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Chapter 281 Fighting Dragon Platform

Chapter 281 Fighting Dragon Platform


“I didn’t expect even the Master of the Fighting Dragons Sect would go out in person to seek a cure. How will we get rid of him now?” In the darkness, Huawu Xian spoke up.


“It’s all thanks to the Nightmare Ghost. Without him, Xuanyuan is indistinguishable from all the other so-called geniuses in the world. This time, I’ll send Wushang to participate in the tournament. He has already reached the seventh rank of the Emperor realm. He can easily crush Xuanyuan in public. No one can tell us anything then.” sneered Master Ruyi.


“What if Xuanyuan uses the last promise to slaughter Wushang? Won’t he be in danger?”   Huawu Xian frowned nervously.


“It doesn’t matter. Xuanyuan can’t keep calling the Nightmare Ghost. I reckon he won’t receive any help after the last wish. Once he uses it, killing Xuanyuan is as easy as crushing an ant.” Master Ruyi laughed.


“Master Ruyi, please ensure that Wushang faces no danger. Please don’t let him die.”


“Haha, don’t worry. I know Wushang is your illegitimate son, I won’t let any harm befall him. Furthermore, the Nightmare Ghost is an ancient being. Why would he waste his strength on someone so much weaker than him? If he wanted to, he would directly target us instead.”


“You’re right. Wushang is very strong as well. In just the last few years, he’s reached the seventh rank of the Emperor realm. At this rate, he will far surpass us old men. Now, I really want to see what Xuanyuan is capable of.”  Huawu Xian relaxed and laughed, confident that Wushang would not be in any danger.


All this while, he was ignorant of the fact that his actions had incurred the wrath of the Huawu Xian, so much that he convened a meeting just to execute him. He just focused on steadily creating the disposition. Even though it was just an emperor class disposition, its power couldn’t be underestimated. The battle would be brutal, with everyone trying to kill each other. Likewise, Xuanyuan ws also prepared to kill his enemies. He knew that it was either kill or be killed.


During the entire process, the dragon bed kept infusing Xuanyuan with dragon Qi, allowing for Xuanyuan to continuously refine the disposition without needing to restore his Qi.


After finishing the disposition, Xuanyuan sighed with relief. It was already the day of the tournament.


Xuanyuan put away all the energy sources back into his ring. Suddenly, a strong energy burst out from his ring. His heart quickened as he took out the source of the energy. It gleamed with a bright light, creating the image of a dragon in the sky. Rather than a man-made spectacle, this was a natural occurrence, containing the mysteries of the Dao.


Xuanyuan was enlightened by the sight. It seemed that the dragon formed by the energy source was similar to that of the ancient dragon. It resonated with his body, making Xuanyuan feel like he could break through the shackles binding him to the grandmaster realm.


He felt that he was just a step away from making a breakthrough. Knowing that he didn’t have the time right now to complete the process, he immediately left.


As he exited, he was greeted by the sight of Huang Yuechan. Her black hair was flowing, her eyes were as lustrous as the moon. She was wearing a long, snow-white robe. She embraced Xuanyuan’s arms, her breasts pushing against him. His breath quickened, and he thought to himself, “Am I going to miss the tournament because of this woman?”


Xuanyuan was nervous. While he was confident that he could beat her, she was not easy to deal with. It would take far too much time. If they were in a normal house, he could simply escape by breaking the windows and running away, but the palace was made from dragon keel. Even if he used his full strength he couldn’t make a dent, even if the protection spell on the walls was disabled.


“I couldn’t control myself, I haven’t seen you for such a long time. I missed you so much.” Huang Yuechan smiled coquettishly.


Xuanyuan wasn’t happy at the turn of events. “Goddamn destiny.” he murmured under his breath.


Addressing her, Xuanyuan said, “Tell me what you want directly, I really don’t have the time to waste now. Today is the day of the tournament. If I don’t leave now, I’m afraid I won’t make it in time.”


“Oh husband dearest, why are you in such a rush? You’ve already signed up, the battle arrangements are not due to start for a while. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I controlled myself all these days, not wanting to disturb you. I really want to kiss you now.”


Xuanyuan started to speak, but he was immediately cut off by her red lips suddenly covering his own. She smelt fragrant, and Xuanyuan’s mind was scattered.


Unconsciously, Xuanyuan stroked Huang Yuechan’s waist, making her shiver. Her body seemed to be designed to incite lust in everyone who saw her.


Scolding himself, Huanyuan said, “I’m such a failure…”


He pushed her away, and angrily declared, “If you’re going to keep seducing me like this, then I’m not going to return here.”

“I’ll simply follow you to the ends of the earth. I’m never going to let go of you.” Huang Yuechan smiled innocently, a strand of saliva still falling from her lips. Seeing the effect she had on Xuanyuan, Huang Yuechan was ecstatic.


Xuanyuan was speechless.Clearing his head, he thought, “I must leave the Fighting Dragons Sect as soon as I enter the List of Dragons. If I stay here any longer, she will devour me. I must preserve my life!”


He looked at her and said, “Well, you have already kissed me. Can I leave now?”


“Not yet. You still haven’t kissed me. The last one doesn’t count, it was I who kissed you. I want you to kiss me.” Huang Yuechan looked up, her eyes upturned, her eyelashes fluttering. Every look sent a shock through Xuanyuan’s heart.


Rolling his eyes, Xuanyuan was exasperated. He couldn’t deal with her. Thank God Bai Youniang wasn’t as forward as her. He would have lost his mind if that were the case.


Xuanyuan leaned down, and like before, gently kissed the corner of her mouth.


“I’m leaving now”


Smiling, Huang Yuechan asked him, “Are you sure you have to leave already? We could still have so much fun…”


Rendered momentarily speechless, Xuanyuan replied, “No, I must leave now. I’m afraid if I stay longer, I will definitely be seduced by you/ I need to be clear-minded and free of lust. Amitabha, help me.”


Xuanyuan walked out of the palace, the pig behind him. He seemed to be depressed, bleakly staring up at the falling flowers.


“Such a waste…” sighed the pig.


Embarrassed, Xuanyuan hurriedly said, “Are you coming? If not, I’ll leave you behind.”


“I pity her, how unfortunate. She doesn’t know that you won’t return after this tournament. How sad will she be when she finds out. Boy, do you really not like her?”


“Lewd pig, why are you so concerned about my love life? Mochou is good as well, does that mean I should do something to her as well?”, Xuanyuan said, rolling his eyes.


The pig just sighed, “You don’t resemble a Great Emperor in any way. They have a harem of three thousand wives and concubines. You can literally have your pick of girls, yet you insist on living a chaste life. What are youm one of the monks? If you want to practice that path, why don’t you go to the ‘Western Sukhāvatī Temple’ to practice and see if you can become a Buddha?”

 Xuanyuan’s eyes brightened. He said. “I would never have thought of that without you. Since I have the Vajrapani Earth, I can go to Western Sukhāvatī Temple. Maybe I can find a way to get rid of the Heart-Devouring Bug there.

The pig nodded and said, “It’s possible. But the Land of the East is a hundred million miles away from the Land of the West. It will take you a long time to get there. Distant water can’t put out the fire at hand. Besides, you can’t be certain that you’ll find the cure in the Land of the West. It’s only a possibility. Relying upon oneself is better than relying upon others. Wait until you break through, you’ll be able to refine the bug by yourself!”

   Xuanyuan nodded, the pig’s words made sense. He hurried towards the Fighting Dragons Star Stage.

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