stained on her red lips, glittering and lustrous, which made her more charming. Her long eyelashes were quivering, her eyes were like water and her eyebrows were full of beauty. Huang Yuechan was very happy, seeing that Xuanyuan was breathing fast and couldn’t help but want to do something to her.

   Xuanyuan was speechless, and immediately made up his mind.

“No, I’m going to leave the Fighting Dragons Sect. I get revenge in the Dragon list. If I still live here, I must be drained by this devil. The gentle place is hero’s tomb! It’s more important to save my life.”

“Well. You have kissed me. I’m going to leave now. Shall I go?” Xuanyuan showed the whites of his eyes. He can do nothing with Huang Yuechan. Fortunately, Bai Youniang was not as open as Huang Yuechan, otherwise Xuanyuan would collapse.

“No, you can’t. You were kissed just now. Now I want you to kiss me.” Huang Yuechan held her head high, her black hair scattered down, her white face was gorgeous without any makeup. Her cheek was blushed and eyes closed, the eyes and eyebrows were full of endless temptations. What an amazing demon.

   Xuanyuan breathed heavily, then he lowered his head, and kissed the corner of her mouth gently like a dragonfly skimming the water

“Well, I’m going.”

   Huang Yuechan smiled and noded.

“Come on, little husband.”

“…” Xuanyuan was speechless and said hatedly. “I must go. If I stay here for a long time, I will definitely be seduced by you. Amitabha, no, no. I need to be clear-minded and lustless. Emptiness is ‘lust’, ‘lust’ is emptiness, and all four are emptiness…”

   Xuanyuan went out of the ‘Phoenix Palace’, the pig looked still bleak as days before, looking up at the phoenix flowers bloomed and faded, as if he was a detached pig.

“Alas…” the pig sighed.

   Xuanyuan was embarrassed. Knowing that the pig sighed about something not serious, he immediately said.

“Dead pig, shall we go? If you don’t go. I will go first.”

“How poor the girl is! She doesn’t know that you will leave after participating in the fight for the Dragon List. If she knows this, how sad she would be. Boy don’t you think the body of Heavenly Phoenix is very good?” the pig turned to Xuanyuan.

“You dead pig, why do you care so much? Mochou is good. Can I do anything to her?” Xuanyuan showed the whites of his eyes and hurried in the direction of Fighting Dragon Star Stage.

   The pig’s noble aura was suddenly broken by Xuanyuan, and he sighed with emotion.

“You don’t have any consciousness of the great emperor. The great emperor wants three thousand beauties from the harem. You can take anyone. You really think that you are the monks in the West. who have gained a lot. If you want to be a monk or a great emperor, why don’t you go to the ‘Western Sukhāvatī Temple’ to practice and see if you can become a Buddha?”

   Xuanyuan’s eyes brightened. He said.

“I didn’t even think of it without your words. Anyway, I have “the Vajrapani Earth”or I can go to “Western Sukhāvatī Temple”. Maybe I can find a way to get rid of “the Heart Devouring Bug”

   The pig nodded and said.

“It’s true. But the Land of the East is a hundred million miles away from the Land of the West. It will take a long time to get to the Land of the West. Distant water cannot put out near fire. Besides, you cannot bu sure to find method to get rid of the Heart Devouring Bug at the Land of the West. It’s just that there are few fights in the Land of the West, so many things have been preserved. It’s only a higher probability. Relying upon oneself is better than relying upon others. Wait until you have a big breakthrough! “

   Xuanyuan nodded, and felt that the pig’s words made sense. He hurried to the direction of ” Fighting Dragon Star Stage”.


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