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Chapter 318 Breaking the cityChapter 290 Blood Evil of A Thousand Years



The night sky was filled with stars, and the moon peeked through the clouds. The ground was shrouded with snow, stained red by the blood. The entire scene was tragic. 


Countless swords gleamed in the moonlight, as blood was spilt. People roared and horses neighed as swords pierced the flesh and hammers broke the bones. 


The soldiers of the Northern Army stood in the sky, resembling heavenly warriors. They each wielded sharp swords that gleamed with starlight. Every time a Mo warrior attacked, seven of the Northern Army soldiers combined their strength and crushed him. There was no doubt which army was stronger. 


All the Northern Army soldiers were in sync, and they all cooperated with each other, timing offense and defense perfectly. The wounded soldiers would retreat to the sides and heal up, while another warrior would take his place. The strength of the army was worthy of being one of the trump cards of the Northern Dynasty. Although the Mo warriors fought bravely, they couldn’t resist the Northern Army. The difference in numbers could not be ignored. 


The sounds of war never lessened as the gloomy aura permeated the entire battlefield. The moonlight shone red as it was reflected off the blood, illuminating the bodies of the fallen. 


The commanders of the Northern Army exclaimed, “Kill Shi Ba first! Killing him is a great achievement.”


The 14 xian realm experts who were chasing after Shiguan immediately focused on Shi Ba, who was trapped within the tripod. Worried, Shiguan looked towards and beseeched him. 


“Xuanyuan, please help my brother.” 

Xuanyuan didn’t respond, he knew that there would be some xian-realm fighters hiding in the shadows as backup. They must be hiding for a reason. 


Xuanyuan’s instinct was on point. Shi Da led 18 xian realm fighters into the battle. Magic power began to run rampant as the Qi of the evil blood began to slowly rise. Slowly seeping into the stars, the blood Qi annihilated every last one of the stars. 


Frightened, one of the commanders exclaimed. 


“They’re the Eighteen Xians of the Blood Devil!”


As the two forces clashed, Qi burst in the air as their weapons struck each other. Seeing this, Shiguan sighed with relief. Xuanyuan immediately used pure energy source to activate the disposition of light and dust, concealing both of them. Those without knowledge of dispositions would not be able to detect them. 


Xuanyuan and Shiguan disappeared, and left the battlefield behind. Shiguan’s beautiful eyes seemed troubled, and her expression complicated. However, she was glad to see Xuanyuan.


“Why did you come here, Xuanyuan?”


“The moment I heard that you were attacked by Chengyin, I rushed here. I’m glad to see that you have recovered.”


“You came just at the right time. You can help me put an end to the war. Won’t  you help me out?” Shiguan’s eyes looked at him expectantly, she was firm in her belief.


Xuanyuan smiled and gently replied, “But of course, However, to put an end to the war, the blood of the instigators must be spilled. Sometimes, putting an end to a war is not up to you, there are always going to be ones that oppose you. Killing a few to stop the death of the many is a valid tactic.”


Nodding obediently, Shiguan said, “It’s your call, Mister Xuanyuan. I’ll follow you.”


“Don’t worry, I will be the bad guy.”


Xuanyuan drew the Xians Arch of Five Elements, Shiguan close behind him. He stepped out of the hidden space and cocked an arrow. A frightening Qi surrounded Xuanyuan, and slowly condensed into the elemental arrow. The arrow attracted the energy of the Eastern Seven Stars, and began to rumble powerfully.


“Sixty-Four Thousand Deicide Arrows”


Xuanyuan loosed the arrow, and the dragon arrow flew through the air. At this moment, Xuanyuan realised he could draw out the full strength of the bow. The Northern Army, who were fighting in the sky, suddenly felt a terrifying force rush towards them and they immediately began to scatter,


A huge five color ancient dragon showed up the very next instant. It split into thirty-two thousand five-color dragons and rushed towards them. The killing power it contained was endless, and it terrified the entire army.


The power of the Gold of the Dark Phoenix within the five-color dragon arrow could even break dispositions of the xian class, let alone those of the emperor class. The majority of the army were only in the Emperor realm. Sensing the danger, everyone turned into one fierce animal or the other and tried to resist the attack, but it was futile.


With a crash, the arrows pierced through several starlight dispositions, instantly killing 800 soldiers in a single attack. Xuanyuan’s strength, especially with the Xians Arc of Five Elements, could not be underestimated.


The pig was like an endless balck hole. It devoured all the life essence on the battlefield. Xuanyuan said nothing, for he knew that the pig getting stronger would only benefit him. If the pig broke through to the xian realm, he would be able to sense the locations of the remaining eight parts of his soul, Each part would rapidly increase his strength.


The pig summoned a tremendous strength and aimed it at the commander of the Icy Dragon Army, turning him into a massive black hole. The commanders were shocked as the tripod began to crack once more.


“Destroy them all!”


Everything seemed to crumble under the force of the black hole. Shi Ba summoned his Thunder Gun and formed black lightning that was infused with Falling Thunder. It spread out over an area of ten miles, instantly incinerating everything in the area.


Shi Ba’s killing power was extremely strong. Apart from him, there was also the pig who devoured xian realm fighters from time to time. These two figures terrified everyone on the field.


Simultaneously, Xuanyuan kept firing dragon arrows from the void, each time from a different location. Unable to resist the power of the arrows, the Northern Army began to crumble as they fell one after the other.


The commanders were all separated, and they were furious. They looked around for Xuanyuan, but they could not even sense his Qi.


The Northern Army had suffered heavy losses, which raised the morale of the Mo army, who began to fight back.


The 12 remaining leaders of the Icy Tiger and Icy Dragon Armies sounded the retreat.

“Fall back to the Heavenly Icy City.”


Laughing maniacally, Shi Ba shouted, “Thunder Cannon, wipe them out.” Behind his back, countless talismans were being activated one after the other. Each cannon was engraved with countless lines of power. Along with the rain of rocks from the catapults, a hundred cannonballs were fired at the city walls, instantly destroying their defenses and leaving them exposed.


The seven commanders of the northern dynasty army knew the seriousness of the situation. They had intended to kill a few people, but right now they were running with their tails tucked between their legs, losing a great number of people. Even though their hearts burned with shame, they had no choice but to retreat.


The seven commanders roared, “Fall back to the city immediately. The Mo army will siege the city soon.”


With these words, they all ran back, leaving their soldiers behind. After all, to them their lives were the most important. Who cared about the lives of those soldiers?


“Haha. Kill them, kill them all!” Shi Ba roared. The Mo army shouted in assent. Hundreds of thousands of Mo soldier, clad in black heavy armor, rushed the city, looking like an endless black wave of death. They killed anyone who stood in their path. Seeing this, the people in the city knew that their end had come. 


“Kill them all. Don’t spare a single soul.”


Shi Da’s long spear pierced the city gates, killing a hundred soldiers.


Just as the Mo army was about to break through the city walls, Shiguan leaped in their way and shouted. “Stop this!”


“Little sister, they treated you like trash, and even tried to kill you. Yet you wish to show them mercy?” Shi Ba shouted angrily.


“That may be true, but the people in the city are innocent. Let’s retreat for now.” replied Shiguan.


Shi Da looked at Shiguan, her beautiful eyes cold as ice, gestured towards the fallen Mo warriors and said, “Little sister, look at the fallen warriors. Are you saying they all died in vain?”


Shiguan shook her head and said, “They have already passed away. If we continue this war, even more people will die. Please, let’s retreat.”

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