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Chapter 314 The Settlement



The sky was still overcast with blood-red clouds. Sounds of war rent the air, and the malicious energy showed no signs of diminishing. The battlefield was strewn with broken limbs and corpses, it was a tragic sight. The pure white snow was dyed red as it slowly fell to the ground.


The Mo warriors, clad in their battle armors and armed with bright blades, rushed to kill their enemies. Their warcry was accompanied by a crimson mist filling the air.


The human warriors showed no weakness, and fought back. Every time one of them killed a Mo warrior, they would invariably die with them. As soon as the Mo warriors were at the brink of death, they exploded, taking down their foes with them. The battlefield was filled with the incessant sound of explosions, as people fell incessantly.


Spears pierced bodies, swords cut off limbs, people roared, horses neighed, and corpses were everywhere. The spilt blood flowed into the rivers as the fighting spread. The entire battlefield was filled with the stench of blood and corpses.


In the sky, the emperor class and xian class fighters urged their respective treasures to attack each other continuously.


The siege devices were loaded with monstrously large stones. As a result of the enchantments on them, they had amazing destructive power. However, the protective enchantments on the castle walls resisted the attacks. The enchantments renewed their energy by absorbing the Qi of the fallen Mo warriors.


Both sides continued to fight without recipe, but the gap slowly widened as the humans began to win. Suddenly a loud cry burst out.


“Commander Wang, he betrayed us! He is a spy of the Mo cla…! AGH!” His voice was cut off by a scream of pain. As soon as the scream was let out, the enchantments protecting the castle were destroyed. The human warriors who were being protected thus far were immediately crushed by the rain of stones. Under the cover of the stones, the Mo warriors rushed the castle, their assault accompanied by howls of pain. The human army was slowly defeated as the tables were turned.


A human xian realm fighter roared, “Sound the retreat! Protect the prince and fall back!”


Suddenly, a gigantic light in the form of an axe fell from the sky. It seemed to split the earth in two. Within the light, a hint of blood energy could be detected, as a strong Mo aura surged out and rushed to the skies. It hit the son of the Master of the Northern Dynasty. Another human xian realm fighter drew his broken top-rank heaven class instrument to defend against the attack. Despite the damage sustained over the continuous battles, he still urged it to strike back against the axe.


As the two forces collided, the instrument was shattered. The axe continued to fall relentlessly, and struck the xian class fighter’s body. The protective enchantments on his robe activated, but it was of no use. The axe broke through the enchantments and tore through his body.


The fighter howled in pain as he recognised the owner of the axe.


“That’s the Earth-Splitting Axe. The Earth Master is here!”


Severely injured, a group of emperor class fighters and several xian class fighters escorted the young man and helped him escape. As they made their escape, the group was immediately surrounded by a group of terrifying xian class fighters from the Mo clan.


The main force of the humans was utterly destroyed. Those who remained were drained of strength, and were slaughtered like animals. The army was completely routed and the castle was in shambles. The citizens of the city begged for mercy, as they knew their death was imminent.


“Damn it. I didn;t expect you Mo to have your men within the city. Our men fell like flies.” The xian realm fighter who had taken a lot of damage exclaimed, his expression crazy with pain and distraught.


“Hmph, but of course. Now, it’s time for you to die.” The xian realm fighters of the Mo clan sneered as their bloodlust was palpable.

Just then, a clear voice rang out from the distance.




Although the voice was soft, it gave people a sense of comfort and safety. It dissipated the murderous and violent impulses in the hearts of those who heard it.


A calming fragrance wafted through the air, calming everybody down. The Mo clan fighters who smelt the fragrance looked surprised and smiled.


“Princess Shiguan!”


“Shiguan’s eyes were bright and clear, and her clothes were simple yet exquisite. She looked like an angel descending from the heavens


“Princess, you’ve just in time. This is the son of the Master of the Northern Dynasty. PLease kill him yourself as revenge for the prince of the North attacking you.”


The other xian realm fighters chimed, all of them nodding in assent. “That’s right, kill the scum!” The other Mo clan fighters all roared in unison, “Death to the scum!”


The humans all paled in fear as the Mo clan called for their deaths. The ones who weren’t involved with the war could not understand why the Mo clan were so angry.


Shiguan looked around the battlefield, her expression saddening as she saw the distorted landscape and the corpses littering the battlefield. Slightly parting her lips, she sighed.


“What is the matter with all of you?”


Looking at the cornered fighters, Shiguan addressed the Mo fighters, “Release them.”


“What? Princess, you ought to reconsider!” One of the fighters hurriedly exclaimed.


Even the humans were surprised at her order.


“If you still think of me as your princess, let them go.”


“Follow the princess’s order, let them go free.”

Bowing towards Shiguan, the young man said, “I thank you for your forgiveness/”


Sighing, Shiguan simply said, “There’s no need to thank me. Just take your men and go.”


The man continued to speak, “If I may be so bold as to ask you for one more favour, would you listen to it?”


“Boy, the princess has already spared your pitiful life. What more do you want?!” Another Mo fighter roared.


“Go ahead.” Shiguan calmly replied to the young man.


“Please let the people within the city go free. They are innocent, and have nothing to do with the war.”


Nodding, Shiguan looked at the Mo fighters and said, “Fighters of the Mo clan, hear me. Withdraw your troops, the battle has ended.”


The Mo fighters looked reluctant, but not a single one refuted her orders. The Mo warriors slowly retreated, leaving the battlefield.


The young man looked amazed and addressed Shiguan. 


“I alway heard that the youngest princess of the Mo clan was kind-hearted. Today, I had the honour of witnessing it in person. I apologize for the actions of Chengyin. He attacked you by himself, and brought disaster upon all of us. I swear to you that I will see that he is punished once I return.” His words were loud and echoed throughout the area.


“It’s all right, there’s no need. I’ll withdraw the Mo army, and return the North to a peaceful state.” Shiguan’s long eyebrows trembled, as her voice was clear and spread. Her expression was impassive, and a hint of melancholy could be seen in her eyes as she took in the battlefield.


“Let’s go.” Under Shiguan’s command, the Mo fighters retreated. 


The young man felt as if a weight was lifted off his chest as he saw the Mo army fall back. Returning to his senses, he declared, “Return to the Dynasty. I’ll be sending Chengyin to the surveillance department and abolish his position as the eldest prince.”


Several xian class fighters looked at each other, but didn’t say anything. The ordinary folk within the city thought that their deaths were inevitable, but Shiguan’s mercy had spared their lives. Kneeling down, they thanked her for her kindness.

The war between the two races had broken out due to one singular reason; the attack of Chengyin on Shiguan.


Over the following hours, Shigaun appeared in every single battlefield, and withdrew the Mo troops. The world was once again peaceful as the war had stopped. The ordinary folk who were saved all paid homage to Shiguan.


Half a month had passed after the war had ended. The Mo clan had completely withdrawn from the cities they had occupied, as if they were never there.


Clamours for the impeachment of Chengyin rang through the Northern Dynasty, all the way from the public to the royals.


The young man, who was the son of the Minister of Military affairs, had six officials along with him as he went to speak to the emperor of the North. They requested the removal of Chengyin from his post, and asked for Cheng Yang to be instated in his place.


Chengyin stood on the wall of the Imperial City, the capital of the North. He still held the rabbit in his arms and looked into the distance. Smiling bitterly, he said. “I didn’t expect that. This is my utter loss. If I had killed Shiguan that day, this would not have happened. My plans were all laid to waste by her. Now, they’re all clamouring for my removal. It’s not going to be as easy as they think to remove me from my position.”


Chengyin’s eyes were fierce. The rabbit chuckled and said, “I knew you would have a plan B.”


The surveillance department of the Eastern Dynasty had sniffed out countless Mo spies. The Northern Dynasty had killed 360,000 spies. Chengyin had discussed the purpose of the war with the officials and the other royals before initiating, and he had their full support. But as a result of the constant backlash from the three Masters and six officials, CHnegyin had no choice but to be locked up for three years within the surveillance department to repent. If he still hasn’t changed his  thoughts, his position would be abolished.


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