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Chapter 286 Xuanyuan Hall

Chapter 286 Xuanyuan Hall


   After paying out the ones who bet on Xuanyuan’s victory, the pig still had 460,000 pounds of pure energy source. Worried that the pig would just gobble up the sources, Xuanyuan immediately asked for half of the winnings. He couldn’t trust the pig, especially with such a large amount of energy sources.


Seeing this, those who didn’t bet on Xuanyuan were regretful, but the fear of Xuanyuan stopped them from doing anything too drastic. It was unexpected that a mere grand,aster realm fighter killed a fourth-rank Emperor realm fighter.


“Hmph, I’m disappointed in that foolish boy’s actions.”


“I agree, rather than lusting after the winnings and winning the battle, he should have taken that opportunity to understand his body better and break through to the next realm.”


“Alas, that is his fate. No one knows whether he will receive a similar opportunity in the future, it’s all dependent on his fate.”


Xuanyuan sat down on the ground, his legs crossed, ignoring the other fights going on. He could feel the acupoints in his body, slowly pulsing along with his heartbeat. He knew that he had almost broken through to the Emperor realm, but he didn’t want to rush the process. He wanted to completely integrate the dragon’s blood with his body, and break through to the Emperor realm once his body was ready.


“Even so, the boy is really powerful. It’s the first time I’ve seen a fighter in the grandmaster realm defeat one of the fourth rank of the Emperor realm. I think only the owners of the Heavenly Dragon Body, and the Heavenly Dragon-Slaying Body can perform a similar feat.”


“That’s right. We can’t afford to give Xuanyuan up. While there may be several geniuses in the sect, only the ones with the same talent as Xuanyuan are considered indispensable.”


“Atop that, Xuanyuan did not cultivate the same foundation as the members of the Mo clan, but he was still able to completely utilise the Asura Blood Refining method. I heard that even members of the Mo clan are afraid to use this technique, out of fear of the consequences for failing. This shows the sheer willpower that Xuanyuan possesses, able to resist the delusions and illusions generated during the process.”


“I look forward to his future performances!”


Impressed by his performance, several xians muttered amongst themselves. The fight for the List of Dragons was one of the main events where everyone would be able to see the actual strength of the disciples. Theoretical knowledge, and the strength of one’s cultivation is one thing, but in an actual battle, not everyone would be able to utilise the full extent of their powers. This event allowed the elders to see the disciples who would one day form the foundation of the Fighting Dragons Sect.


Chen Jinxian, Liu Xiangxiang and Zhao Manfeng all walked up to Xuanyuan, a smile on their faces.


“I knew there was no way that you would lose the battle. Thanks to you, I managed to make a fortune today!” Chen Jinxian smiled with relief. Even though he acted carefree now, during the battle he was extremely worried.


“Elder brother Xuanyuan, you must still take caution. Now that the first rounds are over, all the weaker disciples have been eliminated. Your opponents in the coming battles would become increasingly stronger.” Zhao Manfeng anxiously reminded Xuanyuan.


“I understand, don’t worry brother Zhao. I plan on winning this competition, and I don’t plan on doing anything too risky. Now, please take this ring, it belonged to Lie Tianyun. While it’s not useful to me, please use this to establish a small organisation. All like-minded people will be welcome to join, so that none of you can be bullied easily in the future.”


“I’m afraid that’s a difficult task. Elder brother Xuanyuan, you have just entered the Fighting Dragons Hall, the five other organisations already exist for a long time. We would be easily overwhelmed and crushed.”


“Oh, there are five other organisations? How big are they?” Xuanyuan was contemplating, now that he was a true disciple, he should be able to establish his own organisation within the sect. Otherwise, he would be alone, without any support.


“Haha, Brother Xuanyuan, please let me explain.” Suddenly, Bu Jingsha’s voice rang out.


“Brother Bu, what a pleasure to see you.”  Xuanyuan bowed and smiled.


“Younger brother Xuanyuan, if you really want to establish an organisation, I will definitely support you. But as Jinchou mentioned, there are five organizations currently, each supported by several elite disciples and many elders. They are the Phoenix Moon of the East, Luo of the West, Swords in the South, Xuan of the North, and the Yitian.”


Frowning, Xuanyuan asked, “What do you mean by the Phoenix Moon of the East, Luo of the West, Swords in the South, Xuan of the North, and the Yitian?”

“To the east of the Fighting Dragons Sect, there is a mountain called the Phoenix Moon. The master of the mountain is the candidate for the future Saintess. Her strength is otherworldly, as is her beauty. Perhaps you are acquainted with her?” A sly grin on his face, Bu Jingsha told Xuanyuan. 

Xuanyuan’s eyebrow twitched. Bu Jingsha must have known that he was allocated to the Phoenix Palace from the beginning. Showing no outward sign, Xuanyuan simply replied, “Yes, that’s right. Her strength is truly extraordinary.” Wanting to move on, Xuanyuan asked, “What about the Luo of the West?”


“To the west of the Sect lies the Tianluo immortal mountain. Tianluo, the master of the mountain, has broken through to the seventh rank of the Emperor realm. While he hasn’t participated in the List of Dragons, he’s definitely not weaker than Fenglie. He also possesses a special physique, the Tianluo Body type, specialising in assassination. All the disicples of the Tianluo immortal mansion excels at assassination techniques. Their secret technique, the Tiandi Xian-killing array, can even kill experts in the xian realm.” Bu Jinsgha sounded impressed by the power of the Lou of the West. (Editor’s note: I decided to use tiandi instead of the wordy heaven and earth title, I feel it flows better. I think it directly translates to the world.)


“It’s that powerful?!” Xuanyuan was shocked. Clearly, he didn’t know much about the other talents within the sect. Xuanyuan had been involved in battles ever since he entered the sect, thus he didn’t have the time to learn about the other major figures within the sect.


“What about the Swords in the South?” Curious about the other organisations now, Xuanyuan asked.


“Look at the north fighting stage. You see the swords floating? That’s the power of Brother Wan Jianlun, leader of the Swords in the South. He is a disciple close to the Xian of Swords. His strength is boundless, his sword lethal. All the disciples of the organisation are skilled at using swords. They can even use them to form a Death by Swords array that can even kill xian realm fighters. The sect has declared that it has 9000 true disciples, but in reality, most of disciples are affiliated to the organisations established by the major disciples of the sect, not the sect itself!”


Looking to the north, Xuanyuan saw a massive sword falling from the sky and splitting an emperor realm fighter in half. The sky around the stage was filled with a strong sword Qi, and a powerful sword spirit rose from the stage.


“What about the Xuan of the North?”


“To the north of the Sect, lies the Xiaoxuan mountain. The leader is Xiaotian’s brother, Xiaoxuan. He is cruel, and his methods brutal. Younger brother Xuanyuan, now that you have killed Xiaotian, you should take care. Every disciple of the organisation is a maniac, filled with demonic power. Only Xiaoxuan can control them. That should be enough to tell you of his strength.”


“I see. I’m assuming Yitin refers to the organisation set up by Jiang Yitian?”


“You’re right. Several true disciples of the sect are loyal to Jiang Yitian. Over the years, he has even cultivated a good relationship with several of the elders, thanks to the influence of his master, the Huawu Xian. The Huawu Xian has several faithful disciples. Even though their strength may not be high, they hold massive influence within the sect. Just the other day, Master Huawu called a meeting to discuss your fate.”


Shocked, Xuanyuan slowly mulled it over. “Looks like Master Huawu and Master Ruyi are trying to stir up trouble with me.”


“Nevermind that, I feel like your idea to establish an organisation is a good one. In the beginning, we can ask Elder brother Fenglie to support us as the master. I think Xuanyuan Hall will be a good name for the organisation. I’ll take charge of recruitment. I’ll make sure we get some young talents, within a few years they will definitely improve and make a  name for themselves.” 

“I’m ont sure about the name. After all, I may die within the next four years.” sighed Xuanyuan.


“Why do you say that, Brother Xuanyuan. You embody the ideals of honesty, justice, and determination. It seems apt to name it after you. Don’t worry about your future, Brother Xuanyuan, I am confident you will easily be able to overcome the Heart-Devouring Bug. Even the leader of the sect is personally searching for a cure.” Bu Jingsha was very persuasive when he wanted to be.


“Xuanyuan, I’ve told you this before, Bu JIngsha is extremely smart. You see, he knows how to take advantage of any given situation. Between his inside information and management skills, plus having Fenglie’s support and your reputation, you won’t even have to worry about the future of Xuanyuan Hall. I’d say that you join hands with him and accept his proposition, it’s always good to have ties with those who are smart.” Greed suddenly spoke up in Xuanyuan’s mind.


“One other thing, Brother Bu. I cannot promise that I would be actively involved in the activities of Xuanyuan Hall for the next few years, but O guarantee you this. If I overcome my current predicament, our hall will definitely surpass all the others.” 


“Haha, no problem. I also want to build a base for myself, so that I can achieve the position of the next Lord of the sect. With your support, it can definitely become reality.” Bu Jingsha laughed, a clear sense of determination in his eyes.


“Well then, let’s do it!” Xuanyuan and Bu Jigsha shook hands, affirming the establishment of Xuanyuan Hall.

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