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Chapter 289 In a Disadvantageous Position

Chapter 289 In a Disadvantageous Position



All over his body, ancient patterns were drawn, all the way from his simple crown to his boots. Each pattern gave off an inexplicable feeling, unknown and mysterious. He had a weapon by his side, clearly a xian class instrument. Just looking at it made everyone feel nervous.


From behind him, divine light flowed. His aura clashed with the heavens, never decreasing in the slightest.


“The Saint of the Fighting Dragons Sect… I’ve only heard of him, I’m honoured that I got to see him in person. But i heard he doesn’t appear very often. Why is he here?”


The disciples were all frozen, either from fear or awe. None of them knew how to react.


The Saint was tall and regal, his smile gentle. He gave off a powerful fighting spirit, a feeling of worldly domination. His eyebrows were adorned by a smidge of cinnabar, and the light behind him made him look otherworldly.


“How powerful. His mere presence makes me shiver. I don’t know who would be stronger, the Divine Body of the Eastern Dynasty or him.”


“I don’t know either. They say he possesses the Heavenly Body. The true power of the Heavenly Body is still unknown. The power of the body is boundless, and it has been fighting against the heavens all this time. It is said that when the body breaks through the heavens, that’s when the body has achieved its peak. Till date, it hasn’t occurred.”


Xuanyuan looked up at the sky and saw the Saint descending. He knew that his ultimate fate was to fight against these figures, but right now he couldn’t even scratch them.


“Your majesty!” Save for a few masters, all the others present bowed down in front of him, even Huang Yuechan.


“It’s alright, rise up. I’m just here to have a look at this young lad. You are to be the future Saint of the Fighting Dragon Sect? The one called Xuanyuan, who wrought chaos in the Eastern Dynasty?” He looked at Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan simply held his head high and nodded, saying nothing.


Seeing this, everyone burst out in outrage.


“How ungrateful. What’s with that attitude? That’s the Saint of Fighting Dragon Sect who is speaking.”


“Keep pretending that you are undefeatable. You will die soon!”


“”I think he’s too scared to speak. For how long can one pretend!”


“Well, he’s not bad. For someone who is still in the grandmaster realm, you’ve come far. But I don’t think you stand a chance in this fight, the gap between the two of you is too large. A million pounds on Xie Tian’s victory!” Chuckling, the Saint indicated his intent.


Seeing the side the Saint supported, all those who were considering betting on Xuanyuan immediately bet on Xie Tian. Some masters even asked their apprentices to bet on their behalf. As a result, the bets were heavily skewed towards Xie Tian.


“His fate is sealed. Even the Saint thnks Xuanyuan is going to lose, there’s no way he can win!”


The amount bet on Xie Tian had reached 64 million pounds, while only 8 million pounds were bet on Xuanyuan!


Excited, the pig grinned, “The betting has come to a close!”


No one had any objection. The old man looked at Xuanyuan, who looked unphased. He was filled with admiration, it must be tough for Xuanyuan to maintain a clear mind.


The support for Xie Tian was overwhelming. Almost everyone was shouting Xie Tian’s name. 


“Are you ready?” The old man asked.


“Ready.” Both Xuanyuan and Xie Tian responded in succession.


“Well then, start!” With those words, the old man disappeared, and the stage was lit up.

“Brother Xuanyuan, prepare yourself.” Xie Tian was wielding a blood-red ghost claw, giving off a ghostly aura.


“Blood devil’s heavenly claw! It’s a top rank heaven class instrument!” Someone exclaimed immediately.


Xie Tian’s body continued to give off a bleak aura. His instrument was covered in countless talismans, each of them appearing to be twisted.


The Emperor of Five Elements had appeared behind Xuanyuan, and the five-color divine lights interweaved, forming a protective barrier that protected Xuanyuan.


The blood red ghost bombarded the five-color barrier, making it shake as if it was going to crumble. However the barrier still stood, but the ghost shattered.


“Xuanyuan, be careful. The Five Element Roulette has been damaged, you can’t draw out its full strength right now. Find a way to counter-attack, your defense is weak!” Ghost immediately warned Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan didn’t respond, instead shattering countless top rank crystals from within his ring, and absorbing the Qi into his body.


The defensive enchantment on the Heavenly Dragon Fighting Robe instantly activated. It was a top rank heaven class instrument, comparable to the Blood Devil’s Heavenly Claw. 

The entire stage was shrouded in darkness, making people feel as if it had been consumed by the void. A shadow stood in the middle of the sky, and a dragon rushed out of Xuanyuan’s robe and attacked Xie Tian. Xie Tian knit his eyebrows as several blood ghosts latched onto the dragon.


The dragon was completely eaten up by the ghosts, while the ghosts themselves were destroyed by the aura of the dragon. 


Xuanyuan’s Qi was being consumed at a breakneck pace. Fortunately, he had countless top rank fighting crystals, which he could instantly convert to Qi thanks to Greed. Were it not for Greed, Xuanyuan would have been at a severe disadvantage.


Xuanyuan yelled. The light of the five elements rose up, transforming the stage. The stage became a field filled with the five elements.


This was because Xuanyuan used the ability of the Five Elements Jade to its utmost. Around him, several enchantments started unfurling, doubling the strength of the Five Elements Emperor. It wielded two twin Five Element Roulettes in each of its hands. Xuanyuan further activated his other treasures. 


The power of the Five Element Roulettes was terrifying. Even Xie Tian’s expression changed, as he activated his black robe. The robe was embroidered with a blood red sea. Countless life-like ghosts were twirling around the robe. Upon the influx of Xie Tian’s Qi into the robe, the Blood Sea Ghost Robe instantly came to life, a blood-red light shining.


Around Xie Tian, a boundless sea of blood suddenly emerged. On the sea floated a fierce ghost, its face ferocious and frightening.


The sight of the sea chilled the heart of everyone present. Xuanyuan’s twin roulettes rushed Xie Tian in the midst of the sea, causing strong waves to surge. The ghosts in the path of the roulette were destroyed.


Xie Tian immediately launched a counter attack. Countless bloody ghosts were gathered at Xie Tian’s feet. He twisted his Blood Devil Heaven’s Claw, releasing hundreds of blood lights . They clashed against the barrier covering Xuanyuan, severely increasing the rate at which his Qi was consumed.


“Sure enough, it’s still too difficult to fight against a sixth-rank Emperor realm fighter. I need to use all my strength.”


The Asura King appeared behind Xuanyuan, suddenly giving off a dense killing intent. Sensing this, Xie Tian immediately retreated, his expression more serious. The shadow of the ghost condensed itself into a sphere with a radius of 5 metres.


The sphere seemed to move easily through the barrier, filled with a dense, sinister death energy, as it moved towards Xuanyuan.


Shocked, Xuanyuan retreated, when suddenly, a ghostly red hand extended from the sphere. Countless talismans and enchantments activated above the sphere, instantly doubling its force, as it grabbed Xuanyuan. 

Xuanyuan exclaimed, and from within his body, the dragon’s blood burst out. The Asura King was maddened by the blood as it was clad with dragon scales. When the Asura King and the claw clashed against each other, the power of the two bloods collided. The ghostly aura and the black sphere were both dispersed and annihilated, but the claws of the Asura King were also broken.


The strong Qi that was released blew Xuanyuan back, blood spurting from his mouth. Xie Tian withstood the force, unmoving like a mountain. As expected, he was stronger than Xuanyuan in terms of strength, but he was surprised at Xuanyuan’s strength. It was already miraculous that someone in the grandmaster realm could withstand his attack, let alone fight against him!


Sensing Xuanyuan’s potential, Xie Tian realised that he needed to kill Xuanyuan before his strength was too much for him to defeat.   


“Hmph, Brother Xuanyuan. I told you, there’s no way you can fight against me. Why don’t you just give up? The dragon’s blood, your instruments, and all your treasures, they will all be mine!”


Xie Tian was excited at the idea of looting Xuanyuan of all his treasures, ecstatic at the fortune that had come into his hands.

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