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Chapter 284 Counterattack

Chapter 284 Counterattack


The Lie Family had sent Lie Tianyun to the Fighting Dragon Sect ten years ago, to train and establish himself as an elite. He had already reached the fourth rank of the Emperor Realm, far beyond what normal people could achieve. He was definitely worthy to be called an ‘elite’.

Lie Tianyun stood on the stage and smiled coldly at Xuanyuan, “So you’re Xuanyuan? I didn’t think that there would be someone so foolish to participate in the List of Dragons when they’re only a grandmaster. You must have a few screws loose, seeing you clearly have no fear of death. I’ll show you a bit of mercy for your ‘bravery’, or should I call it foolishness. Tell me, what do you want to lose first, your arm or your leg?”

Xuanyuan stepped onto the stage, ignoring Lie Tianyun’s taunts. He didn’t need to respond to his obvious provocation. Xuanyuan simply saw him as a stepping stone to test and refine his strength. the stronger the opponent, the more he could refine himself. Only then would he be able to break through to the Emperor realm.

“Lie Tianyun already possesses one royal dragon of strength as a fourth rank Emperor realm fighter, far outclassing the strength of a second rank. Does Xuanyuan stand a chance?”

“Of course not. The difference between a second rank and a fourth rank Emperor is unbelievable. How can he even dream to beat Li Tianyun?”

“Why not? Look, Xuanyuan is equipped with all top rank heaven class instruments, while Lie Tianyun only has low rank heaven class instruments.”

“You fool, weapon quality is not the only factor. Higher rank weapons require more Qi to operate. Xuuanyuan will run out of Qi rapidly, thus being more of a burden than a help.”

“Don’t forget, Xuanyuan possesses the Body of the Five Elements. His Qi reserves must be extremely high.. I still think Xuanyuan and Lie Tianyun can fight evenly.”

Suddenly, the pig roared out.

“Let’s bet on the outcome. The odds are 1:1. The starting bet is 1000 pounds of energy source. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? You could end up making a lot of money.”

Xuanyuan’s eyebrows twitched in annoyance, thinking, “What an ass, the pig is using my efforts for his own gain.”

“Hmph, fine then. I bet 3000 pounds that Lie Tianyun will win this fight. Even if Xuanyuan has a special physique, there’s no way he can beat someone who is a whole realm above him.”

“Yes, even I bet 3000 pounds of energy source on Lie Tianyun’s victory. Even if his body type is powerful, it hasn’t crossed over into the realm of the abnormal. While he has 9500 dragons of strength, Lie Tianhyun cultivates a whole different strength. At the fourth rank of the Emperor realm, he possesses one royal dragon of strength.”

Zhao Manfeng gnashed his teeth and took out all the energy source he just bought, declaring, “1000 pounds of energy source, I bet on Xuanyuan’s victory.”

Even Chen Jinxian and Liu Xiangxiang pooled their assets together, “We bet 8000 pounds of energy source on Xuanyuan’s victory.”

Caught up in the atmosphere, the chief disciples started betting one after the other, the majority of them wagering on Lie Tianyun’s victory.

Even though the battle hadn’t begun yet, a competitive gambling match had already started. The pig was extremely happy with all the energy sources he anticipated that he would win as a result of this match.”

The elder didn’t say anything, he was used to the sight. Every year, disciples would bet on the outcome of the matches. Since they were gambling their own resources, they didn’t bother too much with regulating it. Moreover, the previous years all saw small, private bets between a few disciples. However, this year, the pig dared to make it a large scale event. The elder couldn’t do anything, the pig’s power was unknown. The rumours surrounding the pig made it a daunting task. Surely, the pig had its own tricks up its sleeves, allowing it to act so daringly. He must have learnt them from the Nightmare Ghost, at least that was the public opinion.

“Looks like you’re extremely confident. Well then, seeing as you’re gonna make me a lot of money, I guess I will spare your life, and leave you a cripple. I bet a hundred thousand pounds on myself! Let’s see if you can pay me after you lose.”

The bet kept growing larger and larger, with people betting increasingly higher amounts, with some chief disciples even betting 50,000 pounds on the outcome. Xuanyuan grew excited, and took out his Fire Lotus Fighting Source, worth 100,000 pounds of energy source.

The total amount bet on Xuanyuan was a mere 30,000 pounds, when compared to Lie Tianyun’s 490,000 pounds. Seeing this, Lie Tianyun thought that it would be better to spare his life and watch Xuanyuan lose his face, since the blow of the loss would be too hard to withstand.

Calmly, Xuanyuan looked at the pig, saying, “Eighty for me, twenty for you.”

The pig angrily responded, “Seventy for me, thirty for you. Without me organising this bet, you would not have received anything. You should learn to be satisfied with what you get.”

“You greedy pig, if I don’t fight properly, you’ll receive nothing. Are you sure you can pay all of them back if I do throw this match? Seventy for me, thirty for you.”

“Haha, that’s bug talk. I don’t think you’ll throw this match just to stick it to me. Fine, sixty for me, forty for you.” The pig grinned, confident in himself.

“How about a fifty fifty split, no more bargaining. Otherwise, I will throw this match!” Exasperated, Xuanyuan set forth his ultimatum.

Slightly daunted, the pig agreed, “Fine, fifty-fifty. I expect a good fight, boy.”

Everyone present was dumbfounded seeing the argument. Why was Xuanyuan speaking as if his winning was a foregone conclusion, and why was he already divvying up the spoils? Was he that confident in his victory?

“How audacious! You dare belittle me? Even a donkey would have more brains.” Frustrated and humiliated, Lie Tianyun yelled at Xuanyuan.

“Belittle you? I’ve never even thought of you as nothing more than fodder. Killing you is as easy as killing a fly. Consider yourself lucky, I’ll spare your life so that you can repay me with my winnings.” Sighing, Xuanyuan looked at the elder, “Elder, can we start?”

“Of course! The battle commences!” The elder’s eyes lit up, excited to see Xuanyuan’s strength.

“I’ll make you regret your words.” Lie Tianyun’s armour caught fire, the flames rising up to the sky. Around him, flame pillars erupted, and he transformed into a dragon.

Everyone was surprised at his transformation.

“The fire dragon! They say its fire breath is extremely hard to defend against.”

Xuanyuan was still calm, his heart not skipping a beat. He calmly summoned the Five Elements Roulette, and defended himself. The flames kept banging against the Roulette to no avail.

Lie Tianyun roared, “Xuanyuan! How long do you think you can defend yourself for? Let’s see what’s stronger, the Qi in your body, or the Qi of my elixir!” The dragon covered more than half the stage, shrouded in flames from top to bottom. Each attack had a tremendous force behind it as it attacked the Five Elements Roulette.

Lie Tianyun continued attacking Xuanyuan with his Qi, but the Qi was continually absorbed by the Body of All Creations. Everyone was shocked that Xuanyuan could fight evenly against Lie Tianyun.

“How is this possible?! The Body of the Five Elements is this strong?”

“How terrifying, to think that his body can easily withstand the force of that attack…”

“He cannot be human…”

In reality, thanks to the Five Fighting Elements he had refined into his five organs, his physical body was extremely durable. If unrestricted, Xuanyuan’s physical strength would be equal to that of a seventh rank Emperor realm fighter, but since his cultivation was lower, his strength was naturally restricted.

“I didn’t expect you to have actual power behind your actions, I thought you were all talk. Now that you’ve made me use my true strength, be proud and die.” Lie Tianyun slowly condensed himself back into his human form, the fire slowly rolling around him, forming miniature dragons. These dragons seemed to have their own will, as they created a formation.

“Fire Dragon Troop!”

At his command, the fire dragons formed a massive dragon-shaped flame in the sky and rushed Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan’s expression immediately changed, and he summoned the Emperor of the Five Elements. The Five Element Roulette surrounded his body, protecting him.

He was using the Water of Heaven to counteract the fire Qi. Xunayuan was slightly stunned, he didn’t expect Lie Tianyun to put up such a fight.

Xuanyuan thought to himself, “Well then, let’s stop playing around and annihilate him.”

He slowly channeled a murderous Qi, bringing images of death and bloodshed to everyone’s mind. A dark, bloody shadow appeared behind him.

The elder, feeling the murderous Qii, stood at the ready. He saw an Asura King, surrounded by dark and dragon Qi, standing behind Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan stood fierce, his Asura King behind him, ready to launch a counterattack.


Lie Tianyun.

The Lie Family placed Lie Tianyun in the Fighting Dragon Sect as an elite ten years ago. His strength had reached four rank Emperor Realm Fighters, which was beyond compare with ordinary people.

Lie Tianyun stood on the stage and smiled coldly at Xuanyuan:

“Are you Xuanyuan? I didn’t expect that after several years of isolation, there will be such a person who dares to participate in the List of Dragons at the realm of grandmasters. You have no idea of death or danger. Would you like me to show some mercy to you later? Do you want to lose your hand first, or your leg? “

Xuanyuan stepped on the stage and didn’t respond to Lie Tianyun’s words. Silence was the best. 

But for Xuanyuan, it was just his stepping-stone. The stronger his opponent was, the more he could inspire his fighting spirit. Only then could he enter the realm of imperial fighter, and then could he really have the strength to fight against those emperor class fighters.

“Lie Tianyun, a four rank Emperor Realm Fighter, has already possessed the power of a royal dragon. Can Xuanyuan win this time?”

Countless chief disciples had such an idea in their hearts.

“It’s impossible. A four rank Emperor Realm Fighter is far more powerful than a two rank Emperor Realm Fighter. How can it be possible for Xuanyuan to beat Lie Tianyun?”

“Why not? Xuanyuan has got top rank heaven class instruments all over his body. Look at t Lie Tianyun, he only got lower rank heaven class instruments.”

“The problem is to make the best use of every instrument. It’s inevitable that Xuanyuan will be extremely laborious to use top rank heaven class instruments. They will consume a lot of Qi and somehow be burdens to him.”

“Xuanyuan is the Body of Five Elements and has taken in the Five Elements. The amount of Qi in his body must be amazing. I believe Xuanyuan and Lie Tianyun are comparable.”

At this time, the pig opened its throat and screamed:

“Let’s have a bet. The odds are one to one on the winning of Lie Tianyun or Xuanyuan. Quickly. The counter for gambling should be least a thousand catties of the pure energy source. This is your final chance.”

Xuanyuan’s lips twitched violently. This dead pig is so bad.

“Hum, I bet that Lie Tianyun will win. Even if Xuanyuan has a special body, but I don’t believe that he could beat Lie Tianyun, who is two realms higher than him. It’s impossible. Three kilo of the pure energy source, take it.”

“Yes, I also bet on the victory of Lie Tianyun. Even if the Body of Five Elements is powerful, but it isn’t abnormal. It’s said that Xuanyuan has the power of 9500 dragons of strength. But Lie Tianyun cultivates the divine technique. Although he is only a four rank Emperor Realm Fighter, but he’s about to have the strength of royal dragons. Its strength is no less than 400kg pure energy source.”

Zhao Manfeng, with a gnash of his teeth, pressed down all of the one thousand catties of the pure energy source he had just replaced and said in a strong voice:

” One thousand catties of the pure energy source, I bet Xuanyuan will win!”

“Eight thousand catties of the pure energy source, I bet Xuanyuan will win!” The couple of Chen Jinxian and Liu Xiangxiang added together and bet eight thousand catties of pure energy on Xuanyuan.

The chief disciples bet one after another. As a result, there was no doubt that there were far more people betting on the victory of Lie Tianyun than Xuanyuan.

The battle between Lie Tianyun and Xuanyuan hadn’t started. But under the stage, a big gamble had been brewing. Everyone was generous, and the pig got a lot of source, which made the pig extremely happy, looking forward to the start of the battle.

The elder with dragon horn could only turn a blind eye to this kind of gambling organized by the pig, because every year’s fight for the List of Dragons, there would be chief disciples gambling in private, but since they gambled privately, it didn’t matter too much.

However,the pig dared to let chief disciples gather to gamble in public, which could was  audacious. However, the pig was mysterious. It’s said that it came from the Nightmare Swamp, and verified by some people in the Tianji that the pig was born in the Nightmare Swamp, so they dared not look down upon it at all. In their opinion, the pig must have some relationship with the Nightmare Ghost. 

Otherwise, how could the pig master tricks so well? And how dare it be so lawless?

“Xuanyuan, you are quite confident. Let this pig gamble on the spot. Do you really think you can beat me?” Lie Tianyun laughed:

“Well, it seems that your gambling will bring me a lot of income, I won’t kill you then. I will make you a cripple. Then I’ll see if you have the ability to pay for the bet! I bet on my own victory, one hundred thousand catties of the pure energy source!”

Seeing the bet was bigger and bigger, there were even chief disciples who had made a bet of fifty thousand catties of the pure energy source. This is a huge amount, and he was also excited. He took out the Fire Lotus Fighting Source, which was worth one hundred thousand catties of the pure energy source from his ring. Obviously, he cultivated with the Fire Lotus Fighting Source.

The bet on Xuanyuan was less than thirty thousand catties of the pure energy source, but the bet on Lie Tianyun has reached to forty-nine hundred thousand catties of the pure energy source.

If Xuanyuan was beaten, it would be hard to stand the loss. Instead of killing Xuanyuan, it would be better to let Xuanyuan lose his reputation.

Xuanyuan looked at the pig and said:

“Eighty for me, twenty for you!”

The pig was very angry:

“Seventy for me, thirty for you, without my gambling, you had no chance to win so much pure energy source, you should lean to be satisfied.”

“Fart, without me, can you gamble? If I were beaten, do you have so much pure energy source to compensate? Seventy for me, thirty for you.” Xuanyuan bargained with the pig on the spot.

“Boy, you are so cruel. I don’t believe you will deliberately lose the battle in order to gamble with me. No more words, sixty for me, forty for you!” The pig grinned. Xuanyuan had had much pure energy source already, but he should still want so much!

“No bargain, fifty to fifty, or I’ll quit.” Xuanyuan said angrily.

“Well, fifty to fifty. Fight hard! Boy.” The pig was afraid of Xuanyuan.

Countless people saw Xuanyuan and the pig having a bargain with each other and they became dumbfounded. Was Xuanyuan so sure that he would win?

“Boy, how dare you despise me?” Even a human made of clay would have some temper, Lie Yuntian shouted at Xuanyuan angrily.

“I have never looked up to you. It’s not hard to kill you. Anyway, due to so much pure energy source, I won’t kill you, or I can’t get it. It’s all money.” Xuanyuan sighed and looked at the elder with dragon horn and said:

“May I announce the beginning?”

“Of course, battle start!” the elder’s eyes picked up, he looked forward to Xuanyuan’s battle.

“Boy, I’ll make you regret it.”

The battle armor on Lie Yuntian was like the burning flame, rising to the sky and became extremely hot.

Five meters around him, surrounded by pillars of fire, Lie Tianyun turned himself into a dragon and rushed to Xuanyuan.

Countless people saw Lie Tianyun turned himself into a long dragon burning with flames, and they screamed in succession:

“It’s the fire dragon, such a fierce beast is hard to be defeated when it performs Qi of fire!”

Xuanyuan’s heart stagnated, he felt the overwhelming Qi fire rushing to him, Xuanyuan didn’t retreat, the Five Elements in his body worked, and turned into five-color tassels covering Xuanyuan’s whole body, which was inviolable by all means, and only to see countless flames hitting on the five-color tassels on Xuanyuan, without stirring up any waves.

Lie Tianyun, who was incarnated to the fire dragon laughed:

“Xuanyuan, you can resist for a while, but you can’t resist for a lifetime. I’d like to see whether the Qi in your body is stronger than the Qi in my elixir!

The stage covered an area of 280 meters, and the fire dragon was more than 100 meters long, hovering on the stage, almost occupied the majority of the stage all of a sudden.

I saw the huge flame shrouded from the top to the bottom. Every blow contained endless power. Xuanyuan’s hands performed the Five Elements Roulettes, and fight against the fire flame directly.

Boom, boom, boom!

The fierce Qi fluctuated and rippled, and the powerful force bombarded Xuanyuan, but the Body of All Creations immediately transformed it, leaving not too much pressure on Xuanyuan to face it.

Everyone stared at Xuanyuan, they were shocked that he should fight against Lie Yuntian who transformed into the fire dragon directly.

“How could it be possible? Xuanyuan’s body was so horrible?”

“It’s terrible. How could there be such a horrible person? His body could bear such a terrible force!”

“Xuanyuan is not a human being at all.”

Actually, Xuanyuan’s five internal organs had condensed the Five Elements, the lung controlled the skin, the heart controlled the blood and the mind, the kidney controlled the bone, the liver controlled the sinew, the spleen controlled the flesh, and the Five Elements were integrated into the five internal organs, which made Xuanyuan’s physical strength rise largely. At this moment, Xuanyuan’s physical strength could be comparable to that of the seven rank Emperor Realm Fighters, but as his realm was limited, so the strength was limited as well.

“Boy, I didn’t expect you to have some real strength. Well, as you can force me to fight you in my real strength, it’s enough to make you proud.” The huge fire dragon rolled up, only to see this fire dragon becoming smaller and smaller, and turned into the original shape of Lie Tianyun. Several little fire dragons appeared on his body, swallowed and flew in the tricks of the stage. These small little Dragon seemed to have their will, they combined into a formation which contained endless killing Qi.

Fire Dragons Troops!”

With the roar of Lie Tianyun, it was seen that countless little fire dragons gathered together to form a mysterious talisman, which turned into a dragon shaped flame in the sky and submerged Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan countenance changed. Behind Xuanyuan, the Emperor of Five Elements rose up. The five-color divine light was undefeatable, and the five-color tassels protected Xuanyuan’s whole body!

The power of the Water of Heaven reached its extreme, but Xuanyuan was also in a dilemma. Xuanyuan did not expect that Lie Tianyun had some strength.

At that time, he decided not to play with him anymore. All of a sudden, the Qi and blood all over Xuanyuan suddenly rolled up, a blood shadow appeared behind his body.

The elder with dragon horn suddenly felt a great murderous Qi, full of blood and evil spirit, accompanied by the dragon’s and Asura’s roar.

Xuanyuan, summoning the Asura king directly, he was ready to launch a counterattack.


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