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Chapter 288 The Saint of the Fighting Dragon

Chapter 288 The Saint of the Fighting Dragon



The audience were excited, this was the moment they were looking forward to. The fight between the elite disciples was the most anticipated event.


Out of these people, Xuanyuan drew the most attention, since he was the only one who was in the grandmaster realm.


“It’s Xuanyuan. I didn’t think he would dare to stay. He’s just a grandmaster. Does he want to die?!”


“Interesting. Let’s see who Xuanyuan will face later. If he’s lucky, he will fight against Fenglie. If he meets some of the others, it’s hard to say whether he will escape with his life…”


“That’s true, the others won’t let Xuanyuan live. How reckless!”


In the meantime, the grouping had begun. Starlight rose to the skies, a pattern forming above each ray. These patterns fell on the 16 disciples. A burst of starlight joined two patterns, one from Xuanyuan, one from another disciple. 


“I didn’t expect him to fight first! How interesting, his opponent is Xie Tian of the Xie family, a sixth-rank Emperor realm fighter.”


“Looks like this is the end of the line for Xuanyuan. Xie tian is cruel and ruthless. All his previous opponents have died, their bodies all destroyed. It doesn’t seem like Xuanyuan will fare better.


“Nobody can save him now.”


“Brother Xuanyuan, I never expected that we would fight against each other like this, but you are still just a grandmaster. Should I let you withdraw? Or should I go easy on you?”


“The match hasn’t even begun yet, the winner is still undecided.” Xuanyuan replied calmly, a slight smile on his lips.


From the crowd, one of the disciples yelled out, “You are really audacious!” 


“Hmph, more than audacity, its ignorance. Who does he think he is? The owner of the Godly Body of the Eastern Dynasty?” Another apprentice scoffed.


“Xuanyuan will surely lose.”


“Looks like his journey will end at the top 16 of the List of Dragons. He can’t go any further!”


The old man in charge of the stage told Xuanyuan, “If you quit now, you will receive 20 trillion merit points.”


Despite the gentle nature of the laugh, it made everyone nervous and tense. It seemed to hint towards the danger in their future. Even Xuanyuan felt the same way.


“Why don’t you give up here? You are too young to die here. I’ve spent the past two years in the time void. After coming out, I found out that you have only four years to live. If you give up now, you can still enjoy your last years. As the saying goes, it’s better to live rather than to die.”


“You should tell yourself that.” Xuanyuan looked relaxed, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. HIs determination was like a mountain, immovable. He had never been afraid of anyone before. Looking at Xie Tian’s upper rank heaven class instrument, he assumed that Xie Tian had cultivated a xian technique. His strength had soared in the time void, allowing him to control and wield an upper rank heaven class instrument.


“Haha, since you want to act brave, so be it.: Xie Tian smiled cruelly, his bloodlust clearly evident. 


Fenglie laughed from the side, “Brother Xuanyuan, ignore this piece of trash. He has been cultivating in the time void for 30 years, and has still only managed to break through to the sixth rank of the Emperor realm. I can kill a hundred Xie Tians without moving.”


Xie Tian’s face turned an ugly shade of green. Seeing this, Fenglie looked at Xie Tian scornfully and sneered, “What? If you don’t agree with my assessment, I can fight you on Xuanyuan’s behalf. Do you dare fight me?”


Xie Tian’s expression became calm and he replied, “You don’t need to try to provoke me. You have your opponent, and I have mine. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure your dear Xuanyuan is beaten half to death.”


Suddenly, the pig screamed out, “Bet on the fight, bet on the fight! Odds are 1:1!”


Everyone was shocked at the audacity of the pig, organising a public bet in front of all the elders. Was he looking to die?


But just the very next moment, something occurred, stupefying everyone even more. Fenglie stood, laughing.


“I bet 200,000 pounds of energy source on Xuanyan’s victory!”


Bu Jingsha also stood up and laughed.


“Since I’m not as rich as Brother Fenglie, I can only bet 150,000 pounds of energy source on Xuanyuan’s victory.”


Everyone suddenly started clamouring, placing their own bets on the fight. No one expected Fenglie and Bu Jinghsa to waste so much money on Xuanyuan’s victory.


“2000 pounds of energy source on Brother Xuanyuan’s victory.” Zhao Manfeng declared.


“Haha, we bet 20,000 pounds on Xuanyuan’s victory.” Even Chen Jinchou and Liu Xiangxiang, who had just received a fortune, chimed in.


“Haha, that’s right Brother Fenglie. Let’s make this interesting. I bet 200,000 pounds on Xie Tian’s victory.” Lu Tianxiang spoke up from the crowd.


“Hmm, looks like the Lu family has placed a bet. We of the Nu family can’t just sit by. I bet 100,000 pounds of energy source on Xie Tian’s victory.” Someone from the Nu family stood up and declared.


“The Lie family bets 250,000 pounds on Xie Tian’s victory!” One of the Lie family’s elite apprentices spoke up as well.


“300,000 pounds on Xie Tian’s victory!” A gentle voice rang out. Jiang Yitian looked at Xuanyuan and said, “Brother Xuanyuan, one cannot be too confident in one’s abilities.”


“That was Brother Jiang. Seeing that he bet on Xie Tian, it’s almost sure that Xuanyuan will lose. Let’s also bet on Xie Tian!” hushed voices ran throughout the crowd.


“Hmph. I bet 500,000 pounds that my dearest husband will win!” A soft, coquettish voice suddenly came from the distance. Huang Yuechan appeared in the sky, dressed in a purple robe, her hair held in a Phoenix bun. She stood on a cloud, her body surrounded by a heavenly light, giving off a sacred aura.


Several disciples exclaimed.


“The Phoenix Moon of the East. That’s Huang Yuechan, the master of the Phoenix Moon Mountain. They say she’s the next Saintess of the Fighting Dragons Sect.”


“Did you hear what she just said? 500,000 pounds on her ‘dear husband’s’ victory? Is she referring to Xuanyuan?”


“No way. There’s no way Xuanyuan can be considered worthy enough to be Huang Yuechan’s wife.”


“Didn’t you hear? Apparently they both live together. Someone saw Xuanyuan exiting the Phoenix Palace the other day!”


“No way! Xuanyuan is not worthy of Huang Yuechan!”


The apprentices who longed for Huang Yuechan couldn’t accept this, and tried to ignore this. But what happened next destroyed their delusions.


Huang Yuechan went down to Xuanyuan’s side, and clasped Xuanyuan’s arm to herself. Flirtatiously, she looked up at Xuanyuan, “Little husband, I’ve come to cheer for you. Don’t you want to thank me?”


The corners of Xuanyuan’s eyes twitched. Huang Yuechan was unpredictable! How could she act like this in front of everyone?


Just then, another loud, male voice rang out.


“Bai Youniang bets one million pounds on Master Xuanyuan’s victory.”


This shocked everyone even more. Bai Youniang was clearly competing with Huang Yuechan over Xuanyuan. Two beautiful women were fighting for Xuanyuan’s favour!


“Two million pounds. I bet 2 million pounds on my husband. Bai Shaxian, why don’t you come down and fight, instead of betting on behalf of Bai Youniang!” Huang Yuechan raised her bet, her voice cold as ice.


“Our lady’s order, three million pounds on Xuanyuan’s victory.” Bai Shaxian spoke up again. He ignored the glare that Huang Yuechan shot out.


“Hmph, nevermind. I can’t compete against the deep wallet that Miss Bai has. But I’m still closer to my dear husband than her!” Her eyes shy, she cosied up even more to Xuanyuan.


Groans ran through the crowd. Several people were seeking her hand, and her actions broke their hearts. They couldn’t believe that they stood no chance. Even Jiang Yitian couldn’t help but frown. 


Voices continued to ring out, betting on the match.


“50,000 pounds on Xie Tian’s victory!”


“80,000 pounds on Xie Tina’s victory.”


The stakes of gamble kept soaring. The pig laughed with glee at his prospective winnings as he noted the details of all those who bet.


Just then, a bright light lit up the sky. A domineering power filled the atmosphere.

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