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Chapter 290 The Sword Mountain and Fire Sea Disposition

Chapter 290 The Sword Mountain and Fire Sea Disposition



“As expected, he can’t face off against Xie Tian. The gap between their cultivations is massive. How can a fighter in the grandmaster realm, no matter how talented they are, compete with someone at the sixth rank of the Emperor realm?”


“Haha, looks like I’ll be receiving a lot of pure energy sources. I wonder if the pig can even compensate all of us.”


“Probably not, however Xuanyaun is equipped with top rank heaven class instruments. He also must have received a lot of treasures in the Nightmare Swamp and the Land of Darkness. Don’t worry, we’ll receive our dues.”


All the disciples who bet on Xie Tian were smiling happily. Both Funglie’s and Bu Jingsha’s eyebrows were furrowed. They could see that Xuanyuan had pushed himself to the limits, but he was still falling behind Xie Tian. If this went on, the situation was dire!


“Senior brother Xuanyuan, you can defeat him! I believe in you!” Zhao Manfeng shouted.


“That’s right, senior brother Xuanyuan, we believe in you.” Qingxiao, who had just been admitted into the to-be Xuanyuan Hall, encouraged Xuanyuan.


“Hmph, stop screeching nonsense. If Xuanyuan wins, I’ll present my own brains to you!”


“That’s right! If Xuanyuan wins, I’ll castrate myself!”


“Keep that in mind! I’ll hold you to your promises. Boy, use the last promise of the Nightmare Ghost! 64 million pounds of energy source are at stake, it’s no joke.” The pig’s eyes gleamed with greed. If he could absorb all of those, he could easily break through to the xian realm.


Hearing this, all those who had just spoken paled, and ran out. Xie Tian was also excited at the prospect of killing Xuanyuan and looting him. But those words reminded him, and his heart raced with fear. If Xuanyuan really used the last promise, he would die a thousand times over.


“I shouldn’t push Xuanyuan too far, I don’t want to lose my life. It’s better to let him live. After all, there’s no way he can repay 64 million pounds worth of pure energy source. I’ll exploit him until he dies.” Making his mind up, Xie Tian smiled at Xuanyuan.


“Brother Xuanyuan, we both belong to the same sect. Why are we trying to kill each other? Please give up now, I don’t want to accidentally kill you. After all, it’s just a competition, not a battle to the death. As long as you give up, I’ll leave you alive.”

Xuanyuan laughed, “Xie Tian, are you that afraid that I will use the last promise of the Nightmare Ghost on you? What a joke, I don’t even need to use that to kill someone like you.” Saying that, Xuanyuan flourished several emperor class talismans and threw them at Xie Tian.


Each imperial class talisman contained tremendous destructive power. At Xuanyuan’s command, dozens of imperial class talismans were instantly activated.


Xie Tian didn’t expect Xuanyuan to attack him with emperor class talismans. He summoned the endless sea of blood. Lights flashed across the sky as the talismans exploded against the ocean, destroying several ghosts. Although Xie Tian was a sixth rank Emperor realm fighter, the attacks were hard for even him to deal with.


Furious, Xie Tian roared, “Xuanyuan!”


Just then, Xunayuan took out even more emperor class talismans from his ring. With a cold smile, he tossed them at Xie Tian and laughed.




Xie Tian’s expression changed, as his eyes jumped wildly. He immediately activated a xian class protective talisman. All sorts of enchantments, utilising a range of elements from gold and wood to thunder and water, exploded on the protective enchantment. It shook, as if it were going to be destroyed.


All this while, Xuanyuan was charging up his Bow of the Five Elements. His body was constantly exuding Qi, the Azure Asura King and the Five Elements Emperor standing resplendent. 


The light of the five elements and the shadow in the sky kept clashing. Xuanyuan’s body slowly started giving off a murderous aura, as the Azure Asura King and the Five Elements Emperor began to gradually merge.


Xuanyuan had been waiting for this moment. He expected that when both techniques were used simultaneously, a massive transformation would occur.


The Emperor of Five Elements’ and Azure Asura King melded together. The Five Elements Emperor was adorned with dragon scales throughout its body, as its murderous aura grew. The combination of the two techniques resulted in a regal, terrifying entity called the Five Elements Asura Dragon Emperor. It possessed both the elemental affinity of the Five Elements Emperor, as well as the murderous aura of the Azure Asura King.


At that very moment, the dragon’s blood within Xuanyuan resonated and turned dark. Xuanyuan looked inside his body, and noticed that the blood seemed to have become a mini vortex, devouring everything. Sensing the change, Greed began to channel the Qi formed into Xuanyuan’s body, seeking to help him break through!


The Body of All Creations even began to devour the blood, refining it completely into itself. Sensing the changes in his body, Xuanyuan broke through in a flash. His strength of 9500 dragons soared, transforming into the power of one Emperor Dragon.


Someone suddenly exclaimed, “Xuanyuan is breaking through to the Emperor realm!”


“Stop him, don’t let him complete his breakthrough!”


If Xuanyuan managed to enter the Emperor realm, it would be hard to predict how the fight would end.


Xie Tian was shocked. His body suddenly exuded a fierce, deathly Qi. Sensing the Qi, several fierce ghosts arose from the blood sea and attacked Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan sneered as he cocked his Bow of the Five Elements. Fusing the Qi of the Five Elements and his own Qi, he shot an arrow at Xie Tian.


Jiang Yitian softly warned Xie Tian “Elder brother Xie Tian, that is the Xians Arc of the Five Elements. Condense your Qi, and defend yourself. If you don’t break the arrow, it will follow you to the ends of the earth, only stopping once you are dead!”


Xie Tian immediately understood. A fierce red ghost launched its bloody fists at the arrow, resulting in both the ghost and the arrow being destroyed. 


Simultaneously, over 30 fierce ghosts rushed to kill Xuanyuan. Each ghost possessed one emperor dragon of strength.


Xuanyuan suddenly took out three Gold energy sources and three Fire Lotus energy sources from the ring, and scattered them directly on the platform. Each of those energy sources weighed 50 pounds at the least.


Slightly frowning, the Saint mulled.


“He knows how to utilise dispositions. He also came prepared with  Gold energy sources and Fire Lotus energy sources. How interesting.”


“Jiang Yitian’s eyes suddenly flickered with jealousy, as he roared internally.


“Of course! I knew it, he has the Book of Acquisitions. Naturally, he is proficient in creating dispositions.”


“Disposition of the Sword Mountain and Fire Sea, activate!”


Xuanyuan put six different energy sources in the six directions of the Fighting Dragon Star Platform, activating the mysterious disposition.


Just as Xuanyuan started the disposition, mountains made of steel rose from the ground, crushing the ghosts, while countless red lotuses appeared in the sky, slowly condensing into a huge, fiery sea.


The powers of the Gold of Dark Phoenix and the Fire of the Red Lotus were infused into the disposition, leading it to possess a fierce strength. The ghosts howled as they were instantly destroyed. The sea of fire engulfed the entire sea of blood, leaving behind a light, bloody mist that rose into the sky.


Xuanyuan simply crossed his legs and sat down in front of the statue of the Oriental Green Dragon, and took out an emperor pill.


The emperor pill swirled with Emperor Qi. Xuanyuan took out the Bailing Energy Source and Emperor Dragon Statue. At this, Lu Tianxiang exclaimed, “That’s the Bailing Energy Source and Emperor Dragon Statue! They were given to the Saintess of Linglong by Jiwu, the eighth Prince of the Eastern Dynasty two years ago. How does he have it?!”


Everyone knew that the Saintess of the Linglong sect had received those items, but no one could dispute the fact that they were now in Xuanyuan’s hands. 


Xie Tian had been trapped within the Sword Mountain and Fire Sea Disposition. His armour once again summoned the black spheres, as they tried to break through the disposition.


The massive ghost hands kept smashing against the sword mountain, only to be continually pierced by the power of the Gold of the Dark Phoenix.


Xie Tian also had to defend against the other enchantments in the sword mountain, while also protecting himself from the sea of fire using cold Qi. These exertions drained his Qi endlessly.


Xie Tian’s face looked terrible. He didn’t expect the disposition that Xuanyuan had laid to be so scary. No one had ever pushed him so far.


Sitting in front of the statue of Oriental Green Dragon, Xuanyuan felt the blood flow through his body, and accumulated at certain points. The Bailing Energy Source and Emperor Dragon Statue in front of Xuanyuan seemed to be guiding Xuanyuan’s blood, making it flow into the acupoints.


A mysterious force seemed to rush through Xuanyuan’s body as it pushed against the acupoints   


The impact of the force made Xuanyuan’s acupoint tremble violently, causing Xuanyuan tremendous pain.


While the Body of All Creations possessed endless potential, it was also tough for it to break through the acupoints of the body.


Roaring in pain, Xuanyuan swallowed the emperor fighter pill. 


“I will break through!”

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