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Chapter 317 Xuanyuan attacked


All of a sudden, fourteen terrifying auras spread through the skies as the commanders of the Icy Dragon and Icy Tiger Army released their Qis. The aura of tigers and dragons surrounded the xian realm fighters as they chased Shiguan, trying to capture her. 


One million pounds of pure energy source was a huge incentive for them, not to mention the grand prize. If one was conferred nobility and became a minister, they would be in charge of a city. They would have immense wealth at their disposal to support their cultivation expenses, thus making rapid progress.


It cost a large amount of money to buy instruments, talismans, techniques, and pure energy sources. Everything required for cultivation required a large sum of money. One could understand the temptation of  reward for Shiguan’s capture. 

Shiguan’s capture.


Shiguan didn’t expect the situation to devolve to such an extent. However, over the last two years Shiguan had made several breakthroughs. After being attacked by Chengyin, she had even received a blessing in disguise, managing to take the first step into the xian realm. Her strength was no joke. Asura fire burned behind her, the faces of Asura visible in the flames. Despite having the peaceful appearance of a Buddha, they contained an inviolable strength.


Seeing fourteen xian realm fighters chasing after her, Shiguan could only fight back.  Before she could attack, seven xian rfighters of the Mo clan rushed out from behind her. The emperor of the Mo clan had arranged for her security after she had been ambushed the first time. Shiguan knew of them following her, but she could do nothing but let them follow her.


However, even seven xian class fighters along with Shiguan herself could not hope to match up against fourteen xian class fighters, and they could barely defend against their attacks with the help of Shiguan’s Asura fire.


In the dark, a voice spoke up, “Princess, shall we intervene now? If this continues, the little princess will be in danger. As you can see, even our army is being routed.”

“That doesn’t matter as much. Only a lesson learnt by spilling blood can make her realise that her dream is just that, a dream. If she doesn’t kill the humans, they are not going to spare her life. Everything she has done was in vain, and everything she believed was a delusion. The so-called ‘coexistence’ between the Mo clan and humans is unachievable.” Shi Da coldly replied, killing intent radiating strongly from her words.


The Asura Fire continued to burn in Shiguan’s hands. It moved as if it were alive, and the Asuras within the flames resisted the xian realm fighters.


“I don’t want to fight you. If you cease your attacks, I shall order the Mo army to withdraw.” Shiguan was ever the pacifist. Even in the face of her own capture, she tried to avoid damage.


“Hmph, if I capture you, I receive one million pounds of pure source energy, and the position of a minister. You speak of mercy and peace just when your army loses, it’s far too late.” One of the xian class fighters of the Icy Dragon Army attacked Shiguan with his dragon claws. The fire on Shiguan’s body burned brighter, and burnt the claws to ash.


“Everyone, let’s join hands and kill the xian class fighters who protect Shiguan first.” Another xian fighter of the Ice Tiger Army shouted out to his peers.


The other thirteen xian class fighters immediately assented, and they combined their strengths to form a river of Qi that would destroy everything in its path. The river rushed towards Shiguan and her protectors, who shouted in the face of death.


“Protect the princess with your lives!”


All seven of them poured their Qi together to form a huge shield of Qi and tried to resist against the river of Qi. The river was as powerful as the heavens. Thrice it crashed against the shield and smashed, the shield reforming each time. The fourth time, the shield crumbled and never came back up. The seven protectors spat out blood as their bodies were blown back. Thanks to the enchantments on their top rank heavenly instruments, they survived.


Shiguan quickly took out seven xian medicines in order to help them recover. The strong fragrance of the xian medicine wafted through the air. All those who were injured felt their wounds slowly heal as they smelt the fragrance.


On the other side, Shi Ba was struggling to hold his own, but he wasn’t worried. He knew that Shi Da was hiding in the shadows, and knew what her intent was. He roared within the tripod.


“Little sister, don’t you understand the futility of your actions? The humans will never treat as equals, let alone friends. At teh first opportunity they get, they will trade us in for greater benefits. There will never be peace between humans and the Mo. If you don’t fight back, your brother will end up dying. AGH!”

Shiba screamed out in mock pain, trying to goad Shiguan into action. Shiguan’s heart was shaken, and she flew towards the seven commanders of the Northern Army. A second, more terrifying fire rose out of her. It was the Fire of Hell, which ranked 23rd in the list of fighting fires. The Asura Flame combined with the Flames of Hell combined to form an even more terrifying power. Shiguan pleaded with the commanders.


“Let go of my brother, and let’s withdraw our troops. If this goes on, countless innocent lives will be lost.”


Ignoring her request, the commanders sneered and exclaimed, “Capture Shiguan! The rewards the prince promised will be ours!”


Sure enough, the Qi of the fourteen class fighters were interwoven into a huge net that flew towards Shiguan. Shiguan was about to be captured, and there was nothing Shi Da could do to help, when suddenly dozen xian class talismans struck the huge net.


The sound of explosions rent the air,The terrifying Qi rushed and struck the fourteen xian realm fighters. They were all blown back, and profusely spat out blood. A dozen xian class talismans had exploded at the same time, and the force behind them was unimaginable. The star tripod immediately cracked in several places.


Capitalising on the opportunity, Shi Ba immediately broke through the tripod and rushed towards Shiguan, only to see a man protecting her.


The man was none other than Xuanyuan. His face bloody from the spilt blood, Xuanyuan coldly said, “Pig, you enjoy eating xian realm fighters the best right? Go ahead, feast upon them. Don’t even leave their bones behind, you don’t have to worry about being polite.”


The pig laughed and said, “You know me well.”


Centered around the pig, talismans spread out, forming a black hole that seemed as if it would devour the entire world.


Shiguan looked at Xuanyuan protecting her. Her heart was filled with mixed feelings, as she felt an urge to cry.


“Mister Xuanyuan, you’ve finally come back”


Shi Ba looked at Xuanyuan, killing intent radiating off him. Even Shi Da couldn’t help but frown, thinking, “That boy, he was at the demon cave that day. That must be Xuanyuan.”


Xuanyuan stood tall, looking at the Northern Army. Not a shred of hesitation was there in his eyes as he drew back the Xians Arc of Five Elements. Circulating the energy of the five elements, an endless killing power surrounded him as the Five Elements Asura Dragon appeared behind Xuanyuan.


” Sixty-Four Thousand Deicide Arrows.”


Countless talismans began to circulate on the body of the Xians Arch of Five Elements. Beams of light immediately poured into the 2 five-color dragon arrows formed by Xuanyuan. As soon as the arrow was shot out, it immediately split into thirty-two thousand arrows, each filled with the power of the five elements. The rain of arrows spit the sky and instantly killed 500 soldiers of the Northern Army. Unable to resist the power of the arrows, their bodies were split apart.


Seeing what just happened, the seven commanders of the Northern Army were furious. Xuanyuan was obviously a human, yet he sided with Shiguan. They wanted to tear him apart.


“You are the scum of the human race. You betrayed your kind and fell alongside the Mo. For your crime, you must die. What is your name?” One commander roared.


“Hmph, fools, there is no difference between the Mo and the humans. You deserve death for your transgressions, you are not worthy of knowing my name. Today, I shall annihilate the Northern Army.” Xuanyuan replied coldly. Putting away the Xians Arch of Five Elements, he grabbed Shiguan with one hand, and deployed a disposition, vanishing in front of everyone. The xian realm fighters were in an uproar.


In the meantime, the pig had already devoured one xian realm fighter of the Icy Tiger Army. “Haha, how wonderful! Xian realm fighters provide great nutrition.” 


Shocked, Shiba looked at the pig in surprise. 


“It looks like the rumours are true. Xuanyuan’s mount is a powerful beast that has the head of a pig and the body of a dog. He seems to be closely related to the Nightmare Ghost. Xuanyuan is pretty impressive, it’s no doubt that my younger sister adores him so much, even going as far as to find a cure for the Heart-Devouring Bug. This boy even risked his life to save Shiguan, his mental fortitude is not small either. Anyway, now is the best time to annihilate the forces of the Heavenly Icy City.”


Channeling his Thunder Gun, an unending rain of thunder strikes fell. The black Kirin beast crashed its hooves on the ground and let out black flames, reducing countless warriors of the Icy Tiger Army and the Icy Dragon Army to ashes.


“Shiguan has disappeared. Let’s kill Shi Ba first.”


The seven commanders of the Northern Army joined hands again, forming the star tripod once more.

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