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Chapter 315 The Northern Army


The heart of the Mo Land housed the magnificent palace of the Mo clan.


Within the gorgeous bedroom, soft animal skins carpeted the floor. The walls were adorned with various pieces of fine art, carved from various energy sources. Fragrant candles released aromas into the air, giving people a sense of comfort.


A woman, clad in an exquisite armor, wielding a long gun, stood in the middle. The amount of blood that had stained her cloak was unimaginable. Her face was beautiful, like that of a thorned rose. She had a fierce look, and her Qi was sharp and radiated a passive killing intent. But right now she stood helpless.


“Little sister, what can I say? That bastard harmed you!”


“Sister, how could you start a war? Even if Chengyin attacked me, you should not have involved all those innocent people. Shiguan’s eyes were tearfilled.


On her way back, she had seen all the destroyed cities and ruinous battlefields. Sorrow and despair was evident, and death was a commonplace occurrence. In her eyes, it was too cruel a fate.


“Hmph, the Northern Dynasty would not help us. In that case, the only way left was war. Blood for blood, tooth for tooth. That’s the motto of the Mo clan. This was not just my idea. The entire Mo Dynasty, the royals and the common folk alike agreed.” Shi Da explained herself, slightly angry that Shiguan was once again helping the humans.


“You’re always too rash. How could you involve countless innocents just for the mistake of one? Thousands of lives were lost, both of our clan, and the humans. Is my life worth all these lives? I can’t bear the weight of all these souls on my conscience.” Shiguan was near tears, as her voice trembled.


Seeing that Shiguan was emotional, Shi Da softened her tone and said, “Don’t cry, little sister. What’s done is done. We have already withdrawn our troops, and the war has ended. Is that not enough? Regardless, you must remember one thing. As the Princess of the Mo clan, your life is important. It’s natural that others would give their lives to protect yours, the value of your lives are not the same.”


Shiguan shook her head and said, “Sister, I don’t want to argue with you about this. We don’t need to discuss what would happen the next time something like this occurs. Since we have already had a war now, please don’t start another war again. It will only result in more losses, tearing apart families and destroying their homes. You cannot imagine what life is like for them.”

“Come one, little sister. Don’t say such stuff. You are still naive, you don’t understand how the world works. Humans are dangerous and unpredictable. Your kindness to them will only bite you back one day.” Frustrated, Shi Da walked out of the room. She didn’t know how to reason with her sister.


Shiguan wiped away her tears. She knew that everything her sister had done was to help her but it only made her sadder. Shiguan decided that she would never let this happen again, and she walked out of the palace.


Xuanyuan stayed at Taibai Trading for eighteen days. It took him that long to finish setting up all the dispositions. Xuanyuan was finally relieved as he drew the last stroke.


The first cultivation chamber of Tianzi was not simple. It seemed that there was an endless supply of Qi that he could use to draw the dispositions.


Xuanyuan took a deep breath and sighed.


“Alas, my current strength is too low. It took so long to just create some dispositions, and I already have no time left to cultivate. If this remains the case, in the future I’ll find it difficult to save myself.”


“There’s nothing much you can do about it but take it step by step. If the pig or I can recover our strength, we can easily rid you of the bug. Otherwise, you can collect all the keys to the treasure-trove of the Devouring Emperor. Within it lies the Highest Divine Medicine. It can regrow flesh on a skeleton, and bring the dead back to life.” Greed told Xuanyuan slowly.


“Oh.” Xuanyuan’s heart soared. He thought of the broken bracelet in his ring. He quickly asked, “Well, if I want to enter the treasure-trove, how many keys do I need to collect?”


“There are nine keys in all. You already have one, leaving eight.” The Greed said.


“Fu..” Xuanyuan suddenly had the urge to cuss. 


“Greed, have you ever seen another key since the last one we found? It’s impossible to find all eight keys!”


“I have a clue as to the whereabouts of one of the keys.” Greed said.


“Well, go on then.” Xuanyuan excitedly said.


“The Nie Family was one of those who supported the Great Emperor Xuanyuan a long time ago. They have a body similar to the body of the Phoenix, called the Body of Nirvana. Every time it dies, its strength will become stronger when it is reborn, but costs a large amount of lifespan. Similar to the Body of the Phoenix, this body can be reborn nine times in one’s lifetime. It’s extremely powerful. The Devouring Emperor gave one of the keys to the Nie Family.” Recalling the past, Greed couldn’t help but sigh.


Xuanyuan took another deep breath, considering it. The Nie Family was not simple. Xuanyuan finally said, “Forget about it. Even if we do find the Nie Family, we can only gain one key at most. The other seven are impossible to find anyway. It’s impossible to access the vault and get the medicine.”


The pig rolled his eyes and said, “If we don’t find a cure near the time you are going to die, I’ll take you back to the Land of Darkness. If you can get the Divine Dragon Medicine, you can survive. But I’m afraid that monkey won’t just hand it over, we must come up with some ideas…”


“Never mind this. Let’s talk about it later. The most important thing right now is to find Shiguan.”


Xuanyuan willed the token to open the door. At his behest, a small beam of light hit the door, and it rumbled open. As he opened the door, he came face-to-face with a smiling face. It looked like the chief had been waiting for him.


“Chief Shi. How much do I owe you for the usage of the chamber?” Xuanyuan asked with a smile.


“Since its brother Ji, 15 pounds are plenty.”


Nodding, Xuanyuan took out the said amount and handed it over. As he began to walk away, Chief Shi called out to him.


“If you still seek the information regarding Shiguan, I can answer your questions now.”


“Please, do tell me.”


“The little princess Shiguan has come to the Northern Dynasty. Over the last half month, she has stopped the wars all over the Northern Dynasty. Following the orders of the princess, the Mo troops have mostly withdrawn, save for a select few regions, one of them being this city. We can only hope that Princess Shiguan will come here and order their troops to withdraw. Currently, we are plagued by intermittent attacks.” 


“Well, what do you think of Princess Shiguan?” 


“I really admire her, for where else can one find such a Mo princess? She is kind-hearted, and treats all races the same, by it the Mo clan, the humans, or the Yao clan. Chengyin is a despicable bastard to atatck Shiguan for her fighting fire. Currently, he has been imprisoned within the surveillance department for three years. During this time he must repent, otherwise he will lose his title.”


Chief Shi smiled as he spoke, raising his thumbs up to show his happiness. Xuanyuan smiled warmly as he realised that Shiguan’s nature was evident to everyone. She had hung onto her dream, and while people still hated the Mo clan, they admired her.


“Well, I feel the same.” Xuanyuan smiled. He took out another fifteen pounds of pure energy source and gave it to Chief Shi, and said, “Goodbye, Chief Shi. Thank you for all your help.”


Overman Shi’s face changed as he immediately asked, “Where is Brother Ji going?”


“I’d like to go to the imperial capital of the Northern Dynasty. Is there a teleportation array in the city?”


“Yes, there is one, but the transportation arrays are controlled by the Heavenly Icy City army. It’s not easy to gain permission, especially since the Mo clan are still attacking. I’m afraid Brother Ji will not be able to leave even if you wanted to.” 


“Why don’t you stay in the Taibai Trading for a few more days. Once Princess Shiguan arrives, the Mo army will retreat. You can leave then.”


Xuanyuan frowned. Unexpectedly, the war in the Heavenly Icy City had broken out again. He nodded and said, “There’s nothing else to be done. Let’s go and see the situation, shall we?”


Xuanyuan knew sound insulation dispositions were necessary in the cultivation tower. Otherwise, the other guests may be disturbed during their own cultivation. If the disturbance was light, they would escape with no severe impacts, but if it were severe, those people would get severely injured.


“Of course. Brother Ji, please follow me.” Chief Shi smiled and led the way.


Xuanyuan followed Chief Shi out of the cultivation tower. As he stepped out, the sounds of battle were audible. Dispositions were active in the skies surrounding the city.


He saw numerous fighters of all realms from the Mo Land flying in the sky. They were all throwing all sorts of attacks at the fighters of the human army. Both armies clashed violently, neither giving way.


The sky was filled with waves of Qi. If one was under the emperor realm, they would immediately die to the waves of Qi.

The emperor realm fighters transformed into various forms of ferocious beasts. Were it not for the disposition protecting the city, the damage would have been unimaginable. 


Suddenly, the entire city trembled as a strong energy wave belonging to a space-distorting disposition spread out. Sensing this, the pig laughed, “Large scale teleportation arrays. Looks like the army of the Northern Dynasty have come as reinforcements. This war will go on endlessly.”


Looking into the distance, Chief Shi exclaimed, “It’s the Northern Army!”

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