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Chapter 285 Asura King

Chapter 285 Asura King


“This Qi… This Qi reminds me of the techniques of the Mo clan! How is that possible?”


Upon hearing the elder’s declaration, Lie Tianyun shuddered involuntarily. Xuanyuan was using techniques from the Mo land? How terrifying!


“You! You traitor, cultivating Mo techniques! I shall kill you today, servant of the Mo clan!” Lie Tianyun once again attacked Xuanyuan with the Fire Dragon Troop; he didn’t think that Xuanyuan could withstand another attack.


Sneering, Xuanyuan once again channeled the Five Elements Roulette. He was unaffected by the fire from the dragon troops, after all he possessed the Fire of the Red Lotus, which was superior to the fire possessed by Lie Tianyun. However, the force behind the Fire Dragon Troop was still powerful.


If Xuanyuan didn’t possess such large Qi reserves, alongside supplementing his Qi using the top rank heavenly crystals in his ring, his Qi would have been depleted from the constant defending.


Xuanyuan had to acknowledge that Lie Tianyun possessed some modicum of strength.


Seeing Xuanyuan walk forward, unimpeded by the Fire Dragon Troop, Lie Tianyun roared in his heart, “How! HOW! How is he able to withstand the force of the Fire Dragon Troop?”


Behind Xuanyuan, the Five Elements Emperor kept releasing the light of the five elements to protect Xuanyuan against the attacks, while the Asura King was clad in a murderous Qi. The force of the dragon’s blood spread at Xuanyuan’s command.


With terrified eyes, everyone looked at Xuanyuan.


“This blood mist isn’t made of Mo blood, but rather dragon blood.”


“How dominating. The dragon blood is making even Lie Tianyun shake in fear.”


“The fire dragon is also a kind of dragon. Clearly, the dragon Qi that Xuanyuan has comes from a superior dragon, subduing Lie Tianyun.”


“What kind of dragon can subdue even the fire dragon.”


“Suddenly, the dragon blood coming from Xuanyuan turned into a bloody mist, resonating with the Oriental Seven Stars. The Oriental Seven Stars burst in an explosion of light, illuminating the entire sky.


“It’s the ancient dragons’ blood! It even resonated with the Oriental Seven Stars! It looks like Xuanyuan has replaced his blood with the ancient dragon’s blood. How terrifying!”


One of the well-known xian realm fighters exclaimed, “No wonder Xuanyuan couldn’t break through to the next level. The dragon blood inside him is not his own. As such, it requires a catalyst to link it with the body. The Stage of the Dragon is exactly that catalyst, resonating with the Oriental Seven Stars. It looks like he’s going to break through to the Emperor realm any time now.”


“How fortunate. That explains how Xuanyuan returned safely from the Land of Darkness, when even the old Master of the sect passed away due to the injuries he sustained. The Land of Darkness originates from the Black Dragon Mountain, the home of the ancient dragon. Now that Xuanyuan possesses the blood of the ancient dragon, the dispositions and traps laid out won’t harm him. Furthermore, none of the beasts would attack him either, since they can sense the blood of the ancient dragon.”


Xuanyaun’s techniques and the ancient dragon’s blood made everyone’s mouth water with greed. A single drop of the ancient dragon was a top-class elixir, nevermind the value of an entire body filled with dragon’s blood! 


“I see… I’ve finally figured out why Xuanyuan is so overpowering. He’s refined the dragon blood into himself, using the Asura Blood Technique of the Mo clan. These two factors drastically increased his strength.”


“The power of the ancient dragon has severely weakened Lie Tuanyun’s strength. After all, he still has not completely refined the fire dragon’s elixir into his body. On the other hand, Xuanyuan has completely refined the blood into himself. You can even see the Asura King beginning to transform!” One of the xian-realm fighters pointed towards the Asura King behind Xuanyuan.


The Asura King started weaving dragon-slaying markings using its Qi. Everyone could feel the intensity of the markings.


“This aura, it looks like those are dragon-slaying markings! Even Lie Tianyun is instinctively retreating.”


Seeing his Fire Dragon Troop being defeated, Lie Tianyun screamed, a hint of fear creeping into his voice, “H-How! How did you manage to destroy my Fire Dragon Troop? Impossible, it’s inconceivable!” His pride started crumbling. How could Xuanyuan, a mere grandmaster-realm fighter, utterly demolish his Fire Dragon troop formation?


“These are dragon-slaying markings. If you want to stand a chance in a fight against me, any technique would be better than dragon-based techniques. It’s common knowledge that I possess the Dragon-Taming Wood. Tell me, are you looking to die? How can you even think to challenge me using dragon-based techniques when you know all this?”




His eyes red, Lie Tianyun’s Qi and blood suddenly surged, turning into large flames.


The sky above the stage was ablaze, and Xuanyuan’s Five Element Roulette immediately moved to protect him. His Qi reserves kept dropping rapidly, and he was forced to consume the crystals at a tremendous pace, but he still pushed forward towards Lie Tianyun.


“It looks like Lie Tianyun still has a trick up his sleeves.”


Lie Tianyun looked afraid, his eyes wide and his face pale. A flag of flames appeared in his hand, golden patterns woven on it.


“The Fire Dragon Flag! It looks like he’s going to sacrifice the Fire Dragon Flag!”


The flame turned into a huge dragon, rushing towards the ground. The Fire Dragon Flag was an upper rank heaven class instrument. The power of an upper rank heaven class instrument was already terrifying, not to mention the power of one that had been sacrificed.


Xuanyuans expression immediately turned serious. He took out an elixir covered in the lights of the five elements, and attacked the dragon with it.


“Xuanyuan, you think your pathetic elixir can stand up against my dragon? Pitiful, that’s just wishful thinking.”


The huge dragon swallowed the elixir directly. Seeing this, Xuanyuan smiled coldly. The energy of the five elements were immediately used to restrain each other, causing a massive explosion.




The fire dragon was caught off guard, and it was blown to pieces. The Asura King immediately attacked the fire dragon, tearing it to pieces as it tried to reform.


The power of the Asura king was overwhelming, suffocating everyone. It was like a ghost rising from hell, intent on wiping out everyone in its path.


Looking at the Asura king, Lie Tianyun rapidly retreated. His face white as paper, he gazed into the Asura King’s eyes. Suddenly a beam of light emanated from the Asura King’s eyes, attacking Lie Tianyun’s mind. Distraught and disoriented, Lie Tianyun saw countless illusions in his mind, devouring everything


“Please, p-please! Don’t kill me!” Lie Tianyun pleaded, his eyes filled with terror and despair.


Xuanyuan ahd personally experienced this particular attack, so he understood exactly what Lie Tianyun had experienced.


The Asura king behind Xuanyuan stretched out his claws, and ripped Lie Tianyun in half, and Xuanyuan grabbed the elixir that fell. He immediately used the Five Elements Seal and absorbed the elixir.


All of this happened in an instant. Everyone was terrified, afraid to even breathe.


The elder murmured to himself, “It’s truly worthy of being called the Asura Blood Technique. It can drive people insane. Crushing your enemy’s mind is the fastest way to victory.” Sighing, he said, “Chief disciple Lie Tianyun has died. The victor is Xuanyuan!”


The pig laughed with glee, “We won! What a windfall! Hahahaha!.”

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