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Chapter 287 Elite battle begins!

Chapter 287 Elite battle begins!


“Jinchou!” Xuanyuan smiled, looking at Chen Jinchou. “You are a part of the law enforcement team. I believe in your judgement. Remember, there are two core guidelines of our organisation. One mustn’t bully others, nor must one commit evil deeds. I believe in your sense of justice, and entrust you with the security of our organisation. Here, take 95 trillion points, use it to set up the Xuanyuan Hall. I’m sure Elder brother Bu would be able to guide you well.”


Several merit points were transferred into Chen Jinchou’s medallion. Even Jinchour couldn’t help but get excited. With these many points, he could purchase several elixirs and magic weapons.


Seeing this, several people started murmuring, jealous of Chen Jinchou’s good fortune.


“Xuanyuan has so many merit points, how lucky. SOme true disciples in the Emperor realm don’t even have 100 trillion points, and he gave away 95 trillion points just like that.”


“Did you hear the conversation? These merit points are just a start-up fund for the organisation Xuanyuan means to set up. In the future, he will receive several benefits as a result.”


“How ridiculous! Xuanyuan wants to set up his own organisation? Impossible, it’ll dissolve within a few days. He doesn’t even have his own mountain! How can he set up an organisation without a base of his own?”


“Didn’t you pay attention? Elder brother Bu wants to invite Elder Brother Fenglie to act as the master of the Xuanyuan Hall. Doesn’t Elder brother Fenglie have his own mountain?”


“That’s right! Should we go and join Elder brother Fenglie’s mountain?”


“Forget about it. I didn’t join these organisations in the past, and I’m not going to do so in the future. I don’t want to get involved in any drama. Now that Xuanyuan is setting up his own organisation, it’s sure to encounter trouble. If it can weather the storm at the beginning, then let’s see. We came here to cultivate in a peaceful environment.”


“Regardless, I want to join Brother Xuanyuan’s organisation. I trust in him.”


“You fool… You’ll end up dying for no reason.”


“Don’t worry about me.”


The true disciples had their own thoughts on the future of Xuanyuan’s organisation, and they kept murmuring amongst each other.


Xuanyuan ignored them, and addressed the others, “Xiangxiang, Manfeng, the two of you should offer all the aid you can to Jinxian. Especially you, Manfeng. You’ve led numerous people and examined numerous disciples. You must pay more attention. Brother Bu, could you help set up a reward system for merit points in Xuanyuan hall?”  

“Haha, sure, that’s no trouble.” Bu Jingsha cordially agreed.


“However, what those true disciples said is true. If we have no mountain of our own, it’s very difficult to establish an organisation. We should consider that as well. Where would we establish our base?” Xuanyuan frowned at this unexpected bump.


“If that’s your worry, you are the perfect person to solve the problem.” Bu Jingsha smiled.


Confused, Xuanyuan asked, “Why?”


“The elite disciples who manage to enter the List of Dragons will be awarded their own territories. The Fighting Dragon Sect encompasses over 8 million miles of area. You don’t need to worry about it. Even if there’s no mountain in your territory, we can easily make one.” Bu Jingsha was well aware of these things.


“Well then, the only thing I can do is try my best.” Xuanyuan smiled confidently.


Bu Jingsha was surprised, he smiled lightly at Xuanyuan’s expression.


“It looks like you have a plan prepared, brother Xuanyuan. You have clearly prepared well for this battle.”


At that time, the voice of the elder in charge of Xuanyuan’s stage rang out.


“Xuanyuan versus Qingxiao.”


The crowd turned to Qingxiao, who was pale. Everyone laughed at his expression.


“Ah, how lucky. Xuanyuan already fought two enemies weaker than him. Qingxiao is no match for him, he’s only at the second rank of the Emperor realm. Looks like Qingxiao will die today.”


“Nonsense, Brother Xuanyuan does not kill meaninglessly. All those he killed were those who had no morals.” Another true disciple shouted.


Qingxiao was a handsome man, natural and unrestrained. He had a fan in his hand and a flute on his waist. Smiling, he bowed to Xuanyuan.


“Elder brother Xuanyuan!”


“Let’s have a good fight, younger brother Qingxiao.”


Qingxiao waved dismissively, and smiled, “Haha, I’ve witnessed the power of Brother Xuanyuan first hand. I’m afraid I’m no match for you. However, I did hear that you plan on establishing your own organisation. Would it be possible for me to join it as well?”


Xuanyuan had a good impression of Qingxiao from the beginning. He didn’t speak arrogantly, nor did he act out. Xuanyuan pointed towards Bu Jingsha and Chen Jinchou saying, “Those two are in charge right now. Please talk to them.”


“Very well. Thank you, Elder brother Xuanyuan. I withdraw from this battle.” He was smart, rather than fighting a battle he would not win to save face, he knew when to withdraw. He approached Bu Jingsha and started talking pleasantly, surprising everyone.


“True disciple Xuanyuan wins, Qingxiao has withdrawn.”


As night fell, the sky was lit up with stars, a full moon hanging in the background. The battles were in full swing.


Xuanyuan’s following fights followed the same patterns as the ones before; they either withdrew, or tried to fight in order to maintain their face. Regardless, Xuanyuan won all his matches, establishing his position as the strongest of all the competitors on the Jiaomu Flood Dragon Stage. As long as his opponent wasn’t from the Xie, Lu, Nu, Lie families, or from the eight caves, Xuanyuan let them live, not harming them too much. Seeing this, everyone realised that Xuanyuan wasn’t bloodthirsty.


“The rumours are all bullshit! Xuanyuan is not a bloodthirsty demon like they say.”


“Then how did both Xuancha and Lie Yuntian die miserable deaths?”


“Hmph, that’s because they antagonised him. The Lie family even sent several people to kill Brother Xuanyuan. They just got their just desserts.”


“That’s right, I almost forgot about those. This goes to show that one should not blindly believe rumours, and instead trust what they’ve seen with their own eyes.”


“Yes, rumours are often untrustworthy.”


“Indeed. For example, rumours say that Brother Xuanyuan is narrow-minded, cruel, and vicious. As we all saw, that’s not the case. Every incident has a story behind it.”


The battle of the List of Dragons progressed rapidly. Each stage had one man standing, with 28 people in all remaining.


After countless battles, the ones remaining could be considered the true elite. These 28 disciples would fight each other on the center stage.


The center stage stood four statues of the four mythical beasts, the azure dragon, the white tiger, the black tortoise, and the vermillion bird, corresponding to the East, West, North and South respectively. These statues linked the four directions with the heavens and the earth.


An old man, holding a dragon shaped crutch made of dried rattan stood on the stage. His beard was white and long, almost touching the floor. Despite his hunched and weak outward appearance, no one doubted his strength. Looking around, he hoarsely said, his eyes gleaming, “You are all the elite disciples of the younger generation of the Sect. This is just the beginning of a fierce fight. I’m very sad thinking of all the disciples who died thus far. If any of you feel like you have reached your limit, please feel free to withdraw. Even if you do so, you still receive 10 trillion merit points as your reward. If you are unsure of yourself, you may die if you continue. Please take this option to consider your options.”


Quiet, the old man’s voice drew out the unease in the hearts of the disciples. Swayed by his words, many of them considered withdrawing, feeling it was better to withdraw and receive the points than to fight and die.


Seeing the look of unease, the old man spoke up again.


“Think about it, you’ve seen several people die in front of you. Don’t do anything that you aren’t confident in, after all your survival depends on your decisions.”


Hearing this, 12 people immediately withdrew, leaving 16 people on the stage.


“I give up!”


“I give up…”


“The 12 people who withdrew, while knowing their limits, are far too reserved. They won’t be able to go far if they are afraid of challenges in their paths. The remaining 16 people, let’s see. They may either be of unparalleled determination, or too proud to withdraw.”


“Not bad…”


The xian class fighters in the dark discussed amongst themselves.


“Very well, the remaining 16 people shall fight each other on the Star Dragon Stage. Go on.”

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