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Chapter 282 The Dragon Group

Chapter 282 The Dragon Group


The Fighting Dragons Star Stage was extremely large.


The stage was split into 28 different arenas, each corresponding to one of the 28 constellations in the sky. The arenas were built using the remains of stars, thus becoming extremely resilient, such that even a fight between xian realm experts couldn’t destroy it. The arenas were arranged in such a way that each cardinal direction, east, west, north and south had 7 arenas each.


Each arena was managed by a seventh rank Emperor realm referee. Around the Fighting Dragons Stage gathered several  thousand disciples, those who hadn’t participated in the tournament. Gossip was running throughout the crows, as they discussed the potential outcomes of the tournament.


“Who do you think will enter the List of Dragons this time round?”


“It’s hard to say. This time, several of the disciples of famous xians have participated. They are very reclusive, and their true strength is unknown.”


“Even the disciples of the eight caves and the five major families have attended this time.”


“That’s true. I thought that Xuanyuan had a chance, but now that you mention, it doesn’t look too good for him.”


“Yes. While Xuanyuan is definitely strong, how can he compare to emperor realm fighters? He’s just at the peak of the grandmaster realm. The only reason he could kill Xuancha was because he was taken by surprise and attacked Xuanyuan’s xian class instrument. In a face-to-face fight, Xuanyuan is going to have it tough.”


“That’s not entirely true. If Xuanyuan manages to break through to the Emperor realm, no one can predict how strong he would get. However, since he has a special physique, it’s difficult to break through, but if he manages to do so, his strength will grow exponentially. Have you heard of the Divine body of the Eastern Dynasty? They say he is at the peak of the Emperor realm, but can easily slay fighters in the xian realm.”


“You can’t compare those two physiques in terms of latent potential! Xuanyuan just possesses the Body of Five Elements. How can you even compare that to the Divine Body of the Eastern Dynasty, which can control the forces of the heavens and the earth?”


“Look, look. Xuanyuan has finally arrived.”


“Did he manage to break through?”

“Alas, it’s a shame. He didn’t manage to break through over the last few days. It looks like his last hope has been dashed.”


“Unfortunately, Brother Jiang isn’t participating in the tournament of the List of Dragons. We’d have been able to witness the strength of Brother Jiang firsthand if he had.”


“They say that Elder brother Jiang has been appointed as the deputy chief of the mansion. I heard that the chief entrusted him with a few tasks in order to groom him to become the next chief. Looks like Elder brother Jiang is also determined to become the next chief of the mansion.”


class fighters. You can think about how terrible the God body of The Eastern Land is. ” 

“Really?!” Everyone was in an uproar suddenly, and Jiang Yitian became the focus of attention again.


“I see, it can’t be helped then. Although, I was really looking forward to a match between Xuanyuan and Elder brother Jiang.”


“Haha, that’d be pointless. Didn’t you see Elder brother Jiang easily resist Xuanyuan’s attack with his bronze mirror? Even if Xuanyuan had managed to break into the Emperor realm, he still wouldn’t be a match for Elder brother Jiang. The gap in skills is far too vast.”


“It really is a shame that Xuanyuan didn’t manage to break through to the EMperor realm. He would have at least stood a chance.”


It appeared that everyone lamented the fact that Xuanyuan didn’t manage to break through to the Emperor realm, and thus dismissed any chances of him achieving anything in the tournament. Xuanyuan didn’t care what the others thought of him, but his interest was piqued when he heard that Jiang Yitian was appointed as the deputy chief of the mansion.


“Is it true that the sect wants to train Jiang Yitian to be the Lord of the mansion because of his ties to the ancient and powerful Jiang family?”


“It’s not that simple.” Greed spoke in Xuanyuan’s mind. “The position of the head of the Fighting Dragons Sect is extremely important, it can’t be decided so arbitrarily. The members of the Presbyterian League have to all agree, not to mention the approval of the Supreme Lord has to also be obtained. For now, it can only be said that he’s being cultivated to the next head, the same as you.”


“That’s right. However, you should keep an eye out for Bu Jingsha as well. Currently, while Jiang Yitian’s approval rating is higher, Bu Jingsha is far better at currying favour. Apart from that, Bu Jingsha is far more shrewd. He also knows far more about the activities of the sect, in and out. No matter how powerful a sect is, it requires connections and a steady foundation to support it. Bu Jingsha excels at both of those.” The pig chimed in as well.


Xuanyuan realised that, while right now the List of Dragons was the focus, the actual battle was for the future of the Fighting Dragons Sect between Jiang Yitian and Bu Jingsha.

Xuanyuan slowly looked away, hearing a sound in the distance.


“Senior brother Xuanyuan!” Chen Jinchou, Zha Manfeng, and Liu Xiangxiang all came up to him.


Now that Xuanyuan was stronger than them, they had no qualms in addressing him as senior brother. Even Chen Jinchou, who’s cultivation level was higher, knew that he stood no chance in a fight against Xuanyuan.


“Hello.” Smiling, Xuanyuan asked them, “Are you going to participate as well?”


“I’m afraid not. With our strength, we would just make a fool of ourselves. We’re here to cheer for you Brother Xuanyuan, and also observe the tournament. We plan on participating next year, when we would have better chances. I pray that you would be able to enter the List of Dragons, and once again make history.” smiled Chen Jinchou, waving dismissively.


“Ha, I just want to see how I measure up against the best, and see if I can use this opportunity to break through to the Emperor realm. All I can do is try my best.” sighed Xuanyuan.


Zhao Manfeng thought to himself, “Xuanyuan is the first person in the history of the tournament to enter when still in the grandmaster realm.” Despite having been weak, Zhao Manfeng was in the sect for a long time, even longer than Chen Jinchou. Naturally, he knew a lot about the history of the sect.


“However, you should be cautious, Brother Xuanyuan. I heard that the eight caves, the Lu and Xie families of the major families, and the Nu and Lie families have all joined hands to kill you during this tournament.” Liu Xiangxiang advised Xuanyuan, his eyebrows furrowed.


Xuanyuan nodded his understanding, saying, “It doesn’t matter, rather I was afraid they wouldn’t dare to face me. Now, has the time for the tournament to start come yet?”


“Not yet, they are still grouping the participants.” Chen Jinchou glanced at the elders, their hands gleaming. “I don’t know which group you will be placed into, Brother Xuanyuan.”


“What do you mean?” Xuanyuan looked around; most of the people were paying attention to the stage, only a few were looking at him.


“Corresponding to the four major stars, the four groups are the Dragon group, the Baihu group, the Xuanwu group, and the Zhuque group. Each group fights amongst each other in an elimination format, and the winners within each group face off against each other. Once the strongest within each group is determined, the finals commence, with each of the winners as participants.”


Xuanyuan understood, but he still didn’t care. It didn’t matter which group he was placed into. Looking around, Xuanyuan still couldn’t see the person he was looking for. Turning to Chen Jinchou, he asked, “Jinchou, have you seen Fang Yuyou?”


“Senior disciple Fang was taken to the ‘time void’ by elder brother Fang Yun as a form of penance. I heard that she broke through to the emperor realm.”


Xuanyuan nodded, knowing that Fang Yuyou was strong. He was glad she was safe, since she had been nothing but good to him.


At the same time, fourlights rose to the skies, causing everyone to exclaim in surprise.


“The grouping is starting!”


“It’s been a long wait…”


The four colours seemed to chase certain individuals. A blue beam of light started chasing Xuanyuan. No matter how much he tried to avoid it, he couldn’t dodge it. When it hit him, he felt a strange tugging towards a certain section of the stage.


Chen Jinchou exclaimed,” Brother Xuanyuan, you have been assigned to the Dragon group. The fight for the List of Dragons is about to start. Follow the slight tug you feel, you’ll find your opponent.”


Xuanyuan was slightly confused, but he nodded his understanding.


Greed started laughing, “Boy, you sure are lucky. The Dragon Star Platform chose you. The platforms are really made from the remains of stars. The Dragon Star Platform in particular, it will help you understand more about your path.”


“Greed is right, little boy. Make full use of this opportunity. Don’t you possess an elixir? When the time’s right, refine the elixir and sense the secrets of the world. Once you step into the Emperor realm, you’ll definitely progress rapidly. If you practice what the ancient dragon left to you on this platform, it is very likely that the Oriental Seven Star would resonate with you, further accelerating your development.” The pig also nodded his agreement.


Xuanyuan was determined. His mind clear, he stepped onto the platform, inscribed with several characters of the Jiaomu Flood Dragon. Another disciple at the second rank of the Emperor realm was already standing there, looking at him coldly, a sneer on his face.

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