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Chapter 283 Beating until Death

Chapter 283 Beating until Death


“Hey, look there. Do you see who Xuanyuan is fighting with?” One of the peak emperor realm fighters pointed at the platform Xuanyuan was standing on.


“That’s Xuanyue, Xuancha’s eldest brother. He’s a strong fighter, at the second rank of the Emperor realm. It’s really a small world, looks like Xuanyuan has met with certain doom. It’s his misfortune to face Xuanyue when he hasn’t even broken through to the Emperor realm. While other fighters may have let him escape with his life, that’s not the case here.”


“Hey, don’t be so quick to dismiss this fight. the strength Xuanyuan showed the other day as enough to easily fight against two first rank Emperor realm fighters.”


“You fool, the difference between the individual ranks of the Emperor realm is massive. A second rank Emperor realm fighter can make use of the elixir they have refined in order to attack.”


“The elixir contains the essence of the human body, combined with various techniques. Can Xuanyuan actually withstand an attack that makes use of an elixir?”


“Do you remember? That day, Elder brother Jiang didn’t even attack Xuanyuan, and he still took a while to attack. Do you think Xuanyue is going to give Xuanyuan the time to activate his bow?”


“Shut up, Xuanyuan hasn’t shown off all he can do!”


Arguing endlessly, their faces turned red. Xuanyuan simply ignored them, knowing that his fight would speak for itself.


Xuanyuan looked at his opponent, apparently a relative of Xuancha, judging by the resemblance. He knew that he was a part of Jiang Yitian’s faction, and thus Xuanyuan knew he couldn’t let Xuanyue go.


The elder in charge of the Jiaomu Flood Dragon Stage was an old man wearing a robe, looking to be on death’s door. His head had a dragon’s horn, his eyes muddy, and his face gaunt, lined with age. His body, gaunt and thin, looked as if the slightest of breezes would knock him over.


“The battle between Chief Disciple Xuanyue and Apprentice Xuanyuan, commence!”


Contrary to his appearance, the old man’s voice was forceful and resonated throughout the air.


Xuanyuan looked over at the other arenas, and it looked like several people had already started their bouts, waves of powerful Qi rolling over the entire stage.


“Hmph, how audacious! You dare look away?! You’re asking for death!” Xuanyue thundered, equipped with a spiked battle armour. The spikes gave off a chilling aura. All of his instruments were lower rank heaven class instruments. His hands were covered with iron gloves, a lethal weapon.


Stretching his fingers out, Xuanyue thrust them towards Xuanyuan. Each finger seemed sharper than the sharpest sword, piercing through space itself as it approached Xuanyuan’s heart. A deadly Qi surrounded the attack.


“Do you see? Xuanyue immediately tried to kill Xuanyuan. there’s no way Xuanyuan can escape from this attack.” Someone shouted from the crowd.


Xuanyuan didn’t even attempt to dodge the attack, instead forming the Five Elements Roulette, the Qi swirling around his head. 


The two attacks collided, their Qis clashing. Xuanyuan’s Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe activated and defended against all the attacks. On the other hand, Xuanyuan’s Five Elements Roulette broke through all the enchantments on Xuanyue, and he couldn’t resist the attack.


Shocked, Xuanyue shouted, “Impossible!”


“You think it’s impossible. You said I was going to die today? It turns out that the one doomed to die is you! A mere second rank Emperor realm fighter dares challenge me? Pathetic.” With these words, Xuanyuan’s Five Element Roulette gathered and condensed its energy, the Qi rolling, making everyone present feel suffocated.


The elder immediately activated the protective spells around the stage to safeguard the audience, making everyone feel safer.


As soon as the barrier was up, Xuanyuan’s attack crashed upon Xuanyue, crushing him to the ground. While Xuanyue’s cultivation level was higher, he couldn’t compare with the quality of Xuanyuan’s Qi. Xuanyuan, who faced even Huang Yuechan, whose cultivation was so far above his, was not at all afraid of Xuanyue.


Xuanyue spat out blood, when, without the slightest second of respite, the attack fell again. It broke through his defense as if it were paper. Xuanyue roared, a dense, murderous Qi rolling off him.


“Looks like Xuanyue is going to use his trump card. There’s no way Xuanyuan is going to survive this now.”


“That’s true, he’s doomed to die.”


The disciples all exclaimed, seeing the orange elixir manifest itself. The elixir consolidated itself into a human form, fused with the essence of other techniques, and rushed Xuanyuan.


Undeterred, Xuanyuan instantly counterattacked with his Five Element Roulette. The Roulette was naturally proficient at breaking through techniques and enchantments, and under its continuous bombardment, the elixir started losing its colour. As Xuanyue’s life and the elixir were tied, each hit hurt Xuanye, and he kept spitting out blood. His soul kept getting weaker with each hit.


“Impossible! How did he manage to become so strong?” Xuanyue couldn’t believe his eyes, as even his trump card was destroyed. Those who thought that Xuanyuan would crumble under the trump card of Xuanyue averted their eyes, ashamed and flabbergasted. Even without using the Emperor of the Five Elements, Xuanyuan managed to push Xuanyue into such an unfavourable situation. How terrifying!


“Begone!” Xuanyuan showed no mercy as he manipulated the Five Elements Roulette, and attacked Xuanyue relentlessly. Xuanyue tried using his instruments to defend himself from the attacks coming from above, as his Qi drained endlessly. After 18 consecutive attacks, Xuanyue’s Qi was depleted and he could no longer defend himself, let alone fight back. Xuanyuan’s strength was terrifying, far above that expected of one in the grandmaster realm.


“How terrifying, Master Xuanyuan is so domineering. He crushed a second rank Emperor realm fighter when he’s only in the grandmaster realm.”


“It’s the first time that a grandmaster has managed to beat an emperor realm fighter.”


“What is the technique that Xuanyuan cultivates?”


“Must be a technique taught by the Nightmare Ghost, there’s no doubt about it.”


All the disciples started murmuring. Simultaneously, Xuanyuan’s hands started gleaming with the light of the five elements, as he grasped the elixir. The audience exclaimed at this sight, “Is he planning on absorbing Xuanyue’s elixir? How is that possible?”


Xuanyuan smiled coldly, and said, “Five Elements Seal.”


The light of the five elements surrounded the elixir, and destroyed the will within it.


The will within the five elements were far stronger than that of the elixir, leaving no choice but for the elixir to be absorbed by Xuanyuan. Xuanyue’s face became pale as the Qi in his body was slowly drained. Xuanyue was speechless, shocked by what had just transpired.


Xuanyuan mercilessly looked at Xuanyue, his voice cold, “Well then, it’s time for you to die.”


Xuanyue immediately knelt and appealed to Xuanyuan, “Master Xuanyuan, please, spare me. If you return the elixir to me, I swear I will become your loyal servant.”


Xuanyuan sneered, “If I spared you, your brother would be lonely on his trip to the netherworld. How could I be so cold?”


Two Five Element Roulettes appeared, smashing onto Xuanyue. His body disappeared without a trace, his blood splattering onto the crowd. His lower rank heaven class instruments were nothing but paper in front of the attack.

“Chief disciple Xuanyue has died. The winner of the bout is the true disciple, Xuanyuan.”. The elder then indicated for Xuanyuan to step down and rest. Even though many people had finished their fights, there were still more to go.


As Xuanyuan stepped down, everyone gazed upon him as if he were a monster. After all, he had managed to utterly crush a fighter in the second rank of the Emperor realm. Those who looked down on him could do nothing but shiver in fear and awe.


Coinciding with Xuanuan’s declaration of victory, voices rang out from the other corners.


From the South rang out, “Hua Wushang, Master Ruyi’s disciple, a seventh rank Emperor Realm Fighter, killed a third rank Emperor Realm Fighter in one move, leaving him no chance to defend himself.”


“How terrifying, I didn’t expect that there would be fighters as strong as this in the Fighting Dragon Sect. As expected, strong fighters that were hitherto unknown appear every year at the List of Dragons. I wonder who else will come out?”

Xuanyuan looked to the South to see a man, surrounded by a fierce, murderous Qi.


From the North rang out another voice, “Rain of a Thousand Swords… That really was the Rain of a Thousand Swords, a secret technique of the Heavenly Sword Cave. It truly is extremely strong.”


“They say that he was a disciple of the Xian of Sword, learning and mastering the supreme sword techniques. He managed to demonstrate such great power with only a swing of his sword. How terrifying!”


From the west, someone shouted out, “Fenglie, it was Master Fenglie. He beat a fifth rank Emperor Realm Fighter with only one move. That was amazing!”


Xuanyuan’s heart twitched. He looked at a stage in the West. The wind was extremely fierce, colliding with the protective charms of the stage, creating sparks.


“It seems that the Heavenly Wind in Fenglie’s body has gradually begun to awaken. I’m looking forward to having a battle against him.”


Xuanyuan smiled casually as he waited for his next bout. After an hour, he heard the voice of the elder declaring, “Chief disciple Lei Tianyun versus Apprentice Xuanyuan. Please prepare yourselves!”

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